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ABC Blocks
Where did ABC blocks come from?
abc's plush toy
I'm looking for a toy that says the ABC's and on it's belly the letters light up. I thought it was a leapfrog or vtech toy, but I have done many searches and now I'm not so sure. The last place I saw it was at a Walmart store in July 2007. Can you help me? Thank you.
I am trying to recall the name of a rubberized and/or clay (some sort of spongey, bendable substance) boys action figure from the early to mid 1980s. Along with the manufacturer's packaging, it came packaged inside of a dinosaur-looking egg that could fit inside an adult's entire hand, the figure all bent up inside of it. The figures, if I recall, were swamp-themed or something non-human. You could pull their limbs off and move them to other parts of their bodies. Not very many to choose from, maybe a total of 10 figures. I specifically remember my boy cousin and I playing with these, although he cannot remember. Thank you for your help!
Action Figure - Who is he?
I recently lost an action figure - About 10"" in height but with an extendable/bendable neck. His torso was made up of interweaving serpents. Quite a distinctive lookig figure. Unfortunately I cannot give a make or a decade as he was second hand. Can you name him?
action figures with magnetic limbs
i had two toys a good guy white and a bad guy black - both had magnetic limbs as did their magnetic horses. they looked like futuristic knigts in armor. Help
adventure play set
my husband has an alamo play set in it's original box with all its pieces. would this be worth anything today
air powered construction toy
Growing up, mid to late 1980's, I had a construction toy that consisted of a plastic truck (yellow in color) with a bucket truck for a trailer. It had a battery powered air compressor (red in color) and 2 to 4 black plastic air hoses that when commected to the air compressor, raised and lowered the bucket on the bucket truck, as well as operated a small reciprocating saw, and a jack hammer, amoung two or three other tools. I know it was manufacturd in Singapore, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it is called or who makes it. I'd lke to get a hold of one if I could locate one. Thanks -Tim
Alice in Wonderland - made by - Spear Product
I have a "jack in the box" that is Alice in Wonderland, and it has a knob to turn the story which dispays on the front of the box. It has beautiful color pictures all over the box and the name of the toy is "Story - Jacks". I think the Spear Company must have made many of the Jacks for different children's stories. What can you tell me about the Spear Product Company and/or this toy. It looks like the 1930's or 1940's. Thank You, Sue
Alresford Dolls
I am trying to find some pricing for Alresford dolls that were part of my Mother's doll collection. Does anyone have any infor on these dolls. They have porcelain heads.
Animal riding a wind-up bicycle
Does anyone know where I can get hold of a toy animal (maybe it was a squirrel?!)riding a bike? It came out in the early to mid 1980's and was used in an advert about a lot of toy woodland animals, made by Mattel?
Animal village?
in the mid 1970's my sister and I had a small village with plastic animals such as rabbits, bears, etc. The animals were dressed as teachers, policeman, mailmen, etc. There were spots in the village that when an animal was placed on it and a wheel turned the animals would move. (The policeman would raise the stop sign). Can you help me with the name? I have a couple of the animals and they are labeled Mattel 1975. Thanks!
antique riding horse with a letter "b"for brand
what is this antique riding horse i found at a garage sale worth? it has a letter "B" for brand in the whees and the leg
Baby Baa Baa
Where can I find a 1979 ?? Baby Baa Baa. Desperately need one asap.
2005 Dan Dee Collections- baby blanket pink with white polka dots with white bunny head at top corner with blue ears and blanket has pink satin trim- where can I find this?
Baby No Tears
I am trying to find a "Baby No Tears" bought in the Sears Catalog during late 50's to early 60's. Can you help me find one?
Bambi Lam
I am looking for a bambi lamp sold in 1980 at sears it had white base with yellow background on shade with bambi looking down at thumper holding a blue flower in his mounth do you know what company manufactured this lamp
Bany/Toddler Toy - Musical Apple
I had an apple toy when I was little 1977ish. This toy was placed on the ground and as you pushed it it would sway and make a noise (music?. It was red and had a stem and leaf. could you please help me find one.
Bath Toy 1983-1986 w/suction cups on hands,feetm and bottom of tail
I am trying very hard to find a bath toy made from 1983-1986. It looked like a dragon/monster/alien and was a cobalt blue or bright blue color. It was made of soft rubber or plastic that was sqeezable. It was positioned in a permanent sitting position and had either pointy ears or horns(1 on each side of head). It has a long tail and was wearing a white,removeable,hooded little robe. It came with a yellow animal/friend that was about the size of a small lemon and had 1 suction cup on 1 end and I think it squirted water. My cousin had one set just like mine except hers was a magenta pink creature/dragon/monster. I have no idea who made these nor can I remember what it was called so I can have a better chance of aquiring one again. Can anyone help me? Thanks
battery operated doodling pen
I am looking for an old toy from the late 1960's to the 1970's. It was a battery operated pen (I think it had numerous colors of ink inside of it). It looked like a red bug with a hat on it. The batteries made the pen move around on the paper.
battery operated garbage truck
in mid to late 1960's my mother worked for a departmen store in elgin,il called "topps" one christmas i got very large boeing 727 made by remco. i also got a battery operated garbage truck made of plastic. it was white and red and came with plastic garbage cans the resembled the old steel ones of that era. it was rear loading and would work just like the real thing with hydrolic arms. any chance you mite know who produced this item? thank you. r.regan
battery operated microphone
I found a toy microphone made for Fisher price that has 2 rows of bottons on the front of it One row of buttons is black and is numbered from 1 to 5 tehy are grouped 12 with a space then 345. The second row is blue and has letters. I think they represent musical notes. They go from left to right C that is underlined then DEFGABC and the last C has a line over the top of it. Here is also 2 green buttons on the right. THe top green button has a squiggly line on it and the bottom one has an O on it. There are also 2 rotating switches on teh front as well. The left one is the on off switch and the right has 4 settings. They are as follows: Melody on top then Play, Record and Playback at the bottom. On the back is a red knob that turns and has FM Radio Control written underneath it. There is a label on teh back under a fold out stand that has a copyright mark followed by 1986 Fisher Price. Can you please tell me what this toy is called? Thank you.
battery operated table-top trainset
Can you please give any information on a toy train I had as a child. It was on a track of felt and driven by vibration. The train had the engine and Ithink 3 coaches. The track was a figure of eight and at the top end the train went into a tunnel under the mountain. It worked by the nap of the felt on the bottom of the train running in an opposite direction to that of the vibrating track. Any info would be very welcome. Circa 1950's. Thank you, Dave.
Battery operated tin chef toy.
In the late 60's/eary 70's there was a toy that I used to play with. It was a hand-me-down from older brothers/sisters/cousins, so it may have been a 50's-60's vintage toy. It was a chef standing over a square tin oven. The batteries went in the bottom of the oven, I think either 2 or 4 "D" cell batteries. The chef would move and flip his skillet. Can you identify this for me? Thanks!
I am trying to identify a stuffed bear I have had since mid-70's. He is wearing a military or boy scout type outfit with a red helmet saying "Kerby"
Bessie Moo Cow
My dad had a plastic bessie moo cow from when he was little (he is 60 now, so probably from the 50's-60's.)She was on a string, and when you pulled her, her head bobbed up and down, and she would moo. Do you know what this toy was called, who made it, and where I might find one?
best selling toy
What was the biggest selling toy of 1957? What was the biggest selling toy of 1957?
i had this toy when i was a kid and it was a blue plastic cube with many sides and on each side there was a hole that was a square, circle, triangle etc and you would take the plastic shapes (that were kept in the blue plastic square) and place them in the appropriate hole for the shape, do you have any clue what it was called, who made it or where i can find one?
big fish little fish
when my daughter opened the card game "big fish little fish" up, she accidentally tossed the instructions. I did not notice them on the rules you have below. can you help me with getting the instructions? Thank you so much
Biplane Shooting Game Late '70's
When I was a kid my brother got a really cool game for Christmas (between '76-'78). I can't remember what it was called but it was a Biplane shooting game. You and your opponent each had a plastic biplane that shot metal marbles at each others plane. To win you had to hit a target under the plane that would make it collapse forward. This was a really fun game, I was wondering if you've heard of it, and might know the name of it. Is it hard to find?
BLAZE Mattel's 1960's Ride On and Sound producing horse.
Can anyone tell me if repairs were ever possible on this toy?
Blaze Talking Horse
I have "Blaze", Mattel's Talking horse from the 1960's. I'd like to find out where I can get the spring action repaired in the articulating legs? Thanks,
Blow up Fred Flinstone
When I was a child(late 1970's) I played with an inflatable toy at my Grandmother's house. I think it was Fred Flinstone or looked very similar to him. It seemed like an older toy at the time so I can't say when it would have been made. Do you have any idea what this toy might have been and what company made it? I would love to get my hands on one and surprise all my cousins that also loved playing with it.
I am trying to locate a fond action figure from my childhood. It was an 8 inch figure, mostly blue. One arm was metallic silver and held a metallic silver shield with a small light in the middle. The figure also wore a helmet.
Blue Plastic Skateboard
I had a blue plastic skateboard in late 70's. Can't remember the brand bu distinctly remember that it had upturned corners on both ends. The surface was very rough and had really loose trucks for great turning. Any ideas???
Board Game - Haunted House, Pull-string talking ghost
I had a board game in the 70's; the board was a cutaway view of a haunted house with a monster in the basement and you had to get out of the house. It had seveal different colored plastic feet as game pieces. Game play involved pulling the string on a talking ghost when you landed on certain spaces (or picked a card?). I've tried to find record of it but haven't had any luck. Any idea?
board game
looking for a game that used sort of mini or micro machines cars from 1980s- early 90s. The track allowed for water to be put in a ravine area and I believe it was played with dice. Cannot seem to find it and cannot remember the name either. Please, does this ring a bell?
Board Game
Will the board game Mr.Gameshow every per sold or reproduced?
board game- alphabet race
I remember playing a board game in the early to mid 90's in which the board had the alphabet and each player had a peg in a hole next to a letter. There were cards with objects on and you would pull one and have to name an object that would go with the category of objects shown on the card. (I believe this game was supposed to help children learn the alphabet. For example you would start at A and the card pulled might have foods on it, so you would name a food that starts with the letter A. The first person to get there peg to Z won. Does anyone remember what this game was called so I could find it on E-bay?
Board game- Mr. Spin the Nose
Do you know of this game or what company made the game. I was probably about 8 so it was 1981 when I had this game, but I think it was a hand me down from a family member. It was such a great game with removable sheets that slipped ontop of the game board to transform it into several different games. The spinner was attached to the board and was "Mr spin the nose" with the spinner in place of his nose. He had a perfectly round white head and a red nose. I've looked all over the web and can't find it. I'd love to find out more about it. Thank you for your help, and the fantastic site.
Board Game promoted by Vincent Price
In the 70's vincent price promoted a game that had something to do with these sliding pieces and marbles or a marble that sat on top and you slid the pieces to try an sink your opponents marble I believe. I cannot remember this game if you could help me's driving me crazy!... Thank You!
board game
had a game were you looked through a view finder,and dropped bombs on a rotating play field?
Board Game
i used to play a board game when i was a wee lad, it had rubber monsters as the play peices, like a green one that was fat and had eyes that were like arms coming out from its head, and blue one that i think was like water?, a yellow one with funky hair kinda deal.... just wondering if you have any idea what that game is because i cant find anything remotley simular too it.... i can barly find grape escape online,,, so im thinking this is a losing battle.. i was born in 1985 so this might give you a time frame
board game
my husband has a game called wall street journal made by hasbro and it has a NBC peacock in the corner . I cannot find it anywhere He wants to list on e bay but i don't know the time period or anything about the game have you ever heard of it.
Board Game
What year was electronic battleship created. Was this after regular battleship was sold?
board game
Where can I find the directions for Corduroy Birthday Games?
Board Game--Purple plastic tower w/ holes and steel ball
As a child I played this game for hours trying to win. It was popular in the early 70's. If I can remember everything correctly it was plastic and purple with round holes up each side (four sided). The object of the game was to get a steel ball up to the top using a scoop without letting your ball fall through a hole on the way up. It was probably at 12" tall. I would love to find this game. Thanks for your help.
bouncing horse
I recently bought an antique bouncing horse bearing the name bronco boy on it. It is wood mounted on a "u" shaped steel spring turned sideways with wood feet. Can you tell me the approximate value and origin?
Boys toy - Fighter planes that you would wear on your fingers?
I am trying to convince my colleagues at work about a toy I used to play with. I am sure it was a cartoon and you could buy the toy planes that you could wear on your fingers. Please help
brazt doll
What are the reviews and opinions of people about bratz dolls in America??
Brik blocks
I have a set of BRIK building blocks that I picked up second hand and I am wondering if we can buy additional "nails" or "connectors" for them? I can't seem to locate them on line at all, other than ebay, and then you have to buy complete sets of used blocks with minimal numbers of connectors! Thank you
Bugs Bunny
Value of 1961 mattel toys bugs bunny mint condition?
Building Blocks
I swear when I was a child (mid 1970's)I had some blocks called Tacos/TAKos..they were plastic...any clues
Building Sets / Construction Toys
I am trying to find the name of a building set made of transparent colored plexiglass or acrylic squares and tubes that could be connected together through grooves on the sides of the pieces. It was a very colorful set that my parents bought us and has since disappeared. Do you have any idea of the name. We probably got this in the 70s. thanks, Catherine
Candyland Game
What year was the first Milton Bradley Candyland Game on the market
Card Game
I noticed SWFTE was in your web site, I am looking for their computer Bicycle Solitaire Windows Series Version 3.10. Do you have it, or know were I can get it?
Carlson Dolls (Native american handmade)
I found a brand new doll with a Carlson Doll tag on it stating it's #3 of 6, labeled "collectors item, handcrafted to keep Americans aware of our heritage". Yet it does not specify when it was made, where or what tribe. It's small dark skinned (about 3") plastic with the #10 kind of branded on the bottom of one foot, wearing a teal green leather dress with a white leather bandana on it's head and a white leather belt tied on the back & has long black braided hair tied with black leather ties. The face has hand painted eyes looking to the left and handpainted eyebrows as well (adorable face). I'd like to know where it comes from, who made this doll, what year it was made and the value.
Carter's Plush Duck
We are searching for a Carter's plush duck that my grandson received 3 years ago at birth. He is hospitalized now and the duck was lost between the ER and his hospital room. If anyone has any ideas, please contact me.
Carter's sensory (animal sounds cube) toy 2003
I'm looking for a cube plush toy that makes animal sounds it has 5 animals that make sounds on the top is a cat (white terry cloth with yell. dots), on the sides are a chick ( green w/orng beak,wings,feet & orng. & yel. worm),a sheep (white fleece with yel. feet &head jumping over a white fence), a dog( wht. terrycloth and velour with red nose and drk. blue satin ears w/light blue squares with a bone in his mouth, and a fish (grn. satin w/prpl fin and tail. it also has 4 handles that have different colors and textures (pink velour, orange terry cloth, satin yellow w/orange dots, and a dark purple material with light purple dots.each animal makes their own sound (meow,rooof etc...) Tag has Z08568 reg no. pa 2674 manufactured by Kids?? Inc.
in the late 1970s/early 80s i had a plastic owl maybe about a foot high dressed as a professor with a chalkboard tummy thatopened up for storeage canyou please tell me its name??
Chicco Math and Magic
I would love to purchase this toy for a Xmas gift, where can I find it? Thanks.
child cd player
I can't find a store that sells the Fisher-Price Tuff Stuff Stereo CD player. Can you help me? Thanks, Leslie
Children's Record early 1970's
I had a record which I loved as a child. It was about a little duck who somehow gets lost. There was a maze on the back of the album cover which you could follow along his little trip to find his way back.
Childs john deere pedal tractor
I have a john deere pedal tractor dating around the 1970`s. The steering column is missing and I have been unable to find one. Do you know where I maybe able to look.
Child's toy in late 60's Chicken Lotto
Is it possible to get a new package of chicken lotto coloured balls? The chicken is still in great shape!
Childs wagon from Sears
We have a childs wagon from Sears -XL 500- maybe 1960's, excellent condition. Can you tell me anything about what price we should sell it for?
Cinderella castle with blocks
I had this toy in the mid eighties. The toy was Cinderella's castle, and it was electronic. It came with different colored plastic blocks (each side of the block had a disney character) which you would insert into 4 electronic slots on the front of the blue cinderella castle. Do you happen to know what the name of this toy is? Thanks, Amber
Cinderella Magical Vanity
Where do I find replacement parts for the Cinderella Magical Vanity...especially the Key?
circus train
My sister and I had a toy in the early 80's (though it may have been purchased at a garage sale and so be older. You put together an oval blue track which had various fairground type things and the little battery operated "train" car was an elephant. the elephant went around the track picking up and dropping off little men who had ball bearings in them so that they would roll down into the elephant. Do you know what this toy is called or who made it? Thanks
Classic kids kitchen playset from the mid 1970's
I'm looking for a round (maybe octogan shaped) kitchen playset that you can play with on a tabletop with primary colorful plastic doors. The lower part of the playset had a refrigerator, stove, sink, etc. Just above it had colorful plastic door storage areas. I'm guessing maybe a foot high and 6 inches wide. I also believe it had lights and sounds. I had one of these in the 1970's and is desperate to get one for my girls.
Clothespin dolls
I have 4 clothespin dolls I purchased at a yard sale & know nothing of them the boy doll has overalls (felt) a bandana type scarf around his neck & a bonnet. The girls all have long pant type underware w/lace at the bottom, dresses and smocks all trimmed with lace, bonnets or bows in hair. One dolls dress is felt material to match the boy doll. I'd like to know what years they are from and their value.
clown - plastic - reliance prod. - 1968
I have a plastic clown approx 11" tall and hollow thin plastic. He is sitting and holding an instrument of some sort. It has a pink hat, pink suit, red shoes, blue neck ruffle, and a yellow trumpet or some instrument in its hands. There is a hole in the bottom of it and around is stamped 1968 Reliance Prod. Corp. This was from something when I was a child but no one can remember what. Some remember it being from a lamp others from a mobile. I would like to know what this clown was from with the hopes of restoring it.
During the early 80s, my grandmother used to have a Russian Clown head hanging on her wall and whenever we pulled the drawstring tie down, it released water at us out of its mouth and laughed.
color changing when wet.
Do you know what is added to the hot wheels paint to make them change color when they got wet and where I might be able to locate it? Thank you for any info.Mark Miller
Computer Game
I had a toy - a small computer that you could learn to type - it was portable and I can't even remember the screen what it looked like - all i remember that there was a variety of games and also a simon says type of game where it would say "press A" in a /r2 D2 type of voice.... I would plug it between 1985 and 1988. Thanks for your effort. Jackie Z
computer game
where can i find a REALLY old Mc dondals pc game?
Connecting see through shapes
Looking for the name of these Hard plactic, see through shapes that have 4 slits in each that the shapes can me joined. I believe these toys would have been made in the 70's but possibly in the late 60's. I remember playing with these as a child. (born in 1970)
construction toy
i would like to know the name of the toy system in where you put dominoe like pieces in patterns and cool designs and then you knock them down and i remember this toy from like the early 90's
copyright 1950 The Dolly Toy Co.
I have 3-sets of wall Pin-ups from The Dolly Toy Co. All in great shape, wondering what they would be worth or how to find out. Set 1 is Little Boy blue Nursery rhyme with the cows in the corn and the sheep in the meadow. Set 2 is a covered wagon with a boy faced cowboy singing by a fire and a howling dog. Set 3 is a cowboy, horse and calf he is roping. All separt pieces. Can you help me? Thanks. Karen
cracker jack
What is the breed of the Cracker Jack dog named Bingo?
craft toy
1vx0 1970's toy, tiny small colorful plastic pieces would snap into plastic sheet to make a picture, came wiyh a small tool to pry pieces out of plastic sheet, before light btight came out
Dakin nutshell stuffed dog
Where can I find someone you may have a Dakin dog? Tag is labled 1979 with a 16 with a circle around it.
davy crockett guitar
i have found a davy crockett toy guitar with crank on the side turning the crank it plays the theme song davy davy crockett it is in excellent condition and still works what would is it worth ? i know it is from the early 1950s cause my brother had one like it then.
Die Cast Car City
One year my brother receive a toy city with plastic buildings that would snap together, and we could run our matchbox and hotwheels cars on it. It was not a foldable city. Do you know who made it and how can I find one? It came from a Sears, Pennys or Montgomery Ward catalog probably in the late 70s or early 80s
I remember on the tag a pair of praying hands or a pair of hands clapped together, what company had that? The toy was from ikea, bought in the year 1986 or 1987, was purple, and had yellow velor humps on the back and I'm looking for a second new one.
dinosaur toy
im looking for a plush toy dinosaur, i believe it was from the 90's. they came in neon colors and squeaked when you squeezed them. ive been looking for them everywhere and i cant find them.
In 1987 my son had a push n go type dinosaur. It was purple with a yellow bird on its back. When you pushed the bird down the dinosaur shoot off across the floor. It was made of hard plastic and was about6inches long and 4 or 5 inches high. It may have been called a dinoRoar PLEASE any idea where i can get one now?
Discontinued Tonka Truck Toy
I have a discontinued toy and would like to buy another one. The toy is a tonka truck CXT International truck which was discuntinued in 2005. Help?!?
Dog - battery operated - 1960's
This dog is from the 60's when you pull his leash it turns him on and he walks. He also has a bone with a magnet that he can pick up and the leash has a squeeze horn on it.
Sometime around the mid-70s to the mid-80s I had a plastic toy dog that was about 8-10 inches tall. It sat on its hind legs and was white with brown spots (sort of beagle-looking). When you pushed on its stomach or its nose, the ears would drop, the tongue would stick out and then it would roll forward. What's it called, who makes it, and where can I find it?
I bought a soft mini(7 inches across) frisbee in a dollar store 1 year ago and the dollar store is now out of business. The name of the toy is "Floppy Frisbee". It is Lime green material on the outside border and bright blue center with Floppy Frisbee imprinted on it with a puppy picture stamped under the name. I have found it but for 6 to 12 times the 1 dollar price I paid. HELP!!!! It's my Chihuahua's favorite toy and its shredded from over use!
Doll - 1950's- in trunk
I had a doll that came in a red metal trunk. I think the inside of the trunk had a drawer and a hanger for doll clothes. The doll did not have joints at the arms and legs. She had eyes that opened and closed and reddish-brown hair. She was about 20 inches or so in length. Her face was vynal to my best recollection. Do you have any idea what kind of doll this might be? I am looking to replace her and the trunk.Thank you.
I would like to know the name of the "magnetic" paper dolls sold during the 1960's
When I was a little girl my Mum bought me a huge 4-storey white barbie house, with a lift & roof was one that had the kitchen on ground floor, living room on 1st, Dining room on 2nd & bedroom/bathroom on 3rd, then a roof terrace! I played with it for hours and hours on end and would now like to find the original for my daughter... please can you help in time for Christmas? Thank you, Natalie.
doll - cloth - kit - 1970's
In the 1970"s my mom made me a cloth doll from a kit. To the best of my recollection, she had long blonde yarn hair, velvet eyes with small diamonds(I could be wrong on that) sewn features, black shoes and a blue dress. I called her Laurie, but that could have been from the Partridge Family. Do you know anything about a doll like this? Thanks.
Doll - Ice Cream miniatures
Looking for the name of (or where I can buy) a set of miniature plastic dolls (1-2 inches tall) with ice cream cones/fudgesicles on top of their heads. I think they came with a nylon necklace with an ice cream cone that they went in. I remember having 4 of them.
Doll - Shirley Temple - 1959-1960
1959-1960 shirley temple ideal vynal doll st-19-1 good condition original clothing. value of doll.
Doll - Vinyl - 15"
Trying to id this doll. She looks kinda like a sweet sue. has rooted strawberry blonde hair is wearing little drop ear rings 1/4" across is like a ball with a gold drop on the bottom. she is wearing a blue heart shaped hat that has pink flowers sewn on it, her eyes open and shut with lashes on top and painted in on bottom. Body is soft vinyl. her arms move at shoulder and legs move at the hip. she is wearing blue see through dress (organdy) it has 2 pink bows sew on the front connected by a ribbon. she is carrying a black patten v shaped purse that has a red and yellow flower and green leaf. she is wearing nylons with a seam up the back and red hi-heel shoes. her nails are painted red. I believe she may be from the late 50's. there are no marks on her she has on cotton panties with a lace trim and a very stiff petticoat that seems to have wire around the bottom. she was in a glass case with wood at the corners. also thought she might be from american character or ideal. I have spend many hours going through pictures on internet, any help will be appreciated.
Doll - Witch (unknown name)
When I was a girl (1970's), I had a doll with purple skin and green hair. Her eyes lit up with a green light. Can you tell me the name of this doll?
1948 Philadelphia,Pa. purchased. Doll with bonnet, Slotted mouth for cardboard food 1/8'thick pictured (cookie, banana) when pushed through mouth food drops into bonnet from back of the head slot. No mess, can feed over and over again. thank you
Is the Paul drink and wet doll by Corolle phthalate-free vinyl? Are there any other drink and wet dolls that are free of phthalates?
Doll Buggy + Repair Parts + late 1930's
I need several parts for a doll carriage made in the late 1930's. It is wood veneer with canvas hood and metal supports for the body and the hood. Approx. 24" by 24" over all size. Thanks.
Doll from the late 80's
I only knew of one other person who had this doll. I think that there was more than just the one that I had in this collection. Mine had pink cotton-candy hair and pink iridescent clothes and had an ear that, to me as a young child, looked like a leaf. In the little booklet that came with it, I remember something in the story about a childless couple who decided to make dolls. I remember an illustration of a starry sky in this booklet, and a jar of what looked like either marbles or gumballs. Can you help me?
Doll HOuse
I am looking for direction on how to assemble a wooden doll house that was purchased 7 to 10 years ago, I believe it to be a victorian doll house and includes precut mouldings and windows (Everything but furniture). Can you help?
doll house
what was the name of a doll house that had 3 levels. each level had a color and was made from clear hard acrylic or lucite. the levels were attached like a stairs. the levels were like open oblong containers that could be stacked any direction but in a stair like manner. the furniture and dolls were plastic too. even tiny wall pictures were included. the time was either 1969, 1970,1971. i remember it had a name like the future doll house. please help.
Doll Inside Flower
In the early to mid eighties i had a toy that was a small doll inside a flower that bloomed when you added water to reveal the doll inside. Do you know what this was called or have a picture of it???
Doll- Little Lost Baby
I got this doll as a gift when I was about 6 years old and have been trying to find it for years. What would suggest I do to find it?? Thanks, Micki
Doll- not much info
I'm looking for a doll I had when I was about 8 years old. She has curly brown hair and a yellow dress. I believe she was purchased at Wal-mart. I don't know much about her but I'm really hoping I can find her with the little bit of info I do have. She may be porcelain, i'm not sure. White tights and white shoes. Kind of a small checkered pattern on the dress. If you could help me that would be great. Thanks
doll smokey the bear
Ihave a plush smokey the bear from ideal toys circa'62-'63. Its missing an eye and his Ranger hat im wondering what its value might be its in very good shape otherwise
DOLL SOLD IN 1948-1950'S
I am looking for a doll that was made of soft rubber throughout, and had moulded hair on it's head. The rubber was soft rubber and plyable, and the arms,head, legs were movable. Had open fixed eyes. She was probably about 12-14" in length. Do not know the make of doll. I loved my doll (called Valerie), She became browned by being dried each time by the open fire after my bath. Any information would be appreciated. Cheers, Ivy
doll toys
In the 60's I had a doll hospital bed. I think it was made by Tonka. Ever hear of it? I've been trying to research it to no avail. Thank you. sharon.
Doll with growing hair
I remember having a doll in the 1980's (mid 1980's) and she had a butterfly on the side of her head. When you raised her arm, her hair grew and you wound her other arm to pull the hair back in. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of this doll!
Doll( type of doll like a barbie, but not a barbie doll from 1970's)
I am looking for a barbie type doll from the 1970's. It was dressed in clothes like you would find on holly hobbie or from the little house on the prairie time period. She had long reddish brown hair and i believe she came with a play kitchen( or maybe this was bought seperately). but the kitchen had furniture and appliances from an earlier time period.( an old fashioned stove, refrigerator and sink with a hand pump.) Any help is appreciated.
doll, Madeline rag
Where can I get Madeline RAG doll. Is she safe, not treated wtih flame retardent or other chemicals?
DOLL, mid-late 70's or early 80's
This was a small baby doll,maybe 12 inches long with a skinny fabric body and very soft vinyl hands, feet, face, and hiney. It had very dark hair and smelled of baby powder. I think its clothing had a flap to reveal the hiney! I can't remember the name of this doll or its maker, if anyone can help, please let me know! TIA!
can u direct me where to get the vaule dolls named bennie and sissy made by playskool?
I had a Cathy Quick Curl doll as a child my friend had doll was the same only I believe she was African American. What was her name? Are they very hard to find?
I have a 1974 Ideal doll, manufactured in Hollis, NY. Her head swivels to make her hair blonde and brunette. What is her name and how much is she worth in good to excellent condition?
I have a 1977 Bradley company Glamour doll name is carly or carla blue dress,blue hat looks like she did when bought. Tag is gone
I have a Chiquita Doll from Curacao and was wondering when it was made and what it might be worth
I have a Dr. Dolittle cloth doll with a rubber/plastic head. The tags shows mattel 1962. How can I find out more info on it and what it's worth. I also have a 45 barbie record. It was the first barbie record made in the 50's in a series but from my understanding didn't do well therefore they didn't make any more. Any info on it or where I could find info would be appreciated. thank you
i recently send an question on 1977 Bradley doll (Glamour doll) carly or carla but instead she might be a big eye doll but they might be same thing just want a value on her.
I remember a doll from the late 60s early 70s that screwed up her face to squeeze out tears. Can you help me identify the doll?
I was looking for a doll that my aunt had back in the 70s. She called it "soft tina", would it be possible for me to purchase that doll today?
i'm looking for device that makes doll mouth move as in open close
In the 70's we had these little dolls with diferrent colored hair. There were books that went with them. They rode in something like an elephant car, airplane, I thought topsey turvey or upside down was in their name but I am not sure.
Looking for doll(female)from late 50s-60s. 16-20 inches tall? Came with case that contained about 3 or 4 outfits with matching hats, high heel shoes and plastic jewelry. The case also contained a mannequin, the type a seamstress would use. One outfit was, I believe, a blue suit with red edging and a hat to match. The doll reminded me of Jaqueline Kennedy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking for this doll for years. Thank you!
My girlfriend had a doll when she was little, she lost it a long while back. My girlfriend was born march 7 1988, The doll had a small patch of hair that was in the front. She only has one pic of it but is very small but I can send you the small pic if it would help. I dont know much else about the doll I just would like to find it for her as a surprise.
Value of Bradley Doll Rosalinda made in Korea 1978
what is the name of the doll that had a big plastic skirt and you had to turn the doll to open it?
where can I find a toy monkey wearing sneakers (from the early 1970s)? And what is it called? Thank you.
Doll-1980's, rubber clothing
In the 1980's (i think around 1985), there were rubber dolls around 5 inches tall with rubber short hair cuts. The legs were fused together. The dolls came with either red hair, blond hair or a latin one with brown hair. They had rubber clothing that you could put on the dolls and plastic hats that had fake hair attached to them. I think they each came with a rubber tutu and were similar to the large polly-pockets. the dolls had shoes painted on and underwear/undershirts painted on as well. do you know what these dolls were called and who made them?
Doll-American Girl
I have an original 1986 Pleasant Co. American Girl along with many outfits and accessories. It is Kirsten made in West Germany the first year they were made. She has never been played with, and is in mint condition with all original everything. What is her value? Just the original Kirsten in original condition?
i have a doll - baby talk, which was bought for me by my Granny in 1985 on her visit to the states but i have lost the clothes is there any way i can get some new ones and also accessories?
Doll-Dolly Madison
How much would a dolly madison doll be worth today? my grandmother bought it somewhere around 1980. She has blond hair & is porcelein.
Dollhouse - Better Homes and Gardens
I am wondering if anyone has any pictures and/or information about the Better Homes and Gardens dollhouse that was sold in the very late 1970's or early 1980's? I had one myself and was in about 6th grade. I remember the daughter of the family had short blonde hair with a pink shirt and blue jeans. The mom had very short brown hair and wore a skirt. There was also a dad and little brother. The living room was 2 story with beige carpet (I actually got my mom's vacuum and vacuumed it with the little attachment), then came the dining and kitchen on the bottom floors, with a stair at the far end leading upstairs. There was a kids' bedroom, then a bathroom (I think - or it could have been a nursery but pretty sure it was a bath) then the parents' room. I remember my parents got me the dollhouse and my other relatives bought all the different furniture to go with it. The dishwasher even opened and you had real looking dishes (plastic though) and silverware to put in it. Anyway, no pictures of it survived in the family photos and my younger sisters trashed it later on. Any help would be great. Thanks!
I am trying to find a dollhouse I had in the early 80's. It had a small fake grass front lawn. It had a big great room, kitchen and a second floor over the kitchen area with one bedroom and a bathroom. I remember the mother doll was all plastic except for her brown fabric skirt. I do not remember the brand.
Dollhouse-late 80's-early 90's
I am looking for a dollhouse that I had when I was a child. It wasn't a well made one, it was pink, cheap plastic, it might have had white shutters but I'm not sure. I think it was a townhouse, I remember it had colored furniture, like pink plastic beds (the bedcovers were either painted on the bed or were maybe a sticker?) I loved this dollhouse and my mother threw it away and now I am looking to see if I can find one anywhere. I don't remember the name brand or much of anything else about it. I know i don't have much of a description, but I'm trying my best to remember it.Please help
Doll-Japanese Made
I owned a doll that was purchased for me at FAO Schwartz in 1979 or 1980 in Troy, MI. I believe that it was Japanese made. She was about 15-18 inches with beautiful clothes and striking iridescent deep blue eyes that had no whites to them. She wore Victorian style clothes and heavy black boots. I have never seen another doll like this and would like to get another one but I have no information to start looking. Her head and limbs were plastic with a cloth torso. Also, I remember that it was a rather pricey doll. I believe that it may have cost $100.00 or so in 1979. Thank you very much for all input. -Maria
dolls made in the USA
Do you know where I can find a doll for my toddler that is made in the USA?
Dolls with jobs
I was shopping online at Target yesterday and they had a toy called "dolls with jobs. It seems they are soft dolls dressed as different professions. They didn't have any, and I cannot locate them anywhere else. Can you? Thanks!
Playgroundkids cocoacola kids & Farmcountry kids dolls
what is the oldest rooted haired plastic doll? or when was the first rooted haired plastic doll invented?
Doll-small, two-sided
In the early to mid 90's I remember playing with small dolls that had two sides. You could flip parts of the doll to change their hat, outfit, shoes, etc. Do you remember what they are called?
Do you remember the commercial song that debut with the Tammy doll by Ideal in the 60s? Something like "she's tammy shes the one, she's ideal...."
Dolly Toy Pin ups - Disney
I have a question about the Pin-ups from Dolly Toy the “Casey Train” from 1950-1960 that I’m hoping you can answer. I’m curious why some of the pin-ups have an “arm connection” , two hands joining the cars together between the Pinocchio caboose car and the Mickey mouse car but other sets (from the same time era) do not. I’ve seen both and both and say they are from Dolly Toys? Do you happen to know why? Thank you for you time.
donald duck projector
have this toy from about 1955, can find no info anywhere, have original box [ also served as screen to show films] and extra film strips, have you ever heard of it?
dresser- american toy and furniture company, chicago il 1918
I have a small doll dresser with mirror, the label on back has uncle sam and two children along with a poem. It's dated 1918. Where can I find information on this item. I've had it for about 30 years.
educational toy
what was the toy that was square and had different shaped blocks that would pop up when you put the same color key in the slot. it was around from 1990-1995
Fighter jet G.I. Joe
We need an instruction manual for a G.I. Joe fighter jet that is Hasbro 2003. It has the words G.I. Joe and AF F22 and "Slip stream" written on it. It is electronic. I appreciate any help. Thanks,Lindy.
Floating one man toy boat.
Where can I find a floating one man toy boat made by Plakie Toy Co. late 1940 to mid 1950's?
Flying Helicopter attached to a Styrofoam base shaped like a ship/boat.
I am in search of a toy that I played with when I was a child mid-70's. This toy was a small flying helicopter that was attached to a Styrofoam base shaped like a ship. You would fly the helicopter around this ship via the cable that attached the two together and then you would be able to fly the helicopter to pick up stuff. Please let me know if you have any information on this item. Today's toy's that are similar are very small compared to what I used to play with. Again, Thanks for your help. Chris
Furry Furbie Like doll
In the mid 1990s to the beginning of 2000, there was a doll that came out that was furry, like a furbie. It was sorta like an alien, and it was a roundish shape. It was able to have babies, like it would open up its pouch and there would be eggs. It was battery opperated and interactive. I cannot remember what it's called. Do you?
gabriel colossal fossil fight
Where can i find a Gabriel toy ? Colossal Fossil Fight
Gabriel Toys looking for Workshop Willie
I have a toy named Workshop Willie that is missing pieces is there anywhere I can get pieces or another one?
Galoob Trash Bag Bunch
Ive been searching high and low for a certain toy from Galoob;s Trash Bage Bunch series. The one I'm looking for is named Wild Eye and I can't even seem to find a picture of it. Is that particular one more rare to find? Is there any ways I should specifically go about in finding it? Thank you so much!
I would like to locate a game from the late 1960's -early 1970's called Funny Bones. I believe it was developed by Parker Brothers. Thans
game - board game - unknown
Metal game board pieces? They were found by a metal detectorist in a football field in September 2007. Dealing with 2002 world cup, shaped like metal nuts, brass colored. stamped with "2002 world cup" and some of the sports depicted on either side also stamped on them, i.e., basketball, car racing, soccer and some sort of "low net" basket ball game. What could they be? Thank you. (no items found matching these pieces anywhere)
Game - Card - 1982
I am looking to purchase a 1982 card game by hennard called "Raise the Roof"
Game - Name of it
What is the toy game that had harness horse on metal wheels that elevated up a conveyor belt to the top and then release for them to race down to the bottom
On the November 2006 Questions and responses someone asked about an electronic battleship game with green grids and 4 periscopes. I remember the same game but cannot remember the name. I tried to view your reply to them but was unsuccessful. Do you know the name of this game???
Game from Early 1970s Drop Opponent's Discs to Win
It was not a board game. It stood upright on a table. I believe it was blue, all plastic with plastic parts. It was for two players. It had a clear door on each side facing each player. Each player would open the little door on his side and hang these little colored discs (they were orange and pink) from these pegs. One couldn't see what the other was doing. I could pull on the little pegs on my side (they had a little spring action) and if a disc was hanging on that peg on your side, it would drop. I think that if I got all your discs to drop first, for example, I was the winner. I have seen a few people asking about what seems to be the same game on here but not sure they have gotten a response.
game with big thumbs
In the late 60's early 70's my sister and I would play this game with big thumbs you would put on.I think one of the colors of the toy was pink.I would like to know the name of this toy...thanks!
What was the game that used the oversized slip on plastic thumbs to pick up things?
GE Antique Toy Record Player
I've recently acquired an antique GE toy record player, that I suspect may be from the 1940's and I'd like to know if it's a valuable piece before I let my child play with it. The original sticker on the back describes it as a GE "electronic toy consolette model 4SJ2A1".
giant pvc-like building set
In the 1990's my sister and I had this giant pvc-like building set. It had different sizes and colored pipes, it had wheels so you could build a car and it was big enough and sturdy enough for us ride on what we built. It had large orange squares that would snap in place that you could sit on. I really want to know what these are called, I can't find them anywhere. Thank you so much!!
giant toy turtle
Around 1970 I had a giant toy turtle (light green with dark green spots---about 2' high and 2.5'-3' long) that I could "ride" or flip over to make a seat in the hollowed out tummy. Mom and dad can't remember where they got it and its making me crazy trying to figure it out. I want to try and get another one. Thanks in advance for your help. James
Gingerbread House Board Game
I remember playing a game from about the 1960s or 70s, but I'm not sure when exactly it was made since it was a game handed down to me as a child. I haven't seen the game in years and was wondering if you remembered what it was called and any information from it. In the game, you went around the board and gathered sections to a gingerbread house. The object was be the frist to collect all of your pieces and build your gingerbread house.
I had a toy (or game?) in 1970 or so that consisted of a giraffe's head, a set of pegs to form the giraffe's neck, and a box to guide the pegs. To play, I'd put the giraffe's head on the box, then start shoving pegs into the box. Once the box filled with pegs, the giraffe's head would rise higher and higher with each peg until it finally fell over. Do you know what toy or game this was?
Gloria toy company plush
I have a strange plush animal...a plush rabbit with a plastic/rubber face. I know it is from the 1960's, and it has a tag on it that says "Gloria Toy company- Creators of plush toys for young America-New York 12,N.Y. Can you tell me anything about this company and their toys?
Glow In-The-Dark Finger Puppets
During the mid to late 60's I had 3 glow in-the-dark ghost finger puppets that were made I believe out of rubber, where can I go to locate these?
golf chia pet
i saw a chia pet grass grower type of thing but it was a desk top golf course about 4X5-ish.... do you know what it is called and where i can get one? i saw it in june 2007. i have been searching and dont know how to find it. thanks
gray ship on wheels carrying robots from mid 1980's to early 90's
I am looking for this toy from my childhood. It was a large gray ship on wheels that had a door in the back that opened and the front had a sharp plow with prongs. It carried 2 robots. The ship was large about 18 inches long and 12 inches wide.
Green Plastic Military Type Helmet 1960's
My Grandfather bought me this toy helmet it had a colored visor like a helicopter pilot style I thought it was monkey division but I can't find a picture to confirm what this toy actually might of had a toy microphone in it too
Green Road - Matchbox?
As a kid I received in 1983-84 I received a track that was green plastic with painted white lines diving the lanes. Each piece connected to each other with little tabs that would slide similar to a train track. The set came with plastic signs and you could make a whole town with parking areas and intersections with the pieces the manufacturer provided. I am trying to find one for my son and can't remember the name or even how to locate one. Can you help?
greyhound toy wagon
how much is a 1955 greyhound toy wagon that you pull worth?
GUN - Cap replica 1980's
Who made the like heavy plastic replica cap guns in the 1980's? There was a Luger, Baretta, Walther PPK and a .45. Thank you
I am looking for "Petunia the PIg" by GUND from the early 1990's. Where is the best place to find older stuffed animals?
Hand puppet
I have an old "Zorro"hand puppet made by Gund Mfg.Co.for Walt Disney in the 50`s,(it`s in excelant cond.)Where can I find out it`s worth and collectability,Gund on Google does`nt help much!
hand toy
Do you know the name of the toy that is made of some type of rubber, you would hold it up and down, and the liquidy stuff inside would cause it to slip through your hand into your other hand right below? The rubber dipped into the center on the top and also on the bottom
Hedstrom spring horse
Why did Hedstrom close and stop making their spring horses?
help me find
I am looking for- sold in downtown disney store - disneyland doll ,girl blonde hair has disneyland sweatshirt on, comes in purple backpack
Hot Wheels Playset
In the early 80s, I used to play with a Hot Wheel's type playset that was two levels and folded together like a briefcase. The cars would go onthe top level and roll down the track that was intertwined in the two levels. What was the name of that playset?
how you fix teddy ruxpin
how i fix his eyes and mouth.
Hunting Game
Where can I find the Marx Rabbit Hunting Game? Thank you
I have a battery operated car the CRUSADER 101 by Deluxe Reading Corp. 1960's
It's missing fender mirror-Can I find one & what is the cars value ?
Ideal 1955 plush dog/crank music box inside (same line as Patty Prays 1957)
I've been looking for this was my favorite. It looked like a cocker spaniel. It had a rubber face & it was stuffed in yellow or brown fur (in a laying down position) with a crank box in the belly which cranked out music. I'm hoping to be able to purchase one, but I don't know what the name of it is, so it's impossible to find it on ebay or any other sale forum. Thanks
Imaginarium spin art
we need instructions for this toy.
I have a 6 volt battery powered ride on car. It was purchased for me in about 1972. It has a very lrgible sticker on the underside that has the Sears model #239.865030. It looks like a T-bucket hot rod and has a decal on the top og the front axle "cover" that reads "LECTRA IV" and on each side of the body of the car is a decal that reads "SCREAMER" I contacted Sears and they do not have any info on that part #. Any and all info greatly appreciated. Also any suggestions on resources for further research greatly appreciated.
itza football
does anyone still make them, if so where can I get one ? thank you
I would like to know if you have ever seen a noise maker like this it’s a J. Chein toy it is made of a tin frame that is 10” long from the top of toy to bottom of handle with a paper drum 6 ½ “ in diameter, both sides of pan drum have a clean detail of a clown face, both sides of the pan drum have a rattle ball attached. I have seen other Halloween type noise makers by chein but don’t know any thing about this one .
bought in 1977 looks like they are made of pewter not pointed have not been able to find any information on them at all
Jammie Pies doll
Hoe do I get a dark stain off of my rubber faced Jammie Pies doll? Please help
In the early to mid 90s there was a toy jet plane that could attach to a base with a joystick like handle. If you leaned the plane down or up it would make noise like a jet fly by. There was also a button on the top of the "joystick" that would make gunfire sounds if you pressed it. I have searched everywhere and can't find it and have no idea what it's called. Please help.
Jumbo Love - similar to a Puffalump
Who was the maker of Jumbo Loves? Is there anywhere you can buy them these days? They were about 2 feet tall
Justin Case Doll/Patches McGee
Do you know where i could find Justin Case Doll from the Patches McGee collection?
Kenner's vintage star wars action figure line
What bacame of the original manufacturing dies from 1977-1985?
keychain - egg toy - 1990s
Looking to identify a toy that came out in the 90s. It was a keychain "pet" toy, shaped like a chicken egg. Half the egg would open up, triggering (what I'm guessing is) a spring release. Inside, under a clear plastic dome, was a nature scene that would animate. Such as I believe one of them had a pre-historic scene with a dinosaur or sabretooth tiger that would vibrate a bit or move around. It was not digital and not Tamagotchi (or Digipets or other knockoffs), as they came out years before Tamagotchi. Many Many thanks!
kids art desk
i need replacement lenses/discs for the projector thats attatched to the desk please help
Kids Talking Alarm Clock
i have been looking for about 7 years for this's blue in color...and it had several different voices as the alarm....a middle eastern voice ...a southern voice...all telling jokes and silly stuff to wake you was stolen and i have been looking ever mother says she purchased it at JC penny...but im not sure of the year...not too old though.....I am not sure if you even know what i am talking about but if you could help in any way....i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
King Prancer jumping horse with springs
Purchased in the 1960's? Manufacturer? Blazon? Value?
kitchen set
my wife is looking for a toy pink hippo sink and blue penguin stove and green turtle refridgerator that she had as a kid can you help her?
K'nex electronic arcade
Is there an online instruction booklet for K'nex electronic arcade? Thank you.
Large Plush Dolphin
My son lost his SPECIAL large stuffed animal dolphin at an airport a couple of months ago. It was approximately 30" and was multi colored pastels. I have looked on-line and can't find anything like it. Do you know what kind it was or where I could find something similar?
Large Plush Heart
I am wondering where I can find, and who makes, a large plush pink heart that stands about 18-24 inches tall, has a smiling face, two white plush hands on either side and two big plush shoes that was sold at Walgreens for valentine's day in 2007
Largish flat faced doll with blonde yarn hair and swirling eyes, colorful clothes
Can you identify this doll from mid to later 1960's?
late 1960s rag doll BeBop Baby
I am trying to locate a rag doll called BeBop Baby- pull a string & she said phrases like "You Bug Me Baby." My daughter received one for Christmas around 1967 - ? the period of "flower children"--baby was dressed & talked in that period.
Laughing, Spitting Head
During the 70's, I remember these hanging on people's walls. You pull a German-looking man's tie, he spits at you, then begins to laugh, his tongue wagging in and out of his mouth as he does so. I think the heads were carved from wood. I can't find any evidence of these online. Any suggestions?
Life Size Building Blocks
In the mid to late 80's, my parents purchased several sets of life sized building blocks from Toys R Us. I don't remember what they were called or the brand name, but i would really like to buy some somewhere for my own children. Each block was about 18" square and maybe 3" thick. They had 3 tabs on two sides, and 4 tabs on the other two sides so that they could interlock with each other. As i remember, they were brightly colored in blue, red, and yellow. They were of a very sturdy plastic, and hollow inside. We used these blocks to build forts and all kinds of other things. If you could tell me the brand name, that would really help me to track some down today. Thank you very much!
like a puffalump
I am looking for the company that makes a stuffed toy like a puffalump but has a seal on the hand instead of the foot it was pink and looked like a pig and elephant combined it was purchased in 1987 I have pictures if needed. The stanmp on the hand looks embroided.
I have a Little Orhpan Annie doll, she is cloth and has yarn hair. She is in good condition. >From what I can make out, her tag says 1977. Is this worth anything? Do you know about how much? Thanks!!
Little Tikes Pink Two Seater Sit n Spin
A couple of years ago Little Tikes made a two seater sit n spin type thing that is now discontinued. Looks like a sit n spin only its on a base and the turn thing is on the top and two kids can sit in it. It was pink. Do you know what it is called and if you can purchase it anywhere now? Thank you
I'm looking for a blue Marsh a mellow stuffed animal. My mother purchased one for my son about a year ago at J.C. Penny, but cannot find them there anymore. Does anyone know where I could find one?
Loop the loop coaster toy.
I rememeber playing with this toy when I was a kid in the early 1980s. It was a battery operated roller coaster with 3 penguins.I remember it having steps on one side and a slide on the other. Now I have a son of my own and I wanted to buy him one of that. I remember seeing it online a few years back, but now I cant find it anywhere. Can someone help me please?
how much is a vintage 1980 popeye lunchbox worth?
machin gun
I have a question and I hope you can help me. Back in the mid 1970s around 1976-1978 I was given a machine gun it looks like a M2 machine gun with an internal projector that was used to project a film strip and you could see the image on a wall or any surface the film strip was of WW1 plains and blimps and the film strip was move horizontally by a motor adapted in front of the trigger the trigger had a needle and when pull this used to punch the film strip and will give the appearance that planes were hit can you tell me the name or manufacture of this toy. Thanks’ for your help
madam alexander doll pussycat 1960
want info on original outfits for ma doll pussycat kitten baby doll where to get outfit & info ma does not have info
madeline rag doll
Where in the Baltimore/Towson, Md. area can I find her?
Magic Bottle Baby
I want to know where can I find another Magic Bottle baby? The doll was made in 1990 by Tyco. Can you help me find another one?
Magic skin doll
I have a 14" Ideal Magic skin doll, dressed in original button up undershirt and underpants in original box with original packing. She was bought December 1949. What would be the price of this doll on today's market? I have never seen one on line. Thanks
magnet board - magnets picked up and dropped in holes
I can't find this toy, and do not know the name. Say that this toy is about the length and width of a piece of paper. There is a matrix of holes, in rows and columns, that little metal "pellets" can be manipulated into by the means of a magnet. You can make drawings of buildings, etc, by moving the pellets around to different holes. I was born in 1968 and played with this as a child. Do you know what it is called and if it is still available? Thank you. NEB
Manhattan Toy Tan Bunny circa 1994
I'm trying to find product info on a tan bunny made by Manhattan Toy. It was bought in Oxford, England in 1994. I need to find a replacement as it was recently misplaced, and has great sentimental value. I can find a picture if that would be helpful. It is about 10 inches tall, with long, narrowish ears that stick out. The underside of the ears, feet and hand pads are a slightly lighter color.
Man-in-the-Moon-Faced Rubber Ball
I was born and spent my first 41/2 years in Chicago. At that time, I have a hazy but distinct memory of playing with a rubber ball that had a man-in-the-moon face on it. I remember it being called a Tommy Ball. My most distinct memory is of being very disappointed upon losing one (I'm sure I lost many.) and badgering my mother to buy me another. I see an image of a display in a Woolworth's (or similar) with the balls unwrapped and available to be picked up and paid for. The ball was probably about the size of a tennis ball--small enough to be picked up in one hand and thrown by a 4-5 year old. Anyone have memories of this toy? I can find nothing about it.
Marsh a mellow squeeze please stuff lizard
My neice has a stuff lizard manufacter by the commonwealth corporation in 2005. Hoever, i have been trying to locate the lizard that she loves very much. The lizard is pink with a green tail. Can you help me?
Marx toys fruit and vegetable people
Am I the only person who remebers these toys!! Got them for Christmas 1968 and 1969. Came in a set of several fruit and vegetable people with some kind of 'fruit land or island' play set. Corn, watermelon and apple people are just afew. Any Help with names of characters,toy set name or pictures of same would help. Have looked at auctions sites for years without ever seeing them. Thanks for any/all help!!
Matchbox Build-a-truck and road system
Approximately 20 years ago I used to play with a Matchbox brand Build-a-truck (plastic chassis and parts that could be put together using a screwdriver 'drill' with a green bit (attach) and red bit (detach)) and also a Matchbox brand plastic road network with sections that connected with tongue and grooves, road signs, petrol stations, carparks etc. The Build-a-truck also came in Build-a-plane and, I think, Build-a-boat. I'm trying to find replacement parts for the road set and I would love to find any other build-a-toys full-stop. I've googled, searched on e-bay, written to Mattel, looked on Matchbox sites but I can't find any reference to them, let alone information on where to get them. They are definitely matchbox, because it's stamped on both toys. Thanks for any help you can provide.
math game
I had this toy when I was little in the late 80's early 90's. It was a blue calculator looking toy that would give you math problems and you answered them. There were different levels of difficulty. I cant think of the name of it?
Mattel Dolls
I have several dolls made Topper Corp. 1970, and three dolls that looke similar but were made by Mattel. They are 6 1/2" tall completly flexable. Their hair is sewn in and all facial features are painted including eyelashes. One has black hair and blue eyes, one has red or auborn hair and brown eyes, and the third is african anerican with an afro. All three are female. I would love to know more about them. I wasn't able to find anything when I searched online. Thankyou, Katie
Mattel or Matchbox 2002-2003
I'm looking for the name of the set of trucks that you can change the cabs and the bases with different styles (fire truck,Ambulance,ect) you can also change out the wells to make them into moster type truck.
Merry Go Round
I am looking for the replacement wheels for the little tikes octopus merry go round.
mid- seventies- the Itza football-
are they still being made any where, if so where ?
Mini-Dolls with snap on clothes
I am looking for this toy. My friend had it when we were young but I can't remember what it was called. It was a house that folded up and there were little dools in it that had differnet outfits that you could snap on to their bodies. I loved it so much but never recieved on myself. I would really like to know what it was called.
monkey - by gund
I would like to know more about a gold colored monkey from Gund that I received for my third birthday in 1954. It had a plastic face, hands and feet. The fingernails and toenails were painted and the monkey had a tail and squeeker. The monkey has short and kind of looped golden fur. I have never been able to find out anything about this monkey.
monkey thumbsucking 80's
what is the name of these thumbsucking monkies from the 1980's
Monster Making Machine
I am trying to find the name of a great toy I had as a child, to give to my son. It is used for making hollow plaster of Paris molds Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolf etc. It was available sometime in the late 70's to early 80's, I thought it's name was something like "Monster Machine" or "Monster Factory" and I think it was made by Mattel but I cannot find any reference anywhere on the web. Essentially, it involved filling a clear hard-plastic mould with plaster of Paris, then placing the mould in a plastic frame (I think the color of the frame was green and/or purple). After it is locked in place, you turn the handle of the machine for several minutes to spin the frame around and make the plaster spread throughout the mould. After it sets, the it can then be painted. I am looking for the name of this product, and if possible, where to purchase it. Please help. Thank you, Kevin.
monster truck arena with pull sled
during the mid 1980's when monster trucks were just starting to get famous, I believe matchbox came out with a full arena for their monster truck line complete with hard plastic "crushed cars" and a blue tractor pull sled. The playset consisted of a few garage bays and a vinyl mat that rolled up into the bays when not in use. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
Motorcycle Stunt Bikes
Growing up in the 80's me and my brother both received motorcycles that you reved up and then they took off, his was black and mines was white. No matter what they hit, the would pop wheelies or do flips but you couldn't stop them. My son just got a Fantastic Four toy which is very similar and it brought back so many memories. Any help you could give me would be great.
Motorized Toy
I had a toy during the mid to late 70's that consisted of a single wheeled motor that would drive around a gray plastic track and at different points along the track, automatically exchange various construction equipment themed bodies that would hold little black plastic balls. This motor would be activated to go forward or reverse by the track itself at different points, and had a little peg on the bottom to make it ride in a groove on the track. There was a loader body, a scooping body, a dump truck type body, and others. These would all rest on supports and sort of float until the motor came around and picked them up to perform the next task with the balls. I remember that one area had a zig-zag track where the balls would be dumped in and descend down to be scooped up in a different area. I loved this toy, but cannot remember what it was called.
Mouse House
In the mid to late 1960's my daughter had a "mouse house" that I would like to find. It was two stories and had furniture, along with a mouse family.
Mr and Mrs Mouse Vintage 1960's DOLLs
Where can I find Mr and Mrs Mouse from the 1960's? They had a little house with beds that they lived in.
(The early 1970's) What were Mrs. Beasley's (the talking doll) 11 phrases?
Multiplication Toy
In the mid-1980's, I had a toy for helping with multiplication. It was on a red plastic board (approximately a 12 inch X 12 inch square) with white squares on top. Each small white square had a multiplication problem (from 1X1 to 9X9 in columns and rows). When you pressed down on the white squares, the answer appeared (the answer was in black ink and was visible when the white square was pressed down). I have no idea what it is called or how to find one. Can you please help?
muscle men action figure
do you know what i am talking about? they are about 1-1 1/2 inches tall and they are made of rubber and mostly all were pinkish skin color and really wierd and diff.characters. mid 80's. i have a couple left if u need pics. on the back is manufactures stamp ( c y/s.n.t)thanx joe
Ninja Turtles
Value of all 4 Ninja Turtles in original packaging from 1989
NOUNOURS by BESTEVER plush bunny - very pale yellow - simple stitched face, floppy ears
i am desperately seeking to replace the bunny described in my heading. it was my daughter's constant companion. super soft. very pale yellow w/ pale blue ear lining. approx. 12 - 15" or so from head to feet. PLEASE help and THANK YOU!
Old Metal Toy
I am having trouble finding the value of an old metal toy I came across lately. on the front of this metal toy is the name "Gari-Gar" and directly under that it says PATS:PEND. underneath the big yellow farm-like looking toy I see the following: Product of SWAN HILL Pleasanton,Calif..U.S.A. and further more there is a stamp the reads U.S. Patents 2502843 D152785. It is a pretty cool and certainly pretty old. Do you have any thoughts about what I can do??? Thank you very much for your time...
old mohair mechanical pull toy.
hello, i have come across an old mechanical plush/mohair pull toy. I am trying to figure out the manufacturer and it's age. It is a white terrier dog with black ears. It is furry but not like modern day fur, but I know it's not real fur. It has a red tube attached at the back of his head at his collar, I will call it, the led. The led isn't that long and it ends this metal squeeze handle at the end. It appears that when you squeeze it a wire pulls through the red tube led, the dogs rear legs move forward, he opens his mouth that shows a tonge and a row of top teeth. (composite, or paper mache') when you stop squeezing the spring metal handle he resumes to a standing on all fours position. Oh, he lets out a squeak bark too. He has very small tin/metal wheels on the bottom of his four feet. He has glass eyes and a red plastic collar. Who do you think made him? How old do you think he is? thanks for yur help, Kim
older talking alarm clock
i've been looking for a clock for a long was around 1990 JC w/ large red letters .....several different ethnic accents and funny phrases as the alarm........i hope you have some idea...........if not thanks for your time
Original Lincoln logs
Original Lincoln logs #5306 in cloth sack. Has America's National toy on sack. What is the time period? And what would they be worth?
Original Radio Flyer Snow Sled
How can I find out what an item like this is worth? I have multiple sleds that are wood with the metal sled. Thank you.
I was born in 1969 and shortly after I received a giant larger than lifesize red ball. The inside was hollowed out and you were meant to crawl in it and someone could roll you around. I am sure they are not safe and cannot be purchased anywhere, but I have not seen one since. Can you help remember what this thing was called? or who it was made by? I'd love to get my hands on one. We played with ours every day until our roughness caused it to crack and break.
outside handheld game
I am looking for a handheld game that you play outdoors. it has bright red handheld plastic 'shooters' that resembles a lacrosse stick (but all plastic) the ball is also plastic. i believe it was called trackball but cannot find it anywhere
Owl Calculator
Do you know the official name or company that makes the Owl Professor Math Quiz Calculator? Made in the 70's, Owl face, yellow trimmed. I have been successful in finding a similiar appearing calculator "Little Professor" but this is not the one. I am sure that it had an Owl face.
Packaged kids food
My sister and I remember eating a packaged, macaroni and cheese style pasta in wagonwheel shapes that had a space theme. We can remember it being terrible, and loving it. This was in the late 70's or early 80's. I know this isn't exactly a toy, but it was marketed to kids and thought I'd ask....
Pajama Bag Stuffed Amimal - Purple Cow plush
I had one of these circa 1959-1963, I was born/raised in California and know it was purchased there. Do you know who made this? Where I might find one. I tried e-bay already, no luck. Thanks. Tina
pappa geppetto shapes mobile
In 1997, we recieved a mobile manufactured by Pappa geppetto, which hung from the ceiling and consisted of several (6, I think) different pastel colored shapes. Do you know how I could locate that item today, or whether Pappa Geppetto is still in buisness and how I could contact them?
Parents' Magnetic Schoolhouse (with letter & number magnets)
I have t