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University Games / Toy Creator - Real Toy Maker

Toy Creator - Real Toy Maker

Age Range:
6 - 12
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Arts & Crafts
Creative Product

This is an innovative new product that will allow your child to create their very own toy. Young minds can make toys that really work, invent toys that have never existed before, or modify their existing toys to make them just the way they want them. Help your child's imagination and creativity unfold with this toy that will keep them engaged in hours of inventive play. This toy features a FlipFaze™ technology that allows materials to change shape and color using warm tap water. Your child will amaze at the magical transformations they can create. This product comes complete with five ColorTwist strips and connectors, changing molding material in three colors, plastic mold for spinning tops, plastic mold for wheels, wooden rods, felt-tip marker and a step-by-step workbook.

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