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Zapf Creation / Baby Annabell Function Doll

Baby Annabell Function Doll

Age Range:
3 - 8
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Baby Annabell® is the youngest baby from Zapf Creation. She is an 18 inch sound and motion sensitive doll who needs to be cared for and looked after, just like a real baby. She even cries real tears! Baby Annabell® drinks actual water from her bottle with realistic mouth movements and usually burps after eating. Sometimes after being fed, Baby Annabell® falls asleep. Loud noises will make Baby Annabell® wake up crying and her doll-mommy will have to soothe her with a song or her sheep rattle. You'll love watching your little girl take care of Baby Annabell® and your little girl will love every minute of it. Baby Annabell® not only reacts to what your little girl is doing in a real way, she also has adorable clothes and accessories, which makes being a pretend mommy a lot more fun. This is an amazingly beautiful doll that your child will thoroughly enjoy. There are many accessories available such as a comfort seat, stroller, changing bag, gym, and princess bed. Zapf Creation is one of the world's leading brand manufacturers of play and functional dolls and accessories.

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