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Action figure
In the mid 70's my sister had a small plastic king with a gold crown and a blue velvet cape he is holding his hands palms forward and his head is tilted to the side the figure is aprox 2 1/2" tall. The figure had a gold string attached so it could be hung as a christmas ornament. I would really like to find her another. Thanks Brian
Action Figure
My coworker found an action figure in the parking lot and we are curious. It is a figure with a purle round head with black on it (not a face). It is where a yellow jump suit, has red boots and gloves and a red circle with a black hand print in the circle. What is it?
action figure no longer exsist
I have a GOLDEN GIRL Gaurdian of the Gemstone ACTION FIGURE from 1984, would it have any led paint on it?
action figures / ?
I am trying to figure out what the name of the figures were called and who made them. The toys were sold in the mid to late 1980's and maybe onto the early 1990's. They were only a couple of inches tall, and they had a sticker on their chest. When you pressed on the sticker with your finger it revealed a nature symbol (water, wood, fire, etc...). Also, they were animal-esque and had weapons.
action toy
who invented the wheel o a toy that first appeared in the late 50's it was a wheel that ran up and down a wire handle track. It's still available in toy stores today
Activity Toy Preschool
Late 1960's, early 1970's. Clear plastic rectangular (about 8" x 4" x 4")multi-level ball sorter. Opaque glass balls a little smaller than marbles. Manipulate levers or wheels on each level to send ball to next level. Three to five levels. Maybe an hour-glass timer attached? Maybe fischer-price or playskool. I searched internet for hours under the following titles and could not find anything similar: playskool vintage maze sorter activity toy multi-level, etc. Thank you
All fast food chains toys from 1975 to 2000 collected in complete sets made. Before it was even popular $$$.
What is best way to have entire collection appraised? 1975 to 2000 (all fast food chains? Too amny pieces to list/photo. Maybe create catalog to mail to serious collecotor upon request?
where can i find the answer to my qestion of a break apart car? made in 60's,car comes apart after crash then parts go back together under spring tension,roof holds car together.where can i find the answer? plmk ed
Antique toys
I want to buy a 1953 Matel clown Jack in the box.....can you help me find one?
Baby Doll - Soft Body & Metallic Pink Diaper
I had a rather large, soft-bodied baby doll during the mid-eighties with a metallic pink diaper and a little curly lock of hair on top of her head, and can't remember what it was called. Please help!
Baby mickey mouse
i have this baby micky mouse it lays on its back he has a rattle in his hand and when you turn him on he shakes i was just wounder if it has any value? or if you could tell me anything about it ?
In the mid 90`s i remember having a toy that was a ballerina fairy type of thing that you could put on a stand and it would spin off.But i totally forgot the name of it.Do you know the name?
Bank - Mr. Dough Dumper
Do you have any information at all. I've looked through books and online and can't seem to find anything.
Barbie Dream House - A-Frame - 1970's
Do you have or know where I can get instructions for assembling this house?
Barbie made in 1970's
I'm looking for a Barbie that I had that came with a stand for her that had a fake camera attached to it by a cord. When you snapped the camera, Barbie would move back and forth like she was modeling. Of course the stand, camera and everything is gone and I believe my nieces cut her hair off.
Barbie Trace and Color Fashion Stencils
I'm trying to track down the name of a toy that I loved as a child. This was in the 80s. I had a kit designed to help you trace, color, and design outfits for Barbie. There were four blank body poses in purple plastic that you traced and then sheets with outfits and heads that you traced over the body outline to create your Barbie picture to color. I can't seem to find the exact kit I had as a child and it still bugs me. The blank bodies stencils are what I remember distinctly and nothing that I've run across online has them. Any ideas?
Batman Squirt Gun
I came across in my collection a 1978 Batman Squirt Gun. The copyright information on the side of the gun is as follows: ⌐1978 DC Comics Inc. ⌐1978 Azrak-Hamway, IntÆl Inc. I was wondering what the value of such an item would be. I have attached two photos as a reference. Thanks,Jonathan
Battat treasure chest diving game
Any idea where to find this toy? Thanks!
battat wooden doll houses
I cannot seem to find battat wooden doll houses on line and would like to know if they still make them. Is there an online catalog to see what is available? I have looked at their home website but I am not able to get more than a company address. Thank you for your help.
Battat Wooden treehouse
I am looking for extra metal parts for the treehouse. Specifically the anchoring parts. Can you help?
battery operated game
where can i find parts for the raido shack battery operated ice hockey game?
beach game
what was the name of the toy that had a rugby ball shape with 2 strings through the middle and 2 handles at each end .which you used to send from 1 end to the other
Betty Spaghetty
I used to play with these dolls when i was little so they are a huge childhood memory! i was obsessed!! and i cant find these dolls in stores anywhere!! so my ? to you is are they still in stores and if so could you tell me what stores they would be in
I have a 26" bicycle (True Value) bought in 1947 at Jancy's True Value Hardware store in Berwyn, Ill. Very good condition. How could I find out if there is any value on the item?
Big Poseable Purple fuzzy Worm With one Eye on Each End!
In the mid 80's my family went to New York and discovered a big toystore with alot of wierd toys! I would like to know the name of a 3 foot long plastic worm with fuzzy purple hair and one big eye on each end of it! When you shake it, it makes noises (Like the sticks you shake that make noise). I also bought a skeleton hand from the same store that you control the movements. You put your hand in it and you control the skeleton arms movement. When you make a fist plastic spears stick out. I would also like to know the name of this item. ~ Emily
Big wheels
How do I get a replacemnt part for my son's big wheel? He broke the plastic piece (? front axel)that connects the pedals to the rest of the bike. It is black and blue-I understand that currently there is no manufacturer making this product. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Black & Decker Drill and Flashlight
Can I get an extra battery pack for the Black & Decker Toy Power Drill & Flashlight set. If so, where? My son loves this, however hates that he can use both at once. Thank you
Blue Racecar w/ directional lever on top!
Trying to find a name and manufacture for a blue racecar w/ yellow directional disc that you place on top the car to make it go in desired direction. I had this during the mid 70's to early 80's. The car was about 8 inches long.
board game
1940's target site dart/bombs being dropped on germany
board game
where can i buy the game "critter in the candy"by gabriel?
board game
BOARD GAME- 1920 - Uncle Wiggly. My mom's game, she is 88.
Value and Leads on Dealers for Same
Bouncing Baby Bunny Doll
Back in 1970 or 1971 I got a doll for Xmas that I'm sure was called Baby Bunny (but could be wrong). She came in a bunny outfit, but also came with a bouncing bunny that she sat on and bounced (like the bouncing horses we all had as kids). Can you help me figure out what this doll was really called and if I can find one anywhere? Thanks for any help you can give.
I am trying to remember the name of a doll from the 70's, I believe made by Hasbro. He may have been a ventiloquist doll. He was a hard plastic, at least a few feet tall, had red hair and a baseball cap, red striped shirt, jeans and sneakers. Any ideas? Thank you!
We are from Australia and have a Bugs Bunny pull string stuffed toy (not surprisingly, he is holding a carrot) that is in very good condition (from around 1963??) and we are trying to ascertain its value. It has a Mattel tag on it and was made in Canada by the Dee & Dee Toy Company, limited. There is another tag that is blue just behind the Mattel tag however the writing is now ilegible. Is anyone able to assist? Thanks very much
Bugs on the Run
My daughter loved the toy "Bugs on the Run" where three tiny bugs with wheels climb a set of steps and then slid down the slide only to face their fate of climbing the stairs again and again and again. She loved it so much that the slide broke a few times and after several attemps to fix it we had to throw it out. She was devastated and I've been looking for on for quite some time. Wondering if you could help. Thanks
Building toy - Plastic geometric shapes used on peg board
This toy was from the 1970Æs. It consisted of plastic squares, rectangles, and triangles that you could use to create one-dimensional objects such as sailboats or houses. They were not blocks, but instead were flat. The pieces had pegs which were placed into plastic boards with holes. I think that the boards were blue. The toy was similar to colorforms, but made of hard plastic. Thanks!
Building/Vehicle Toy
My little brother had a building toy in the late 1980's early 1990's and I can't remember the name of it. It had gray plastic pieces that were hollow and open on one side and they snapped together with blue and orange plastic joint pieces. It also had blue wing pieces, cockpit pieces, wheels that could all snap together to make vehicles. I just wanted to know the name of the toy.
I'm looking for a bunny made by Fiesta Toys. It is white with a blue ribbon and appears to be sleeping. It is floppy with a rattle inside. We received one of these bunnies in 2003 when my daughter was born. Of course, we're looking for a replacement. This is a plush toy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bunny with plaid overalls
When I was born, in 1987 in Minnesota, my dad gave me a white plush rabbit. He was a pretty good sized stuffed animal. He wasn't permanently posed, nor did he have any sort of weight or beans in him at all. He had long floppy ears and he wore blue and white checked overalls. He was accidentily given away by my grandparents and I still to this day cannot locate a new one. His overalls were shorts and they straps had buttons where they met the front of the outfit. I miss him dearly and would like to know if there is any way to find out what he was. I know this is quite a vague question, a bunny with blue and white overalls, but I am getting desperate and thought I would give this a try. He may have been Gund, but I am not sure...Any suggestions on where to look next on how to find out what he was or how to get another one would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
buzzby soft toy
can you tell me where ican buy buzzby soft toy .it was a bt gimmick
Cabbage Patch Doll House
I would like to know if anyone has the portable cabbage patch mini kids playhouse. I have one and I can't find the directions and I am not sure what all goes with it. I have searched ebay daily for 2 weeks and online. It was purchased in 1998 at toys r us. Do you have one?
Back in the 70's I owned a toy car that transformed into a Hotrod, after pushing the button down on the back of the bumper it would open and become longer and exhaust pipe would protrude, and expose the chromed engine. Then take off ant great speeds.No batteries or wind, it worked when you squeezed the car back together again to look like a normal car. (Some sort of spring wind mechanism) The model I had was a yellow Volkswagen bug. My brother had a red Dodge or similar model. I do remember the tires were a soft rubber.Such a cool toy.Approx 8 or 9 inches long.When expanded it was approx 12+ inches long. I have no idea who made this. And searched hi and low on the internet. Can you please help me to find more information? Thank you in advance Bruno
car - windup - 1970's
I had a toy car in the 70's, it was a yellow volkwagon that after winding it, you would press a button down in the back and it turned into a hot rod with exaust pipes that pertruded and then it took off at great speeds. it was about 8 or 9 inches long and when it transformed it was about a foot long. any ideas who made it and what it was called? thanks Bruno
I am trying to locate a type of toy car circa late 70s, early 80s, possibly Japanese. I have the wheels which I'll try to explain. .The wheels are made from black plastic, slightly less than 1 inch (22mm) in diameter, approx 1/4 inch wide (7mm). The tyre portion has well defined text around: "205/70HR-14", "GRAND PRIX, "GX-501". Assuming 14 means a 14 inch rim, the size roughly points to 1/24 scale. Note however the plastic material is clearly from a toy and not a styrene model kit. The wheels are not solid - the exposed side has tyre detail described above, while the inner side is a hollow cavity with bit that slides onto an axle. Instead of having a holow area for a rim (like a donut shape), the tyre has a solid flat recessed area where a 1/2 inch (13mm) rim or hub cap sockets in from the outside. The hub is black plastic features hub, lug nuts and spoke detail. There is no tread on these tyres. The two rear wheels have a wide/flat depression where a removable flat rubber band would fit around the wheel (or flat rubber O ring). I am assuming for traction. Suggesting a pull-back or wind-up type of toy perhaps. The front wheels are normal, but have no tread, just a flat area and a seam from the mold. Appreciate any leads, no matter how small, to help in my search.Cheers Dane
Card Games
I am looking for the card game Skeeter from the 1960's. The cards all contained insects and the object of the game was to pass out all the cards and then turn them over (like war) but the first person to slap the Skeeter (mosquito) card got the pile of cards underneath. I have my original deck which is a poor shape but would like to get a set for my granddaughter who loves to play the game.
Carnivorous Creations Dome Terrarium Kit
Who is the producer / company of the Terrarium Kit ?
how can i find a miniature carset made in 1960's which they where made from real 10-14kgold?
Casio Label Maker Marketed as a toy for young girls
Do you happen to know of a casio label maker that was marketed in toy stores to young girls? It was most likely marketed during Christmas in the early to mid 90's. I've looked everywhere and can't find it.
caveman doll
We found what appears to be a cave man doll at a flea market. On the foot it has printed "1989 Unity Creation, INC." The doll has a battery compartment, but does not work. It appears the doll is supposed to walk and the eyes light up red. In its' hand is a primitive axe. The face, feet and hands are made of plastic. The body is covered in gray fur. Can you give us any insight on the toy?
chess set
I want to know more about my dad's chess set. It was made before 1973. I don't know the exact year. It is wood with a case that holds the pieces. The king is probably 12inches tall. Inside it said it was made in mexico. Teocalitiche or Localtiche Mexico. I want to find out who the manifacturer is etc.
Childs plastic pans/pan set
howdy! trying to remember what the cooking pans that i had as a child in the 80's are called i.e. who manufactured them the name by what they were known as They were plastic and had faces moulded into the sides of them These are really sought after by myself for my own daughter so your help is imperative Many Thanx in advance...Niki
clear plastic wind up toy train
When my daugher was young (1976-1980), I gave her a wind up train that was clear plastic and you could see the inner workings. As the train chugged along it played "London Bridges". Who made it and where can I find it?
Cloth doll
I'm looking for a specific doll. She's cloth, sculptured face, real jet black hair, seed bead necklace, long dress with underskirt and pantaloons, jointed and had red painted chicken claws as fingernails.
cloth doll
What can you tell me about a cloth clown doll from the 1940's The label reads Eden Toy Co. NY,NY. It appears to have a model number Pa#4. Value? Thanks for your help. Ted
I am looking for my favorite stuffed animal during the 70's... it was a clown dressed in red/orange. I have two pictures of it: and taken early 1980 but I think I had the clown already in 1979, not sure though. Do you have any clues where I can look? Thanks!
I am looking for a replacement toy. It is a set of construction vehicles as well as cones and workers. It came in a nifty yellow carrying case that is the shape of a dumptruck. There is no manufacturer information on the box. Some of the equipment has ROCO on it. Any help finding another is appreciated.
Construction track toy
We have a construction set made of colored plastic tracks that snap together and come with small black "coal" balls that are scooped up and dumped by 3 different construction vehicles. I think it is made by Tomy but I am not sure. I am looking for the instructions on how to assemble it. Any ideas on what this toy is? It was purchased in 2005.
cookie monster
I have a cookie monster that was given to me when I was a year old, I am now 33 he has a tag that says Seasame Street copyright of Muppets Inc., and the front side of the tag reads KTC Knickerbocker toy company Middlesex NJ..can you tell me anything about this?? I just wanted to know more about him, he's a big part of the family!!!
Creative Playthings catalog
In the 70s my children enjoyed toys from a mail order company selling "educational" toys. I believe the name was creative plaything. Is that company still in business
crying doll
I am looking for a doll I had in the 1960s that was about 12" and you could feed her a bottle of water and when you pulled one arm down she made a crying sound and tears came out of her eyes. I think she wet a diaper also, but I can't remember. Do you know what doll I am looking for? Please respond.
Cuddle zone stuffed Monkey
Where can I find a "Cuddle zone" stuffed monkey? We bought it in March 2006 at Cracker Barrel.
Dancing Donkey
We purchased a dancing, musical donkey while vacationing in Spain in May 2007. I would like to purchase another one for my granddaughter but cannot find it available on the internet. I did find a video of it though on YouTube. The link is: It is made in China. A tag on the leg states: DIV.TOYS CE and Cncnaho B Khtac. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated.
Dart gun game.
Around the mid - late 1950's I remember one of my cousins getting a game for Christmas. It consisted of a target and a dart gun. The target was flat with a chicken painted on it. At the rear of the chicken was an egg which stuck out slightly from the board. If you hit the egg with the dart, a plastic egg would fall out, as if the chicken had laid the egg.
Desktop Toy
I have a desktop toy, but I don't know what it's called. It's a 10" square wooden frame with three stiff wires in it: Two projecting from the bottom and one, in the middle, extends from the bottom through the top. A string goes from one side of the frame to the other and is wound around the middle wire such that, when it is pulled from either side of the frame, a ball at the end of the string spins around the wire and then usually winds around one of the other wires. At first glance, the toy looks old, ca. 1920s -- and its origins probably are old because its a simple concept -- but one plastic washer that facilitates the spinning middle wire strongly indicates this toy is probably from the late 1950s at the earliest and could have been made even more recently than that.
Discovery Toy CD from 1985
When I was a child my Mom bought what she believes to be a Raffi CD from Discovery Toys in 1985. I grew up singing to the CD everyday and now would like to find it for my daughter. All I rememeber is that there was a belly button song and a song about a troll. Any info on how to find it would be wonderful. Thanks, Kendall
disney movie camera
I am looking for a specific disney toy. It is a movie camera that you put cartridges into and you could play the movie forward or backward as quickly or slowly as you like with the use of a wheel/handle on the side of the hand-held camera. What exactly was this called and where could I try to find it? Please let me know.
Disney Music Box
I have a music box that was given to me in the the early 1980's, it's a snake charmer sitting on what looks like a large white flower. He's holding a gold flute and in front of him is a red, yellow, and blue basket with a snake that bobs up and down when the music plays. It plays "It's a small world", you wind it with a white disk on the bottom and it has metal switch that will stop/start the music and spinning. "Walt Disney" is baked into the ceramic of the flower. My question; can anyone tell me where it came from? I was only about 5 when I got it, and no one in my family remembers who gave it to me. I have never seen another one like it and want to know if possible when & where it was created, and if anyone else has one? Thank you for your time. Diana
dog slide
I had this toy when i was younger. i think it was dogs, possibly dalmations, going up steps and then they slide down the other side . i was born in 1991 and not sure when i got it. please can you tell me what its called!!!
Early 70's I had a pull string doll with a semi soft body with yellow sewn on outfit with white polka dots. I remeber some lace sewn on her outfit. her legs and arms were cloth if i remember and she had blonde hair. could you tell me her name and where i may find a picture of her. I would like to show my kids what dolls i played with. also around the same years maybe little later i had a blonde headed doll that when you turned her head she would frown but when her head was forward she smiled. she did not have a cloth body. and i think you could give her a bottle.
I am looking for Maurice the Talking Monkey made by Mattel in 1968 or 1969. The Monkey had a french accent and said things like "You are a very funny Monkey", "Make for me a big smile" and "I love you, I love you, and I love me too". I'm wondering if there is someone that has this doll or knows where I might get another one.
I am searching for a Carters stuffed baby girl doll, all pink, with a vest that has teddy bears on it. I believe it was made by Preestige, but has the Carte name on it. Can you identify the name of the doll and its whereabouts. This was given as a baby present 4 to 5 years ago.
I bought a zapf doll for my daughter in the early 1980s she has long blonde hair & was dressed in a tartan skirt & jumper she also had a bag over her shoulder, do you know where i may be able tobuy the same outfit or very similar . thankyou karen
I had a doll in the 60s. Squeezed her tummy & her eyes stayed shut. Name?
I have a doll that i think is from the 1940 i know nothing about her but on the back of her head it has AE-G20 could you tell me what this stands for?
I have a doll with red hair. Marked on head Remco copyright looks like 1967 (maybe 1987). She is plastic and trying to figure out who she is. She is 16" tall, red dress with white collar and cuffs, black shoes.
i want to know how much my 1949 mattel beany doll is worth... propeller is in tackt
i was giving a doll its was made in either the 10's or 20's. i have been told it's not english. its arms aren't long. it is a thin teddy. its not got a mouth lining, it has got black original button eyes. its got a growl and a hump on its back. its nose is pointed. please help
my porcelain dolls have no markings how do i know if there old
when i was a little girl i got a doll named giggles in the 70's, she had brown hair, and when you pulled her arm down she would giggle, her stomach had a circle with holes in it so you could here her laugh, the tubsy doll was out at the same time, my sister got tubsy and i got giggles, i would like to find this doll, could you help me? it was either ideal or mattle who made it.
When I was little I played with a fuzzy creature that layed these colorful eggs. Could you helpme remeber the creatures name? You put the egss back and the creature lays them again.
Doll - 1960's with cast crutches and measles spots
Had a doll in 1962 or 1963 with arm and leg cast crutches and measles spots. Does anyone remember the name?
Doll - 70s
I am looking for a doll that my daughter had in the early 70s. It had a plastic/vinyl head with painted hair and a blue furry body that made you think it had pajamas on (not removable--we called it jamma baby)
Doll - Amazing Amanda
Where can I find instruction sheets for this doll? We lost them and she can not work without following the instructions.
Doll - Amazing Amy - Playmates 1986
How much could she go for now and where could I sell her?
DOLL - Blonde, blue-eyed
We lost my daughter's baby doll in Vietnam and I'm trying to find another one somewhere. It is a hand-me-down from her grandmother,aunts and cousins. Her grandmother says it's about 27 years old but I think she is thinking of another doll. I remember seeing a copyright date on the back saying either 1997 or 1998 or 2000. I'm not really sure. The doll has (dirty) blonde rooted hair with blue eyes (open/no eyelids that close) and a partially opened mouth (smiling); she has a soft pink body, with plastic/vinyl limbs and head. She was either 12 or 14 inches long. I have a photograph, if I could email you.... I would really greatly appreciate any help you could offer. We've already bought the blanket from ebay that was lost with the doll. Thank you.
We have a baby doll and it is stamped "1998 DSI INC." on the back of it's neck--it crys, yawns, laughs, sleeps, etc. Anyway, you can't get the doll to stop crying unless you put it's bottle into it's mouth. Guess what--we lost the bottle LOL. So the crying won't stop. We want to get another bottle for the doll but we can't find the bottle, DSI, the name of the doll, or anything related to the doll. Please help!
a doll from the early 90's. A poseable mermaid doll which used to sing from a pink crown when you squeezed her hollow middle. On her tail where various sea creatures like starfish which would change colour when she was put in water. the one i had, had blonde hair and a painted heart on her cheek. Emma
Doll - ragdoll
Some time in the mid 60's my mom bought me a ragdoll. She had yellow hair in braids and a blue dress. I remember her as "Skinny Minnie" any info. appreciated
Doll - Singing Wiggles - 9"
The doll no longer sings. There is no opening in the back to get to the device. Have you repaired any of these? It's a press the stomach and it sings type of doll with a small round device that plays the Wiggles song. I would assume it takes a watch battery. Thanks Liz
I have a Sunshine Kids Doll in the Original Box made by Playmates in 1985. She is 8 1/2" Tall, Poseable, Sleeping Eyes, & Yarn Hair. I was trying to find the value of this doll. Thank you for your help
Doll - that had a board game and movie
I'm trying to figure out the doll from the 80's that had a board game and then was a movie. I remember in the movie or the game the land the doll lived in looked like pillows/quilts. The hills looked like the quilts. In the movie (not a cartoon) the girls doll took her to their world. Of course there was an evil lady and I remember she had a tree with red fruit on it. Do you know which doll that is?
Doll Carriage - circa 1960-70's
Where can we get 4 1/2 inch plastic spoked wheels for doll carriages?
Doll from about 1986, all fabric
I am looking for a doll I got for Christmas in 1986. She was complete made of fabric with something hard inside. Her arms and legs are poseable, but did not turn. She had long blond hair and was dressed in a little schoolgirl outfit with a red jacket and red plaid skirt with a scarf. I had this doll for about 20 years, but just lost her in a recent move. I wanted to get one for my daughter. Does anyone know what kind of doll this is?????
Doll from late '80's to early '90's
I had a doll in the late '80's/early '90's that kind od resembled a cabbage patch doll in the size and length. However, this doll had very soft skin...almost "suede". Her head, arms, and legs moved. She also had a heart decal/sticker on her butt. What is the name of this doll? I can't remember at all. (I had a blond doll with a yello and white sailor dress) Any help is appreciated.
doll house furniture
I have a 1949 marx disney metal doll house. can anyone please tell me what scale furniture and what type furniture it came with when it was first sold? thanks!
doll house: fold away doll house from "multiple toymakers" 1960's
I haven't been able to find this anywhere, even ebay...what is its value?
Doll- Jibba Jabber
I have a Jibba Jabber in the original box that eventually was discontinued because it instructed children to grab it by the neck and shake it. I would like to know how much this might be worth today? The doll was made by Ertl sometime in the late 80's or early 90's.
Doll sold in the 1919 through 1922 Sear and Roebuck Catalog
I am looking for a doll that was sold in the 1919 through 1922 Sears and Roebuck Catalog. The doll was a toddler doll with brown hair that said "Momma" when she was moved. I need this doll as a replacement for one that was stolen from my 93 year old Grandmother. What doll does that sound like? Any ideas?
Doll- Talking (via pull string) eyes and mouth move
In the late 1960s early 1970s I had a doll that had a stuffed body with rubber head, arms and legs, she talked by pulling her string she had several says the one I remember most was "When I look way up high I can see the man on the moon". Her eyes would roll up and her mouth moved with each saying. I can not remember her name. Her hair was a reddish brown, I belive the eyes were blue. Does anyone remember her? She was bought for me by my aunt in New England/Cape Cod
Doll with no history
How can I find the identity/worth of a baby doll from the 50's with a china head, painted hair, movable arms and legs, sleepy eyes, add-on ears, and a chubby rubber body since I can find no markings or model number on her?
Around 1970 near Chicago I had a small see-through dollhouse made from a clear hard plastic. I recall the figurines being about 0.5" tall, molded, painted. Not expensive.Thanks very much,Nancy
dollhouse - magnetic
I had a dollhouse I played with in the 80's that i've been looking to replace forever. It had magnetic food that would sit on the stove and flip over with a touch of a button, it also had working washer and dryers. I want to say the name of the dolls were Lisa and lori but i'm not sure...Do you have any idea what i'm talking about??? I know one of the dolls had red hair, the food that came with it was round and you would sit it on the stove, and turn or push a button and it fliped over. Help...I really want to find one of these.
DOLL-Laughing or Frustration
A friend of mine has a doll she thinks is from the 1980's. The doll has a plastic head with neon colored mohawk hair. The doll's body has a colorful print and bowtie. It makes a funny noise when you shake it or move it side to side. A person selling it on ebay said it was made by Ertl and called it a laughing doll. My friend calls it a frustration doll. I was wondering what it is really called, and if there is any information about it's worth or beginnings.
How do I find help to fabricate my dolls collection? Where should I start. I intende to invest on this project
im looking for the name of a doll i had in the 1980's i would fit into the top of the house. it had a skirt that fit over top of the house. the house was round and had about 4 rooms. if you could help me find the name of the company and doll i would be greatful. thank you. michelle
where can I get the complete set of hello kitty dolls?
Dolls - 1984 Chipette - Ideal and action figure sets
I'm searching for the Eleanor and Brittany plush dolls, as well as all six of the chipmunks and chipette pose able figurines w/ fabric clothing. I was so disappointed as a kid when we could only find the Jeanette doll and now in the age of the internet, I'm hoping to complete my collection. Can you offer any help?
doll-tatters/ probably mattell 1960's
what is the worth of such adoll? and it's history
doll-with a key
I remember when I was a child (early 90's or late 80's) I had a plastic doll. It wasn't a person, I think it was an animal, I do remember that it was pink and it had a white tail, kind-of like a bunny tail. It came with a key to open it. The torso was rounded and hallow. At the top of the chest there was a lock to put in the key and the door didn't open sideways but opened top to bottom. There were different kinds because I remember a gray or blue one that I wanted. Any ideas?
doll-yellow gingham
I am trying to locate a doll that is made of yellow and white gingham checked material. It had yellow gold yarn hair. She was wearing a green and white print dress with a white hat like a dust cap. I thought the doll was made by Fisher Price and had a name of Abbey or Abigail. I had purchased one in 1977.
Dramatic Play-Driving
I have seen a stand that you can set in front of a child sitting in a chair that has a steering wheel and a base with the accelerator and brake on it. I don't know what it was called or where I can find one. Any ideas?
I was trying to find out what a type of toy is called. I know they used them for Barbie and for Monsters. The gist is you would put three plates down a head, torso, and legs and put a piece of paper over it and using a crayon or pencil shade it to make the figures stand out. I can't remember what they were called but know that in the early 80's my girl neighbors had the ones for changing outfits on barbies, and a neighbor boy had one with monsters like the creature from the sea, werewolf, etc.
Would you recommend this DVD? My daughter is 3 and is fascinated "getting dressed"!! Thanks for your help!!
early 60's reversing (?) colored short wood slats toy
What am I trying to fully remember? A friend had a simple toy made from colored short wood slats that were held together with two (2) thin straps of fabric. When these wood slats were moved, turned over, in a special way the order and the placement of the colored wood pieces seemed to change position. I was so young that I can not fully remember more - could be a magic trick. Thanks!
Early electronic game - simon says (simple simon) clone, mimic, memo
This electronic game was made in the mid 70's, similar to the SIMON game, it is in the shape of a cross with 4 round buttons, red, blue, green, yellow, you had to repear the pattern of lights, as you got them correct it would go faster and faster. I thought the name was mimic or memo, but searching the net doesn't show anything of those names.
I got this doll in 1993 for my newborn daughter. She and I are now looking for the 1993 version. It has yellow loopy yarn like hair. NO HAT!!! Has a little rosebud in its hair. Has a white collar. Pink wash cloth like body. Tan face and hands. Three little rosebud's going down the front.... kinda like buttons. Small oval and blue eyes. There was a little curve for the nose and a small mouth. The facial features were NOT sewn on. They were just part of the material. The manufacturer is eden. Not sure if it was recalled and later discontinued. Cannot be found in stores due to the curly hair. Had to cut my daughters dolls hair to prevent circulation damage to the fingers. Want another doll in as good condition as possible. I have a baby box for her but she's not ready to give up her doll. email me if you have one, know some one who has one, or where I can get the doll. Thanks, Lynn
educational toy
I had a toy in the 60's that taught foreign languages. There were little plastic pieces perhaps half the size of a playng card with the word displayed on it an a picture as well. The piece had male and female ends so that you could link several of them together to say a phrase. You would lay them on top of the toy, which I think was roughly the size of a pc keyboard but thicker, and feed them through an area not unlike the way you would run tape through a reel to reel tape recorder. I remember it spoke English, Spanish and perhaps French. It may have been made by Hasbro or Mattel but I'm only guessing there. It HAS been over 40 years. Any ideas?
Educational TOY
I have a one year old who loves to play with my keyboard and look at the screen. I am wondering what is the best electronic to purchase him where he can learn his alphabet, numbers, phonics and also be able to utilize the hardware to his advantage.
Egg Dye
Where can I purchase the Ruby's Egg Dye?
Electronic Hand Held six sided toy, multicolored knobs, with a voice from the machine tells you which end up
What is it called, been try to find one but without an actual name for it
Fairy Tales Jukebox
In the mid/late 70s, I had a green 'jukebox' type toy that played fairy tales. The most memorable being "CInderella" with the song lyrics "Cinderella, I have found you, let me put my arms around you, my dreams have come true. Cinderella, I love you." I have no idea who made it or what it was actually called.
fashion/stencil/tracing activity
I am trying to locate something I played with as a child (1989-1994). It was a stencil of a female figure that you would trace over a scene. Examples of the scenes were in front of a movie theater, in front of a store window, in front of a pizza shop, on the beach etc. So you would trace the scene with tracing paper, then you would pick a body figure and use the stencil to trace it onto the background scene and then you would draw on outfits and add stickers that came with the set. (for example a slice of pizza or a beach ball). I do not know the name of this toy or the maker. But I would really like to locate an existing copy of this activity set. Anything you can do to help would be great. Thanks!
I have one of these still in the package...not in the best of shape, corners bent and whatnot...but still unopened. Is there a good value on this? I want to sell it on e-bay or something and don't know what to bid to start at.
figure - action - 12 inch
i need to know the name of a toy thet was made in the early to mid 80s it was about 12 inches tall humanoid and it had a rib cage that was exposed and opened to put things in. i think it was tan and red you could see its guts through the rib cage
Figure - Monster - 15 Inch
I have a 15"high by 8" wide brown with silver torso monster. It has 4 fingers, two on top and two on the bottom that look like claws. It has 2 toes on eack foot. The ears stand out left to right, and the so called skin around his mouth, looks like a foo-man-cho mustache. It has a reddish clear point on the top of his head, and the two front teeth are of the same color, apparantly glows around light. The only marking on this is "made by Hasbo Inc 1986". I called Hasbro, but to no avail. My son seems to think there were 3 different monsters made for this set. One looked like it was covered in slime according to him. But anyway, would you be able to tell us what this is or from. It's just driving us crazy because we can't find any info on this. Thank You
When I was a little kid I used to have these plastic figures that came in a set the figures were a guy holding a type of sword over his head with a cape on,another was a guy holding a ray gun another was a women standing next to a computer terminal,another was a shorter box type robot and the last fgure was this crab like man with his pinchers over his head.These wee small plastic figures that came in multable colors in the pack similar to a Cowboys and Indians set.Would love some help on this.Thanks!
Figures that move
I am trying to identify a toy that I played with in the early 80's It was a figure that was made of beads over elastic string. The figure stood on a base that was hollow and when you pressed the bottom of the base the figure would dance or move. The figure came in all differnet characters and I would like to know what they were called. Thank You
first toys
what were the first toys invented
Fisher Price airplane that is large and has handle underneath it for a child to hang onto
I bought this toy at a garage sale and didn't notice until I got home that one of the wheels was missing. Is there anyway that I can find a replacement wheel for this airplane? The plane makes noises, has a pilot, and is 16 inches long and 7 inches high. It is blue and silver. It was probably made in the 2000's.
Fisher price toy movie camera with "movies"
When I was young, around 1981, I got a toy movie camera that played movie tapes. I'd like to find thew toy on ebay, but I don't know what it was called and haven't had much luck. I think it was Fisher-Price. It had oblong yellow plastic movie tapes that you put in the camera. Turning a crank and holding the camera up to light would let you see the flipbook-style film through the viewfinder. They had no sound. Some of the movies were Snoopy and The Pink Panther. What was the toy called??
what is the value of a 1988 open hole flute?
Flying toy.
I had a toy from the 1970's that consisted of a small "suitcase" style carrying case. Like a hotwheels case. It housed two foam Corsairs and the inside looked like a tropical island. The planes were catapult launched. What was its name? I am looking for one. Thanks
furry strip pet from the 60's
what is the name of the furry strip about 10 inches long that you would pet and it would ripple like it was curling up? I believe it had plastic eyes glued on.
fuzzy ball with googly eyes you stick by its feet
I used to win these stickers that are these small cute balls of fur with googly eyes and its feet are the sticker part. What is the name of those and where can I get them? Thank you!
G I Joe Man of Action Mountain Rescue Heicopter
I have come across a mint condition Helicopter still in its box from 1975 and I cant find the same anywhere on the net to work out its value, can you help me please. It was released unKenbrite Corporation in Australia
G.I. Joe?
Dear Dr. Toy, I have been very curious about a tiny action figure that my step father has given several years ago. It has a pointed yellow helment with goggles & a little yellow gun attached to his chest. Is he a G.I. Joe or some kind of spin off?
Galoob micro machines
I bought a box of micromachines, some cars, trucks, military vehicles, planes. How can I find out what they are worth and when they were made?
What is the heart color on the back of the playing cards suppose to be? I recently won 2 auctions on E-bay, I have a light lilac color on one set, and a pink heart on the other set!
game genie for snes
some codes that are enter in for the game genie will not work. is something wrong with my game genie?
Hi, i'm looking for the name of a game from the early 80's that was 2-Player dinosaur bone collecting game. However, it was a skill and action game. The "gameboard" was a big injection molded "pit". Inside the pit, there was about 20 plastic dinosaur bones. There were (2) dinosaurs mounted to the edge of the pit on swivels as opposing players. The dinosaur could tilt down, open its mouth via a lever, and then grab a bone in its mouth, and the player needed to place the bone into its dinosaur cave. There were (3) different types of bones, ribs, femurs, and triceratop skulls...all with different point values. Players scrambled until there were no bones left. Player with the highest point total in their cave wins. Kinda like Hungry Hungry Hippos, but with a little more dexterity and scoring variation. I've looked on ebay and BGG but could not find something similar. Can you help? Thanks.
Geosfari Laptop
Looking for laptp Instructions
I have an old stuffed German Shepard that has a hard plastic face. Do you have any ideas about how old this is or how to find information about it?
i HAVE A GI-Joe kite made in the early 80s its the disposable one made of balsom wood ,still in package. Do you think its worth anything?
girl playset- tiny dolls with keys
I had several of these playsets from sometime between mid 1980s to early 1990's. They all were different scenes and changed by folding to different places. For example, I had the bathroom that changed into a pool and a bed that changed into a playground. The dolls were a few inches tall and had little gold colored plastic keys. I cannot remember what they were called and it is driving me crazy! Can anyone help me?
i have a roll of film with the above title and also Knight Rider Film from Universal city studios. they are exactly the same in looks as each other. I would be extremely grateful if you could tell me what the film tapes are and what they play on? thank you very much looking forward to hearing from you soon.regards joe
I have a gun that looks like a Terminator arm.It slips on your arm and it has electronic noises.I had 2 of these,and guess it was around 1993.The name on the gun is trendmasters.Inc.made in China.the other gun was identical but came connected with a ear and mouth piece so you could talk through the gun and it gave you a robotic voice from memeory.What were these called?
Hamster Finger Puppets
I had a toy from the late 70's early 80's that I'd like to find for my daughter.It was a hamster or mouse family with the arms that were for your fingers to slide into like a puppet. When you squeezed the body they squeaked. They came in a soft fabric house that was made to look like a log. Ithad plastic or rubber furniture that looked like they were made out of stu,ps.
Hand Held Wind Up Toys from late 1970s in UK but probably world wide toys
I had a range of toys about the size of a post card, all wind up with a clear screen and each one a different game. I remember one called rat-a-tat-tat which was a gangsters car moving from left to right and you shot ball bearings from a tommy gun. Also, my cousin had a monkey one that climbed a tree using two thumb wheels that went in reverse to how you moved them. There were many toys in this range but I cannot find out what they were called or the any liks! any ideas????
Hand Held Word Game
I am looking for a old hand held word game i used to have, im not sure what the name is but it is simmilar to a pda maybe a little taller and contains a stylus for the touch screen. can you help me? Its the game boggle
hand made paper game
what was the name of the paper game that you made yourself. You folded a square of paper into triangle shapes. You wrote numbers on the paper and moved the game with your fingers, opening out the section to reveal an anser. Sort of like an 8 ball but with paper
Happy Meal Toys
About how much are the original happy meal meal transformer toys from the 80's. you know the ones that were french fries, shakes, quarter pounders etc?
I'm trying to find info on a Doctor or Nurse's bag that is white on the bottom and black on the top that opens like a clamshell like a real Dr's bag. It is filled with a number of medical instruments in mostly red and yellow plastic and includes cardboard bandage and cotton ball boxes.
Hasbro 1964 patent pending GI Joe Doll
Hello I have recently inheirited some old treasures of my late uncles, Is it normal for the named doll to have two right hands? The words "Hasbro 1964 patent pending GI Joe" are printed on the behind of the doll, it has a scarred face with military clothing and hat, helmet, boots, but it has 2 right hands...I just think that is kind of strange, wanted to know what you think?
helicopter on a piece of string
Hello - in the 1980's i was the proud owner of a battery powered heilicopter which was suspended by a piece of string from the ceiling. When turned on it would "fly" around in a circle. I can not find this anywhere. Do you have any idea what this toy was or where i could get one? (no sign of it on ebay). Thank you for your time, naith
Hobby Horse
In the late 60's/ early 70's, I had a moulded plastic ride on horse/pony. It was orange/brown in color. It was about 3 feet tall to the saddle. When you sat on it it had spring action when you pushed the foot pegs and pulled the hand grips it would walk. Similar to marvel the mustang by marx toys. It was similar in appearance as pogo pony, only I believe it had plastic legs not aluminum. And if I remember correctly, it had a sound box with galloping hoof sounds. My mother bought it for me at the goodwill, so I do not know exactly what year it was made, or if it is even from the USA. I know I was born in 1968 and played with it from three years old and on. Thanks, Denise
hong kong original 1950-1970?plastic(turquiose/orange felt)furniture set..
have you ever seen this item and what is it worth? do not have web cam,received this when i was 7 in excellent condition....
Horsman Doll for Hallmark Cards, Inc. - 1979
Apparently Hallmark and Horsman worked together in making a doll. Was it sold through the Hallmark stores? What is history and reason for this doll? Was it a popular card at the time?
How long to cook the Creepy Crawley Bug Maker Bugs?
How long does it take to cook the Creepy Crawley BugMker bugs. And do you have to heat up the oven first. We lost the directions
Humpty Dumpty soft toy
I am looking for a late 1970's humpty dumpty soft toy that fits into a wall cushion - fisher price I think please help!!
i cant find these little dolls
hi when i was younger in 1990s i used to have these little dolls but i called them little people but anyways i cant find out what they were called and they are the same size as the polly pockets of today you know the new polly pockets but they had real hair and if you took their clothes off they like had underwear on and like these little shoes the same color as their underwear and i remember one time they even came out with a mall with an escalater for them but thats all i can think of about them but please help me find out what their called please thanks Carol.
In an email I sent today, I was describing to you the Fischer Price Tumble Tower '71 #118.
Identification of duck puppet
I am looking for the maker of a 2000 duck puppet. It has a non-moveable mouth, the wings are operated internally, and the beak and feet are orange. The duck is white. A picture is available on, if this helps. The left wing has a yellow button with "Millenium" written on it and a yellow ribbon dangling from it, and the safety information tag indicates that it meets the safety requirements of Ontario, Canada. Thanks!
Identification of stuffed dog
I am looking to identify an 8" stuffed earless and tail-less dog, made of red gingham with a green underbelly and a green section on his head. He has a red plastic collar attached in his back seam, and stickers for eyes; pink pupils with green eyelids. Thanks!
Imperial Rubber Frog from Walgreens
I purchased 2 rubber frogs from Walgreens a few years ago. My daughter lost hers and I cant seem to purchase another one, any idea where I may be able to find more or contact Imperial to describe and or buy more?
Indy style raceway,gravity style,two cars,red/blue,black track,steelball for movement!
What was this toy called,or who made it? I had one and loved it!
Interior Design model set
We had a miniature design set in the mid-1960s with modular pieces that you built rooms in 3-D from interlocking brown plastic "I-beams" and then inserted inter-changeable panels for the floor coverings and wall treatments. I don't know the manufacturer, and haven't had any luck finding this on ebay--do you know any information that could help my search?
Interlocking Blocks
I had a set of blocks growing up in the 1970s. The blocks had small octagon holes on each side except one side had a small peg on it to interlock with the holes. A few blocks had pegs on opposite sides. Also, each block had a side that opened. They were about 1/2 inch in size, were mulitcolored, came mostly in cubes, but a there were a few pyramid shapes shapes, and two large flat pieces of plastic full of holes like those in the sides of the blocks. I have about 12 of them left and my daughter plays with them all the time. Has anyone ever heard of these?
international bisque boy/girl dolls
in the fifties I got a set of dolls that were only about an inch high. Most of them have their heads loose in my box. I'd love to replace them (Japanese, American Indian, Dutch, cowboy/cowgirl, etc)Many had a scrap of material glued to the doll, but most of the "clothing" was painted. A gift from a dear great-aunt
Kar Kit by Toy Founders, Inc.
I have a kit that resembles a post-World War II Buick; it's plastic with different tops for the car body and it has a wind-up motor. It was made between 1945-50 and it's in fair to good condition; it has a red body with black plastic fenders and tan and black interchangeable tops. If possible, please provide me with the approximate value. Thank you
Kids II Musical Pull Down Caterpillar
I am looking for product information on a Pull-string musical caterpillar I believe came from Kids II. It was in primary colors for the body and black and white feet with stars, dots and squares on them. You pulled a plastic handle down and the body stretched out and played music while the body re-scrunched as the string retracted. My daughter fell in love with this caterpillar as a baby in 2001 but it was already old when she got it.
Large ride on Hienz ketchup bottle ride on toy
I have a large hienz ketchup bottle ride on toy, It has no date on it, could you tell me when it was made and what is might be worth?
large toy car carrier
I am trying to find a car caarier that i had in the late 60's eay 70's. I was plastic and probably 4 to 5 feet long. i remember it had a belt that loade the cars and was battery powered. thank you kevin
Largest toy ever
Do you know what the biggest toy ever made was? thanks
Late 70's Space War Game
Hi Dr.Toy- I'm trying to identify a battery operated space game I had somewhere between '77 to '79. It had a ray gun permantly attached to a base that would sit on the floor and the base would project alien space craft on the wall at which you would shoot at. I believe it came from Sears or JCPenny because none of the big retail toy stores were around yet. I've been pulling my hair out trying to remember the name of this and any help is appreciated!
Suche eine Puppe der neunziger Jahre Lewis Galoob Toys CA 94080 PA 1914
light show toy - 1950's to 1960's
I was wondering if you could tell me the name of a toy i used to have that was my dads. It had a round screen made out of some semi-transparent material and lights attached to motors were behind this screen and you contolled the speed of the motors which would create neat designs on the "screen". I know it had a round 50's style "monitor and a base with at least 2 knobs. I think it ran on c or d batteries. I would like to find this toy but i don't know the name. Thanks for your help. Wendell
light show toy 1950-1960's
I was wondering if you could tell me the name of a toy i used to have that was my dads. It had a round screen made out of some semi-transparent material and lights attached to motors were behind this screen and you contolled the speed of the motors which would create neat designs on the "screen". I know it had a round 50's style "monitor and a base with at least 2 knobs. I think it ran on c or d batteries. I would like to find this toy but i don't know the name. Thanks for your help. Wendell
Logo question
Yes, I have a small German made miniature cat and on the bottom is a small round label that says made in Germany and there is a logo in the middle with what looks to be an airedale dog with two rings running around him. The background of all this is brown and the dog and rings and letting done in gold letters. Do you have any idea what company this is? I can e-mail a picture to you if I had an addy to send to that I could do an attachment, thanks,chris
Looking to find "Noble Excellence" stuffed animals
My husband purchased our daughter a small (maybe 12 inches, at most) stuffed bull from Dillards in 2003. The tag says Noble Excellence on it. It became her favorite and we wanted a replacement-just in case we lost it or she ruined it somehow. We have looked everywhere for this toy and cant find it anywhere. Any ideas where to look?
Lorrie Doll
I have a black doll that belonged to my late grandmother. The doll has some hair, moveable eyes, and a rubber body. It has "Lorrie Doll" printed on the back of the neck. I'm not sure how old the doll is, but I remember my grandmother having it when I was 7 years old. I am now going on 43 years old. by chance, do you happen to know when these dolls were made?
Lou Rankin Friends
Looking for Lou Rankin Friends- Lenny the dachshund
Lovey the lamb beanie baby
I bought my daughter a lamb in roughly 97 or 98 and I could have sworn it was a beanie baby. She cut the tag off of it and I cannot find a picture of it on the internet anywhere. The tag said her name was Lovey. I remember that much for sure, because it's her favorite. I was thinking about buying one for my younger daughter, but I can't find one anywhere. Help!!!
Magic Diaper Babies
Do you perhaps know where I could obtain the original Magic Diaper Babies and Pets?
Magnetic Dogs
In the 60's I played with a toy that my uncle had. They were two figurine dogs, one with a magnetic nose, and the ball they played with was magnitized. The ball could be attached to the magnet in the dogs nose. I have searched for this toy for so long and cannot find it. ANY HELP you give would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day!!
Makit & Bakit
I purchased a Makit & Bakit charm jewelry kit about two years ago at a local craft store (kit #55106, bar code 0 87569 55106 8). While the packaging states that it is "safe, non-toxic", I have concerns about the level of lead because the necklace and findings were made in China. I do not want to give this craft to a child if there is a potential for lead exposure. The regulations for the amounts of lead in toys may have changed since I bought this product. Please let me know if Quincrafts has had any recalls on this product and comment on how "safe, non-toxic" this product is. Thank you.
Marx Match Box Construction Set
When was the set made? are they rare?
Mattel doll - crying and wetting
I have a 1965 mattel doll, that cries real tears and wets. She also makes a crying sound when her arm is lowered and her mouth and eyes scrunch up into sad face. Can you identify her? She is about 12ins tall, maybe more.
Mattel styling doll head
I bought a second hand play styling head. It has all the looks of a Bratz doll but is labeled Mattel. The only numbers inside the base are C0857-2009 and C0857-Q501-01. Can you tell me what this is?
McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
During the mid-80's, McDonald's had a toy in their happy meals that were tubes that you could shrink down or expand. They came with connectors and multiple colors. Their action was similar to what flexible straws do at their bending point. Do you have any idea what those were called? Thanks Andy.
'Mega Mike' children's microphone
Are there any more of the 'Mega Mike' microphones? Can they be purchased?
metal rocking horse
How could i find the value of a metal rocking horse 2.5' tall 3.5' long. on metal rockers. the horse is all metal (molding mane and tail) with leather ears. she has a metal bar through her mouth to resemble a bridle and is the color of a rusty penny.
metal toy airplane- pan american world airways
How do I find out the age of a metal toy airplane that probably was bought in the 50's?
Looking for exquisitely dressed-up miniature (1-2 inches) felt mice from the early to late 70's possibly from England or Germany.
mickey mouse lite up piano by Mattel
I saw a toy at a Dr.'s office by Mattel. I could't tell how old it was b/c it had been well loved. It was a Mickey Mouse lite up piano that played classic disney songs when you push the keys. My child loved it and I'd like to find one for her to enjoy at home. I think it was less than 5 years old. Any idea where I can get one? What can you find out about this toy? Thanks!
mickey mouse walking windup see through toy
I recently acquired a standup micky mouse toy by Gabriel I think it is 1967 and you can see through to his gears inside a clear plastic body.He has blue pants, red bow tie and black shoes. He still scoots across the floor when wound up. Any value to this toy? Thanks much.
mid 1970's hotwheels action city
i am looking to find this toy it was a plastic fold-up city for hotwheels cars
mid 60's Plastic saucer spinning, wind up pull toy
Sorry I was unable to provide a more brief explanation of this toy, but I have been trying to find anyone that has a picture of a hard plastic toy I had in 1967 that was shaped like a flying saucer-approximately 8-10 inches in diameter (I beleive it was red on one side, yellow on the other), had string attached on both sides with pull handles attached. You would wind up the string, and then pull the handles apart. The saucer would spin while unwinding, and rewind itself up again, giving you a continuous motion. I believe the toy had a few wholes cut in that made it whistle while it would spin. I appreciate your help in finding any photos, if someone has one for sale.
minature clasping arms
Wondering what these small animals, dolls and promotional characters are called and what they exactly are. I remember when I was little 70's and 80's you would see these things clipped to review mirrors. Any help identifying?
Minature Plastic Figurine-Baby Kitten
Several years ago, like 10-15, my aunt bought my sister a small grey kitten. Its about 1 1/2 in tall by 1 1/2 in wide. It has a pacifier in its mouth and a diaper on its bottom. The diaper changed colors when it got wet. I think the toy was possibly made by Mattel, but I am not sure. However, my grandmother kept this toy kitten and gave it to my 3 year old daughter. Recently, my 2 year old son through a temper tantrum and lodged the kitten in the garbage disposal. It is terribly destroyed and my child is devastated. Can you help?
mini pet
I like my mini monster pet by Tomy toys but you need to say his name to him for him to follow is there a way I can get it to work.
miniature doll in hamburger
when I was little (during 1980's) I had a miniature doll with green hair, she lived in a hamburger that turned into a house. There also was one that lived in a slice of cake, and I believe one that lived in a shoe. Do you happen to know what those were called?
Miniature Keyboard/Piano
I have been searching on eBay and to find a childhood toy to no avail. I am looking for a really tiny miniature keyboard/piano. I was born in Minnesota in 1980... I know I had a couple of them in 1988... maybe earlier than that too. I think it ran on a teeny, tiny battery because they notes would go sour after a while and eventually not play anymore. It came with a little plastic case that held it, that you could flip open. The cae had a little clear plastic pocket for the sheet music that came with it. Usually it taught you how to play "Do-Re-Mi"... maybe only one or two songs per set. The keyboard was so small that I liked to use it for my barbie dolls! Obviously rectangular, it measured about 4-4 1/2" long and 1 1/2- 2" in width and 1/4" in depth. I really wish I could find some of these! I don't know who made them.. I probably got them at Walgreens, Traget, and/or free in cereal boxes occasionally. Hope you can help:) Thank you.
missing my old toy
i am trying to find a toy i played with in the eighties called shuffle farm
Model Airplane- Fantastical Battery Powered German fighter with flapping wings
Early to mid 1970's I had a snap together, battery-powered airplane model. It was an imaginary warplane that sat on a heavy gauge wire on a plastic base. Here's the thing. When you spun the four blade prop it started a small electric motor that spun the propeller, pistoned the nose mounted machine guns back and forth and flapped the wings up and down which caused it to bob up and down on the wire stand. I believe it was a fanastical German plane. It was definitely red in color. It was a strange squat shaped fuselage with a clear plastic canopy. If you can help me ID this toy, I'll name my first born after, I swear!
Monkey alarm clock
I am having a fundraiser at my school. I did not sell enough to get something I wanted. It looks like a stuffed animal monkey with a small clock on it's stumick.When the alarm goes off it screeches like a monkey and when you throw it, it shuts up. Do you know where I can buy one for a reasonable price?
monkey on a wire
I'm looking for a monkey toy that balanced and coasted back and forth on a wire strung across the room. It was popular in the 1950s.
montgomery ward metal doll house
My parents gave me a Montgomery Ward metal dollhouse approximately 1948. The unusual thing about it is that the one inside wall is upside down -- by that I mean the only way the house fits together is with the inside wall decor being upside down! Have you had others contact you regarding this? Is there a $ for this item? If so, what is the price range? Thx!value to this
moon shoes
My daughter broke the rubber straps that attach the shoe. Are replacement straps available? Thanks for your time. Robyn
Mosaic tile like toy with different colored pieces.
Mid 80'S I would guess. I am looking for the name of a toy made of a little grate clear plastic piece with hole in the crate. On this grate you could put little colored tiny pieces that looked (battleship pieces -smaller version). Tiny square and longer pieces. With these pieces you could create almost mosaic tile like art pieces.
Mr. Game Show talking electronic game
Can I still purchase this game somewhere???
musical toy from 60's or early 70's
Growing up in the 60's/70's, I had a musical toy which I have been trying to locate through sites like e-bay, but have had no luck what-so-ever. The toy I am interested in was such that by putting pieces together in different ways created a different musical instrument. I do recal that thsi toy's main base component was red and that it had a handle that resembled a water faucet from an outside hose. If you can help me to identify this, it would be awesome! Thank you -
My monchichi has been my best friend!
I have had this monchichi doll (as well as the original Cabbage Patch Kids doll) since I was 5 years old(that's 1982). A friend of mine told me that they would be worth some money. They have been in my life for so long that I don't think I could part with them. My kids even know them by name (Num-Num & Joey)! They are in perfect condition because they were by first "kids"! Can anybody tell me how much they would be worth just out of mere curiosity?
my very soft baby
do you know where i can find the original Playskool my very soft baby? I had one in 1982 and she was pink, filled w/ sand (i think) and had a detachable flap over her bottom
old bathtub toy boat
I have a very old plastic toy boat. The only thing it has stamped on it is No. 2942 Childhood Interest Inc. Roselle Park, NJ. Can you tell me more about this toy? Thanks!
Old Man rubber face puppet toy
I remember ordering this toy which was a rubber hand puppet of an old mans face who was bald had a moustache and had three holes in the back of it so you could contort its face with three fingers. It might have been five slots. I ordered this toy from Johnson Smith company catalog circa 1980-1985. This rubber face old man hand puppet was also the mascot for the heavy metal group music band called Anthrax. As I said he is bald, with a moustache, and basically its just his face as the puppet with three slots in the back.
old toy monkey
my stepdad had an old monkey as a kid,would say 1920-1930's maybe less, in good shape. It's filled and has soft fur with flat fabric hands. arms and legs are loose and can sit it up. What do you think?
old toy wagons
i have an old wagon it says skippy racer down the side all steel wagon and wheel with rubber tires im to beleave it from 1934-35-36 any info you my have lead me to would be nice.thank you big dawg
Old transformers toys (ambulance)
I am looking for the old transformers toys especially the white ambulance
I would like to kmow where I can get a devise I can record a message in & place in a toy. I think this is a good idea it has never been marketed Thanks
Peter Rabbit
My son was given a Peter Rabbit sleeping rabbit, with a comforter that was tucked into his tummy. It was made by Eden Toys and was given to my son in Oct. 2000. It has been worn thin and the stuffing it coming out and he really wants another one - but i can't find one - do they still exist and if so, where can i get one from? Thanks
Pink and Green Unbreakable Plastic Chess set
I am looking for a chess set I had as a kid - the chess men were a translucent, unbreakable plastic in hot pink and green. The set may have been made by Mattel, Milton Bradley or the E.S. LOWE company. It also may have been part of a compilation with checkers, roulette and horse racing. I am not certain of this. I want to find and buy this game. Any information will be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
pink panther 4 ft bendable promotional toy
In the early nineteen eighties I brought a promotional pink panther. It is about 4ft tall with a metal frame inside that allows it to be bent and soft fur on the outside. Any feedback on how much it is worth today?
pink voice tape recorder
What is the name of the tape recorder that was able to play back what one said? It was in pink and blaick or gray colors.
Pirayes of the carribean treasure chest w/gold jack sparrow figurine
Where canI get one?
plastic brik blocks
Where can I find the large plastic blocks made by Brik - I have some purchased in the 90's, but like to add to them (new or used) Dottie
plastic crash up car
i'm lookin for and want to knowof a plastic crash car that when it hit the wall it breaks apart,then when put back together again the roof holds car together with bumper you know who made this and where to find one? was made in the 60's plmk thanks ed.
plastic doll with a large head.
in the early 80's-i had a plastic doll with a tiny body and massive head which you pulled, and it said 'i can fit in your pocket'. can you find out what they're called etc please.
Plastic Flowers
When I was a kid in the 70's we had toy that we would use to put togther flower arrangements. It consisted of plastic flower petals, platic stems, plastic, leaves, and a little plastic flower pot that could hold four of your flowers that you created. I have older sisters that were born in the 60's so the toy could be from the 60's or 70's.
plastic mask building kit
I had this plastic mask building kit I got in 1978. There where three charters, one was a lizared alien with huge eyes, and another one with long eyes putuding out of the mask, and the last one look like darth vader. I forgot the name of the company that put them out, or the name of the toy.
Plastic Skeleton arm that you control with your hand.
In the mid 80's my family went to New York and discovered a big toystore with alot of wierd toys! I would like to know the name of a skeleton hand you control the movements. You put your hand in it and you control the skeleton arms movement. When you make a fist plastic spears stick out. I would also like to know the name of this item. ~ Emily
Plastic/Domesticated Animal Figures
In the late 70's/early 80's, I had a collection of plastic animals that were dressed as humans. On the bottom of them, they had a metal stick that was sticking out. You could buy houses, etc. for them and when you put them in their house/car, the metal stick would push up and down and make their heads and arms move. They were sold to be able to insert them in these different places.
Playground Kids
Hi, I have the whole collection of the playground kids including the coca cola dolls. I was wondering how much they are worth? I have most of their toys and I also have the large playground that you could buy seperately
playset - mountain hideaway - 1970's
I would like to know the original name and maker of a plastic Little People-style playset I owned in the late 1970s. It was in the shape of a mountain, and if you twisted the handle on the top, the whole mountain would rise up and there was a set of rooms hidden beneath. The set came with mother, father, boy, and bear figures. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
playskol- in the night garden
hi im looking for a supplier or wholesaler for in the night garden products.thanks
I purchased one of these in 1997 and am desperate to find another for my son. Doggie is white with black spots, blue stitched eyes, and a red ribbon. She squeaks. I have had no luck on eBay, and have been watching there for 2 years. Any other ideas? Thank you.
plush bear
Christmas 1986 my sons got a "Trapper" bear, it had boots, and a hat, and vest. I am trying to find replicas
"Winky" electrified stuffed dog by National Stuffed Animals co, ny --light bulb eyes, removable tail for batteries. What is it's value??
plush elephant pull-toy
Where can I find another lavender elephant Carter's plush pull toy that played John Lennon's IMAGINE bought from Toys R Us in 2000? My daughter loves hers and I can't find another! I found pink from Carter's but this is the original from 2000.
Plush Toy
I am looking for a plush Pluto -- stands straight up like a doll -- plastic head, no distinguishing feet or paws, circa about 1956. Any clues on where to look, I've been searching for years on the internet.
Plush Toy - peter rabbit
i have an old peter rabbit soft toy, he has a felt carrot and felt light blue jacket and stands approximately 13inches with plastic eyes, when is he from and how much will he raise if i sold him?
I am trying to locate a pink pig with yellow feet, snout and tail and a purple and pink plaid ribbon around it's neck. Eyes and nostrils are black plastic. Pig lays flat. Received as baby shower gift in summer 2001 from Target. Can't make out manufacturer on tag.
Plush Toy - Puggle
As a young kid in the 80's I had a plush toy/beanbag-type puggle which came in a velour bag, very similar to one found on, but with infinitely more charm than the one I found there. Would you happen to have a picture of the originals? Thanks. Jen
I received a 24-28 inch tall teddy that was a jockey look-a-like. I received this teddy bear in 1979 in Ireland, Europe. The jockey wore a sewn on black peak cap, had yellow skin, a red sewn on jacket with shiny buttons and black leather sewn on boots. Please help me locate replacement. Thank you.
plush toy clown doll
Have you ever seen this toy? : I want to buy one and I don't know what it is called. My friend got one at a carnival a long time ago.