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Educo International The Original Supermaze

Educo International

The Original Supermaze

Educational Skills Product

These creative, three-dimensional learning aids will help your child to develop their fine motor skills and dexterity. The fun and colorful wire bends give children an array of options of moving multi-shaped beads throught this Supermaze. As they learn colors and shapes, they also practice eye-hand coordination. Your child will enjoy playing with this Supermaze in free play or by tracking. Following the form in the shape of the colorful wire, your child will learn through asking questions. They will recognize different shapes and colors as this product helps them to develop their language skills. This is an excellent product to help children to gain confidence as well as manual dexterity.

1983, Kathy Klaus, President of Educo International, Inc. discovered the original bead and wire mazes created by Australian educator George Valentine. The Canadian-owned Educo has since designed over 70 innovative models, including a line of table activity centers for public play areas, medical waiting rooms and commercial settings. You can learn more about this company by visiting their website:

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