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I was looking for information on a particular action figure I owned during the early-mid 80's. I think there were three men who had holes on their chests, arms, legs, back, etc. where you could attach various weapons and such. One had a blue colouration and had air equipment and another was light brown and had ground-type gear associated with him. I can't remember the actual name of the series...something like Combatribes or started with a "C" for sure. The logo had an outline of a man with the various holes glowing and such. Any information would be most helpful. Thanks!
In the mid 70's I had a favorite toy which was a hard plastic German Shepherd with movable legs and a spring loaded jaw with which he could hold various items, including a battery powered lantern which attached to his cart by a wire. He had a harness and could pull an orange 2 wheeled cart. You could put the lantern face down on top and when the wheels turned, the light revolved like a siren light. No idea what he was called, but I'd sure love to find one again. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I had a toy from a space cartoon where the hero was a human that can change into a orange alien and the enemy was an alien that had 3 faces.  I remember the toys the hero had a blue jump suit and human face and the other side was his orange alter ego.  Thanks.
Hello! My son has a number of Transformers that have loose joints. Is there anything he can put on them to make them a little tighter? We've tried clear nailpolish and it helped a little but it flakes off.  PLEEEEESE help!!! Thanks, Angela
action figures
there were a bunch of figures with rafts, boats, helicopters that would rescue people, i believe, or maybe they just were adventure people. what were they? my brother had them in the 1970's. thanks for your help. Pam
Action figures - 1-1/2inch
I vaguely remembering haveing some as a kid, there were a whole mess of them, with each one being a different Animal like humanoid with body armor, and a sticker in the middle of their chest that when you pushed on it, the body-heat from your finger would reveil what element "faction" they were from, with Fire beating wood, Wood beating Water, and Water beating Fire... but i can't remember really anything else about those toys
I am trying to remember a set of toys that came out in the mid 80's that were around 12" and if I remember right might have been called SEAL or S.E.A.L.???  There was a green man that was a scuba diver type and I think there was a red and maybe yellow guy as well.  Ring any bells?? Thanks
action figures, what were they called?
In the mid 1980's, there were some toys i used to play with. They were really small, and you could battle them. There were a whole lot of them. They all had buttons on their chest that you could push. When you pushed those buttons, it showed if they had the power of fire, water, or wood i believe. What were those things called?
African American Doll- Snuggles
I had a doll during the late 70's early 80's that moved its head in a snuggle like form. I believe the doll's name was Snuggles I had her for years until my 5 year old daughter had a bite of jealousy and threw her in the garbage. I miss my doll I really want to know if there was any place I could still purchase her at. I love my daughter and I loved my other daughter Snuggles too. Thank you for all of your help
African American Walking doll
For my first birthday (1959), I received a doll in a brown and green striped box. She was held together with rubber bands, had thick black hair and eyes that opened and shut. I called her "Honeybee" and that may have had something to do with the brad name. I don't know. Her dress had a green bodice and the skirt was looked like little lollipops. I think she may have been 24 inches tall. Can you tell me which doll companies may have used the green and brown striped box? That may help me identify and find a new doll. Thanks
aircraft carrier- foam airplane
In the 70's I had a aircraft carrier about 4 to 5 foot long that would shoot small foam jets from the deck by pulling a handle back quickly! and there was also a hand held toy from the same company that also shot the airplanes by pulling the trigger. I am wanting to know the company that put these out and the name of these toys! Please help!
Airplane toy
I am looking for a 1970's aerobatic biplane toy that I used to play with as a kid. Designed for the indoors, this small biplane (approx. 1 ft wing span) had a blue soft plastic fuselage and yellow styrofoam wings. It would fly in a circular pattern around a center pylon or tower since it was connected to a metallic wire wrapped in a nylon sleave. The other end of this wire was connected to a control box that had a hand cranked (to spin the propeller) and a control tab (to control the elevator). Ideal or Mattel, not too sure...
Alarm Clock-Sesame STreet
In the mid 70's there was an alarm clock where Big Bird said "wash your face, brush your teeth, and don't forget to wind the clock...can you show me a picture of one?
American Girl Doll Stroller
Where can I get a replacement front wheel.
Amphibious Car circa early 60's patent # 922547 blue plastic hong kong
What does a T with a circle around it mean as far as brand and worth?
Animated Singing santa
I was wondering where i could find an animated singing santa such as the one from walmart for a really good price and would ship to the UK
How much would a Curious George stuffed monkey, era 1940-1950, be worth on todays antique toy market?
Antique Fire Truck
I have an antique fire truck from my father's era (born in 1925-2002) ,,,looking for the value of : Side of the toy has a logo that reads The Hose Mfg Co Inc, New York. ?? Pat. pend. it still is in excellent working condition, lights still work the wheels and tires are of orginial state, the key on the side to turn, turns with ease and it races across the floor with the siren still sounding excellent! Can you give me an idea what to price this at if selling on EBAY ? Jacqueline
Army toys. civil war U.S. and cowboys and indians and town set up.
I would like to sell these items. I umderstand they are collectors. What can I get for them?
around late 1960 early 1970 octacon hand toy with somekind of color changing stuff inside
was this called fidget and can you still buy it.
Looking for a little black box which had sound effects of ROCKET LAUNCHER, MACHINE GUNS, SURFACE TO AIR MISSILES. It was designed to be put in your car so you could imaginarily annihilate those pesky inconsiderate bad drivers. This was the best solution to road rage I've ever found. It actually made me smile or laugh each time I pressed the buttons and annihilated the culprit vehicle.  I want one again !
Baby Developmental Toy-Pound n Play Hammer toy
I am looking to buy replacement balls for Pound N Play Hammer toy by International Playthings. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Renee
Baby Doll
In the 1950's, my four sisters and I received "Night Night" dolls for Christmas. They were soft bodied, with vinyl head, arms and legs, and they were dressed in sleeper pajamas made by Carters. I have photos of us with the dolls, for your information. Can you find one? Thank you. P
Baby Stroller
I have an antique wicker baby stroller that I used for my daughter. It was purchased at an antique store in Vt. The wheels caps have an S stamped on them. Can you give me any info on it. I am interested in selling it and would like to know what to ask.
Baby toy - musical floor apple
During the 1970's my sister received an musical floor rattle that would rock back and forth when moved slightly. It had no specific musical tune just made a music sound when moved. She is having a baby and has been talking about this toy she had. Please let me know the maker and where I can purchase one. Thank you.
backyard riding toy
im looking for 1960s-1970s backyard toy called whirlybird it has 4 seats is made of metal you push and pull the handles to make it spin faster please help me find one
In the late 60's, there was a balancing type game along the lines of labyrinth or shoot the moon. One person played it and it was a vertical board where a little metal ball started on top and had to get to the bottom rolling on alternating long and short horizontal wooden rows. You moved the rows with little wooden levers at the bottom. You had to time it just right for the ball to fall on the tier below and I think there may have been points for each row you made it down towards the bottom but I may be wrong. Does this sound at all familiar, and if so, what was it called so I can try to find one. Thank you, Mary
barbie doll
I have barbie that grows in height and bust line but has brown hair. On her but it has 1967 mattelinc. hong kong u.s.a. for.pat patented canada 1974. I am being told its a skipper doll but it does not look like any I have seen on the web, on the inside circle of the head where it conects to the neck it says mattel hong kong. Please help. Thanks,Rich
Barbie dollhouse
Need assembly directions for house from about 1979
Baseball glove
I am looking for a Playskool brand baseball glove and ball (both soft cloth material) probably from the mid-late 90's.
Batman & Robin dolls 12" - 1980's
Here is a tuff one for ya---I used to own THE BEST quality made 12" Batman & Robin doll --each had hiend magnets on their hands and all kinds of gadgets to sling them up all over the house--do you have any info on them--I would love to try and find them at a collectors store--value??
Batman bath mat
I am trying to find information about a bath mat that has Batman and Robin on it. logo says mattel 1960's
Battat rectangular train table directions
We just (2007) bought the Battat rectangular train table with train set sold at target but there were no directions. I can't get to the battat website and target has not returned my request. Do you have the directions for this toy?
battat steering wheel
any suggestions to find this toy which was available abot 9 years ago?
Has Louis Marx label on back, front right chest has Rebel label - we can not find any information; would you have some?
Battery operated 18 wheeler from early 60s
What was the name of the truck from the early-mid 60s that was red and yellow, eighteen wheeler that came with a trailer, changable tires/wheels and a kid could stand on the trailer. It was powered by batteries and had a control box??
Battery operated dog toys from the 60's
Was There A Toy Called The Wonder Dog--Info Like Company-What Years Made Etc
10 year old battery operated plush toys, tickle me Elmo, Bouncing Tigger, Pooh Bear and Scooby-Doo. How can I wash the toys I have listed. I had these things in storage from my 11 year old son and would like to give them to my 2 year old son. While in storage mice got into them and I found some dead mice in the box. How can I clean these so they are safe for my son to play with them and not ruin the boxes inside that make them move and talk?
I bought my son this at a consignment sale. It is a snap together track with orange, yellow, blue and green sections. Each section is about 3 to 4 inches wide and about half an inch long. They snap together to form a track that can bend and flex. It also came with rock tunnel and two sections that can be added to the track that have a hissing snake and an alligator. As the battery powered vehicle (looks like a Jeep) passes snake and gator it trips an arm and the animal makes sounds. There is a red and blue jeep. I would like to buy more track for this set, but I can't seem to find anything like it...and my internet searches come up empty. I would definitely appreciate any help you could give. Thank you so very much.
beanie doll
i have a blue beanie boy doll which was bought for me in 1970 i am trying to find the girl one it was made in 1970 by mattel
Bear - LONGABERGER - 2005
I'm wondering if anyone can give me any information regarding a light pink bear with a hot pink, velvety heart (it's plastic but has a fine soft covering like on some stuffed animals' noses).  I got her for Christmas when I was about 2 years old, probably sometime in the late '80's.  My best guess is that she was made in the mid to late 80's.  The bear's nose and mouth are made of yarn.  Her tag has been cut off.  It is on outside of her left leg (at the top, where the seam begins). It looks like the bear was made from many separate pieces of cloth, all sewn together.  Two pieces to make the front and back of each of the four limbs, two to make the front and back of each of the ears and the tail.  (Her tail is not like a typical bear's tail; it is a half circle shape, maybe about the size of a half of a quarter and is sewn onto the bear's back where the seam there ends.  It stuck out straight, from the body)  The head seems to be composed of five or six pieces of fabric: two pieces are sewn together to form the left side, two pieces are sewn together to form the right side and then where the seams were left the ears were sewn into place,  Then one or two pieces are sewn together to create the middle section of the head.  I think the middle of the head is just one piece of fabric, though I'm unsure.  The legs of the bear are made to look like it has feet.  (they are just slightly curved on the outside, at the end of each leg, to make "toes".  There is no "heel" to the foot)  This bear is around 19 or 20 years old.  for each part of it (Two separate pieces of fabric for the front and two separate pieces front and back of the head and limbs...she also has stitching up the middle of her back and front) I think she is stuffed with cotton or polyester.  Her tail sticks out from the body (but it\'s thin so it got crushed against the body).  I also have an elephant who, except for a few small things, matches this same description very very well.  She was not made with a plastic heart on her right side.  (she was made by the same company, probably pretty close to the same time the bear was made.)  (She's SO similar she couldn't be from any other company!) the insides of her ears are white and the bottoms of her feet are white as well.  She has a mechanism that makes a squeak-like noise when she's shaken, inside her body.  it's small and shaped like a small cylinder.  She is about 5 or six inches tall.  Both stuffed animals have plastic eyes.  Sorry to be so precise with the details of the stitching!  I'm desperate to find another one of these bears as mine is falling apart.  ANY and all information anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks  -K
Bears: molded rubber or plastic 1985-1990
I am looking for the names, pictures or if at all possible the actual bears. I believe they were called hair bears, but not what I see called the "Hair Bear bunch" on e-bay. I bought them in a Kroger grocery store in Greenville Texas. They came on a display card. They had long hair for brushing and styling, and were in flavors, strawberry w/pink curly hair, vanilla, w/yellow more straight hair, and chocolate w/brown somewhat curley hair. They were about 6-7 inches tall, and were hollow molded non-movable bodies of plastic, PVC or rubber. They were out about the same time as the original my little ponies. Does anyone know who made them, their names and where I can find them or pictures of them?
How do you put the blue race car bed together from Little Tykes.  Please Help.  Someone gave it to my son. It came with 4 pieces and four bolts and four blue things for the bolts. Please help.
Beepol Bear Doll
I had a bear growing up in the 80's in the states that when you hugged it, its LED eyes would light up and it would beep at you a little 5 note song. It kinda purred at you. It was shaped like a ewok from star wars, but I believe the name of the type of bear is Beepol, beep ul, or something of the sort. Can you help with the name of this bear and perhaps where to find something like it.
Looking for a set cowboys/indians 5 in all 1 cowboy is yellow with green bandana,that is the one in the set I'm after please help!
Bendy Doll named Swingster made by Rosko
Do you have any information about a Bendy Doll named Swingster made by Rosko(in Japan). I have one in original box but cannot find any information about them. I am trying to find out the value of the doll. Have you ever heard of this toy doll?
Blanket - Pink Butterfly
I'm looking for a pink baby blanket sold at Walmart in 2003. It has butterfly outlines embroidered in pastels on it. Very important that I locate one of these. Thank you!
I have a pink blanket with pink silk trim and on one of the corners there is a bunny on it that sticks up off the blanket with big ears, which also has 4 easter eggs below it. It says on the tag DanDee Collector's Choice on it no web page or nothing. I've been trying to find out where the person got this from so I can get my daughter a new one bc as she gets older im sure it will wear and tear and I want a back up? I've looked everywhere online Please help? Thanks!
Blaze rocking horse
I am debating whether to part with my childhood Mattel "Blaze" rocking horse. May I ask it's approximate value, if any? Thank you!
Blushing frankenstein , box and Robotic Aeroplane w/box value please, Thx,
value of both items
Board game
A game where you moved frog pieces around a lily pad board with roll of dice.
I have the everything for this game apart from the balls and puck do you know where I can get replacements?
board game - military The Jeep Game Board
What can you tell me about this game? The Jeep board. 15 games and 10 puzzles. By George S. Carrington Co, 2740 Fullerton Ave. Chicago, ILL
Board Game - Peg Board?
In my early childhood early 1980's, I was given a game that consisted of a grid and colorful wooden pegs. The pegs were to be placed into the slots of the grid to form patterns or pictures. It was almost like using a graph paper/cross-stich pattern, but in 3D. I would love to locate this game, but all I've see is plastic sheets with holes and colorful plastic pegs that resemble thumbtacks.
Do you know of a travel game that has 4 in 1 games comes in a yellow and blue case says Playskool on the front.the back says Hasbro with this item # 353
I have a 1967 print battleship game with box hardly used and box in great shape
We owned a game in the 60's that had 4-6 mushroom shaped figures that had suction cups inside their heads. The only other body part they possessed were a pair of feet that had a vertical stem molded on top of them. The head was attached to the feet via a spring that was assembled to the vertical stem of the feet. When the players depressed the spring the suction cup would contact the (feet shaped) base thereby causing the toy to remain compressed until the cup gave out and the toy would "pop" up. the games motivation was driven by the amount of time it took for the toys to release. What was the name of this game?
My father has a toy from his childhood (late 1930'S or early 1940's) which is a metal framed horse made from what looks to be a leafspring (flat iron, not a coil) from a car. It has handlebars attached to the head which provide left-right steering and when you bounce up & down on it makes a clicking noise (similar to horse hooves) and moves forward. There are a set of steel wheels painted black in front and another set in back. It stands about 30" high to the top of the head and about 20" to the seat (which is a similar shape to a bicycle seat). I have never seen anything like it and have periodically checked e-bay and other sites to find it. Do you have any information about the manufacturer or years produced, or anything..? I can send pics if you need them. Thanks much, Joe
Brahms lullabye wind up compostion doll
Dear Dr. Toy, I have a doll about about 12" long. The music box inside is stamped "JFS Scott Co, Fifth Avenue, N.Y." It plays the Brahams lullabye when wound up. It has a soft plastic molded head,hair, arms and legs. The body is cloth covering the wooden music box. It is in great condition and I am wondering about it's history and time. I can't even find a record of JFS Scott Co. Please help--it was a gift from my deceased mother. Thank You! Marianne Hinkhouse
Breyer horse models
Where can I find a catalog and price list of used Breyer horse models from 1985-1993. We would like to catalog and sell our collection.
brown plush dog
around the late 80's i received a brown plush dog with i beleive a brown button up shirt and overalls. we think he was some kind of orphan dog, but not sure. i would like to find a dog like this. please help
Building Set - Clear Plastic Globes
Looking for the name of a building set I remember back in the late 80's - early 90's. It was a bunch of clear plastic globes that connected together. Some of the globes had gears in them, some had motors in them or pulleys or wheels or tracks. Some were just empty connecting globes. Anyone remember this toy set?
I received a bunny in 1987 that was my FAVORITE, however it is full of holes now. I'm about to have my own child and think it would be neat to have the same rabbit for them.  Its only about inches big, pink, floppy ears, and silky. Do you know where I could find one?
Can I fix my Chubbles?
i have a chubbles toy from mid-80's but his light up nose and sound have not worked for many years. I was hoping you might have some advice as to how I can go about fixing him or having him proffessionally fixed.
Car - 1980'S - H2O RACERS
car/truck toy had water sensor was ADVERTISED AS: "H2O RACERS-water turns them on." WHAT WAS THE 1980S H20 SENSORED TOY CARS ACTUALLY CALLED?
Car or dragster pull cord
Hi, looking for the name of the cars or dragster cars that had a strip cord with teeth that you would put down into the body of the car, pull it out and then set car on the ground to take off. Think they were around in the mid 70's. Thanks for your time
How do you play the card game Big fish Lil fish? I bought the game and it did not come with instructions.
Carter's Pink Musical Pull Tail Bunny
Trying to locate a specific musical pink bunny that plays music when you pull it's tail It was made by Carters about a year ago and can't find anywhere now. Need for my daughter.
Carter's/Prestige doll
Where can I find another Carter's/Prestige doll that we received at a baby shower in 2004? I believe it came from Target, it is plush and pink with a bonnet and a little bit of blond hair at the forehead. She DOES NOT have a rattle, had a ruffle around the bonnet and had pink satin feet.
cartoon character
i used to watch this action hero type cartoon in the 1970's and there was a character ressembling a blob, that could stretch like rubber. it was not a person, but rather it reminded me of casper, the friendly ghost. i think that there were two of them and they helped fight crime, i believe. what were they called? what was the cartoon show called? thanks for your help. Pam
cartoon character on tv show
there was this rubber blob (maybe like a ghost?) that would help out with other action heros in some cartoon show in the 1970's or so, it stretched, but it wasn't a person, it was more like a friendly blob, it reminded my of casper in a way, do you know what it was or what tv cartoon show it was on? thanks
Case Metal Pedal Tractor
I need to know the value of this, it is about 5 years old, has a few chips in the paint and a little rust on the wheel, all metal, steering wheel a little faded. Please let me know
Cecil pull string talking puppet
What might the value be for a fully operating Cecil (from Beany and Cecil) puppet be?
childs wagon
I found a steel childs wagon. It is red and has the markings rex jet on the side. It is made of steel and has aluminum chrome covers for the middle of the wheel. The wheels were made also of rubber. Whom is the manufacturer and where can I find out more about it. Thx Lisa
Circa est. 1940's Mercury pull wagon
I have a purple/ maroon childs pul wagon similar to a radio flyer. Mercury is on both sides at the front. I am curious who made and when it was made?
Cloth doll
In 1987, I purchased a cloth doll with smiling face on one side and sleeping face on the back side; she had pink clothes and while long hair.
clown Elephant plush
I had a clown elephant given to me in 1990, was yellow had blue trousers on and a white top with red hearts, i would LOVE to get one theses again as i loved it but i left it on the bus and they threw it away when i was a kid :( if anyone can help eg who made it. Many Thanks
I have quite a childhood collection of Tonka Trucks,GI Joes and accessories as well as Lego Sets. They are all from late sixties to early seventies mint or very good condition, I am trying to see what they are worth and might want to sell some or all, can you advise? Thanks, Tom
plastic cubes with tracks for plastic ball run by gravity
Construction set
When I was 10 (1971) I spent a lot of time playing with a construction set. It had materials to build skyscrapers including girders, windows, and textured panels for walls, doors etc. I distinctly remember brick walls, clear or bubbled glass panels, and white panels that had the texture of wooden boards. I have looked and looked, and can find similar items but not the exact one. Would it help to know I lived in Seattle at the time?
Construction set
When I was 10 (1971) I spent a lot of time playing with a construction set. It had materials to build skyscrapers including girders, windows, and textured panels for walls, doors etc. I distinctly remember brick walls, clear or bubbled glass panels, and white panels that had the texture of wooden boards. I have looked and looked, and can find similar items but not the exact one. Would it help to know I lived in Seattle at the time?
construction set 1960-1970
I remember a construction set made up of plastic panels, square and triangle, about 2x2 inches, held together by rubber bands fitted into notches in the corners. I bought them at the Dutch Village of Solvang, CA around 1960-1970. Any idea where I can find some? Thank you, David
Cowboy Action Figure
When I was a kid I remember having this toy in the early '80s that was a cowboy (he may have been a robot too, can't remember) who rode on a robot horse. The horse toy had a place in its chest that opened and allowed you to store red crystal things in it. He fought against this big guy who rode on a drawn stagecoach. I also seem to remember watching it on tv saturdays, so it may have been a cartoon as well.
Cozy Coupe Little Tikes Replacement Parts
Do you know where I can find a left front wheel for my Little Tikes Cozy Coupe?
Crayolet crayons
Would like to know the value of a box of Crayolet #14 from the year 1935. I would like to know the value of Crayolet #14 from 1935. Thanks
Crib Toy -1982
i had a train that hooked on a baby bed rail that played music while it went from one end to the other do u remember what it was and can i get one. also had a seat that my baby sat in when we went out to eat it hooked to the table on top and under neath his weight kept it hooked on.was easy to tote around.
wham o mfg. made a cross-bow in the 1980's. I have one and would like any and all info You can give me regarding same. thanks
Can you please advise of the name of this game - Nerf ball shaped like a cube and had a different color on each side.  Everyone (6 players) start with 3 bands each of the different colors, one tosses the ball and all run after seeing the color exposed.  Timing mid-90's.
Curious George - stuffed
I'm looking for information on who made my daughter's Curious George. The tag is long faded. We bought him at Cracker Barrel in late 2003 early 2004. He's about 15" tall and has a red shirt with yellow (outlined red) CURIOUS GEORGE on the front. He came out before the movie so he's the pre-movie rendering the George. Any info on maker etc, would be great. Thanks.
Davy Crockett monkey doll
I have a friend that has a davy crockett monkey looks very old..I have researched ebay and google and can find you know how old this doll might be and what it's worth is??
I found a game of Dice and Tiles.  The tiles have a pig butt on one side and Dots on the other.  It says E. S. Lowe, Bottoms Up, Vol 501.  Despite hours of searching Google I have found nothing on this game.  Can you tell me anything about it?
die cast
Tootsietoy school bus,Township Jr High on sides,What year? Thanks Rich
I am looking for a green dinosaur, late 70's, looks like Dino from the Flintstones. standing on all fours, with a white breast
My mother just gave me my doll from my childhood (1960). She found this doll at a yard sale, and was told it was a gerber doll. I can't seem to find this particular doll in any of the books that I have access to. She is 12", Mark on back of neck is Ideal Toy Corp and under that BW12-1. It is also marked on the upper back with Ideal Toy Corp, and under that BW-12. It also has a nurser mouth, but no place to hole on its bottom. There are tubes from the mouth to the back(cant tell for sure), and maybe to eyes. Tiny tears? betsy wetsy? I appreciate your time.
I need information about porclain dogs that were made by Franklin Mint each one represented the 13 us colonies
what is 1959 rubber doll worth made by arrow & plastic corp.
In the 70's I had a large learning doll called Lucy...she had an orange body I think with a large bottom and sm top, skinny arms and legs, a egg shaped head, yellow hair, and her vest was attched at the sides...1 foot had a buckle, laces on the other. I would love to find another but have no idea where to begin the search...Can you help?
Sometime around 1979-1983 I had a small doll (2-3 inches) that wore a large fabric pink and white checked skirt. You could stand the little doll on top of her house, and her skirt concealed her "living space" underneath. I believe it had three rooms. Although a much different toy, the house part reminds me a lot of the Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse. The doll came in two varieties...either a house themed or a nursery themed playset. I had the nursery playset. It had a few removable pieces, like a white bassinet and blue bathtub (which I still have). I do not know the maker of this toy. I do, however, remember the quality of the house/nursery being fairly well made (like Kenner or Mattel...but I don't think it is either...not sure though). I believe that it sold for around $25 at the time. Thank you for your time! I greatly appreciate ANY information you may have!!!!
I'm looking for a toy from the 70's or 80's I believe it was either a collie dog or they may call it a sheep dog and she's carrying a basket in her mouth and in the basket is her collie pup. I don't know if it came with a barbie or a horse or by itself. This would mean the world to me if you can help me thankyou so so so much
I received a doll (1958 to 1961) that came with a white plastic canopy bed. Do you have any information on what it was called? Thanks
I have been looking for a baby dolls that i use to get in the late 1980s early 1990's that you put in water and the baby appears "a girl or boy or twins" I loved the surprise of it so much i got one evey time my grandmother took me to the store. they were small and i'm sure they didn't cost mush maybe $5.00 each. I would really like to find out where to buy then if they are still sold today. Thanks
Doll - 1950's - Katie
Do you know anything about a "Katie Doll" from the 50's. I'm searching for one to replace one that my mother had as a child.
Doll - 1950's-1960's - Walking 36"
My doll from childhood has "U3" on the back of the head. Do you have other information that you can send me? ie. Doll Name, Company, year, value She has black rooted hair, probably a vinyl face, blue sleep-eyes and wears a pink dress with black plastic shoes. Thank you.
doll - 1970's
I am looking for a doll I had as a child - around 1970-1976 or so. She was a "baby doll", but a rather small one, if I recall correctly. She had blonde short hair, a stuffed or beanbag body, and a flat "butt". You would pat her butt, sit her on a surface and she would fall over "asleep". I cannot remember her name and I've been looking for her for years. Any ideas what this doll was called?
doll - 1990's
What is the name of the doll that came out in the early 1990s the was about the size of a cabbage patch kid that had on a little bonet and you didn't know if it was a boy or girl until you took the hat off and looked at its name? These dolls also had a heart on its cheek that appeared when water was applied to it. It was called something like my secret or magic baby..?
16 years I got my first baby doll and it was a Baby Feel So Real. I've grown up with this doll and it is very important to me. I've looked everywhere to find another, but I didn't have much luck. I want to find one for my daughter to have, Do you know where I can find another Baby Feel So Real?
I am looking for the name of a black doll, made of cloth. My sister and I had both had one. Hers wore pink overalls, a pink shirt and white tennis mine wore green overalls and I believe also a pink shirt with white tennis. My sister and I are pictures with these dolls when she was about 1 years old and she was born in 1989. The dolls have two braids and ribbons in their hair to match their clothes. I can see how they look in the picture but I can't make out the name of the doll or the maker. Thanks.
During the mid 70's I played with a rag doll that I called "button doll" she looked like a Raggedy Ann rag doll with the same shape of hands and feet and this doll wore an attached blue vest with one button, and when you open that button it revealed a small zipper that I used to keep my pennies in; underneath the zipper it had a sewed on circle. I have been searching for this doll; do you have any idea what I am searching for?
DOLL - CHER - 1973 - VALUE
I have a 1973 Cher doll with reversible hair that needs original clothing. Where do I find this and what is the value of this doll?
Could you please find out if there are any websites on this dolly.  I got it in 1981 approximately.
I want to know where to find a doll called Dreamland Baby? I bought it last in the 1990's at a KB toy store. Plastic head and plush body
This doll is in original box and never opened.  It was the first Christmas Barbie doll made.  I am curious as to what its value is as I would like to add it to my insurance policy.  Thank you in advance for any help in this matter
My Giggles has two different yrs. One on neck 1966 back 1967 Why ?
DOLL - HASBRO - 1965
I have a 5 inch high doll, with long blonde hair. She has a blue felt dress with a red B on the front. She has painted on white boots, on the back are the words 1965 Hasbro, Hong Kong, I am not sure if she is a real Barbie or a copy.
Doll - Jolly Toy Inc. - 1972
Can you identify a doll with the markings on the back of her head 1972 Jolly Toy Inc.? She is wearing burgundy cordorouy pants and vest with a pearl button, a white shirt with lace on the cuffs and collar with a little black bow tie on her neck. The tag in her pants says made in Hong Kong. She has short blonde hair and is hard plastic with a soft vinyl head. She stands 7"-8" tall. Thank you.
I have my Lazy Dazy doll from 1971, and would like to know the history of the doll, as well as information on who designed the doll at the Ideal Toy Corp. in 1970. She is such a lifelike looking little doll and is cute as a button.
I have a little squirt doll No. 140 made by the Commonwealth Co. New York 10, NY. This was inspired by the famous Mannequin Statue in Brussels, Belgium.
I have a doll made by Mattel. It is a 1988 doll. It is made in Mexico. It has a pink dress, shoes and panties. It has a pink heart painted on left cheek. It has pink earrings painted on both ears. Do you know what this dolls name is?
Pull string only comes out 3 inches but doll works. 2nd doll missing pull string but when I bend head to chest doll body and head moves back to position.
Doll - Pinocchio 1939
I have a Knickerbocker Pinocchio doll from 1939 (attached label has date) and want to know what it might be worth.
Doll - Pregnant - Early 1990's
As a child in the early 1990's, I remember a doll that was taller than Barbie that was pregnant. She came with different stomach plates and a baby inside. I tried to look for her, but all I can find is Judy the Barbie-sized doll and I'm sure that's not it. Do you know the doll I'm thinking of? Thanks!
I just purchased a Raggedy Ann doll. It is the 25 anniversary. Could you please let me know what this anniversary would mean? I am sending it to my sister who had one as a child. Any information you have will be great.  Thanks alot Barbara
My mother bought me a doll in 1974, when I was just 2 yrs old. The doll has the marking on her back-REGAL CANADA. At the back of her head there are the numbers 200. Also at the back of her head there is this-17 EYE. Does this mean anything ? I would like to know when this doll was made and if she has a name. Maybe it would be nice if we knew how many of these dolls were made.The doll has a soft plastic head and a hard plastic body. Her clothes are a red top with a white belt and tartan red pants
DOLL - SNOW GLOBE - 1990's
I had a toy back in the early 90's or late 80's and she was a smaller doll that stood on a stand that you could put inside a plastic snow globe. I know there was a while line of them and mind had snow flakes in her globe. Please help!!
DOLL - TALKING - 1970's
During the early 1970s I had a doll that talked, but was NOT a pull string. She said specific phrases when a limb was moved (e.g. "This is my left hand." when moving her left arm, or "I have five little toes." when moving one of her legs.) She also had a button to push by her tummy (she would say, "You're tickling me, Giggle !"  when pressed, and a button on the back of her neck.  The buttons were flush with the rest of the doll and were probably the smaller than a dime, size-wise.  There also was a slider switch that controlled the speed at which she spoke. I remember sliding it to the left and laughing at how silly and low she sounded, then sliding it (a continuum) to the right to make her sound "normal" and then very fast.  I cannot for the life of me remember what her name was or who made the doll as I was only 5, 6 or 7 years old at the time.  Can you help??  Is there a place I can ask this of other informed doll lovers who might know?  Your help is much appreciated!! (P.S. I searched on eBay to no avail.)
Doll - tin wind up girl with hula hoop
One of my aunts bought this doll for her daughter in the late 50s or early 60s. She's made of tin with a rubber head, and rooted light brown hair in a pony tail. A plastic hula hoop is attached to a metal "belt" around her body and when wound up, she flexes her "hips" and the hoops spins around her. I'm looking for background information on this toy. The only mark I've found is "Made In Japan" on her left shoe (shoes are also tin)
I have a scarecrow doll from the wizard of oz. It is 24" tall plastic type head and cloth body. The only mark on  it is an R P of the back of the neck. I have not been able to find anything about it. Could you tell me anything about it and is it worth anything.  Thank you. Vicki S.
DOLL - WOODEN - TONI - LATE 1940's/EARLY 1950's
I am looking for a wooden Toni doll I had in the late 40's/early 50's.  It had rubber band to hold the joints and the hair could be styled using sugar water.  So to speak we could give a permanent, then wash it out with clear water.
doll 1960's
I am trying to find out the name of a doll I had when I was a child. She would have been made between 1960 and 1965. I know she was blond and had 2 buttons on her tummy, 1 would turn her head and the other would raise her arms. She came with a crib, highchair and a bathinette, these were white. I would recognize her if i saw a picture. Any info would be appreciated.
A doll possibly made by Mattel was introduced in the early 1960's (I believe) by the name of SNOOZY.  She was dressed in feet pajamas with a knob in the back of her which made her move very much like Thumbellina.  She was closer to life-size.  I eventually would like to purchase one of these, but have not been able to locate.  Would appreciate any help in identifying this doll.  Many thanks!  Donna
I have 2 antique metal doll highchairs.  I have no idea how old they are.  One is small and one is larger.  They were spray painted.  Do you have any idea how much they are worth?
I have a 'My Home' Prefabricated Concora House, made by Container Corporation of America. It is from the 1940 as best I can figure. Any information you can give me on how to find the value would be greatly appreciated. I have searched every way I could figure might yeild information. Many thanks
My niece has a "Lafayette" doll house by Dura-Craft. Dura-Craft went out of business a few years ago and I have been trying to get instructions for this doll house. The instructions that came with the kit are in French! We need English.  Do you know where I can obtain a set of instructions? Any help you can give me would be appreciated.  Thank you.
What is it worth?
doll houses
A am looking for a circa 1964 dollhouse manufactured by Child Guidance under the name Mary Mag-Powrs. I have found references to it but would like very much to find one for purchase. Would you have a suggestion?
Doll- Mattel 1972 Saucy Doll
What was the original clothing worn on the 1972 Mattel Saucy Doll? I have seen her in both dark pink dress and white shoes and also in a light pink dress and dark pink shoes.
doll playset - AM radio - 1970's
Hi - I am trying to remember the name of an am radio disco playset. It was blue,had an am radio,flashing lights, and came with brown tables. I got it anywhere from 76-78. It was a playset for your dolls (like Barbie, Dawn). However, I don't think it was an actual licensed Barbie toy. Could you please find some information for me on it?
We have an unopened 1987 Playmates talking Jill Doll. Any idea of it's value?
Doll with hair that grew - Late 80's to very early 90's
Sorry this is a little vague. I have a doll that I was given as a child, would have been prior to 1992. She has blondish hair and there are two 'spouts' I guess where hair 'grows' from when you raise her right arm. You use her left arm to wind the hair back up again to make it short. I'd love to know what she is called. Any ideas? Thanks, Katinka.
Doll with three seperate faces and moods
I have an old doll my aunt gave me about 1985 she was born in 1907 that is the time frame this doo has a spinning head that has three faces that show three emotions tears , happy and mad face it's little and red with a duck on its belly and a white tie aroud her neck do you know this doll?
What is the name of the doll from very early 1970's that danced and came with the record "Sugar" by the Archies?
Doll-Cabbage Patch Kid
Sometime between 1995 and 2000 or maybe a bit before, my cousin and I both recieved plastic Cabbage Patch Kids dolls from our grandmother. This doll wears a colourful T-Shirt, pink underwear, and a plastic-type dress with pockets. There were two sets of bunny ears in the pockets of the dress, one black, one pink. does anyone know anything about these? Year of production? Are they rare? Are they actual Cabbage Patch Dolls? She has blonde hair and green eyes, a hole on the back of her neck, a hole on the heel of each foot, and a hole in between her legs. As she can be bathed, I assume that the holes are for the water to drain out of. There is no hole near or around her mouth. She has a signature across her left buttock, in blue, witha circled "r" at the end. her belly button is a raise circle, and her head has a sweet smell. I have looked everywhere for info, and I cant find any. Can someone please help. Dates,authenticity and a name particularly wanted.Rarity, estimated value and whether or not they are reproduced would be nice. Thanks.
I have a collection of fancy dolls, my mother starting collecting for me in the 1970's. I cannot find any information on the dolls. The only thing I can find is a made in korea on the bottom of the plastic stand. They are made of styrofoam and covered with cloth. The only tag on one of the dolls says Colette, the ultimate in beautiful dolls. Can you help me find any information on these dolls. Thank you. T. Green
Back around 1980 I had a board with a picture of the inside of a house (kitchen,bedrooms etc.) and some reusable stickers. Some spots on the board I was able to flap open, like "open" the oven door so you can place the pie sticker inside or "open" the closet to place a dress sticker inside. (The board was actually made of two layers so some spots had like flaps to reveal the bottom layer). Do you know the name of this toy? Do you know where I can find it?
Does anyone know where I can get these tiny rubber dolls from ?  They had the same hair but different clothes on each one.  They had non-bendable arms and legs but you could stand them up.  My niece is after some more of them and we don't know where to get them from.  She thinks they were called Pippa dolls but that may well be the name she gave them.  Thanks for any help !
We found this item in a wall of a home built in the 1930's and we were wondering what it is worth today?
Donald Duck plush toy with a rubber beak
Hi, Can I send you a picture of it,so you could identify its age for me? Thinking 60's or 70's. Best regards, Carol
I have a Dozey doll which is about 15 years old. It was my son's favorite toy (mine, too), but he no longer works. Do you still make Dozey? If not, would you be able to repair him?
early 1980's frog, soft plush head, bean filled belly and part of legs, yellow rimmed hard plastic eyes, laying down(leaping?), white chin and belly, about 1 foot in length from nose to tips of the legs.
what company made the frog described above? I was thinking Dankin but could find no proof other than an aligator they made was very similar to it in looks. thank you!
electronic Battleships
I have the tandy SEA BATTLE board game with all the pieces but do not have the instrucions, Could somebody scan and send these to me? the code is Tandy SEA BATTLE GAME CAT. NO. 60-2193
Electronic neonates
Would be willing to lower the price on the Electronic neonates.
Can you lower the price on the Electronic Neonates
electronic toy
Where might I be able to find a Mega Mike manufactured by YES Entertainment, I understand that they are no longer in business.
I was wondering if anybody had any information on a white wind up elephant that played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".  The elephant was white, with blue eyes and had rainbows inside his ears. It was given to my boyfriend when he was born in 1982.  I'm not sure who makes it, or where I might be able to get another one.  Any info will be much appreciated.  Thanks.
Emiglio the Robert
Where can I find one and buy it also a phone number so that I can call
I'm searching for name of a plastic expanding, contracting ball. It looks a bit like K'nex pieces, as you gently pull it expands out etc.I have been told it was from the creators of the Magic Ball that when chucked in the air the colors reverse. If you have any info of name of item or company who makes it. Please contact me. 
F.A.O. Schwartz electric dollhouse
About 1955 my mother presented me with a southern plantation two story electric dollhouse which she had bought from the above. It was all wood and had a terrace on the right side on the second floor. White house with green roof and green trimmings. Accidently when I was renovating, it got thrown out without my knowlege. Needless to say, I was heartbroken. Where can I purchase one exactly like the one I lost. Thank you very much for your kind attention. God bless.
F-14 with Joystick and Sounds
Around 1989, give or take a year, I received a plastic F-14 approximately 12 inches in length that had a removable joystick. The "joystick" or control stick could be taken on and off and attached underneath the airplane below the engine exhaust. The control stick had a red button on top and made either machine gun sounds or I believe missile sounds depending on which direction the button was depressed. The F-14 also had removable missiles.
Fall apart toys
What is the name of a toy that falls apart when you push a button. Then it can be put back together and the button can bu pushed again.
Fantasy play
I want to buy Box Carz. The website is not active. Do you know a retail store in Massachusetts that sells them?
Fire Truck
I have a 9in long hook and ladder truck by Tootsie toy that I can't find any information on. Where can I look?
fisher price flip track parts
where can i find a fisher price flip track part? i am missing on curved piece from the 1992 fisher price flip track railroad/roadway set.
Fisher Price Nascar Rider Team Valvoline Riding toy
Do you know where I might be able to purchase a Fisher-Price Nascar Rider: Team Valvoline car. My son got one his first birthday in 2000 and my husband got rid of it a few years ago and I would like to get another to replace it. Please help, Thanks
Just wondering if anyone knows when or where you could get parts for it, or if you have one for sale, my oldest son snapped the handlebar grip off when he was young and now my younges son wants to play with it but i have no idea where to look, i even called radio flyer and they said they dont make or have anything to do with that anymore ?
flip signs
back in the 70's i believe they had a paddle with a 2 ring binder on it that had different sayigs on each side you could hold up for people to read like say driving in your car, and i would like to know if you have the name of that item?
In the 1990's there was a toy that was a flower, there was a plastic key that opened the flower. Inside was a girl and a pet. The flowers came in all different colors. I think that the patent was Toy flower doll apparatus - US Patent 5522758. What was the name of that toy???
Flowers from Magic Shell in Water 1950s
I remember getting a flower toy that was a shell wrapped with a strip of paper. When it was immersed in a glass of water, the paper strip disintegrated and a flower (probably also paper) came out of the shell. Are these still made today? Do you know what they were/are called? Thanks!
Where can I purchase a Black Bomb (foam football)?
Football (soccer) game
I have a boxed football game with the makers initials B W T on box. Complete with 2 players, one in red the other in blue, 2 goalkeepers, 2 goals and a roll out pitch around 2 feet long. Players are metal and have a hinged leg to flick the ball. The ball is wooden and hexagonal in shape. Could you please tell me who the manufacturer is, when it was made and if it is of any value. It looks quite old probably pre war. Many Thanks.
From 1980's, push down a plastic surface, twist mechanical timer, and get the 25 geometrical pieces in the 5X5 within two minutes. Later they came out with one that was called "Super-Pop Up"(I think that's the name) ...can't find these online. They were still manufacturing them up until a few years ago. What is the official name and what company made them?
Girls doll Boat house/ cruise ship
Hi hopefully you can help or refresh my memory. I was born in 1979 and at some point after that year my parents purchased a me not a doll house but a doll boat/cruise ship (1980-1989). At the time the t.v show love boat was very popular and instead of getting the popular doll house some company put out a large scale doll boat/cruise ship. My mother can not remember who it was put out by or what the name of it was but I remember most of the details: If I am not mistaking it came with a few mini dolls to fit inside my Barbies were way too big to fit, but anyway this cruise ship had two main floors and a top deck that contained a pool, mock shuffle board on the deck, manual elevator,dining room with a chandlier. I am so sorry but this is about the only details I can remember. This was in fact my favorite toy as a young girl and during one of my family moves it was thrown away for some reason. Now that I have a daughter of my own I would love to purchase the exact doll house/cruise ship for her, I really think it is very different from the traditional doll house plus It brings back fond memories of when my mom and I would pretend we were going on a cruise and would sing the theme song to "The Love Boat" please if you can give me some type of manufacturers name or the name listed on the package box I do remember it was the largest box I had ever seen xmas morning so I am asuming it came part assemble. Please help!
Girls toy approx 1987 in Australia. Small white plastic bear that folded up into a blue ball, it's attached to a yellow plastic chain to be worn as a necklace. Once folded up, it had a pink plastic crystal on the front.
What is it named? I had one but lost it
Globe - Talking
What talking globe is best for a 5 year old to learn about continents, oceans and countries?
In the 80's, around 1988, my sister and I had a toy that we called "gooey monster". I do not know it's actual name. It was a see through monster about the size of a Mr. Potato head that had a slit down it's stomach. It would be filled with glow in the dark goop and some plastic organs which you would than dissect in the dark. I believe we purchased it at a store called "pay n' save". Any help with it's name or when I can purchase it would be great. Thank you.
In 1981 I had a gorilla doll with a plastic face and soft body. His name was Rodney and I remember him having a yellow shirt that said something to the effect of "Rodney needs a hug". Could you give me any information on this doll? I would love to find one like him as Rodney has disappeared over the years and many moves. Thank you so much.
Green action figure with duck feet
I was looking to identify a 1987 hasbro green action figure. It has yellow duck feet and a yellow belt. The figure has a green hooded mask and an insignia of a bird head on his left chest.
Green Dragon, squeak toy, possibley puffalump?
My nephew had an ALL green, squeaky puffalump-like dragon back in the early 90's. It may have been an "off" brand. My best friends used to argue about who got to play with it and now one of them is having a son of his own and I would LOVE to find one of these. Any suggestions??
green plastic stacking men
In the 60's I remember playing with green plastic men that had interlocking heads, hands, and feet. What company made those and can I find any?
I need to find a Harry Hand spider puppet.
hand puppet-baby with head made out of a stocking
i am trying to find a hand puppet doll i had in the 1980's which came with a wicker basket and a blanket. the head of the doll was made from a pair of tights/stocking. the body was pink or blue and made out of terrytowelling. i have seen one on ebay a few years ago but can not seem to find another can you help
Robot Toy
He was a robot looking toy about 12"tall,chrome head,(chiseled looking),white body,arm's and leg's,black hands and feet.He was posable with orange bolts and nuts at all his joints,I had one as a kid,(favorite)been looking for one forever but without the name it has been nearly impossible,could you please help?
I have just purchased a preschool like helicopter for my son at a yarsale. By looking at this toy, it seems to have been made within the last 5 years (2003-2007). It is large and made mostly of red plasticb. The blades are yellow. The interesting aspect to this toy is that it can be taken apart by the child with large plastic grey screwdrivers that come with it. It also has small watch sized batteries that I assume will make it make noise. I want to know who made this toy so I can find out if any parts are missing.
Help toys of the 80's..
I think the toys in question where around in the 80's. All I remember was that there was a lot of little figures. One being a little girl dog who had pigtails wearing a cheerleaders outfit which was red and white, there was a red initial on the top... There was also a beaver who was dressed in a cricket outfit.. Can you help?
Honda kick n go scooter
I have a yellow Honda kick n go scooter that was given to me when I was just a few years old, I'm guessing 1978. It's a little rusty, but otherwise in great shape. I wanted to repaint it for my daughter. I was wanting to get the original color, any idea what it might be called or where I could purchase it? Also, any idea what it might be worth?
I found this hot wheels mini tool kit at a garage sale. I bought it for my son but I'm worried if I give it to him and he loses a part I will not be able to replace it because I can not find another of its kind. my ? Is do you know what year it was made and where I could go for replacement parts. The tools in the kit are real meaning not plastic and it comes in a case were he can also carry his little cars. Do you know what I'm talking about?
Huge Spaceship Toy with additional vehicles
There was a toy that I had back when I was a kid circa 1985-1990 that was one of my favourite ever. I received it as a gift when we were living in England and my parents remember it as I do, but can't recall where they bought it or the name. It was easy to describe. It was so big that I as a 7-10 year old had to lift it with both hands to fly it around my room when playing. It was very big probably at least 15-20 inches in diameter and dark grey/silver in colour. On the inside there were seats lining the interior. They went all around the inside of the ship and each were for a different crew member. You could see the seats from the outside as the outer portion of the ship covering the inner seating area was slightly transparent. When you opened the ship up (top of it lifted up if I remember correctly), there were about 5-10 smaller vehicles that you could pull out and play with in addition to the large ship itself. Some of these were ground vehicles and others were airborne. When you were done and wanted to fly the big ship around again, all the smaller vehicles fit in their place and you were good to go. I would dearly love to find and purchase one of these "mother ships" again just to have as a great memory from my childhood and possibly give to my son when the time comes. It got tons of use from me before it got sold off probably in a garage sale and if you could help me find out what this is it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Brandon
humpty dumpty dolls
Could you help me find a humpty dumpty baby that sucked a pacifier that was made in the eary 1960's?
Hi. I am wondering what the name of two toys I had in the 70's. One was a football game that you had photos and it played like a video, before video games. You chose both defense and offense play cards and saw what the outcome was. I want to say it was photo-football but no Google search comes up. Also late in 70's, I had a car making toy you made out of playdough like, but it wasn't playdough. It had a oven to heat the body shape.  Just curious what they were called. Thanks
If not a Transformer, what is it then?
I had a tall (maybe 2 feet), hard plastic robot doll that I thought was a Transformer doll, but maybe it's not. I could have sworn his name was Kilimanjaro, but I can't find that anywhere. He had red horns & shot little rockets out of his hands (or his hands shot off). He was black, blue, gray & red - I think. It was so long ago. Thank you!
imaginarium spiral tracks
Where can I find the building instructions for the Imaginarium Wooden Spiral Train Track set?
Hi, I am looking for replacement keys for the doors of a parents magazine Imagine and Learn Animal Hospital. Thanks
instruction biook
Where can I get an instruction and idea book for a set of 1972 tinketoy by Questor Educaton Products
Iron Monkeys
I have a set of iron monkeys that I belive date from the 50-60's. I played with them as a child. I think they are the "original" barrel of monkeys toy, but I can't be sure. I'd really like to know if this if this is true. Thanks.
Do you have instruction manual for this product and does it require 2 (6)volt batteries?
Jukebox (record player)
I remember having record player in the shape of a jukebox. It can with one record (45), and it would light up. I thought the name was Emory, but I can't find any information. Can you help me?
Are train cars under the label, "Just Kidz," available at Kmart stores and "Made in China" painted with lead-based paint?
kids book 1980s
name of a cartoon book about different beasts one of them was a typhoon possibly called "THE TYPHOONAGATER", she was a windy beast??
kids fireman helmet,airbottle and mask playset.
What is the name of the playset that included a firmans airbottle and air mask that kids could wear and pretend they were fireman, and where can i purchase this item?
Kids TV read along book projector
Looking for a toy my older brother used to have in the late 60's or early 70's. It was like a kids tv, but had some type of special disks that would play sound and video on the color screen. Think it might of been disney related, not sure. I think i do remember some type of Peter and the wolf episode. It was really cool for that time period. Any help would be great.Thanks for your time
Kipper the Dog
My daughter loves Kipper the dog but I can't seem to find any itmes in the US - are there any web sites or stores in the US or other countries where I can buy Kipper products?
I am looking for a large yellow plastic dump truck that had compartments on either side that stored large block style letters of the alphabet.  It was in the early to mid seventies that I had it.
Large/tall robot with blonde hair, probably from 1970's
Can You give me a few toptions of the name of this robot
I have boughten my dog a couple of these laughing tree trunk plush dog toys. They have a squeeker in them and only laugh when you throw them, and they love them, but now i cannot find them. I would say I bought one in 2004-2005, I have searched every store in town, looked all over the internet, searched ebay and cannot find it. Of course the first thing I do to doggy proof them is cut the tags off of it so I have no clue who makes them. My guess is I paid around $10 for it, if that helps. Thank you sooo much!
little people well little dolls
in the 1990s i used to play with these little people well dolls but they were the size as the polly pockets from this year but their bodys and legs and arms were thiner and they had long hair and they had what looked like a bathing suit on which was a two peice and when you sat them down their legs wouldnt be straight together but my question is can you please tell me them name of those little dolls and where i can find and purchess them at that would really mean alot to me thanks Carol.
looking for 1950's stuffed monkey toy
I was born 1954, mom gave me a stuffed monkey, had plastic face, ears, and a stuffed body, circa 54,55,56,57.. I have looked everywhere for one only ever saw one other like it, it had a rather distinctive large upper lip and mouth, big ears whole stuffed animal stood appox. 3-ft.tall, maybe had suspenders and pants?
Looney Tunes Refrigerator Magnets - Early 1980's
In the Early 1980's, my mom had a set of Looney Tunes Refrigerator Magnets. They were green, rectangular, and relatively small (about 1/2 the size of a credit card). There were a good many (I would probably guess about 10-20, but I'm not sure). They had a picture of the character and their name. I'm not too sure of anything else about them, except that I think that they came from a cereal box, and I'm having a hard time finding anything on them, even on e-bay. Can you tell me anything about them? Thank You. Shaun
Lullaby Gloworm by playskool
I need the inner musicbox/light..gloworm doll in perfect condition. It was given to me for my Granddaughter and every battery I tried Nothing(the light or music don't work.. can I get just that piece? thank You..Lynn
Magic Glow Oven
My mom gave me this "Magic Glow Oven" when I was a kid in the mid-eighties. It came with all sorts of play food that was scented, and I still have the cherry pie (and it still smells good!). I just wish I had the rest of the food and the microwave too. I was wondering who makes it and where I could find it. There is also another toy that belonged to a friend of mine, but I do not know what it is called. All I know was that it was a big yellow thing that had little puzzle pieces in it, and when you turned the key under each piece, it popped up and you put it in the square in the middle of the toy and made a puzzle complete. It was so cute, and I have no idea what it is called.
Magnetic Doll House
I had a dollhouse in the early 1960's. It was on legs and had a metal base I belive. I don't remember there being a roof on it. The outside of the house had a sidewalk and there were two little holes in the base, one on either side of the house. It came with two magnetic wands and you used them to move the people around the house. I remember there being a dog, cat and gopher or something and when the cat or dog would chase him, you could make him go down one of the holes. The mom also had magnets on one of her hands and her arm was bent. She could open the refrigerator and get out a bowl of something and it would stick to her hand. I have never been able to find another one of these and I don't remember it's name. Please help. Thanks
Magnetic Dollhouse with Magnetic Movers, 1960's?
I am looking for a Magnetic Doll House that you assemble. It sits on a pressed wood table with four plastic legs. It has over 100 unbreakable plastic walls, roofs, figures, furniture and accessories. It has two magnetic movers. Each family member has a magnet attached at the base and you use the magnetic wand mover to move them from room to room. The house has 7 rooms. I believe it is from the 1960's. I have partial set that I picked up at a flea market. Who is the maker and where would I be able to find one at? I have checked e-bay and the internet, but have had no luck.
Makit and bakit decorative bowls
I bought a makit and bakit decorative bowls set and it came with no instructions, could you please tell me what the instructions are?
Do you have instructions for the Makit and Bakit bowls? I lost mine and need to know how long and at what temperature to bake them at. Thank You!
marble game - orange and yellow tower marble game - answer
I found the game someone asked about, the orange and yellow tower marble game is called Payoff Machine game by Ideal. Found a link to one for sale on Ebay.
Marvin Glass-"Dandy The Lion"
I have a 1963 toy called Dandy The Lion. It is in great working condition with all parts and in the original box. The box reads made in USA by Irwin Corp and 1963 Marvin Glass. I was wondering how much it's worth? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
During the 80s, there were matchbox cars with the peanuts gang driving certain cars.  For example, Charlie Brown drove a red and white car, Snoopy drove one, even Woodstock had a vehicle.  I was wondering if you could tell me where I might be able to get these items?  Why are they so hard to find?  Thanks for your consideration of my question.  
Mattel or Matchbox Action Mini Toys circa 1970 - 1978
I think it was more Matchbox but they had these little action figures and paramilitary figures, not super articulate that had play sets and vehiclles, MAC10 or something like that. Basically squared off bodies and u-joint/cupped hands that held rather crude accessories. Stood maybe 3-4 inches tall. Vehicles, generally military in nature or rescue oriented, with playsets that folded closed. Anyway, I am looking for the actual name so that I might search for them as coolectibles. Thanks.
McDonalds pre-happy meal toy 1968 first edition Christmas Big Mac
Is there any value
Mermaid doll
When I was about 4 or 5 years old I had a mermaid doll but I cant remember the name of it. It was about 10 inches tall maybe a little bigger, it had a turquoise tail, and blonde hair. I have been looking for it for years but cannot remember what it was.
How much would a metal mobile clam Tonka truck be worth.  It is about 40 years old.
Metal Easter Basket
How much is my metal Easter basket from J. Chein Co. worth. It is from the late 1950's. It is tourquoise, yellow and pink and looks like a weaved basket.
metal whistle
My father had a metal whistle when i was young 1970's. made from metal link strips at the railroad yard with a hole punched in the middle. My father said he had one when he was a kid back in the 1950's. just wondering if anyone out there makes something like this.
I would like to determine the value of a toy metal/tin car.   It is lever powered, with a horse on the doors. Looks like a replica from early 1900's, lights look like boxes and are on the outside of the front high, height of steering wheel.
micro machines race track
were can i buy new car for my race track
I'm looking for (or just the name of) a handheld mid-70s mini-Frisbee launching/firing device, probably by Mattel (they don't answer my requests). It was operated with mini-Frisbees approx. 8-10 cm in diameter. The firing-mechanism was "driven"  by a rubber-band. You could fire the mini-Frisbees against the wind, they would fly back to you and could be catched with a kind of box with hole on top of the "gun", fall down into the launcher and rapidly fired again. If you got 2 sets and some mini-Frisbees, 2 players could rapid-fire several mini-Frisbees to the 2nd player, while at the same time trying to catch those fired by him/her. Fantastic Frisbee-game; I searched the net for hours, but without the name of the product couldn't find it at all. Sorry for my broken English, Writing from Germany. Greetings to all Frisbee-fans - Stefan
mini president statues
When I was 3 in 1970, I had a set of mini president statues. Do you know if I can find them again? I found one this weekend at a antique sale. The lady knew nothing of any others. The base has their name on the front & their term on the back of the base. Do you know any more about this set or where I can find more presidents? There is no markings on the bottom. Thank you for your time and help.
I am looking for a child's miniature wooden teaset with hand painted flowers that came in a wooden apple from Japan.  It was a popular gift shop item in the 1950's and 60's.  Please help if you can. I think it was made by Treen. Thanks.
Monaco Speedster
What years did they make these? It was blue metal and you would sit on a seat put your feet on the front for steering and the handle bars go forward and back to make the thing go. It is chain driven. I am wondering also a price or value of something like this in working order? Thanks
I am trying to locate a plastic, funnel-looking bat that was manufactured by Aviva(?) in the early 1990's.  I believe this company may have been purchased by Mattel in the early 1990's also.  Can you help?
Monkey Doll circa 1954
I am looking for a stuffed monkey that is wearing blue overalls, red striped shirt. It is not the Zippy doll so many have seen. This one is also wearing white rubber shoes, rubber ears & face. Anyone know where I can find one
what was the original name of the man in a top hat who serves as the mascot of the game Monopoly?
Monster head (skull) with worms and bugs coming out mid 90's
My son wanted this toy during the mid 90's and I have looked for it for years. It was a a nearly life size skull with worms and bugs coming out of the head. There was a commercial for it that aired daily for about a year. The bugs and worms may have been edible, but I am not sure. It seams like it carried a name that included the word "monster". Thank you!!
What is moon sand made of?
motors for bounce houses and water slides
i have a water slide but not the motor that keeps it blown up, where can i find one?
What's the value of a Mr. Trolley from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood made by the Ideal toy co. in 1977 Any info would be great. Thanks.
Miss Piggy, Kermit and FOZZY BEAR. I have the above Christmas set given by McDonald's circa 1988-1989.  Are they worth anything?
Music Toy-Clown with a wind up nose
This toy was manufactured in the mid 70's it was a face of a clown. It was white and had a red wind up nose that played music. It had eyes that blinked and red plastic hair. There was also a moving picture scene that went across its forehead. Can anyone tell what the name of this was and where I can find one. This toy is for a 34 year old down syndrome boy who had one when he was young.
Do you know where I can find a Dakin dog made in 1990 that winds up? It is white with black spots and has a red ribbon tied around its neck. The ears are black and it has a black circle around on of his eyes.
MUSICAL CAROUSEL - 1950's or 60's
Have you ever heard of a hard plastic horse carousel with a wind up base that played an unknown tune.  The top was a light blue with pale green, pink, yellow and blue horses with a pink base.  the horses went up and down and the base would wind up and played an unknown tune. the blue top was scalloped and the pink base had raised figures in the plastic.  Where can I find one?
As a baby I had received a plush wind up musical elephant off white with plastic blue eyes and would sway at the neck when wound up. I can not recall the song played and that portion of the device is long since passed, as is the neck(the head flops now). The tag has long since worn off yet I'd love to try and find one for my little daughter who is just turning 5 months old - she would love it I am sure. Any idea how I might go about finding out at least who made it?
I am looking for a retail sales value for a Playskool wooden musical rocker that is from 1968-1972. It plays Rockabye Baby and is just