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Schoenhut Toy Piano / Day Care Durable Toy Piano

Day Care Durable Toy Piano

Age Range:
3 - 8
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Educational Skills Product

Schoenhut Piano Company has taken the concept of pianos for the very young a step further with this new 37-key spinet piano with matching bench. This piano was designed and built with the Day Care industry in mind. The featured deluxe model, with three full octaves, is tuned to international pitch with new state of the art sound equipment. Little musicians will delight in this toy piano as they build self confidence. The keyboard is sized just right for little hands. This Spinet is almost half the size of an adult piano and is a fine musical instrument, not just a toy. Children will learn to develop creativity and music appreciation as they enhance their motor skills. They will delight in creating their own musical style. This piano has a lot of lasting value that your child will enjoy for a long time. Its pitch and durability are very unique and the entire piece is hand crafted and tuned. Little hammers striking metal bars produce the toy piano's lovely chime-like notes. The piano weights about 21 pounds; the piano and the bench require some assembly. This product comes complete with a Learning System Songbook that contains a collection of familiar tunes as well as a play-by-color teaching method.

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