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What was the name of a series of action figures during the 80's when you shift the action figure's body in a certain direction, their latex faces would transform into a demon-like face? There was one guy I remember who looked like an Egyptian Pharaoh of some type. What was the name of these toys?
My daughter's Buzz Light-year's leg broke off at the knee joint. I've taken it apart and it's broken at a metal joint. My question is can this be replaced and where can I get this part from?
In the late 80's/ early nineties I used to have these playsets that had little yellow men in spacesuits. Their helmets were like smoothed off triangles and they had a red emblem on their chests. I had a spaceship for it that was purple but had two alien eyes on the front of it. The part where the jaw should be came out to reveal an extra ship. Any ideas?
I was wondering if you had any information on a wonderful toy I came across in the early '90s. It was shaped somewhat like a plastic tube with a hook on the bottom and two towers on the top of it. In each of these towers was a wheel. String was passed through the two towers and would be secured to any object. If I recall correctly, the commercials showed a doorknob being used for this purpose. The person playing with the toy would hold the other end of the strings. By manipulating the strings, you could send this toy shooting across the string, and by lowering your end, return it to you. The 'object' of the toy was to use the hook to pick up spheres made of interlocking plastic rings. I recall the toy being advertised heavily by some "Seen on TV" company or another. I loved playing with this toy, and would like to see if any are still out there and available.
Airplane Kiddie Cockpit Toy
I'm looking for a toy as a novelty that is made for very young kids. It is a cockpit with a rotating projector windshield that turns w/ the control wheel and the throttle makes the projection move faster and jet engine noise louder. It's quite comical to see it in action. Can't find this via google or ebay. Any clues as to where one can be found?
In the early to mid 60's,  I had many small solid plastic single color airplanes that I would line up by type and pretend I ran an airport.  They had different body styles and a few different colors.  Some had tiny little flimsy plastic propellers and some seemed to be jets.  It also seemed they came in one package similar to the bags of green plastic army men but the scale was smaller.  Most planes were only a couple of inches long.  Who made these and are they still sold?
Amazing Maddie
I have an Amazing Maddie from 2000. We put all new batteries in her and she does nothing. Any advice as to where I should begin fixing or checking? My daughter loves this doll and I hate to throw it away. I plan on giving it to my DAd to fix. He has fixed toys in the past. I just wanted to know if u have dealt with an Amazing Maddie before? Thanks Stephanie
answering machine -- star wars episode i
Is there a place i can get directions for the machine? I want to use it and can't find my directions.
I can not find the name of this toy anywhere.  I remember going to a Toys R Us a long time ago and seeing a robot looking figure that came with a suit of white armor that you could snap or attach to him.  Instead of buying that figure, I bought the Aliens VS Predator 1995 set. So, I believe that figure was made in 1993... or at least was around in 1995, prior to that visit to Toys R Us. I have never seen one, nor did I ever see one in my hometown Toy R Us. Which has haunted me for years because I should of bought that instead of the easily found Alien Vs Predator toy set. 
Ashley Belle doll
I bought an Ashley Belle doll named Alex. It has a signed certificate that says the Ashley Belle mark is on the back of the neck. I looked and cannot see any mark. It is in a curved glass front case, cherry wood look trim.The certificate is also numbered. Do you have a picture of this AB mark? Is it possible some slipped through without the mark? Would that make it more or less valuable? Thanks.
In the early 1960s, I had a hard, clear plastic ball, about 8 in diameter (I'd guess) that had a butterfly on a spindle and it rotated freely as the ball rolled. Any idea who made it and how to get one?
How do i get tangles out of barbie doll hair without pulling it out?
I need to know the value of my Enchanted Evening Barbie tea set, with velvet box, never removed from the box.The tea set is porcelain.The velvet is blue.
Barbie Doll - 1980 Dream Pool
Need instructions for assembly of the Barbie 1980 Dream Pool set? Have parts, but no box or instructions.
Barbie Ring
I have a 45 year old Barbie Ring. I would like to know the value of it?
What were some of the Toy Bats that came out of the late 90's wave? Bats like the Vortex Mac attack, and Some kind of bat with wires for a barrel I can't remember the names. Also Are any available anywhere?
I'm trying to find the name of a Mermaid toy that had a baby and a sponge from the 80's.  I seen others ask this question in Jan 07. Thank you.
When I was a child in the late 1970s my brother and I had toys that we used in the tub.  Mine was a turtle and his was a car.  The bottom opened up to hold a bar of soap and the wheels were made of sponges.  What was this toy called and where can I get one?
Battat train set replacement
I am missing one curved wooden piece of our train set that makes the bridge connect to the rest of the set.
I cannot find any information on it on the internet.
In 1963 or 64, My dad mail ordered me a battery powered Indy style car that propelled itself in a circle. It was on a wire tether and drove around in a small circle. the battery unit may have been at the center of the tether. thanks!
Battery powered motorcycle or car
I have a business and I am trying to find some battery operated motorcycles or cars for kids to ride at a wholesale store. Can you help me?
Bear- Scented Keychain With a Light Up Nose
i am curious as to what the name of this toy is it was a toy bear which was intented to fit on a keychain and it came with a bottle on the keychain and you could use the bottle to feed the bear, and when you would feed it the bears nose would light up and they were also scented(she said hers smelled like vanilla). My girlfriend had one when she was younger they came out probably between 1996-2000 i am curious what they were called because i would like to try and find one in order to surprise her with one for her birthday
beginner strategy game
I'm looking for another copy of British Squares(1980's ?)
I"m looking for a bicycle mount tiger head in the late 60's or early 70's? It growled when the lever was engaged. Is it called vroom ? It was battery operated and it growled.
Big Big Loader
I opened up the car on our Big Big Loader and gears and parts fell out. I have no idea how they should go back together. Anyone have pictures or drawings of how the thing should look?
I just purchased a really cool old looking toy at a garage sale. It looks like a smaller sled with metal like wheels. Has a string that you could pull with with. Do you have any idea what this is or when it was made? It says Billy Buster Flyer on it. Thanks. Love your website!!
Black Dancing Man
I have an Battery operated Black Dancing Man. The only markings on it are Made in Japan and where the batteries go it's spelled Buttery. He is on top of an little round dance floor with skyline and him dancing on street. On top he has Redand white striped pants light green and dark green checked jacket, blue and white striped shirt with yellow flat top hat with red band around it. he dances the jig and goes around in circle when turned on.any info would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Andy Claytor
Blazon inc rocking horse - 1967
Hello, My name is Jason Rukavina And I have an E-bay Store - Montana Cyber Sales - I noticed that you had a couple of guys asking about replacement parts for this item. I have a complete 1967 Blazon Inc rocking horse that I will be listing soon. If anyone is interested or want to make an offer before I post you can e-mail me at thank-you - Jason
I have been trying to find info on the mini wooden toy sets (I have the full zoo set) that were packaged in matchboxes. Does the Juri company exist still?  Did they put out other lines of miniature wooden toys?  Were can I find info on them? Thank you!
Blonde Doll with 'Candy' tricycle?
I had a doll when I was a kid that came with a plastic tricycle. The base was blue, and the handlebars were like peppermint candy. I think it had some yellow on the tricycle too. She had short blonde hair and was more of a 'baby' doll. I would love to know what she was called.
I had a blue necklace toy, with a heart shaped plastic jewel (red) in the middle. It opened up like a locket and on the inside you could unfold the head and feet of a dog, maybe a Dalmatian and wear it as a necklace. I have no idea who the maker was. Do you know what the name was? I believe it was a series of something like Locket Pets.
I have a Bingo game 50 card set in a red box with wood calling numbers. Can you tell me what year this was made?
Where can I find a copy of "Critter in the Candy" published in 1978 by Gabriel ? I would also be interested in knowing the number of pieces to the game how many of each as I could possibly buy them one piece at a time thank you Kris
I used to have a sports game in the late 60's mid 70's that was a wooden board game with light bulbs on it. Players on each side of the game would press a combination of buttons and specific bulbs would light up identifying how the play turned out. I know it was definitely a football game but it may have also had overlays that allowed you to play other sports as well. I have had no luck trying to find information on the game.
Do you have instructions on how to play this 4 in 1 travel game from Hasbro, Playskool games are Tic Tac Toe, Frog N Seek, Hop Along Home, Bull Frog Bingo
I am looking for a game I played in the 1960's with the village of Bedrock, and the Flintstone characters and their vehicles moved by way of a wand that you would drag under the game. Could you tell me the name of this game
Board Game - MYSTERY TALKING BOARD E.S. LoweDesign on hardboard 1940's
How much is it worth? It is in its original box
I have a table tennis game in a yellow and green checkered box (2270) on box.  Can you tell me what year this was made?.
board game from the 70's
i am looking for a board game from the 70.s. It had a 3 dimensional board, different outdoor terrains, like mountains, valleys, lakes, and you put actual water and ice and things in it. Any ideas? Thanks
board game mag-power football
have any information on this game that was sittingi n my parents housefor years?
I have a board game called Winner Spinner in the original box probably from the late 50's or early 60's.  It has a large spinner in the middle with instructions on how to play 2 different games  at either end.  There are colored wooden balls included for the games. I am interested in the value of this game. Thank you
bouncy toy
in the mid/late 1980's in the uk, i had a toy that was plastic disc about 2 foot across with a rubber ball(soccer sized) wedged in the middle. the idea was that you balanced on the disc and bounced around - using your feet to grip the ball. they were widely available from many places- one i remember being Sainsbury's supermarket. what were they called and can you still get them today?
who invented the jack in the box toy
Bright Inspirations Prayer Toy Splash the Duck
I am in desperate in of this toy for my 17 month old son. He hs lost his.
Build a Barn
late 70's early 80's toy. I had a barn in pieces. You could put it together like lincoln logs, each peice was seperate. It had a grid garden with very large vegetables that you could stick between the lines, planting your garden. It had a little red wagan with steering wheel for the figurines which accompanied it. I think it had some animals too. I really want to know what it was called and if I can find it, would like to buy it.
My 8-year old son is very interested in building robots.  He wants a kit which allows him to build himself.  I would like to get him a kit which builds more than one robot so he doesn't use it and toss it.  In addition to the 4-in-1 Jungle bot, any suggestions?  Are you familiar with the BBK-4NS 26 in 1 Robotics Lab at and what is your opinion.  Thanks
I work at a childcare. I watch kids ages 5-10 y/o. In the process of cleaning and re-organizing my room and taking some stuff out and bring in some summer stuff in. I came across three garbage bags full of these building connects set. However, the pieces are very big. I do remember having a set of my own when I was younger [I'm 23 now]. Basically, there's long white tubes that connect to smaller connector tubes/connectors of different size and color. It comes with wheels and red flat pieces-if you want to build a car to set and ride in. It's all plastic. you can connect them but to get them undone you have to use a small gray wrench looking item. it has to small bumps on it that you hook onto the holes on the tube/connector you're trying to get off and then you twist it off. Hopefully that'll make some sort of sense. I have no clue what it is called or if it's even being sold anymore. perhaps eBay? Help me out with a name and/or website, please. Thanks! Danielle
Building Toy
I am looking for the name of a toy set from the late 70s/early 80s. It was a set of different colored plastic sticks with white connectors. You could use these pieces to make many different things including a jet/airplane that was displayed as built on the outside of the box. This set also came with superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman. The superheroes consisted of two-sided plastic pieces and decals of each hero that you would stick onto the plastic that I think had moveable arms but that's all. Do you know the name of this toy set?
Cabbage Patch Dolls
I have a doll that was factory made with a white head and a black body. Do you know anything about this?
I was given the Cabbage Patch Kids Pin-Ups Minni Chrissie with Garden Greenhouse in 1983 as a gift. For my 10th birthday in April, I received another Cabbage Patch Mini--a blond girl with a pillow that has a present stamped on it and an extra outfit. It did not come in a plastic display case as the other pin-ups. Do you know what this was called?
In the 1950's my sisters and I played a card game called Authors.  Was Emily Dickinson part of the deck and if so, when was she first included?  The original game included Celia Thaxter -- when was she taken out of the deck?
I use to own a toy in England in 1970 which consisted of cardboard square sheets and plastic connecting clips. Some of the sheets had pictures of stove tops, wheels and other things I can't remember. You connected the sheets together with plastic clips to create ovens, tanks, cars, space stations and anything else your imagination could create (well...within reason!) Any help would be great. You get 10 out of 10 if you can solve this one!!! Kind regards, Illya
Carousel - Match box - 1989 toy
how much is it worth? why can't i find it any where?
In the mid-to-late 1950's, my parents gave me a yellow night lamp. It was plastic in the shape of a carousel with a yellow top and bottom. The carousel part was a solid vertical cylinder with a kind of bas relief of carousel horse and the cylinder turned as the lamp played a music box which was wound in the side or bottom, I cannot remember. Of course, it plugged in. I have checked eBay and the internet for years looking for a lamp like this to no avail. I would appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer. Thank you very much.
I had at toy that was a car that ran on a plastic tubing track but cant remember the name of it
cd player
Is there an appropriate cd player for a 3 year old?
charlie mccarthy doll
I have a Charlie McCarthy doll I bought my daughter from JC Penney in the 80's, he has 2 (I believe) right hands, my daughter hated him I was wondering if he is worth anything, would like to find out, or maybe someone knows where I can find out.
child bank
Dr Toy, I am searching for a mattel smart pig child bank, it has a pull string and comes from 1968.
I had this cloth log with Velcro with a family of raccoons or foxes (cannot remember) and it closed up like a purse in the early 80's late 70's.  I cannot find the maker or anything else about it.  Does anyone know what I am talking about?
cloth doll
I am looking for a doll about 'Barbie' height that is made of bendable wire, is cloth covered, looks like a Latina with long brown hair, and has on a pink yoga/jogging suit with a pink heart on her shirt. Bought originally in 2002 from ToysrUs.
Clown Town
When I was growing up in the early to mid 80's I had a collection I thought was called clown town. The figures were made of PVC and the set had a school house, house, jail/town hall together and many other items such as a calliope. Do you know who made these and were I can find them. Thank you so much, Alissa.
I have a box of Colorforms from the early 60's.  They are Debbie Reynolds's Dress Designer Kit.  The Colorforms do not stick anymore, but the paper doll forms are in great shape and it looks like all the pieces are there.  What would the value of this be?  Thank you
colorful plastic abacus
In the early sixties, I had an abacus for second grade. It was plastic and about 6" by 6". There were rows of colored hard plastic rings which looked like life savers candy on each column. These were flat also. I can't seem to find one on e bay or anywhere else.
dealer promo model cars
In 1966 my fatherv took me a local ford dealer and got me a modle mustang not the 1/24 scale but much larger and motorized with working headlights and posable steering i don't remember it having a box It's not in perfect shape but it does still work i looked on ebay for something similar but found none . do you know any history about these promos or appx worth. thanks brian
What all came with the desert garage? Made by Mattel Copyright 1982
How would I find a buyer for a collection of Windross trucks, Hess trucks, Budweiser truck and Franklin Mint cars?
This stuffed animal infringed on the Barney copyrights. Is it worth anything I have one in the original box in excellent condition?
Dinosaur Toys - Plastic - 1975-1985
I'm trying to find small(2-3 inches) solid hard plastic(white, grey) dinos that i had when I was a kid. The dates are 1975 -1985, but closer to early 80's I think. I remember you could buy them in bags of 5 or 10 at stores like Revco, Eckerds, K-Mart, and the toy departments of grocery stores. I'm trying to find them on ebay too but since I don't know the manufacturer, or any other details than I've listed here the going is slow. Thank you for your help in this. Joseph
directions for your product
Make and bake sparkling decorations......lost directions please advise
Disney Toy
In the mid 70's my brother had a Mickey Mouse trike/chopper which I broke. I now saved up enough money to replace it, but cant fint it. Can you help? I think it was made by Matel? The trike was approx 7" high & had Mickey Mouse sat on it. The trike was blue or yellow with big fat wheels at the back & thin wheel at the front & it may have been motorised. Thanks for your help. Kind regards Warren
do you have rules for a travel board game
rules to play 4-1 game frog n seek, bullfrog bingo,tia tac toe, hop along home from playskool or hasbro it's a yellow and blue case with item #353 on the back
stuffed clown,red fuzzy body,arms,legs and head.saten face with features, 40' or 50', approx. 13 in.long wooden nose with music box in head, poss. Gund
I am looking for a doll I had when I was a little girl. We got her at the Pamida in Jamestown, ND Christmas 1979. She was called a Sweet Carol. Only about 11 inches tall. a baby doll. short blonde hair big blue eyes and molded hands like baby fists. I have been searching unsuccessfully for many years as she was lost in a move in the early eighties. She was my favorite doll and to find any info on her would be fabulous. she came with a variety of outfit choices. sweet little dresses or a pink sleeper with yellow flower shaped buttons, etc. anything you could tell me would be great. She sold for about $10.
I had a doll back in the 90's and she wore a pink dress with pink shoes molded onto her feer and I remember when u took the dress off, her torso was ALSO pink. She had a star in the middle of her chest and when you touched it with the star wand that she came with, her crown would light up. Her crown had 3 stars- Red, Green and I think yellow wit YES,NO, and MAYBE on them. I can not remember the name to try to search for another but I can remember the doll VERY vividly as she was my favorite. PLEASE help me out!!! Thanks so much!
I have a battert operated doll that rides a plastic bike and rocking horse. What is she called?
In the late sixties to early seventies our local hospital in Danville, Illinois sold in its' gift shop tiny baby dolls with soft plastic arms,legs and head.  I can't remember the material of the body.  The dolls were 1 or 2 inches long.  They were dressed in either blue or pink little outfits that I seem to recall included a hat.  It may be my imagination at this point, but I seem to recall that maybe they came in a little peanut shell.  I would love to find this item from my childhood!  Can you help me identify the manufacturer, etc.?
I have my Barbie dolls, clothes, car, camper, pool, grocery store, 3 level house with elevator. Another house that has 3 rooms, folds up to carry.  Any idea how much they are worth and where to sell?  Thank you.
When was the first Barbie styling head made and where can I find this information?
I have a cloth pull cord doll her name is Trish (mine also)-who made her and can I purchase one or others in her series?
What was the name of this doll and who made it?
Doll - Imitation Ewok
In the late 80's, my brother had a doll that I think was a imitation ewok. It was a short ewok looking character with a blue hooded cloak. It had blinking light eyes that required a 9volt battery in it's back. I can't for the life of me find it or remember what kind of doll it really was.
I had these little dolls in the 80's. They were about 4 in. and it came with things that you could move around to turn into other things. For example one girl came with a car that turned into a chair. a doll came with a refrigerator that turned into an ice cream shop. All dolls were different and there were about 8 different ones total.
How much is a doll worth from world wide doll club in Greenvale N.Y. It was mailed in 1957 and her name is Kandy Ceylon
Do you know anything about a 24” hard plastic mechanical doll with gears, pulleys and small record player in her body, on the record she recites nursery rhymes and her name, Wendy. The doll was purchased in the early 1950's.
I recently purchased an old MM doll but I cannot find it in the standard references. Can you help to identify it? Also, I contacted a doll hospital about cleaning it. They were not too optimistic that it could be done. Any suggestions on this? Thank you, Bob
I remember playing with these dolls in the 80s, I'm thinking they were a knock off of Polly Pocket or maybe a line from Polly Pocket, but they didn't really look like PP at all. They were about an inch or inch and a half tall, all plastic except for the hair. They wore a ponytail and the hair was real. I remember the ones I had light purple hair. I also remember I had dollhouses for them and all (much like Polly pocket). I can't remember anything else, I've been looking everywhere, help!
I have a doll that is marked on the back of her head, " 1972 Mattel, Inc Mexico2." and is marked on her back, " 1972 Mattel, Inc/Mexico/U.S. Patent Pending". She is about 15" Tall. You take her left arm and raise it up and down and she will move her eyes and open her mouth, She will wink with her left eye and her mouth will move. Do you have any idea to what her name is?
I picked up this doll at a thrift store. Her entire body is silver, chrome metallic, except her head and her lower torso. Her lower torso is a pastel yellow pearl. Her face is flesh colored. She has a blue heart under one eye and a silver tear drop under the other. She has blue eyes, eye shadow & eyebrows. Her hair is yellow gold with iridescent sparkle strands interspersed. The only identifying marks are across her lower back is the copyright symbol, Mattel, Inc.,1975. She came with no clothes.She is jointed at the knees & elbows. Do you have any idea what doll this is. I've searched and searched. Thank You.
I have a Raggedy Ann Doll bed that I acquired through an auction purchase.  I was wondering if you could give me some info as to when this product was manufactured.  It has Bobbs Merrill Company on the side of it and that's the only logo to be found on there.  Thanks, Gina
I have a 6 1/2" doll with wearing a pink, yellow and blue psychedelic print mini dress with pink opaque tights. I believe she is part of a girls\' group; she originally came with a record, which has the line "Get Together with Good Company", Let it carry you through time...". I no longer have the record. On her back is Hong Kong 1970 Mattel Pat. Pending. Do you know the name of the doll? Thank you.
I was given a doll in the late 40's early 50's . She has waist length brunette hair with long bangs. Startling blue green sleep eyes, a pinafore dress, straw hat, pink snap MaryJane shoes, she's 17" tall, with hard plastic head and body. I think her hair was braided and tied up on her head but I took it down when I was a child(3 or 4)
I was given a doll in the 80's from a 76 yr old women.  She said her Dad won it on a punchboard.  It stands 18" tall, winds up with a key, walks on rollers under shoe, moves arm up and down has glass eyes with moving eyelids and dressed in the original lime green bunny suit with hat with ears.  No markings.  How old is it where would I find out how much it is worth?
DOLL - WALKING - 1970's
I was given a walking doll for my birthday in 1971- or 72 and it has Regal Canada written on the back of the doll--I was curious to what the doll cost at that time and what it might be worth today--it came with Hand made clothes but I suspect that they are not from the company unless the company had someone make them--It came from Toronto from my stepmother--Thank you
I had a doll when I was younger that came with a little gameshow. It was maybe four inches tall. The game was called Wish N Win. It was by Kenner Parker Toys, Inc. 1988. I found someone auctioning the game without the doll saying that it was Barbie, but it is not. I need to know the name of the doll. This is the . Please help me find this. It was one of my favorite toys.
Where can I find the Zippy the Monkey doll.  He's from the 50's and was made by  the Rushton Toy Company.  Thank you
Doll Clothes
I am looking for the jacket and hat for my 15" vinyl Ideal Shirley Temple doll from the late 1950's. I have the dress part, but if the only thing I could find is the entire outfit, that's okay.
I have a drink and wet doll (FAMOSA, made in spain, probably purchased between 1979 and 1984). The wet and drink mechanism is broken. Is it possible to have it repaired? I am located in California, USA
Doll Identification
I have a windup doll approx. 30" tall that walks and talks. There are no manu.markings anywhere. She has sleeping eyes and a red dress. I need a replacement talk box belt. Any help would be much appreciated.
I saw that you had a question previously on this item when I searched on Google but I couldn't find it listed on your site. Can you tell me anything about an old doll stroller with a rabbits head on it? Rabbit is wearing a bow tie. Thanks.
In the mid 1990's there was a doll that layed in somewhat of a carrier (i think it was purple...) and when it was in this carrier, the doll would move by itself. Do you know what this doll was called?
dollhouse - 1960's
My sister used to have a dollhouse all open at the top. you would move the figues around with a magnet wand. Have you seen any of these around?
Dollhouse - Mel Appel Group - 1994
Where can I find dollhouse accessories for a 1994 dollhouse made bye Mel Appel Inc? I've searched the internet and can't even find any information on the company or products. Thanks :-)
As a child I owned both the toys above, the Marx Imagination house and the skyscraper and was wondering if you knew of another resource besides eBay----thanks---Todd
As a kid I had these SWAT/Army dolls and little SWAT truck they had removable guns and had bases that looked like rocks that they could swivel on.  Also, if you pulled back their helmets or hat their heads had a line through them.  I'd love to have some for my kids. 
Growing up (around 1995) there were toys called "Baby Buddie dolls". They are from Kenner(?). They sold them at Kay Bee Toys. I have searched on the internet every way possible to try to locate these toys but have had no luck. I'm sure someone knows what I'm talking about or where I can get them. They are little baby dolls (the size of a little child's hand) that come with accessories and things (slides sandboxes beds houses etc.). Please let me know if you have heard of these or have any information on anyone having any. I would love to purchase them for my daughter. (my mom has every single one that was ever made from when I was a child but she doesn't want to let go of them) Thanks!
I have acquired a few dolls.  The one with the most identifying marks on it says Ideal Toy Corp, 1964, made in Hong Kong.  Do you or anyone else know what her name is? Looks like she took a bottle in her mouth at one time, and she has sleepy eyes, 8 to 9 inches tall, please help!
dolls 3-4 inch tall with movable arms and legs
I am looking for the name of the manufacturer or any information on a set of dolls made in or around 1963-1966. My brother had the whole set of the Cartwrights from the tv show "Bonanza". He also had 2 extra little "dolls"? that he called Black Bart and Pistol Pete. The sets included the dolls which were only 3-4 inches in height, horses, wagons, and all their gear. I would love any information on these toys. Thanks.
Our markers have dried up for our Doodle Doug and we would like to know where to find replacement ones at?
Dr Who Slitheen, Cassandra, Sycorax figures
Could you please tell me where I may be able to buy these Dr Who figures?
I received a driving toy for my birthday in 1972. It ran on batteries, was made of metal and had a vinyl "road" that moved as you used a steering wheel to keep a small car on the road.  It was about a foot wide and 2 feet long, with the steering wheel near the bottom and a windshield at the top.  It was a mechanical precursor to video racing games. I'd love to see a photo of it, or learn more about it as I no longer have it.  Thanks very much!  Janita
Eden Stuffed Toy
Hi,My son has lost a beloved stuffed eden boy doll, it was bought in 2001. It is about 8-10 inches tall, printed face, soft and light blue. It is discontinued now. Do you have any idea where I could find one?
Egg cars by Tonka
Looking for info on the egg shaped cars I played with in the 1970's. There were several different ones. A ladybug, a chicken, a bunny... I still have one and it has the word Tonka on the bottom. I can't find them on ebay. Anywhere else I could look?
Somewhere between 1988 and 1992 my brother got this toy for X-Mas that was a red keyboard shaped like a lightning bolt, and it had two sets of keys, a white set and a black set.  When you held down he black keys, it would play background music, and the white keys would play the lead part.  You could choose different musical styles too, like punk, 80's, etc.. as I recall.  I thought it was called hotkeys but I cant find anything about it. Any idea what it is?
I have changed the batteries, the voice works, but the game won't start. Can this be fixed? It is an older version globe.
We have a programmable electronic toy jet airplane. it has a keypad near the front on the top surface of the toy. It can be programmed via it's keypad to perform maneuvers, talk and flash it's lights It has NO copyright or markings aside from decorative ones it can be seen as "Toymax talking interactive airplane" on eBay. Is it actually Toymax?
In the mid 70's, I owned an electric race track set which was a blue monorail like figure 8 track to which you could attach fighter jets. The track had red and green lights that would stop or start the fighters. I have searched hi and lo without any luck.
late 60's early 70's hard vinyl fruits and vegetables with faces, arms and legs. About 6" tall. I had a "crying Pickle". What are these called.
Both say Disney Applause China / Mickey- plastic wheel, no gloves, blue hat, red pants, brown shoes and he has a tail pointing up. Donald - arms out fierce look, red jacket red and blue goggles, white scarf. What year could they be? Did they come in a cereal box? What would they be worth today? 
Flashlight space ray gun
Mid to late '70's, I had a flashlight that looked like a ray gun from 1950's pr '60's movies. White body with an orange or yellow muzzle that came off so you oculd change light and betteries. Had a morse code list in side
I'm looking for a toy from the 80's that was a fairy like house with a big spinning yellow flower on the front.  It came with miniature fairies/people that could "ride" the flower by attaching on to each petal.
Foam poppers
Can you tell me the name of the yellow foam pieces that you squeezed together and the made a poping sound and shot across the room. They were yellow and round cylinder type maybe 2-3". Very popula rin the mid 70's.
FOOTBALL GAME - 1970's / early 1980's
Thanks for considering this question. Trying hard to remember a game my parents bought for me sometime between the mid-1970's and early 1980's in which there was a plastic football stadium with a green-grid field. Each player put in 6-10 inch cards on each side, one for offensive plays the other for defensive plays, then the offensive player would pull a trigger-like device sideways to see what the result of the offensive play call and the defensive play call. There was a piece you'd move down the field. Amazing game. Nostalgia is driving me crazy. Looking for the brand or game name if you can possibly help. Thanks very much.
football on a rope
I am looking for a toy from the 80's. It was a football that had two ropes going through one point through the other point. The ropes were approximately 15-20 feet long with handles. The idea was to spread your handles wide and send the football to the other person. They in turn would stop it before it got to their handles and sent it back to you in the same manner. Do you know this toy and if so what was the name and do they still make it.
During the late 80's early 90's, I had a playset that consisted of a small plastic couch and accompanying doll. Inside the couch, a living room slid out with a couch that matched the one it was hidden in, as well as other pieces of living room furniture. There was also a miniature doll that matched the larger doll. I do not know what the toy maker was, or what this playset was called but I would love to find it again. I have not had much success searching eBay or general searches on the internet.
furry doll
I'm looking for a furry doll, shaped like a Hershey's kiss, made of all fur, with big eyes. I can't remember what it was called. It was available in the early to mid 1960's.
Girl floppy eard stuffed bunny with stripped blue dress
My daughter received this stuffed toy in 1998 for her birth. SHe is white, approx 12' tall, had floppy fuzzy ears, hands and feet. Her body was white cotten material. SHe wore a blue stripped dress with a white apron overlay and white underwear. She was taken by someone in her class and I would like to replace her. The stuffed rabbit als had a boy available in the same blue stripped print overalls. Any idea where to replace her. Thanks
I am looking for a large, soft vinyl arm puppet that is based on the monster from the movie Godzilla made in 1998. I think it was purchased from FAO Schwartz. I have been to ebay and found a hand puppet but cannot find the big guy. I am trying to replace him - he was really cool.
hand held music box
My kids had a hand held crank music box that was made of tuff stuff. It was tan and sort of y shaped. It played fur elise. I was wondering if you knew who made it, and where I might find one. The year is somewhere in the 1970's is the best I can do? I would appreciate any help you may have.
Hand held precision game
In the early 80's I had a handheld toy which was a plastic stick you held in your hand and it had two strings and on the end of each string was a heavy ball. You would start by bouncing lightly and then shake the stick up and down vigoruosly so the two balls would clash precisely up and down. If you missed and the heavy balls hit your knuckles it would hurt like hell! Any idea what the name was and where I can find one!!!!
In late 1970s early 1980s,  there was a hand held toy that was red on the top and bottom and clear glass or plastic in the middle that contained water. One pushed the white button on the bottom which forced air into the water to move tiny colored balls around in order to get them through a hoop.  There may also have been one that contained tiny rings.
HappiTime Trains
Do you know the value of a HappiTime 027 train set sold by Sears around 1955?
Do you know where I might find a hard rubber Pluto Dog made by Disney in the 1930's to 1940's? This was a toy made for children. It was an orangish-cream color with long back ears. 
Where will I be able to buy this?
homemade Indian artifact like a wooden kind of tomahawk
I'm not sure if this comes under your guidelines, but I would like to know the worth of this homemade device?
I am looking for instructions on Pipeworks Car?
looking for instructions on pipeworks car by playschooltttt
Identify this dollhouse (replacement parts available?)
We have been given a dollhouse that looks like this I need a replacement part and would like to call the manufacturer. Any ideas who made it??? Thanks!
I used to baby-sit for a family that owned an indoor play gym. It was in the mid-to-early 90's. They were individual white tubes that had 'inserts holes' on the ends that you click the tubes into each other. They were white tubes, with blue, red and green, hard plastic platform pieces, so you could literally build an indoor gym. There were no screws involved, simply hard plastic with knobs on one end that pushed in and out and holes in the other, so you could build almost anything. I have no idea what they were called and cannot get in touch with the family. They couldn't have been cheap, because they were VERY sturdy and I want them!!
Jungle Book Telephone '1968 to early 1970's'
I use to have this Jungle Book Telephone when I was a young child back in the Late 60's early 70's... I lost it when my grandfather bull-dozed all my toys into the ground, it was destroyed & I was broken hearted... I have been searching for one since I became an adult with little to no avail... I would love to know where I may possible find one for sale... I continually search Ebay & there was one a few years ago, but when I found it, it was too late. If anyone could help, please & a huge Thank You!!! Marie
In the early 1960's I was about 8 years old. I was in a wheel chair and seem to remember having a life sized airplane cockpit- I remember a throttle that made noise, other controls, and a machine gun pointed through a plexiglass canopy that had a (rubber) belt fed machine gun. Am I delusional? Thanks,Fred
Kiddie Kingdom Stuffed Music Playing Bear by "California Stuffed Toys"
I am attempting to find either a replacement music box for this bear, or just a brand new bear that plays the same song, or really any information I can regarding this toy! I received it around 1983-4 and it was new at the time. The bear is maybe 10 inches tall, peach or flesh in color, a leather and hard plastic nose, and the tag reads: "Kiddie Kingdom" by "California Stuffed Toys" - any help is greatly appreciated!
I was wondering where I could find accessories for the Barbie "Cook with Me" Smart Kitchen. I purchase this toy in 2003 and I can't find the food accessories. I have seen the kitchen at some stores but no food?! Thanks!
kitty in the keg
who made this toy? I know there was one the looked like eggs too in different sizes, with a chick in the smallest egg.
Knickerbocker Toy Co. Doll
I have a plush doll with a rubber or vinyl face measures about 15". The tag reads: Pouting Animals, Odorless, Original vinyl face, Knickerbocker Toy Co. New York, NY. Washable, Horseshoe reads'Made under sanitary laws'. This is a pouty baby doll, not the bears. She/he is made of mostly blue, furry fabric with white around the face. In really nice condition. Thank you! Nadine
Knickerbocker Toy Cyclist
Could you tell me anything about aset oftiny toy Cyclist came with Bicycles & riders made by the Knickerbocker Co
Lacy the Lamb - singing you never know until you try
My daughter had a stuffed lamb named Lacy or Lacey. It came with a book and a casette tape. There was a story about a lamb that was worried about jumping over a rainbow I think. Anyway the friends in the book talked Lacy Lamb into trying by singing a song "You never never never know until you try....ect" My daughter and my neices LOVED that song and the book and the lamb. My daughter has searched everywhere and has been unable to find the maker of this special lamb and the book. Can you help her?
I purchased a used shopping cart with a bag of accessories and didn't realize until I got it home that the carton of 6 eggs and the 8 muffins were missing.  Some of the games can't be played unless you have all 10 items.  Any ideas of where I could find them?  I have two bunches of bananas!
What is the best way to clean / sanitize Lincoln Logs without having them absorb water/bleach, etc?
I was given a Wen Mac 146 p38 twin engine line control airplane. It has original box, fuel can, battery and wire for the glow plugs and paper work.Not great condition but not bad. Any idea what it might be worth?
lionel electric train set i believe the "scout" the locomotive is #6466W
i received set in apx 1949 - i would like to know the value - i cannot find out myself so far on internet - i have the complete set - locomotive 2026 lionel 027 6466W - i hope this is enough info - can you guide me please - thx dee
Lite Bright with Square Pegs
I am trying to find out more about this unique Lite Bright. My husband had this toy as a child, but now all we have are the pegs. Was this actually a Lite Bright or another brand? What is it's proper name? Can you still buy the boards? Is anyone wanting pegs?
I was givin two lithograph pictures one of mickey and one of minnie they are from disney and seem very old where can I find out about them?
little bopper walking goofy made in 1970
is this toy valuable
Little Pink Rubber Monsters
I can't remember the name of these little pink rubber monsters from the 90's. They were a popular toy for boys and there were so many different characters. Any ideas?
M1A1 Thompson machine gun - 1950's plastic replica
...about 55' or 57' my Dad purchased for me a super detailed and correct M1A1 Thompson replica gun. It was plastic, of course, but was full size and was able to be disassembled into the various components as was the real version. It also fired by spring-action blue bullets which were fed by a magazine as was it's military counterpart. The lower receiver actually functioned as a stand-alone pistol when totally disassembled. I have tried to find this toy replica for years, and have tried all the traditional toy gun sites; Marx, Ideal, Hasbro, Topper, Remco, etc., This was a very detailed and correct replica, and not something easily produced by a sub-par plastic toy company. Have you heard of this or seen one?...thanks!
I remember a toy in the 1970's that was grey. You could write on it with a special pen then when you wanted to erase, You simply lifted up the sheet and it appeared clean. Do you know the name? Thank you!
Where can I get a replacement magnetic bottle for this doll to make it work. Thank you so much.
makit & bakit
Do you know where to get instruction for the makit & bakit bowls kit?
Motorized, changeable gears, adjustable lever arms,  Spirograph like effect on large sheets of paper,  felt tip pens. Who made it? Are they still available?
MAR toy jeep with cowboy driver
My father showed me a MAR toy jeep he used to play with as a child in the 40's. It's white, and has tin wheels, and is wind up. The driver is red, has red plastic boots, a tin face, and a white cowboy hat. The jeep also has red bull horns on the hood. Any information on its value would be helpful, thanks!
marble maze
I am trying to find the name of a hand held marble maze game of the early to mid 60's. I have only seen it once last year on e-bay and have been looking for it since.To date NO view or clue on all of the net that I have tried. As I recall the game was a hand held plastic maze consisting of two maze halves approximately 10 inches in diameter , held together in the center by a rivet. The slightly off center hole is where you put the marble and thru the turning of the top half you made your way thru the maze of lightly colored plastic(you could see thru the opaque green or pink )until the marble came out in your handle , the second half of the maze. Who made the maze and what was it called ? Thanks Arthur
marble maze
I am trying to find the name of a hand held marble maze game of the early to mid 60's. I have only seen it once last year on e-bay and have been looking for it since.To date NO view or clue on all of the net that I have tried. As I recall the game was a hand held plastic maze consisting of two maze halves approximately 10 inches in diameter , held together in the center by a rivet. The slightly off center hole is where you put the marble and thru the turning of the top half you made your way thru the maze of lightly colored plastic(you could see thru the opaque green or pink )until the marble came out in your handle , the second half of the maze. Who made the maze and what was it called ? Just found it SKILL-IT by Milton Bradly,,1966 thanks anyhow Thanks Arthur
This is a mechanical battery toy which makes noise and takes a coin inside. You put a coin on the bank and after a few seconds a green hand takes the coin inside the bank/box. This toy has a patent number 281043 and on the bottom of the box you can read\"Made in Japan". Do you know who has produced this toy or do you know a shop you can buy this?
Mega Bloks
I am looking for the Mega Bloks Alien Agency Burger Barn. It is nowhere to be found. At least I can not find it. I have looked at every toy store site, ebay and also the Mega Bloks website.
I have a toy metal Sears Kitchen Set which includes a stove, refrigerator and sink.  It was purchased in the mid-70s and I no longer wish to keep it.  I am trying to find the value of this set since I hope to sell it.
Where can I find the 1/96 scale metal model tanks that Tomy produced in the late 70's.  The kit came in bare metal and disassembled.  It was put together with screws.
metal molder
how to buy metal molder from toymax inc from a store ?
Toy belonging to lady born in 1898. cart is 9"L x 5"W. 6" wooden wheels. Pet written on the side.  Tongue is 20 1/2" long. Is this a promotion or just a toy? Was it put out by the Pet Milk Company?  What is it worth?
Missing back panel on 1973 doll
I have my kenner doll made in 1973 that drinks and wets. At some point I lost the back panel and I want to replace it. Where do I go?
Missing Puzzle Pieces
I'm missing three states (Lower Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin) to our 1985 Playskool USA wooden map puzzle. Are there any resourses to purchase such parts. I've checked out e-bay ... they have a 1970 complete map.
Mobo riding horse
When,where, and how long was the Mobo riding horse for small children available in the USA. Where were they manufactured ?
Monkey stuffed animal
In the mid 70's, my son had a stuffed monkey with a hard face and hands, holding a banana and wearing engineer bib overalls and cap. Does anyone know where I can purchase one of these?
Monster figure
A 1980's toy of a monster on which the head pops off to become a ball?
In the Mid to Late 1980's ( I got it as a Christmas present ) there was a toy Monster that was about 8-10 inches tall, It had orange/brown arms/legs/head with a clear plastic torso which was intended to be filled with hard plastic ( solid not cheap hollow pieces ) organs and a package of green slime. I can send a rough sketch based on what  remember if it would help. I want to say the "toy series" had the word Lab/Laboratory in the maker/product line. Any help would be great.
monster toy 80's
in the mid and late 80's there was a 12 inche (i believe) monster figure (i think there were 6 different figures) they had a chest that would open and you could put a smaller figurine into i havent seen this toy since 1989
I need elastic springs for 2 moon shoes. Where can I find them?
Moon Shoes
My daughter has a pair of Moon Shoes by Big Time Toys Inc. The rubber bands are wearing out. Do you know where or how I can get replacements? I tried the Company website and Ebay but had no luck. Thank You!
mouse bank
I recently found two mice Mr. & Mrs Claus banks stamped by Roy Des. of Fla. 1970 Could you please tell me something about the maker, was he connected to Disney? the toys look very much like Disney characters.
I'm not sure who made this but I had a movie player with dual sided cartridges with an episode on each side of the cartridge.It was battery operated by the press of one button and played the dual sided cartridges, with a movie/TV show on each side.It was blue and some of the cartridges that I had were The Six Million Dollar Man, Batman & Robin and Superman.
moving zoo toy from 80's
I had a toy in the early 80's that was a chain-reaction type toy, similar to the penguin toy you see in baby einstein movies that climb the ladder and slide down. It was a zoo/amusement park where the children (with metal roller bottoms...magnetic?) would be carried/sent from/to different parts of the zoo. I remember the giraffe would scoop them up and then place them down a slide to the penguins, for example. Have you ever heard of this toy? Do you know who made it?
The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Set that I have was probably from the late 50's or early 60's.  It is in a flat box -the original. It includes bodies, cars, a boat, a trailer all of plastic.  There are Styrofoam shapes for the heads with all kinds of things to attach.  Mrs. Potato Head has hair similar to doll hair.  Some of the accessories are felt such as moustache, etc.  I am interested to know the value.  I have not been able to find anything similar to this on e-bay.  Thank you
MR. BRAIN - 1960's
In the 1960's I had a toy called Mr. Brain.  It was a large face and if you put these data cards in his mouth, he answered questions in different categories  (one side of the card was the wrong answer, and one was the wrong answer.  I am using this image in a story so want to find a picture of it online somewhere.  Any info. you have on it is appreciated.
Musical My First Baby (Girl) Stuffed Purchased in Macy's in 1992
This was the first toy/stuffed animal that I purchased for my daughter. It was taken from her at school on the day the school brought in the Precious item to tell about. She was devistated as I was. Needless to say the school no longer holds this type of event after that day. This was a connection that my daughter and I shared. She took care of her baby as I took care of her. She would play her music every night at bedtime. She still honors her the day that she was taken from her in April. This has happened about 6 years ago and I was wondering if you could tell me who manufactured it and if I could find it anywhere. I searched for it after the indcident but was unsuccessful.
Musical Peter Rabbit
My son has a stuffed musical Peter Rabbit that plays "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" and it has stopped playing. Seems the musical insert has sprung or something. I'm looking to replace the music part. Where would I find one? I wanted to replace the whole thing but he is too attached to it. Thank you for your help.
I want to replace a toy & can't find it. It was a plush dog head with a musical, interactive ball inside. The ball bounced around with the song "Hippy Hippy Shake"
Do you if it was Hasbro that made a red plastic music playing toy. It played Disney songs my favorite "Bear Necessities". They looked like plastic mini CD's that would drop down, when you pressed the button,with corresponding picture. My guess is it as 6"h and 18 in. I would love to find it. I have not had luck at EBay, Disney or Overstock.  Thanks,Veronica 
Mystery Pistol Target Master Tournament Range by Ohio Art 1960's
Hi, I just bought the above mention toy. It is in mint conditon, with targets and the box is in very good shape for it's age. I am wondering what it may be worth? Thanks, Gary.
When I was a kid, we had a spinning toy called the Whirlybird or Whirlibird.  It was metal, it's seat structure resembled a swingset seesaw, and the foot pedals would allow you to pump and make the toy spin.  It was for children about 6 or 7 and up.  I am looking for something for my older nephews to play on.  Also, I am looking for a similar twin toy for my one year old twins in plastic with out the pumping action.  Little Tikes used to make something like it, but I can't seem to find it.
paddington bear
appraisal on paddington bear during 1975
Pants from 1990's
My son used to wear pants that were one piece, but you could adjust the size by wrapping in front with velcro. Does anyone know the name of these pants?
Parents Magazine Vinyl Box/Book Toy
I am trying to find the name of Parents brand toy - it was a vinyl book in two pieces that came together to make a box. i have one half of it, and am looking for the other half, but don't know the name and can't find the toy! Kelly
I have searched and searched and cannot find a 1950's Roy Rogers Jeep Pedal Car (Nellie Belle) Any advice?
pedal toys
looking for parts or info on Dan Patch Pedal Toy
I am looking for decals and the engine for the pre 1970's AMF Big 4 pedal tractor. Do you know where I can get these items? Do you know where I can find photos of the original for restoration purposes?
petosa 1970'/80's doll
trying to get hold of a doll ihad when i was wee. I think it was called petosa, she crawled and cried.
Pink bunny
My baby girl lost her very special bunny made by omega toys and sold at kolhs department stores around easter 2005. I have a picture of it. But it's about 9" to 11" tall, I checked ebay and nothing. I even have an "i want it post" with no responces. This bunny was my 3 year old's best friend.
pink carters plush giraffe
I am looking for a pink plush giraffe made by carters. It is a discontinued item and my daughter loves this toy. I wanted to have a back up in case something happens to it. Its pink with yellow and darker pink spots on its back. It has yellow horns and a yellow tail.. It also has a dark pink stomach with white flowers on it.
I'm looking for a pink stuff animal, he is a pillow cat with purple stripes in his body and pink nose. I think it was made by Russ. We got him 4 years ago.
Pink elephant toy(s)
When I was little, during the 70s and 80s, I had two pink elephant toys that I loved so much. I don't know who made them because my mom bought them second-hand. The first pink elephant was apx 3" tall, rubbery plastic and hollow so it could be used as a finger puppet. The second pink elephant was square and flat, apx 5" tall, 1.5" thick, about the size and shape of a sandwich, rubbery plastic and it squeaked. If you have any info that could help me, I would appreciate it so much.
pink pig stuffed animal toy pillow
I am looking for a pink pig stuffed animal toy pillow made by commonwealth toy and novelty in New York. Any thoughts where I could get one?
Plastic Battleship, Aircraft carrier, Cruiser set sold in convienance/Discount stores.
I'm trying to find a set of 3 warships packaged together in 1978-1982? These toys where cheap, but I liked em. The ships where an Aircraft carrier (WW2 type that was modernized), a Battleship (Yamoto class), and a cruiser (modern looking). All ships were about 5-7 inchs long, plastic, with wheels on the bottom. These toys are not Matchbox(Sea Kings), Tootietoy, Micromachine, Triang Minic, Strombecker, or any model kit. These where sold in 7-11's or a old discount store like PickNSave. An example of the aircraft carrier I just won on Ebay is in the photo for this item number 250133385476. It is the solid grey vessel with the white painted aircraft on it. Any info would be helpful.
plastic cowboy and indians with rubber/plastic removable hats,scarfs,guns,
during the mid 70's i had a set of these cowboys and indians with removable you have any info on theese toys....who made them..are they still around...and do you know of any pistures available so i can check them out?
Plastic Dog Push Toy
Somewhere between 1980-1985 I had a plastic dog that wore a black top hat. You pushed the top hat down and the ears flapped up, his eyes closed, then he stuck his tounge out and rolled. I think Fisher Price made it but I don't know the name of the toy. I would like to know the name of the toy and where/if it can be purchased somewhere
When I was growing up in the 1980's, I played with dolls that were about five inches high and were all plastic.  They came with plastic clothes that would snap on or slide on, depending upon the outfit.  I also had a boutique for them that stored all of their accessories inside.  Do you know who made these dolls or what they were called?  I remember my parents buying them for me as rewards but through a move I have since lost them.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Plastic girder welding set
What was the name of a toy building set from early to mid 1970's ? The set I am talking about had plastic "steel Girders" that you welded with a little gun that you placed a little insert on and it spun to create heat and welded the pieces together.
plastic piano - kinckerbocker - 1940's
do you know of any 1940's kinckerbocker battery operated bell organ plastic piano w/blk white keys around?
Plastic Toy Manufacturer?
Can you help me identify a late 1960s toy manufacturer. I am trying to identify the manufacturer of very detailed plastic naval ships. The ships range in length between 3 to 6 inches and are WW II era ships. The ships are stamped made in Hong Kong and have the Letter "E" in a circle within a gear wrapped by what appears to be a chain. Can you help? Respectfully, Rick W
When I was little, my mum gave away a playset I had and all I remember of it was that there were rubber horses and definitely a girl figure. They were all small about a couple of inches tall. As I was born in 86, I expect it to have been out in the late 80's/early 90's. Please help I've  been searching for it for YEARS!!!!!!!!
Playset - Forest Animals with Cave
I had this toy in the Mid-70's and it's in scale with the Fisher Price Adventure Sets but I've looked exhaustively through ebay and the internet and it doesn't seem to be a Fisher Price item. It included a hollow beige cave about 10 inches high and it had a spot on the top where I would perch a bald eagle non-poseable figure that came with the playset. Other animals were included in this set but my memory is sketchy as to which ones. I very vaguely remember a skunk and maybe a fox/raccoon figure too. I'm guessing on these. I am sure about the bald eagle and the cave though. I used to spend hours playing with this set...especially the cave where I would stick any of my favorite toys to shelter them from imagined thunderstorms. I'll be eagerly waiting for your email, Dr. Toy. Armed with some info, I might have a chance of locating one on ebay
Plush - Puffalump Lamp - Fisher Price
I have been looking for a pumpalump that my daugher got in 1987. It's a pink and white lamp with a number of 8009. if you know of any one that might have this please email me. Thanks
In the 1960's I had a plush monkey dressed as a beatnik in turtleneck, corduroy pants, sandals and glasses. I would like to identify the maker, so I can find another. Anyone know of the maker, or how I could look him up? Thanks!
Sometime in 2005 I purchase a stuffed kitty at Wal-Mart for my son. It's black with a white face, pink hearts for the feet pads and a red plaid ribbon.  It's his one true love and it's almost dead, can ANYONE PLEASE help! He's already missing his nose, ear tips and one eye, he doesn't have much time left and disaster will ensue when he's gone. thanks!
Any info on a reclining brown bear by Don James Petagree Collectibles Commonwealth Toy Co., New York 1988? Who was Don James? Is he still designing toys? Did he do other plush animals?
My daughter was born in 1999, my Aunt who lives in Petaluma, CA, sent her a stuffed bunny when she was born.  We lost it on vacation 2 years ago.  I would LOVE to find another.  The bunny was about 6 in long with white plush head, hands and feet.  Its body was covered with a thin pink and white striped cotton outfit.  It had small sewn blue eyes a pink nose and mouth and a loop sewn on the top of the head.  If you shook it up and down it would squeak.  It also had a ruffle around its neck.  It was round and plump. It looks similar to Carter's stuffed animals, but I've searched stores and the Net and I haven't been able to find it.  If you could help I would very much appreciate it and so would my daughter who misses her Snuggle Bunny
Plush doll, colored hair, 1980's
They where white stuffed dolls, closed eyes. holding a rose that matched color of hair. Hair would be bright solid colors (purple, blue, pink, teal,) and when you shake them (holding their waist) it would puff up the hair very tall. I can't find any info anywhere, not on ebay , but they where out the same time as the moon babies. Sold in some Toy stores, and stationary stores, (alot of mall type stores)they aren't puffalumps, but I thought maybe that was the name originaly :-(
Plush Elephant
I purchased a light blue plush elephant for my son in 1998. It was either at Babies R Us or Carters. He is very attached to it and it is sadly entering it's last days. I have searched all over for a replacement. It is light blue with with a white bow (ribbon) and two samll white balls approx. size of cooton balls. The tips of his hands and bottomof his feet are also white. He has a thin small trunk with 2 small white tusk and a small thin tail. He has 2 bvlack eyes approx. size of a small black marble cut in half placed on the side of his head. I coulod use help locating this elephant or manufacturer. Thank you in advance.
Last August we bought a blue and white stuffed puppy from Target for my son's first birthday.  This puppy has turned out to be his most beloved toy- he sleeps with his puppy every night an carries him around the house during the day.  I wanted to buy some back-ups, but they no longer carry them at Target, and I couldn't find them on Target's website.  Does anyone know where I could find another one?  I tried E-bay with no luck.  Sincerely, Bridget
Where can I find pictures of these funny character if my child hood (late 80's early 90's).
My daughter lost her dearly loved brown velvet rabbit.  I THINK it was made by jellycat, but I can only find those with sort of woolly fur, her original one was definitely short, soft velvet.  I would LOVE to know where I can get a replacement!
I have a plush Snoopy, 36" high x 25" wide, circa 1970.  What is it worth.  I have not found another like it on the internet.  Have you seen one this large?
Where could I find a 1986 plush cow? It was blue and yellow with blue eyes, a stuffed animal cow. Playskool was the manufacturer and it was made 1985-1989.
What is a Tony the Tiger 1967 plush doll worth in perfect condition?
Plush-Discovery Channel
I have a Discovery Channel plush toy from 1999 and I don't know what animal it is. I can't tell if it's a wolf pup or a tiger cub or something different.
Plushie- Dog
When I was a baby, in 1993, my mom gave me a stuffed dog from Ganzbros. It is part of the Heritage Collection, made in 1992. Brown ears and a brown spot around it's tail. Besides that it is mainly a cream color. Please email me if you know where to get one. I really want to buy anouther becuase it seems in such poor condition now.
Do you know where I can find a plug for a 1985 Tyco vinyl pool?
I played with blocks as a child that were plastic, made by Mattel 1972, that popped up letters and numbers and had pictures on the front.  I have one or two that my Mom was able to find recently.  When you press the picture on the front side of the block the top of the block opened showing the number or first letter of the word that the picture was on the front of the block.  Do you know where I can find more of these, or what their true name is?  Thanks.  I looked on e-bay but not sure I'm using the right description.
pot metal alsatian
I have an old pot metal shepherd tha now has a broken ear. I want one just like it. The shepherd is stand and is about three inches high. Do you know where I can find it. It's very old and marked Germany.h
I am hoping that you will be able to help me, in the 1970's I had purchased my daughter a very durable plastic set of pots that had faces on them and on the bottom it says Worcester toys or toy company and would like to know if you may be able to help me find them in a set or pieces please. They are very much like a Playskool or Fisher Price heavy duty piece of plastic.
pound puppies
I was living in Canada in the early 80's. There was a pound puppy mama with small babies that would fit in her velcro tummy. it wasn't puppy surprise. I could swear it was pound puppies-looked similar. Saw them as a completed listing on ebay once. nothing since. pound puppies knockoff? rare? One of the puppies was often asleep. I want a set or at least a picture. What do i do?
powder Puff House Toy(Heart Shaped)
I am looking for a picture or any info on a pink heart shaped house that my sister used to play with in the late 70s. It was called a Powder Puff would open up and it had a swing and little roll elevator. Any info on it at all would be great!!!
This is a manual game with players on sliding sticks.  How can I find replacement players -- one has broken and I expect others to do so as well.
What is the value of a Pretzel Jetzel (all in working condition with instructions) from the 1965 era?
Where can I find some metal ones.  I have Princess jumping Poodle. Think the original is black.
How rare are these dolls and what might their value be?
How to tell the difference between the originals and the replicas.
I remember a toy my brother had in the sixties, I believe it was called Dandy Lion, it was a larger walking toy?
Hi love your site, however I am on a quest to find more information on a King Friday (from Mr. Rogers) puppet doll that I have in my possession. The doll has a plastic head with a cloth stuffed body. His tag under his cape is an IDEAL tag from 1961. The doll stands about a foot high. Have you heard of this doll or have seen it,, because it clearly exists and I can not find information about it.  Any thing you know will be a great help. I thank you very much for your time ~Lisa
Purple Wind-up plush elephant
do you know where I can find a wind-up plush purple elephant sold at Sears around 1975? It played lullaby and goodnight. it had a flowered pattern on it's tummy and ears.
During the late 70s and early 80s I had a math toy that you had the problem on a button and when you pushed on the button it showed the answer. The toy was not electrical. The buttons where a milky color when pressed down the answer could be seen through the button.
Do you have any info on a plastic push button programmable corvette (1970's)
I got a 1998 Milton Bradley 3d sculpture puzzle 'The American bald eagle ' from a friend and the instructions for assembly were gone Where can I find assembly instructions
I need to find out the information on the raccoon made by the Ruston toy company. I have been up all night trying to find some info, but I haven't any luck. His tag says 1978 Rushton Toy Company Reg. No. 66. Plus the tag that hangs from his hand, but it gives absolutely no info on it either. If there is anyway you have any info for me, Please let me know soon. I really do appreciate you time.  Crystalann
Where can I get a replacement car for this set?
Looking for the name or model number of a mid 70's Tyco race set.  It was one of the largest they sold and contained a lap counter and, I believe, 2 vertical loops.  The controllers were the old thumb-on-the-top kind.  Any thoughts?
Really ugly 1940's crying baby doll
I have a seriously ugly baby boy doll from the 1940's. I was wondering who the manufacturer was/ The head and the limbs are rubber. The torso is stuffed cloth. It has a crying mechanism in it that no longer works. My daughter-in-law has a picture if you should need it, but it gives her nightmares.
Rear-loading, battery operated garbage truck, circa early 70s
anyone know where I can find one? Paul
in about the 1960s i bought a toy for my children. it was a toy surrey, with a red and white fringe top and wooden benches. the kids could ride on it and make it go by peddling it. can you help me find the manufacturer on this toy? and if so, would you know of any place i could possibly buy one?
Hi, I have been trying to locate the above for some time now. I think this toy was available for sale in Spain and I was the child on the box. I would love to find it! I think it must have come out around 1983? Any leads you can give me will be gratefully recieved!
RED Wagon
How to find parts and history of a "red steak" toy wagon. (Vinatage 1940 to 1950.
How do I find the company that manufactured a specific toy?  How do I look up the serial PA number on the items tag?
remco big caesar
i am in need of a replacement motor for this 1963 remco toy ship can you help
Replacement Ballerina
I am looking for a replacment ballerina for a 1960's music box. Where can I find one?
Ride on stuffed snoopy
Is the ride on Snoopy still avaiable-? It was a gift to my infant daughter in 1979. Now she's having her own daughter & I want to get one.
How can I get it in china?
ride on toy
What was the name of the ride on toy from the 80's that had a big red plastic seat and you moved the handle bars back and forth to operate it?
ride on toy
i dont think its that old but Im lloking for a toddler toy. i dont think its that old but Im looking for atoddler push/ride on toy it is a pink volkwagon brand has buttons to push