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Blue Bucket Games / Healthy Habits Game

Healthy Habits Game

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3 - up
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Educational Skills

This is a fantastic game for Preschool children who love to move. It is a great game for groups of students and has been developed and played by a teacher in the classroom. She was looking for new ways to help the children develop healthy personal habits. Experimenting with new ideas, she finally arrived at the concept. Players will have a blast moving around the game as they are the game pieces. The set comes with Thirty (30) 8" x 14" game cards that use the topics of nutrition, exercise, sleep and personal hygiene. Set the cards up in any pattern you wish, winding around the room, under tables, in and out of doors, as flexible as you want to be. The children move forward by rolling the large foam dice included in the game. There are a variety of different skills that can be learned with this game. Children learn to count the number on the dice and move the correct number of spaces forward. They also learn shapes, becoming familiar with the written names of the various shapes. The physical movement increases their attention span, increases productivity and promotes healthy physical activity. For example, "You rode your bike, move ahead three spaces.", and "You sat in front of the TV set all day and didn't get any exercise, move back to the square." This educational game is a great way to promote the values of good nutrition, exercise, healthy sleep habits and personal hygiene. This game also helps children learn to cope with winning and losing. It is easily adapted for children with special needs.

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