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101 Dalmatian stuffed animals
In 1991 Mattel released stuffed animal puppies from 101 Dalmatians, I got all but one, on the back of the box they came in showed a picture of each plush animal, Lucky had a line through him that said unavalible, yet they had a picture of him and he was in the commercial. I have looked all over the internet and found someone selling one of the other puppies that was NOT Lucky, but it had the yellow collar that said Lucky (that I remember being on the dog listed as unavailble) why was it marked unavalible, (when obviously he was manufactured) and how can i get one?
1800’s Parker Bros. Game
I have a late 1800’s Parker Bros. game called "Krazy Konversation Kards". There are two stacks of cards. One stack are question cards, the other is answer cards. The object of the game (my guess is in a parlor setting) is to take turns drawing cards with one person asking a question and then another drawing a card and answering. It is evident that the wording is of the 1800’s era. My question is how much is a game like this worth?
1950,s 1960,s vinyl stuffed doll red and whith yellow yarn hair
I would like any information on these type dolls adn where to find examples of them
What is the name of the bear that I found? She has a plastic face and is holding a pink flower. She also has a ruffle for a skirt. Is she worth anything? Thanks.
1960-70’s horsedrawn wagon
Trying to identify a toy my husband used as child. Toy horsedrawn wagon with yellow wheels - he was born in 1956 so I am assuming time period between 1960 & 1970. Thanks!
1960s pull toy
When I was a kid, I was given a toy for Christmas. I have been trying to locate it online, and on ebay with no luck. The toy worked this way: 1) you point a dial at any number of animals around in circle; 2) you pull a ring attached to a string. then the toy makes the sound of the animal that you pointed to. I don’t know who made the toy. I do know it was approximately 1967-1970 when I got the toy for Christmas.Appreciate your help!
1965-75 TOYS
1970 toys
what was the best selling toy of the year 1970
1970’s cars and trucks toy
I am looking for a toy from the 1970’s or 1960’s that used rubber hose for the track that the cars would follow. I believe air was pumped through the hose to change track switches/
1970’s Classic Toy
In the early ‘70’s I had a collection of toy figures, plastic, each approximately three to three and a half inches tall with movable arms, legs and sometimes head. I know the toys were discontinued in the late ‘70’s or early 80’s. I BELIEVE they were made by Fisher-Price. I believe they were called "Action People" or something similar but when I search for them I keep getting the smaller version of "Adventure people." If possible, please give me the name of the manufacturer and the name of the figures.
1970’s Hong Kong toy livestock truck
I am looking for a toy truck that was sold in the 1970’s and was produced in Hong Kong. The truck had an orange cab and a blue box with a small opening in the back to put the horses and cows that came with it. The wheel base was white plastic and the tires were black rubber (with white in the middle). The horses were red chestnuts (I think there were 6) and very tiny (maybe 1/2 inch). The cows were grey and lying down (again I think there were 6 and they were approximately 1/4 inch tall). The truck itself was cheaply made and did not hold up well to play. I would really like to replace this truck that is from my childhood. I have searched on ebay for months to find one like it with no luck. Any ideas? Thanks so much for your help!
1970’s marble 4 tier plastic game
In the mid-1970’s, our family had a 4 tier plastic game that had 4 acrylic sheets that held clear colored marbles. the object of the game was to get 4 across in any way, through the tiers, etc.
1970’s petal car
I am looking for information about a petal car that I had when I was young... Iknow that it was called "The Cheetah. Any information would be helpful.. Thank You..
1970s Donald Duck ride toy
looking for a children’s ride toy-it is Donald Duck down on all fours with wheels, with handles in his ears, and when you press on his hat, its a "whack whack or quack quack horn sound. made of hard plastic. purchased in the early 70s at either Sears or JC Penney’s. Would like to find one online to purchase for my children
1975 Walton’s cardboard Farmhouse
How much is a 1975 Walton’s carboard Farmhouse Worth?
1976 mickey mouse pull string talking doll
i was wondering what the approxiate value of this would be it is still in the orginal box
1980 wallace berrie stuffed car looks like it was hand made
I do not know the name of this type of cat lloks hand made by wallace berrie
1982 doll
I’ve been on a long search for a "jelly belly doll" I got her new in 1982 and she was an "african american" doll with hot pink jumper and her belly was squishy and smelled like berries. I’ve been searching FOREVER....I know it was made by IDEAL TOYS. If you have any info on where I could find one, please let me know. Thank you
1988 Mattel ballerina doll
I am looking for info on what this doll should do or value put batteries in lights up but thinks it does more..
2 ft.? high plastic pipe poseable dog figure
I’m trying to get the name and/or picture of a toy I received for Christmas sometime in the 1960’s probably that went by the name of something like " Crazy Bones" or " Funny bones. It was maybe 2 feet high, made of green plastic pipes which you assembled into a stick figure of a dog which also had a plastic dog head and dog paws to put on the end of the pipes. My parents claim they never gave me such a toy. Hopefully you will be able to solve this on going dispute in our family. Thank you very much for any help you can provide. Happy Holidays!
2007 Hess Monster Truck with Motorcycles
Is it lead paint safe for a 4 year old?
2-way telephone
My sister and I had a set of Blue toy telephones that we ran with some line (cant rem. if it was telephone and plugged in) in the 70’s it had a red button that lit up when one of us would call each other - it was the coolest thing ever and i would love for my daughters to have one ---do you know where a person could find a set ? or something similar?
70’s Crank Toys
In the 70’s, I remember hooking up a motorcycle with pins on the back wheel to a red crank device. When it reached the maximum speed, it would fly off the crank very fast. I know that there is an Evil Kenevil stunt set like this, but there were others too. What were the names of these toys and were they made by Mattel?
80’s Building Set of PVC Pipes. Not Playskool Pipeworks
I am looking for the name of a toy I had in the 80’s. It was similar to playskool pipeworks but instead of having clicking locks it used e shaped connectors to connect the pipes.
80’s construction toy
name of toy parts sphere in shap that conect together battery operated and gears in side the spheres
80’s Remote Control Inflatable Robot
I’m trying to find a toy that I had in the 80’s. It was from a movie/show that was in space (kinda like star wars). The toy itself was silver/gray and you would inflate a robot (like a pool toy) and stick its feet into this plastic "platform" that you can move with a remote control (kinda like a remote control car). Would you know what this character/toy is called? I would be greatly appreciateive. Thank You.
Action Figure
I have some toys called the Sectors from the mid to late 80’s. I have never seen these anywhere and was wondering what they might be worth?
action figure
New toy that you hit the head of a football player and he kicks a small ball.
In the mid to late 80s my brother and I were addicted to a set of action figures that I am trying to identify. One of the primary features was that their vehicles or bases came with ropes or ribbons that could be clamped onto objects to make ‘zip lines’ or bridges. The ropes and nylon ribbons were very bright colored, and as I recall the actual action figures were relatively small, maybe around an inch or smaller, but my memory could be wrong on that one. I thought that these toys were associated with the TV show M.A.S.K but that does not appear to be correct, based on my limited research. I really hope that you can help me find these toys.
There was a toy I used to play with as a kid in the late 1980’s erarly 1990’s. And recently I started to think of what kinds of toys I used to play with. One sticks out in my head, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the name. I remember them being small, like micro-machines. It was almost all vechicals, tanks, plans, helicopters...ect. The two things I really remeber that stood out is the fact that the small action figures had magnets on their feet to stick to the vehicles, and one of the "army’s" had a symbol of a black triangle with an inverted red triangle in the center. I’ve searched google, yahoo, msn and every other search engine I could think of...and haven’t gotten any closer. I’m hoping you can help.
Activity Game
There was a game in the 70’s that consisted of a minature diving bell inclosed in a plastic cylinder. When the cylinder was squeezed, the diving bell would submerge, when released it would rise to the top. Do you know what this was called and where I could find one? Thanks
Adorable Dora- a Talking Hippo with michrophone
I had this toy in the beginning of the 80’s and have been searching for it for years. Do you know where I could locate it?
Aluminium Scooter
In the mid 1940’s to mid 1950’s my father traveled to CA. he brought me home an Aluminium Scooter with 4 large wheel that I had agreat deel of fun with as I recall it was called a SKEETER. I believe I spotted one at the Rose Bowl antique sale in Pasadena several years ago but I didn’t take advantage and just purchase it. I’m now 65 and retired and I’d like my grand children to have the same experience that I did, can you give me any information on this toy?
American Girl Doll of the Year "Jess"-Replacement Sandals
Where can I find replacement sandals for this doll that is no longer in production? I have contacted American girl and they to not sell them. Ebay does not have them. Help!
Animated Christmas Figures
I have several from the mid 70’s that now need motor replacement and repair. I cannot locate any source that provides this service. Can you please help?
animated christmas village
Iam trying to fnd parts for an animated Christmas village made in 1997 by trendmasters inc. And it called The christmas magic of mainstreet village.
Antique Game
I have a correction on a previous email that I sent to you. I wrote about a game that Parker Bros. had in the late 1800’s. The copyright date on the game is 1893 and the correct title is "Komical Konversation Kards". The description is "A Kuriously Kontrived Kaptivating Kuriosity. It also says on the front of the box that it is published by Parker Brothers in Salem, Mass. U.S.A. I would greatly appreciate any information about what this game might be worth. Thank you!
Antique Victorian Rabbit in Cabbage Musical/Mechanical Toy
I need history and value or a place to find that out as I want to offer for sale
Army Guy
Can you tell me where I can purchase an toy army soldier that is battery operated that crawls on the floor with a gun? He is about 10" long. The writing on the toy says: Made in Taiwan, 1987 Regency Inc., Los Angeles, CA. USA, Registered No. 108-376, Patent No. 38735, All rights reserved. Our 3 year old son loves this toy and the one he has is broken. Thanks, Cathy
Army Toy Figures, Ratchet Bases?
In the mid-70s I had some toy arny figures. They were split at the mid section and could be placed on a terrain base. The terrain base has a ratchet and a peg that went to the upper torso of the figure. When you move the ratchet lever, a ratchet/ratatat sound would be made while the torso would rotate. I had a number fo these and they were given away long ago. I wonder what the brand and name of these figures is, as I would like to try and find them again as an adult collector?
Baby doll 1960s
My duaghter was given ababy doll in 1968. The doll was small, maybe 10". The doll had a soft head which was painted (hair, etc.). The body was a skin-colored fabric. She was dressed in pink and white one piece pajama which was removable. I am looking for this doll to buy. Do you recognize this doll?
baby doll from late 80’s early 90’s
His head, arms and legs are made of plastic but his body is made of soft cloth. He’s completely bald and his eyes close when you lay him down. His face resembles that of a cabbage patch doll because he’s got the smile and the big cheeks. His arms and legs are also chubby like those of a cabbage patch but they’re made of plastic. He’s a little over 8 inches tall. I think this doll was made in the late 80’s or early 90’s possibly in Taiwan. There are female versions of this doll with hair made of yarn.
Baby doll from my childhood.
I am trying to figure our what kind of doll I had as a little girl. I was born in 1952 and I remember a baby doll that had some sort of face that you could turn and change the facial expressions. It has been haunting me. I don’t know if it was from the 40’s. I know my parents had very little money so it must have been cheap.
baby doll
I had a doll in the early 80’s. I think she was a newborn. she was dressed in a pale yellow sleeper (the kind with the footies) with one of those "trap doors" that would expose her bottom...the hood on the sleeper was trimmed in white...she had dark brown hair and if I remember correctly blue eyes...she didn’t "do" anything...I believe her eyes stayed open all the time..oh, and her exposed skin (face, hands, bottom) were very soft and "squishy" it felt more real rather than plastic....I have no idea what she was called...I don’t even remember what name I gave her...but I do remember what she looks like...any ideas? thanks
Baby Doll
Looking for a baby doll that I had as a child, 1955-1965. The head was porcelain or bisque, with rosy cheeks and eyes that open and close. The mouth had a hole for a bottle, and if you fed it water, she would wet her pants. The hair was short brown & curly (believe they also had them with black hair) and I believe the body was made of rubber. I thought it was a Tiny Tears doll of some sort, but don’t know for sure. This doll was very special to me as a child, and I would love to find one again, but don’t know who made them or the name. Can you help? Thank you.
Baby feel so real
In the early to mid 80’s I had a baby feel so real that was filled with a heavy gel material. She had short blonde hair and smelled like baby powder. I really want another one and was wondering if you knew where I could find one or even who the manufacturer was.
baby gund snoopy rattle
we cannot find this and our little girl loves it. it is soft and has a circle handle on the bottom. we also have a photo that we could send.
Baby Pat-A-Burp doll
I adored this doll and would love to find one for sale
ballerina rabbit
I am looking for a ballerina stuufed bunny purchased at Hallmark between 1985-1986. It is from my child hood and I lost it due to Hurricane Katrina.
barbie - cash register
need replacements parts
Barbie Doll
Where would I find information on 1978 Kissing Barbie with Bangs?
I have the Barbie "Sweet Roses" kitchen made in 1987. It is in near perfect condition... clean, with all parts and in the original box. Is this worth anything?
Can anyone tell me the name of this toy? I had this as a child sometime during 1980 - 1986. It is a thinly shaped toy that suctions to the side of the bath wall. It has various rooms, including a little diner called "fish n’ chips". If my memory serves me correctly, there is a shower that you can pour water into and a bedroom. There is also a dock to pull the boat up to. It included 4 small people, one of which I still have and is dressed in a blue sailor outfit. I am trying to locate fun toys for my children to play with and this was one of my favorites as a child.
During the mid 1980’s I had a toy that was battery operated and had approx 8-10 wheels. It has reminds me of a caterpillar. It kinda looked like a rail car or a long dragster but had 8-12 wheels. The engine was at the back of the vehicle and you turned it on by pushing a large gear shift lever on the motor. That thing would crawler over anything! Can you help me?
battery operated blue duck with red baseball cap
Back in the mid 60’s there was a battery operated blue color duck who wore a red baseball cap and moved around on wheels. The series came with an elephant that tumbled somersaults. I think the toys were produced either by mattel or marx?
Battery operated dinosaur
Circa 1973, Triceratops with chord and linear pack which heald either 2c or 2d batteries. eyes lit up and it walked also made noise. 2 other dinosaurs available as well
Battery Operated Hippo
I remember a toy that I had in the later 80’s early 90’s. It was a hippo that could flip and then open it’s mouth. Can you tell me the name of this toy so I can try to find one? Thanks!
battery operated power tools and work bench
I am looking for the name of the toy I had in the very late sixtys to early seventys it was a power tool set that plugged into the work bench it came with a little balsa wood all minature tools and bench
battery operated
from 1971..battery operated truck base..the base would go around the track with a cart on top of it...when it reached a certain point on the track...the cart would come off or further along load back on...there were little black balls that would unload onto the cart on top of the base...resembled the style of the putt putt wind up toys...can you tell me either the manufacturer of the name of the toy?
bear that you add water in the belly button
I am looking for a bear called Buttons, made in 1991 by Toy Biz, you add water to the bear thru the belly button
Beer glass
I live in Puerto Rico. I have a Sophia-Ann glass (I Think is for beer). At the bottom says Sophia-Ann™ N.Y N.Y from China. It is brown glass and two wooden handles. You can see all the famous New York Buildings (Empire Sates, World Trace Center, etc). It’s been in the family since 60’s. Where I can find the approximate value of this beautiful glass? Thanks.
Better Homes and Gardens Dollhouse (late 70’s early 80’s)
I am trying to find an image of a better homes and gardens dollhouse my mom bought me for christmas from the sears catalog years ago. I would like to purchase one. thanks, allison
big fish lil fish shark shooter
How do you play this game, we lost the directions...
big fish lil fish
where can I buy this? I have checked a lot of stores and no one seems to have it.
bilateral top?
I recall a toy during the 70’s? (maybe older) where you could pull on the handles while holding it in front of you and a ball moved back and forth along the axis. I have an autistic son who needs toys to strengthen his bimanual coordination and thought this would interest him. It may have been tin or perhaps had some plastic? Any help ?
Bizzy Buzz Buzz Doll
I have a doll. The label says Bizzy Buzz Buzz, Copywright King Features Syndicate , Inc. J. Swedlin, Inc. Licensee, Gund Mfg. Co. She is plastic with orange hair and orange shirt with blue flowered skirt (and scarf) and white apron - all one piece. Can you tell me the value of the doll? She is in excellent condition, no box. I can’t find anything on the internet on her.
Blue hair princess doll with large hooped dress - popular in 1960’s.
Name of maker, if any are available.
Blue Man Ladder Toy
My sister has been looking for a Toy she had in the early 60s. It was a blue man that climbed up a ladder and down depending on they way you held it. Do you have any idea who could have made this toy or what it was called? Thanks Jen.
blue monster stuffed animal
I am looking for a blue stuffed animal the had wired in both ears and in the tongue as well I got it for my son at a second hand store in 1996 and had to get rid of it because of the wires, I know that it isn’t a my pet monster but it looks simulular
Where can I find information on the old GI Joe and accessories pre 1970 - a possible working fire truck, oddly blue in color. Thanks
Blues clues running and barking
I have a blues clues dog that takes 5 AA batteries. It runs forward a litte after you call her name. It was made in 2000. Any idea what its called or where I can get the instructions for it. Mattel Inc.
Who made this game and where can I find one?
Where can I find Critter in the Candy Pop o Matic Game?
In the 80’s my family had a board game we think was made by MB, it was based on frankenstein and had coloured pieces shaped as men and you had to collect keys before the big squeaky rubber frankenstein monster caught you. Please can you help me find out what it was?
board game
I am looking for a game that was a mini golf board game made in the 1990’s it had an elevator in the middlie and nine holes of golf. You used a devise to aim and propel the ball at various obsticles. It was called crazy golf or goofy golf or something like that.
I am trying to find the name of a specific board game from when I was young. I played it around 1996-1999. It is a game where this green battery powered monster is stuck in a cage. The monster rolls around in random directions trying to escape. Each player uses an assortment of colored sticks to make a side of the cage. During play you spin a spinner which lands on a color. You must take out a stick of the color you spun. You continue until your side has been weakened enough for the monster to break through. If the monster breaks through your side of the cage you lose.
board game
I had a board game in the 70’s that was shaped like a large green foot. I believe that there were 3 different sized "feet" going around the board. There was a spinner with a marble that indicated which sized foot & how many steps that you could move. First one around the board won. Do you know the name of this game? It was one of my favorites.
board game
I have a 1970’s uk monolopy board game still in the plastic and i was worndering if you might know how much it would be worth?
Board Game
In either the late 1950’s or early 1960’s I had a board game that required you to solve a crime. There was a battery operated grid of some sort that would light up green when you had selected the right perp or red when you got it wrong. Was this just a dream?
board game
late 60’s early 70’s i had a game named thimble city - can yout tell me anything about it please.
board game
name that tune 1957
board game
what is the origin of the game "twister"? thanks!
Board game-Battling Pirates by Ideal 1974
I have this game and cannot find any information on it, do you know anything about it and what the value of it may be. Thank you
Board game-maze
In the mid 1970’s was there a maze game that you put a drop of water in called Quick Silver, with diferent mazes called Appletree and Citadel, I had appletree but can’t find any info on them. I believe this is from 75-76 time period.
Board Games
which was the first board games made and when
BOARD GAME-Troll game
Hi, Dr. Toy, when i was little in the 1994ish there was this game I used to play that dealt with a borad and types of trolls... I just want to know the name of it. It also had like crystals, and i dont know rainbows? i know it’s vague but can you help me? Brittany
board/activity games of the 1970’s
I am trying to think of a game I had as a child. I was born in ‘72 anf remember playing a game similar to "Perefection" I believe it was timed. From whaI remember to play the game you had to fit covers that looked like the tops of magic markers over plastic pieces. Not sure if I am expaining it very well, but it has been driving me crazy. I wish I at least knew the toy company. Can you help me?
Bradley’s Toy Money complete with game of banking
Do you have any information on the date of this game? How many produced? I can send you pictures if you haven’t seen this game before. Might be from 1901-1904
Bride doll
I am looking for a bride doll that was retailed the Christmas of 1957. I received her Christmas of that year and I was almost 6 years old. The largest city around would have been Nashville, Tennessee where it possibly could have been distributed to the 5 & 10 stores. I simply don’t know. Both of my parents are deceased but I would just love to find a doll like her again!
Bright Starts 1,2,3 Stack With Me
Where can I buy this toy and what is the price?
building set
made of wood, consists of sticks and circular connectors, 1980’s
Building Toy - Insect
What is the name of the late-60s/early-70s building toy that allowed you to assemble a variety of fictional insects out of plastic body parts like a mr. potato head (head, abdomen, legs antenna)? This has been driving me crazy! Thanks!
Bunny Rabbit in Clown Outfit
I had a stuffed bunny rabbit that I got in the late 80’s. It was a white rabbit about 8" tall. It had a clown suit on with one side light green and one side light pink. I have no idea where it came from, but I was trying to find out who might have made it. Any ideas?
Cabbage Patch Doll Value
I have a cabbage patch butterfly fairy doll and I am wondering if it has any value?
cabbage patch doll
I have a cabbage patch doll 1984 xavier on his bottom, he has on a white shirt and a blue jumper with a sailboat on it. he has a little bit of blond hair in the middle of his head. I was wondering if you could tell me his name and his value. thanks
cabbage patch kids
in dec. of 2006 I saw a 2 or 3 foot cpk at toys"r"us and I never had the money for myself a doll at that time because of xmas for my 3 kids were more important. I am 30 and I have several cpks and I really want this one and I can not find one anywhere can you help me please? Thank You crystal richards
Cabbage Patch Recall
I have a cabbage patch doll that I have been trying to find out more about, I have recently found out that it was one of the Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids they were vey popular in the 1980s across North America and many parts of Europe. This line of dolls was an early 1990s incarnation desighned to "eat" plastic snacks. The mechanism was a pair of one-way metal rollers behind a plastic slot and rubber lips, and there were 35 reported incidents where a childs hair or finger was caught in the mouths. On December 31, 1996 after 700,000 dolls were distributed in the U.S. in just 5 months , the CPSC along with manufacturers Mattel announced that they would place warning information labels on all unsold dolls. A week later in January 1997, CPSC and Mattel announced that all Cabbage Patch Kids Snacktime Kids Dolls were being removed from the market. I have heard that the majority of these dolls were destroyed after being recalled and that the doll I have is a rare collectors item. Can you tell me if it is and what the value of it is. DDJS
Caillou Voice Box
Can you point me in the direction of where I might find a Caillou(little 4 year old adventerous boy on the show Caillou on PBS) Voicebox.
candy machines
What is the name and where can I find a tootsie roll maker from the early 70’s you put a tootsie roll in the machine and it had several different plastic shapes the tootsie roll could be shaped into
Car - Die Cast - Laucher
I have a die cast car that went on a launcher if I recall correctly .The back of the car is open with a ramp looking part inside it where it attached to something, its been too long. It has a small switch on the bottom that turned on the headlights. I can send a pic if that would help. All it has on the bottom is Made in Macao, 1983 C.B.S. INC. Who made this , what is it called and where can i get one.
car toy
this car toy was from the late 70’s possibly early 80’s that you could smash or change up the car and then place the car into the gargage and the car would come out looking new again. I can not remember what the toy was called. I hope you can help.
Card Game- Big Fish Lil’ Fish
We didn’t get the instructions on the card game Big Fish Lil Fish. Could you explain the how you play?
Card game
During the early 90’s my children had a game that the came with different playing cards. Something about good days and bad days according to what was on our playing card. You tried to win the pile of cards?
Carter’s stuffed frog
I bought a stuffed green frog from Babies R us in 2003. They came in bright green, pink and blue. My son has two of them and has just about worn them out. Where can I get another one?
Cast Iron Repo toys ,limited edition, Sear
Who made the Sear Cast iron toys for the 1971 Wishbook?
chosun plush dog
I am desperately in need of a 13in. plush rottweiler dog by chosun international for Jcpenneys. I purchased on in 2005
Christmas Karoake Type Set
In the early 1990’s a resort had a christmas karaoke type machine. It had a microphone and preloaded christmas songs that scrolled across a reader board. Do you know of it? It just did Christmas songs.
Christmas toys - Santa’s Marching Band
I have a Santa’s Marching Band (1991) by Mr. Christmas, Inc and I need replacement clappers. Where can I buy these?
Classic wrestling action figures
Dear Dr. Toy, I have many WWE Classic Superstars that are 3-4 years old and still perfect in the box. I have all of series 1, series 3, series 4, series, 5, and series 1 tag team. I also have series 6 minus two (Road Warriors) and 3 miscellaneous (british bulldog series 8, jerry lawler series 9, and kamala series 10. I’m not sure if you’re familar with these but I was wondering how much I should sell them for and where besides ebay is a good place to sell. Thanks so much. - Kevin D
Clem the floppy eared dog
Looking for Clem floppy eared stuffed dog with bib overalls and bandana, desperate, son had in 1975
Clock Toy
toy clock that had arns and legs it walked and used arms to ring bell on top of its head 1960-1970 bought from aldens or spiegles catalogs
colored pencil set
In the late 60’s early 70"s I had a colored pencil set that included drawings of NFL teams in action, and the correctly colored pencils to color them with. My brother and I had a great time using this set, and I’d love to find out more about it. Who made it, when it was available, and if I could ever find it for sale? Thank you for yoyr help.
What were the toys called from the 1970’s that where round and had slits in the sides that you could lock them together? They were a colored see-thru hard plastic.
Colorful ragdoll
In 1996 I joined a monthly mail order program that sent me a new educational toy. I still have the ragdoll which wears a green hat, yellow face, blue polka dot shirt and red pants. I also have 1 rattle which is clear with a red and white swirl tube in the handle and tiny blue balls that disappear in the tube. Does ANYONE remember these toys or the name of the company that sent them? I just had twins and would like to get other toys from this company since they’ve lasted so long. Wish the labels lasted too.
Composite Model Train Depot "Union Station"
Ihave a composite material model that seems to be maybe lithographed to replicate Union Station. It is mounted on a thin plyood base that is origional to the model. It was manufactured but I can not tell the maker or what it is called. On the roof of the building is printed the words "Wright Air Field" on a directional arrow. Inside is also detailed with two different enclosed areas, one is a ticketing window. The building is an orange red color to look like bricks and the roof is green. I would like to know who made it and what exactly is it called.
cooking and play food set
In a bout the 1970’s or 1980’s, I had a cooking set and play food. I was wanting to buy one for my daughters. But I do not know the name of it or where to find it. If came with a yellow toaster, and a orange coffee pot with green lid, and a pot with a lid, I cant remember the color of that one. It also had a yellow piece of toast and the pots and black platic faces. It also came with a plastic lemon, hot dog, corn and a carrot. I think it also had a spatchula, cooking spoon. I think that is all. I keep searching on the internet but I have not found anything like it! Can you help me out? I just cant stop looking for it, I feel there is one out there, I cant even remember where we bought it. It may have been mongomery wards or green stamp store. Thanks again, Carey
Cowgirl doll
In the early to mid 90’s my niece had a cowgirl doll that would sing "hoe down, y’all hoe down" followed by banjo music. What is the name of this doll and where can I find one. She had red hair, freckles.
craft toy.
Are Ministeks still manufactured? If so, are they available in Australia?
crash toy
what wass the name of the toy that you jump two car at each other and parts would fly off when they hit i think 1970s
crib toy
1980s yellow lullabye bird . played songs and hung on side of crib
Cuddly Kissy Doll 1965
I have been looking to buy a Cuddly Kissy Doll, only made in 1965, for my mother. Do you know where I could find one to buy, or any forums or posts that I can post on that I am looking to buy one. I’ve only seen one on sale on ebay once. Thanks!
Cuddly Monkey with red stipey top and blue dungarees
Hi there. I’m looking to track down a toy cuddly monkey that my brother, sister and I had when we were younger. It was bought as a present for us in about 1985/6. It is a monkey with long legs and arms. Wearing blue dungarees, and a red stripey top. My cousin actually had the same monkey, but with red dungarees/blue stripey top...purchased around the same time. The label has dont know who manufacturer is. Anyone recognise this & know where I can pick a new one of these up?
I have a comquest childs computer but don’t know where to buy the discs for it
i have a stuffed ladybug that was purchased in a walmart store in fall 2004. i would like another one because it is my 3 year olds favorite toy and hr current one is falling apart. please help.
I want to buy some cars for my autorama. It is an old one, but I do not have the cars anymore. Its model is AURORA AFX RACING SYSTEM (year 1989). Could you help me find a place to buy the cars? I’m in Brazil. Thank you so much!
In the mid 70’s, I had a toy/game which was a plastic dome, filled with water and it fit into a blue plastic base. Inside was a yellow diving bell with "pinchers" on the bottom. You squeezed it and it dove to the bottom and picked up little ornaments at the bottom, any idea what it is/was? I have searched ebay with no results. Thanks in advance. Andy
what do you reccommend for a robot building toy?
what important WWII tool or device is now a childrens toy?
what’s the signifigance of a dinosaur marked with Imperial China 1985?
Disney Character train set
I am looking for a set, I believe from the 1980’s that had all Disney Characters, including, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and others that would ride along on a plastic track and start four different amusements going, a ferris wheel, merry go round, etc. I can’t recall what toy company made this item but am looking to find out.
Disney Princess one seat ride on car from last year
I am trying to find this pink electric car. it is for one person. Has Princess pictures on the side. PLEASE HELP - Thanks!
DJ Skribble’s Spinheads
want to find pics of DJ Skribble’s Spinheads phat rides
I found 4 dolls each in ariginal packaging that I cannot identify. Celluliod, Wind Up, Dressed as Sailor, Swiss Boy and ?Dutch Girl, Boxes Red, White, Blue striped. Only text is "CLOCKWORK DANCING DOLLS" and the code NO. 952. All are 6 in tall. Please help me find any info...?
Doll - Baby - ’Toodles’ - Late 1950’s
In the late 1950’s I received a Toodles baby doll who came sitting in a wonderful shopping cart with pretend grocery items in a bottom tray. I still have Toodles but the shopping cart is long gone. Was the shopping cart sold seperatly or together with Toodles? Thanks!
Doll - Bisque - Japanese
Doll - copied what i wrote
I had a doll that sat opporsite me at a plastic desk and as i wrote she wrote i did think she was called katie copycat but am not sure. can you help me find her (xmas 1971)
Doll - Dozzzy
How can I find this doll that was made in 1987?
Doll --- early 60’s Man with Balding head dark brown curls on sides.
I am looking for a large doll made in early 60’s with balding head glasses and looked sort of like a hillbilly. He was life size and wore a sleep shirt and cap. His feet were bare with his big toe turned up. My brother played with him for years and called him Zach. Don’t know if that was the real name or not. Would love to find one again. His body was soft but seems it was sort of a soft rubberized outside that was stuffed. Hard to remember
Doll - records converstaion, then plays it back
In the late 60’s to early 70’s I had a doll where you would raise the arm and pull a string in the back and it would record about 20 seconds of conversation. You would then put the arm down and pull the string again, and it would play back whatever you had recorded. (It unfortunately came up missing soon after I had recorded my mom swearing at my brothers. LOL!) Does anyone know the name of the doll? Thanks!
During the late 1970’s early 1980’s my sister had a doll that I believe was called Snuggles. She had blond hair and a purple cloth outfit attached to her. She had a string and when you pulled it she squirmed around. Is it called Snuggles and are there any around in circulation today?
Doll- Darth Vader and Chewbacca
how much are these dolls worth? ( 1977-1978 )
Doll from 1960’s
I received a doll for christmas sometime in the mid to late 1960’s. She came with a stroller that when you flipped the plastic wheels, it turned into a little rocker, I believe. The stroller itself turned into a high chair also. It may have changed into a few other things. I would like to know the name of this doll. Thank you for your time!
Doll- fur/ cloth covered
I am looking for information on a doll that was made in the early 80’s it has a plastic face and is covered in pink fur or puffy cloth. I had this doll as a child and would like to purchase one or at least be able to know something about it.
Doll Identity?
Hello! I’m looking for a doll from the early or mid 1980’s. Her body is cloth, but her head and hands were plastic. She has opening/closing eyes. Brown yarn hair. Red velvet dress and hat. Small round nose. Red velvet feet/shoes (no feet just sewn red velvet shoes). ANY IDEAS for the name or manufacturer? She was generally in a sitting position. Approx. 10-12 inches long. (Thank you, I really loved this doll, lost it, and would like to buy one). THANK YOU!
doll made by ideal toy company, date on back of head 1976
the dolls head is vinyl{plastic} rooted hair, kind of puckering of lips, all cloth and stuffing for body. Pull string on the back of doll, when pulled head moves. Do you know the name of this doll?
Dear Dr. Toy, I am looking for a doll ( one of several, all dressed differently, with French names ) that was featured in the Sears Christmas catalogues in the early nineteen sixties. They had rather full cheeks, and may have come with wardrobes. Can you help me? Sincerely, Missie Pilon
How do I find a Baby Pattaburp doll for sale?
I am looking for a doll from the mid 60’s. My son called it Beanie Boy, it was a stuffed doll with blond hair, blue overalls, and a beanie on his head with a propeller on top of it.
I am looking for info on a doll called June and her magic spoon made in the 60s
In the early 1960’s I got a small soft body doll that played a lullaby and turned her head from side to side. I would like to know what the doll was called and if the doll is still available or if a similar doll is available.
My daughter has this doll that she loves and i want to get another one to replace the one she has when it falls apart, the problem is it was a gift and there is no tag on the doll, is there somewhere I can upload a picture of it and be able to find it that way?
what is a mattell doll that is made from flannel with a heart stamp on her bottom that says My Child-1985
what year was the first doll made in Britain also the Teddy and what was the first board game
DOLL-1960’s Mattel Scooby Doo Talking Girl Doll
I am looking for a talking doll from the 1960’s named Scooby Doo. She had blonde hair and a multi dress. When you pulled her string she said things like "Hey Man, like Farrr out!". Please help. Thank you!
I am looking for a doll from 1994-1995 time frame. It was a stuffed bunny with a plastic baby face and hands that looked like a baby in a bunny suit. It was about 2 feet tall and the ears weren’t floppy; they stood straight off of his head. I think it was purchased from Cracker Barrel. Can you please help me find "Bob" who was my daughter’s favorite doll when she was a baby?
Doll-Baby Love Notes Bucky
Where can I find a Bucky Baby Love Notes Cowboy Doll
Doll-long necked/bright/noisy
During my childhood 90’s i remember a doll with brightly colored whispy hair with a very long tube neck and a solid plastic head. When i shook it, it would make a noise (like one of those tubes you turn upside down back and forth and the ball inside would slide and make an odd sound)
Dolls /laughing
Im looking for a doll made in late 70s early 80s that laughed when she was shook . Blonde haur and I think she was dressed in blue.
Dolls with snap on clothes and manual rotating stage early 1980’s
who made these and what were they called?
Doll-Velveteen Rabbit or Paddington Bear
My Aunt was telling me about a Velveteen Rabbit or Paddington Bear doll(I forget which one)that actually holds the book and reads it to the child. Does this sound familiar? She can’t find it anywhere and thinks it is discontinued. I would like to try to find it for her. I am 80
Donald duck wind-up washing machine. Disney production.
Could you tell me when this was made and what it is worth? Thanks Geoff
Down Under Orphans
Back around 1989 thru 1991 there were a series of stuffed animals called Down Under Orphans, there was a baby kangaroo, a platupus and a koala. I got the Koala for Christmas in 1990 but have not been able to locate or even seen anything of them. are they still available?
drag racing game
trying to locate a drag racing game believe it was my mattell possible not that i had in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s had a christmas tree but can’t remember much else was haand held would appreciate some help
dragon toy
i recently received a flexible blue toy dragon from a used toy store.the problem is that there is no label date or distinctive symbol to figure out where it is from or who makes has a very long tail (about 12 inches or so)is bendable and has some plastic jewels that can snap off.i’d really like to find the maker and possibly find more dragons including a duplicate of mine as it is in rough shape.
I am looking for an orange dragon with green scales made by knickerbocker in 1973 or 74
Education Toy
Fisher Price toy that one side was a chalboard the other was magnetic and came with letters from early 1980
elavated bridge w/ vehicles
During the mid-60s I owned a toy set that had a plastic eleveated track that was red. It was not solid rather was links/mesh. The toy also had motorized vehicles that could be run across the elevated track. Was wondering if you knew the name and manufacturer of this. Thanks
Electronic Puzzle.
About the 1980’s there was an electronic puzzle that came out. It was 3-d pyranid shaped with 3 LEDS (red, yellow, green) you had to turn each side green by pointing that corner of the pyramid up and going to the next level. Im trying to remember the name because i used to love playing that game.
Electronic Toy Phone With A Face
I remember a little toy phone I had when I was a kid. It was red and, unless I’m mistaken, it had some sort of face. It made different electronic tones when you pressed the number keys. Does anyone know what it’s called ? I don’t remember what company made it. The phone was red if that helps.
Electronic Toy
Where can my geosafari electronic learning game, serial #008428 be repaired?
I am looking for pixter software I bought a multi-media pixter by fisher price and now having a hard time finding software
Elephant Toy
My son keeps asking for the "elephant where the body comes off." He’s 2, almost 3, and all I can get out of him is it’s not a doll or a puzzle. We walked through Toys-R-Us & I pointed out every elephant I could find & it wasn’t any of those. Any ideas?
emiglio thee robot
I have an emiglio the robot but have lost the remote. Do u sell just the remote i really need one.
Epcot 4’ Figment plush toy
Where can I find a Figment plush toy that is appx 4 feet tall? Previously in the late 1980’s Epcot carried them, but alas not today. So far nothing to be had of that size on Ebay
I had a pink smooth plastic small fan, Japanese style, in the mid to late 1950’s, and wonder where I could find something identical or similar today?
fantasy pretend play from around 1995-1997
My mom and I bought a castle toy for a cousin the x-mas of 1996 at Sam’s Club. I cannot figure out what the name of this toy is or the manufacturer. It had a magic key, or magic wand that you could use in it to make different things happen in the castle. It was a pretty large castle too. Do you know anything about this?
FAO Golden Retriever
Do you know where I can find a golden retriever that FAO SCHWARTZ sold in the mid 90’s?
In 1987 I bought a farm playset. I am looking for the farmer, he is tall, hard plastic or vinyl body, with brown hair. It is not A Little people figurine.
Ferris Wheel 1964
At Christmas time I got in 1964 a Yellow Ferris Wheel I believe by Marx. It is seen in the movies Roustabout with Elvis and also in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Can you tell me any information on this toy?
In the mid 70’s I had an octagon shaped object filled with oils or something, that looked black. When touched, it would turn colors. I believe it was called a fidget or widget. Where can I find one?
Fine Toy Doll
Quality and web address?
Finishing Song Lyrics - Hand Held Battery Operated Game, similar to 20 questions.
Where can I get a very recent 2006-2007 hand held game something about knowing song lyrics. I don’t even know the name of the game. Need for Christmas
Fisher-Price toy 1990
I can’t remember the exact name for a toy my severely disable daughter LOVED. She has gone through two of these. Want to buy another. It had the word "piano" in hte name. It had three big light up buttone (re/yellow/blu) and a spinning barrel. It played music and the buttons made sounds when touched. Does this ring a bell?
FisherPrice Wild Thing Sit and Spin Ride On Toy
I’m looking for this toy it’s been discontinued by fisherprice. If any one knows of someone who has one and would like to sell it please let me know. I know my son would just love this toy. It’s a circluar purple ride on toy with to control panels each side to hand control it. If you or someone you know has one for sell please contact me via email or via phone 316-616-7667
Flash Beat Drum
Is the paint safe?
Flexable Flyer III
What year did they make the flexable flyer III sleds?
FLOOR MAT GAME/FOOTBALL played on a rectangle shape mat with checker-like pieces.
What is the name of the game and who manufactured it? Was available mid 1960’s.
football board game
trying to find a football boardgame played as a child, late 1970’s early 1980’s i dont know name. it have colored offensive and defensive card and then i think you spun a spinner to get the play result. ive seen nfl strategy but that wasnt it, however it was the closest ive see to the game in question.
Friction car with push button
There were toy cars in the early 80’s that you would rev up by pushing the car forward on the floor a few times. Then you would put the car down after the revs were built up, push a little button on top of the car and it would take off. Do they still make cars like this? If so, can you provide specifics (manufacturer, where to buy, etc.)? Thanks.
Frog Toy Chest/Box
Growing up (early 80’s) at my grandmothers house she had a green frog toy box that opened at the mouth. She could have gotten it in the late 70’s for my older cousin. I am trying to find it and was hoping you could help me out with who made it and what was it called. I remember being able to dump all of the toys out and sit inside of it with it closed, it was cool. Thanks for you help.
Hi Dr. Toy, this is literally the same question you had back July 2006. What are these little fuzzy balls w/ eyes, antennas and sticky feet called and are they available to purchase? I was not able to find the response. Thank you so much!
fuzzy worm ties to button and run through fingers of hand
what is it called
game -- 70s tabletop basketball game using ping-pong balls
I’m trying to find the name of a game I owned as a kid in the 70s. It was a tabletop basketball game, maybe 2 feet long, and rather narrow -- the "court" was made of 2 large plastic paddles that operated with levers, and that you used to flip the ball at your opponent’s basket. The entire game had a netting slipcover that went over it to keep the ball from flying across the room. Thanks for your help.
game for one person
In the late 50’s I had a toy which consisted of a black plastic square composed of small squares. It was accompanied with colored plastic triangles which you placed into the little squares which made geometric designs. The triangles were beveled which enhanced the design. I don’t know who made this or what it was called. Don’t even know anyone who played with this. But I played with it for hours and loved it. HELP.
Game-catch the rings
What is the name of a game from the sixties where the object was to keep a spinning wheel with metal arm on a metal circular track while trying to catch rings on the arm of the spinning wheel? The player had handles on either side of the metal circle to guide the spinning wheel. The rings were different colors and carried different point values related to the difficulty of catching them on the arm of the spinning wheel.
Gentle ben stuffed toy speaking with pull string 70s
I was wondering if any of the gentle bens are in circulation at this time?
Giant plush monkey from Wal-Mart 2007 (approx. 36-40 inches tall)
Where can I find one? They sold for $19.97
Giga pet
I have been trying to look for the baby t-rex giga pet for my son for quit awhile now and I can not seem to find it anywhere. I live in ohio and I have no where to find it. Could you please tell me where or how I could order one that would be great! Please get back to me asap because I need to find one before christmas! Thank you!
Giraffe game
I am looking for the game and the name of the game that I used to play in the 1970’s. I was younger than 7, so maybe 1972-1975. The game was about making the neck of the giraffe grow. The pieces were somewhat connective. A person would insert a piece of neck in the back of the giraffe, and the neck of the giraffe would grow. I believe the object of the game was to see how many pieces of neck it would take to make the giraffe’s neck break or tumble. I have looked for years and cannot name of the game or the actual game itself.
Godzilla parachute toys from the 1970’s
I’m trying to find information on rubber Godzilla, and other associated characters, parachute toys. They were, I think, blue in color and about 2 inches tall. I used to get them when I was a kid in the seventies from the local convenience store.
Grandfather time story telling clock
There was a kids clock story telling clock in the early 1990’s. We lived in Philadelphia or Groton CT at that time and we bought our son a story telling clock called Grandfather Time. It would tell the kids when to bath,shower,brush teeth and at bed time it would tell a story. Any information would be helpful.
Gravity Race Set
I am looking for information about a toy from the 70’s. A gravity powered race set that came with 4 cars, trucks, or motorcycles. The cars had steel balls in them. I would love to find one to purchase. The track was a figure 8 and the top was supported by orange "tinker toy" sticks with the slotted ends. Any information would be great. Thanks. BTW I love your site!
Gray "fur" stuffed posable bear
tag says Mattel, Inc 1980. Gray stuffed posable (jointed) bear w/soft, smooth beige face/pink nose/blue eyes,beige tummy w/belly button, beige paws and feet. Not truly a "bear" though - knida half baby/half bear looking. Can not find it anywhere online to see what "toy" line or "cartoon" it may have stemmed from. thanks :)
green alien doll
is there a green alien doll from the 1970’s that you know of.. i dont really have any futher information than that. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
gun gobots
how much is it worth
Hamleys original teddy bear
I have a hamleys teddy bear which was given to me aprox 12 or more years ago. it is in mint condition and still has its original tags, how much is it worth?
Hand held profanity toy
There was this toy I used to have that was just a hand held device that had a few buttons on it and a speaker. the buttons would have just one phrase each, but each phrase had a slightly rude tone to it (i.e. shut up). It was referenced in The Simpsons episode Lisa the Greek but I could never find out the name of it. It also came as a series of hand held talking devices. If you could find out the name it would help serve my memory again! Thanks for reading!
Hardees toys
How many stuffed animals were in a set of "Walt Disney animated film classic " that Hardees offered back in the mid 1980’s ? These animals ( Dumbo, 101 dalmations bambi, Lady and the tramp, pinocchio ect. ect ) were offered in the kids meal.
Headstrom Spring Horse
Do you know where I can buy replacement springs for a Headstrom sping horse
Holly Hobbie wall plaques
I have five Holly Hobbie wall plaques in perfect condition from an estate. What is their value?
Honey Bunny or Hunny Bunny
I am trying to locate a stuffed bunny circa 1970’s or 1980’s . He was tan with a yellow shirt that said "Honey" or "Hunny" Bunny on it. It would mean so much to my daughter if I could locate one. Tried e-bay. Thanks!
Huggy Bear Puppet Toy
I am trying so hard to find a toy I had as a child and would dearly like to find again, he was called Huggy Bear and was made from round foam covered in brown material fur - not fluffy like other bears, he had cream on his feet and hands which were no more than round shapes due to where the foam had been cut, his shape meant he would slide over your hand and stay ‘hugging’ your arm. His face was also brown with a cream nose area, he had a black plastic nose and orange and brown plastic eyes. He was squat and round and could be used as a puppet by the way he held onto your arm. I would so love to find this bear! Can you help?
i am trying to find out what doll this is. It is from 1978 ideal And when you squeeze her belly she squeaks and her ponytails move uo and down
Ideal DeLuxe Talking Telephone
I am trying to find out how much this antique toy phone is worth. It takes real coins. Rings a bell & returns coins when you hang up. I know it has got to be at least 40 years old. No. 4263. Tks so much for your help.
During the 1970s, my brother had a puzzle made by Ideal called "The missing Link." I would like to buy one. Is Ideal still in business? Is there a online site? Does anyone have one they no longer want? Thanks for the help.
Ideal toys - smokey bear
I bought my mom a vintage Ideal Toys, Smokey the Bear, from a thrift store. It is cinnamon colored, with a molded face, soft hands and feet, light blue jeans, and a red and white striped bowtie. I was wondering if you could tell me what year it is from? I would appreciate any help.
Ideal Wife-Doll
Have you heard of "The Ideal Wife" Doll?
imaginarium glitter city dollhouse directions
I purchased a glitter city dollhouse by imaginarium and it unfortunately came with the wrong directions. THe web site and store I purchased it from have been no help. Pleas help me if you can. It is a present for my 3 year old for Christmas. THank you
Imaginarium Sound City Railway
I purchased this as a gift and when we went to put it together, there was no instruction manual. and Toys R’ Us were not helpful. Where can I get a manual? Thanks
Inchworm, Ride on toy
I had an inchworm when I was a kid. My brother and I rode it around for hours. My parents bought it in the late 70s. It isn’t the popular Hasbro Inchworm. Mine had handles coming out the side of it’s head, and had yelloy eyes. Do you have any idea who made it? Better yet, where I can find one? I have a picture, but it won’t copy.
When my daughter was an infant, my wife gave her a pink kitten sqeak toy to sleep with. She fell in love with this toy, and now that she is 3 years old, she cannot sleep without her "Ninny." The toy is begining to show some real damage and I am looking to replace it with an exact duplicate. The problem is that I have skowered the earth in search of the same toy, but cannot find it. The toy is approx 6 inches long and and 3 inches wide. The top portion, or head of the toy is a kitten’s head with straight stiching for eyes. The lower portion of the toy is a ring for the infant to hold on to. The entire toy is pink velour like material that is stuffed with whatever it is stuffed animals are filled with. The sqeaker is embeded in the top portion of the toy. Any help would be appreciated! I can also email a picture of the toy if you have any clues.
Inflatable pig 1930s
I have a baby picture of my father from about 1933. He is holding an inflatable pig. It looks to be about 12" x 8" in size. It has a few black spots (as a part of its design) on its body. Can you give me any more information on this toy?
Interactive Baby Bugs Bunny
I am looking for this soft toy for my "special needs" son. It sings "when you’re happy and you know it" when feet etc pressed. Anyone have one for sale?
J. Chein Disney Melody Player
Can you tell me what a J.Chein Disney Melody Player made in the 50’s is worth?
Jammie Pies Doll
Do you know of any stores that I could purchase a Jammie Pies Doll at they were made in the 1980’s and I don’t think they were made for that long. I an looking for any stores that would carry any character of the Jammie pies Doll line.
I had a red plastic battery-operated toy record player with little records approx. 2 inches in diameter. One played Turkey In The Straw. I think I had 9 or 10 in the set. I have 2 remaining records. They have little numbers on the back (denoted song I would say.ERA Late 60’s."Lid opened and records were inserted and fitted with a small twist to hold them in place. Unit was maybe 4 or 5 inches long 2-3 inches wide abd 2 inches high at broardest end where record sat. The stylus needle was in th top section and moved from outside in as song played. Made in Japan. Have you ever come across one ? I’m sure they made them in different colours and available in many countries. I’, from Australia. Thanks for your time
Jill Doll
I would like to know if you can tell the value of the vogue jill doll 1967 great condition?
joels project
how did they play in the olden days?
Johnny Speed Corvette
I am looking for the history of the Radio Controlled Johnny Speed Corvette (1963 model) and am trying to determine a rough value on the toy car as well.
Jumping Frog
I’m looking for a vintage toy frog made in the mid to late 50’s having folded hollow rubber legs with a squeeze bulb and a hose attached. Sqeezing the bulb filled the legs with air and made the frog jump. Different versions were made throughout the years, but the 50’s Japanese toy is the one I’m trying to identify. Can you help?
jump-o-lene castle
is there a replacement cap for the jump-o-lene castle to keep the air in.
june and her magic spoon
I am looking for this doll called june and her magic spoon. Was she made by horseman or mattel? I would love to find one that still works.
kids push toys
In the late 1980’s my son insisted he saw a toy motorcyle with mickey mouse as it rider. We could never find it, any ideas on wheter it ever existed? THANKS
kids reclining chairs
Same as Maggie had: Where can I find these? I bought a stuffed animal chair at Safeway grocery store sometime between 2004 & 2006 in Des Moines, Washington, a few miles south of Seattle. They had a display with I believe 4 different plush animal chairs. They reclined from laying flat to sitting perfectly erect/straight up and have 10 different positions in total. Our 3-1/2 yo boy LOVES this chair and my friends all want them for their children. I would love to get another for our boy’s father’s apartment so he has one both places. They cost approximately $29.95 at the time I purchased it. The label says it is made by "Fine Toy Company, Ltd. for Safeway" but I’m having trouble finding that. It doesn’t help that my computer keeps crashing during my searches. PLEASE help us find the company or the chairs or similar or all!~ THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! - Mariza
kidsway model 9510 Magic Melody Miniature Singalong Keyboard
I need a new on off switch for this toy. Where can I find one?
Could you tell me where I can obtain instuctions for Comquest Plus laptop for children.
Laser Tag
I’m trying to find, or remember the name of a laser tag toy that I had in the early 1990’s. It was bright green, it had a head set that would vibrate and make noise when you were hit. This head set was also the target/sensor, and was attached to the gun. I thought the name of the toy was Ninja Strike Force, but it seams I’m wrong (I remember ninjas swinging from trees in the commercials). Thanks for your help.
Late 1950’s - Boy’s Fighter Pilot Action Game
Airplane images were projected onto a wall from left to right, and they were shot at with rubber-tipped darts - What was the name?
late 1970-early 1980 peanuts gang tabletop pinball type baseball catch game
what is the exact name of the late 1970-early 1980 peanuts baseball catch game?
Late 70’s-Early 80’s Dog Figures
We use to have a store here called Ben Franklin which sold small posable plastic dogs on a card. The dogs were different breeds (I’m remembering a Greyhound, an Afganhound and a Poodle) and they were extremely cheap both in price and how they were made. I loved these little dogs, I played with them in the snow, in the pool, in the bath.. etc.. until they fell apart. I’d like to buy them again. What are they called? Who made them?
Laughing monster or animal
My brother in law had this animal or monster that hung by a spring from his cieling and if you touched it, it would bounce up and down and just laugh and laugh.....It was so funny and I am trying to find him another one since I was about 7 or 8 when he had it and now I am 36 so it is pretty old....Please help...
Lite Brite Monkey Thing?
Looking for info on a toy my (male) cousin had in the early to mid-70s. I think it resembled a black Lite Brite board as the ‘background’...then there was an outline of a monkey...I think it was a monkey...that lit up in bright purple, looked almost like a purple neon tubing outline. I don’t remember what the thing actually did...did the monkey dance? Was it just a light? I’ve had this picture in my head for about 30 years and people look at me like I’m crazy when I describe it...the image has always been so vivid...I’d love to know if this sounds at all familiar? I don’t think it was a dream...please help me prove I’m not nutty!?!
Little rubber animals from the 70s (not pencil toppers)
Hi, back in the 1970s at our Sonoran Desert Museum store there was a bin of tiny little rubber animals of great variety. They were about a half inch high and made of very flexible rubber, usually one solid color with painted eyes or highlights. We called them little rubber animals. There were dinosaurs, hedgehogs, frogs, everything. The detail was very good especially for the size. I have since never seen these anywhere, including ebay or the Internet. Do you know a brand name for these?
Looking for hand held toy
Looking for a toy that I used to play with that had lots of flat wooden squares with cloth fabric straps. You would moce the blocks and they would fall down the side.
Looking for information on Rev-up cars with push button to make go from mid-1980’s
I received several of these cars as gifts where you would "rev" up a small flywheel and the car wouldn’t move until you pressed the button. Who made them? Are they still available? Can you tell me more about them?
Looking for Name of a Ragdoll had During Childhood (Received sometime after 1984 - 1994)
I am looking for a particular ragdoll that was sold by my parents while I was away at college. The ragdoll had Purple yarn hair and purple shoes. The dress was also purple and had the word "Candy" writen on it. None of the items came of the doll if I recall correctly. It was completely stuffed with what my guess was cotton (no bean material like some dolls have). Please help as I would like to repurchase this doll. Thank you so much for your time and effort on this!
looking for pull head talking doll from mid 1970’s
i had this doll in the UK but may have been USA or Australian made. You pulled her head away from her body on string and she said "My feet are moving closer" or "oops there goes my head again" and maybe others - any info greatly appreciated.
Looking for this for my son
back in the 70’s or early 80’s they had a throttle you could put on your bicycle that sounded like a motorcycle. I sure would like to find one for him. Thanks, David
lost blue puppy with plaid coveralls and letter "D" on front
I’m trying to replace a blue terry cloth stuffed puppy w/ floppy ears, plaid coveralls are sewn on the body and the head hands and feet are terry cloth blue. The plaid has a letter "D" on the front belly of the puppy. Any suggestions on how to find another like this?
magnetic board game 1960s -name unknown
approx 1967, board game that stood above floor on legs, hockey-like stick w/ magnet on end. moved stick under board, moving people, cars (w/ magnets on them). it was a neighborhood and family. pls help.
I had a plastic dollhouse in the late 1980s to early 1990s that had people in it that you could move with magnetic wands. Do you have any idea who manufactured this dollhouse or what it was called? I have been trying to figure it out for years!
magnetic toy
when were tricky dogs invented?
Marble Roller Coaster
I would love to track down a marble roller coaster construction set I had as a kid. Details: Circa mid-1980’s. Green interlocking posts (two heights, male/female coupling) anchor into a square, flat base with a grid of holes; multiple bases could be interlocked - bases may have been brown, and possibly rectangular if not square. Yellow arms attached (snapped) to the vertical green posts, upon which red guide rails could be attached (snapped). Guide rails had two slots for thin plastic tubing and came in two configurations - flat (for straight rolling) or approx 30 degree angle (for turns). Marbles were stainless steel. The toy, I believe, came from Sweden, Denmark, Norway or somewhere in that region.
Mary poppins
Was there a Disney Mary Poppin’s Carpet Bag made in 1965?
mattel - car - pull apart
A friend has a plastic race car that belonged to her nephew aged 14, it has Mattel 2000 printed on the bottom and you can expand it to where it has 4 back wheels then push it back together and it only has 2. It’s about 6 inches long. My son plays with it nonstop when we go over there but I haven’t been able to find anything like it. Does this sound like something you can help me find? Thank you so much!
Mattel doll/young sweethearts
I recently purchased a Mattel boxed doll called young sweethearts/can find nothing on them/are they rare /worth anything/were alot made/were they a flop?/thanks/carol
Mcdonald’s Stomper
Do you know where to find the old Mcdonald’s series Stompers? I collected them when I was a kid and would like to get some for my son now. Please e-mail me with the answer.
McDonalds Roaring Lion King do I change the batteries?
I have a McDonald’s Lion King toy that is suppose to ROAR. But the batteries are dead and I can not figure out how to change them. When I unscrew the battery compartment and take it out, I have watch type batteries in the battery holder, but can not figure out how to remove and replace the batteries from the battery compartment
mcdonalds toys
I have a charlie brown plush toy from mcdonalds the date on the tag says 1954-1966 do u have any idea on the value ?
mechanical dancing boy and girl made in Japan
Trying to establish value. Item is 4 1/2 inches tall. Boy is wearing blue tuxedo with black shoes and red bow tie. Girl is wearing full length pink gown with pink bow in hair. Made in Occupied Japan printed on back of boy. Wind up key also in back of boy.
Mega Bloks Pyrates Bluebeard’s Avenger
Are you able to find a Mega Bloks Bluebeard's Avenger Pyrates Ship Set?
metal action figurine with green plastic emerald on chest
i have this figurine, its a man wearing blue overalls, no shirt underneath, orange hat, plastic head and it has this green emerald on its chest, I;m wondering what series this is from.
metal dollhouse 1970’s may be wolverine not sure
looking for the dollhouse from the 1970’s. I saw it in the movie Freaky Friday with Jodi Foster in her bedroom in one of the scenes in the film