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Goldberger Company / 17" Mommy's Magic Cell Phone™

17" Mommy's Magic Cell Phone™

Age Range:
2 - 6
Phone Number:
Electronic Game
Educational Skills
Socially Responsible

This doll encourages your child to speak and care for the baby. It is a 17-inch doll that tells you what baby needs when you press the red heart on the cell phone. Baby needs her bottle, needs her diaper, needs to be changed for bedtime, or dressed, or hugs and kisses. A fun-flashing light will call your young mother. You'll find out how to take care of the baby and talk into the phone and develop language skills. You press to answer the phone. It stops calling when you stop answering. It's an interactive fun doll that will be greatly enjoyed. It comes with wonderful accessories including a bright cell phone, a bib, and bottle. It has a lifetime guarantee as do all of the Goldberger Companys.

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