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18 inch tall alien action figure from early 80s
were are they sold
1950 toy
I had a game that was a metal chicken standing up. You would shoot it with a dart gun and it would lay an egg. Do you know what it was called and where to get one? Thanks
1950 vintage toy- stuffed,rubber faced,no shoes(not Zip,Bim or Tip) chimpanzee
My wife was given a Zip-like stuffed chimpanzee, however it had life-like feet and hands with a smiling face and brown/black fur. The toy was about two feet tall. Could you please help me locate a directory or something?
1950's or 60's Plastic Building Block Set
In the late 50's or early 60's, I had a plastic building block set. The colmn parts interlocked with a male and female end. There were slots in the colum parts to receive plastic wall panels, windows and doors. The most memorable feature was the plastic "floor" sheets that red red and white. Any idea who made they and under what name?
1953 Child Guidance Toys
Adding Scale toy in original box Value? Info?
1960's toy police car
I want to give an old toy that someone once had to them. It is a small toy car that is from the 1960's with no particular description except that it has a button on top that when you press says, "this is the police, come out with hands up, we garentee you will not be harmed," or something like that. If you know where I could find this or anything close to that I would appreciate it. Thanks
1970's " Jolly Toy " doll made in Hong Kong
I have had this doll since I was 10 years old , and was wondering what you could tell me about it . She's about 14" tall , with blond hair , a paisley shirt , red pants & shoes .
1973 metal kitchen set
On Christmas 1973 I received a yellow kitchen playset (it was metal), a fridge, stove and sink. I am trying to find out who made it so that I can find one. Thanks for your help.
1980's 16 wheel truck (drives up walls)
During the 1980's I received a toy that was a 16 wheel truck that could climb over almost anything. If you had it going toward a wall it would try to drive up it and fall backwards when it reached the top. It had a extension like a tootsie roll on the front that was used as a bumper to allow the vehicle to have more of a chance at crawling over items. The wheels were very close together on each side and it was somewhat like a centipede. You could hang the vehicle over your arm and half the wheels would flap over each part of your arm. Any ideas on what toy this is?
1980s pencil toy
Does anyone remember what the name was, or the company that produced toy animals that grabbed a pencil with their feet? The most common one was a koala bear, and had a velvety fur texture.
1985 casey talking tape player by Playskool
Dear Dr. Toy, I recently run across two vintage book and cassette tapes, never used, still in the original box, with box never have being opened and price tag still on the box. This is for use in the 1985, Playskool Casey the Talking Tape Player. I was going to put these on ebay but do not know the value of these and can not find any info on the Casey talking tape player. If you have any info about the value of these new vintage tapes with books please let me know. Thank you in advance for your help!
1985 Mattel transforming eggs
what are these called?
1986 MINT CONDITION Puffalump cow TAG # 8001
I am looking for the value of my puffalump. It is dated 1986, it's tag # is 8001 and it's in mint condition. The tag even looks brand new. Any information you can give me on this would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much.
What is the value of a 1986 Transformers lunch box?
1987 Black Baby Heather Doll By Mattel
Can someone please help me find the 1987 black baby Heather doll by Mattel? I have been searching the net for some time now and cannot find her anywhere.She was one of the most beautiful dolls I ever had as a child. I misplaced her and would really like to have her again. Thank you, Melissa
2001 Sesame Street Construction Set
I am looking for 2 replacement pieces for a 2001 Sesame Street Construction Set. I contacted Fisher Price, the manufacturer, about getting them and the representative told me that they no longer carry them. Do you know of anywhere else I could purchase these?
2003 Uneeda Doll
I am looking for a doll that my daughter got for Christmas in 2003. We live in Wisconsinand nothing similar is produced here. My sister sent the doll from Utah. The doll is 12 inches long, made by Uneeda Doll Co. Originally, it came with a lavender and white plaid long sleeve shirt and navy blue overalls and a hat, which both had hot pink stitching. It has no hair. It's eyes are not painted on, they are like glass eyes. There is an open hole in the mouth for a bottle. The doll has a velcro opening in its back inside of which there is a voice box. It used to say, "I love you, mama." Head mold #1131201-M. Please help me to find a replacement for this beloved doll. Thanks so... Much. Sincerely, Leanne
28" walking doll 1950's?
My daughter was given a doll that says made in china and it has a 1280 marked on it. She is a walking doll that moves with elastic bands.She has staples on her hips. She has a vinyl face and her hair can only be put in a ponytail.
3 inch soft body doll that tumbles
I am trying to find a doll that was about 3 inches with a plastic head and soft body. She came with a small square blanket and did tumbles or sommersaults. I received her in the early to mid 90s and my dog recently chewed it up. Can you help me?
4 different colored Tootsietoys,marked ZEPHYR on side of a trolley car,how old?
Are these part of a game, solid metal cast, exelent shape.2 inches long.
70s monkey
I am looking for a monkey from the late 70s to the early 80s, it in blue overalls and a red and white striped shirt. The monkey itself is brown with a lighter face. It was a childhood toy of my husband's that got lost during moving. I'd really like to find another one if someone could help me out.
90's Transformet - grey and purple plane
Hi i'm trying to remember a toy i had in the 90s it was a transformer of some kind, it was a plane and a kind of monkey thing the head was detachable and it had 3 slots(?) that changed to purple when the head was plugged(?) in. please help, its driving me mad. i'm all googled out! Rob
Action play set- Disney Mickey Mouse Castle
I am looking for a Disney Mickey mouse playset I had as a kid in the late 80's early 90's. From what I can remember it was white and blue and hd Mickey Donald Goofey Pluto, Minnie, and Daisey for little figurens. Can you help me locate a full set?
Adventure, metal ball toys from the 80's
I would like to know what the toys were generally called. They usually come in a box shape, with a clear plastic in front. Inside the case are mechanical parts powered by a battery. The aim is to try to get the ball up the case through making the ball jump (by pressing a button outside) through each mechanical parts. They came in different varieties. Any ideas? I would love to find them again!
Aircraft Carrier
In the 70's I had a toy aircraft carrier. I think it was 3 feet long, with a two-piece styrofoam base. Inside, it had a rubber band catapult. You could string up fishing line and launch a plane up the line from the carrier. Each plane had a swivel and at the apex of "flight" it would turn around and "fly" back down the line. You had a stick attached to a red base with a couple of stickers of instruments on it. You could set the plane down on the deck and the little arresting hook would actually trigger the gate at the end of the ship. The planes were an A-4 and an F-4. What a cool toy that was? Any idea of the name and whether they can be found?
airplane - styrofoam from Milton Bradley large
I bought 2 Air America airplanes made by Milton Bradley in 1987. They are made of styrofoam that is about 1/2 inch thick. I would guess they are about 24 x 20 when put together. They have 150 feet of "fishing line" string attached to a hand grip flight control handle. They fly from a sitting start. Anyone know more about these?
Airplane cockpit toy
In the late 1960's my parents purchased a toy for me and my broteher that resembled an airplane cockpit. It had two yokes to steer the plane, it was battery operated so that as your incresed the power to the make believe engines a noise was generated to simulate this increase in power. All of the gauges were paper stickers if I recall correctly. Do you have any idea what this toy was called and who the manufacturer was. We lived in southern Colorado so I do not know if it was only available in our region.
alien monster trucks from the 80's-90's
My brother had couple of monster trucks when we were kids back in the late 80's, early 90's. The were neon and black. The only thing I can remember definitely about them was that they had "tails" and when you pulled them their front ends would open to reveal mouths of teeth. There were little ones that could almost fit in your hand and giant "boss" trucks that were about a foot or so tall. They were supposed to be aliens from another planet, I think. Any info would be helpful. Thank you! ~__^ *
alphabet blocks
I'm looking for a set of blocks that were called Alphabet Robots. They're a little larger than regular alphabet blocks and you unfold them into robots. Do you by any chance know who made them or where I could find some for my son's preschool class?
Amazing Ally doll
Where can I get some instructions for Amazing Ally? Who makes her?
Animated stuffed animal
I am trying to find the name of a stuffed doll I had in the 1980's it looked like an Ewok, wore a cloak, yellow fur, eyes lit up when it giggled. I thought it was called a chuggles but that does not archive anything. Can you help?
antique windup penny toy fire truck
has 6 riders tin litho windup. turn of century. nickle silver fenders. nice shape. whats the value of such an obscure toy ? We have not seen another. We would like to sell it for fair price ? are you a Buyer ?
Any information on Hi-Ranger small size spring horse?
I have a hand-me-down spring horse - definitely vintage, but I have no idea what decade it was made. It's a small size spring horse on a wooden frame. Much of the paint has rubbed off and the sticker on the horse's chest is faded, but I can make out "Hi-Ranger". Is this worth anything? My mother says that it certainly is and wants me to sell it and put the money into the kids' college funds. I wonder if perhaps it has more sentimental value and I should just find someone with a connection to it to pass it on to. (I do NOT want to store it for my kids!)
baby alive
were could i find the baby alive doll
Baby Doll - fuzzy body stuffed with foam, plastic head
This doll was purchased at a garage sale in 1980 and was already loved to the point her fuzzy body was faded. We believe she was originally blue. Her plastic head has green-blue eyes (they do not move) and her mouth is open (no teeth). There are wavy grooves to look like light brown hair. No fingers/toes on her foam-stuffed body. She measures approximately 8 inches tall. There are no discernible markings to identify the company that produced this doll--no tag, no imprint on the plastic. May have rubbed off. Can you identify this doll?
Baby doll-from the Jcpenny catalog 1967-1969
Well When I was little my friend had a doll from the jcpenny catalog. I really wanted it but is was discontinued.She had a soft body and a plastic face that changes when you rotated something on her back.She would cry,sleep or be happy. She was dressed in a full body sleeper.
bachmann brothers
I have 2 sets of plastic animal candle holders made by Bachmann Brothers. I know this co. has changed names but I can't find any info on these candles holders. Do you have any info?
ball puzzle
there was a clear ballwith a marble in it and you had to get the ball into different numbered cups bought it in the early 80s do you recall name of it.
HI,I was wondering where I could find a ball like Dr House has on his show. It looks like a tennis ball but is much larger, probably about 6 inches in diameter.Thanks!
bananas in pajamas figurines set of 6 1996
Where can i get these bananas in pajamas figurines from?
Barbie Doll Pool
In the late 70's, early 80's, I had a Barbie pool, it was a big oval blue pool
Barbie Fashion Stencils
I saw that someone else had posted a question in August 2007 (pasted below) looking for the exact same thing I'm looking for but I haven't been able to figure out if the question was ever answered... I'm looking for this Barbie fashion design set that came with a 8.5" x 11" plastic stencil of three or four poses (mine was pink). This would have been from the late 80s or more likely the early 90s. It's not quite the same as the Barbie Fashion Plates because it was just a stencil, but that's the closest I've come to finding this product. If you have any ideas on what this toy was called I'd be thrilled! Thanks!
Im trying to identify a Barbie.. she has pink earring, blonde hair, a lever on her back that moves her arms and her arms are jointed with little bolts at the elbows. Also can move 360 degrees from shoulders. Her head is stamped 1998. Hope that you can help me im really interest in finding what model she is :)
Bathtub toy: "Squirt-squirt, squirt the animals..."
I'm having a flashback to a commercial for a bathtub toy from the early 70s. It was a ship with spinning animal targets and a porpoise that one would hold with its tail in the water and squeeze. This would force a stream of water out of its mouth at the targets. The jingle, which, disturbingly, I remember vividly, went: "Squirt-squirt, squirt the animals, whenever you take a bath. You can squirt the animals, with the porpoise. It's a squirt that will make you laugh."I'd love to know the name of this toy, just to satisfy my curiosity and in case I'm ever on Jeopardy and it comes up. Any ideas on how to find this? I'd even bet there's one in an attic somewhere waiting to be dusted off and admired. Thanks, Brian
I have been searching the internet for information concerning this carousel. It is in great shape, ceramic and will play Jesus Christ Superstar. Is this a rare item? I am trying to determine what it may be worth. I can send pictures if needed. Thanks.
BATTERY OPERATED CRANE: In the mid 1970's Sears giant battery crane
I would like some info. On this toy. As i have one in working condition.
battery operated monkey
I have a battery opperated toy monkey from my grandmother's estate. It is about 7 inches tall and is made of metal and plastic hands. I am not sure what his face is made from. with brown fur, white and red striped cloth overalls and a red barret hat. it has a blue remote control with only one button that takes 2 "dry cell" batterys. It looks like his legs, arms and mouth moves and eyes light up. He is in excellent condition. No tears or stains, hardley fadded. The paint on feet and face is very well preserved- almost none missing. On the bottom of his foot, there is a sticker that says line mar toys in a circle, then japan. on his other foot on the inner ancle it is stamped S&E in a diamond then made in japan under that. I found it in a red box, only the bottom, not the top- not sure if it is original, but there is more cardboard inside to protect the remote. can you tell me about its age and worth? I cant find one like it onine anywhere!
Battery Operated Santa Slide
My family has a Santa slide that recently broke and I would like to find another. It is about 12 inches tall with 5 to 10 little Santa figurines. The figurines climb up stairs one at a time and then slide down the side to start the climb all over again. It makes a loud bell sound as each figurine climbs the stairs. Children love it, adults are annoyed by it. It must be from the late 1970's or early 1980's. Can you tell the name of this "Santa slide" and where to find one? I've tried searching ebay, but without the name it is hard to find even on the internet. Thank you so much! Billi
Battery Operated Toy Guns (futuristic) from the 1960's
When I was a child growing up in the 1960's, I had a battery operated machine gun and helmet combo that I **loved** playing with. The machine gun made noises and had a translucent red tube in the barrel that would light in rapid sucession as long as the trigger was engaged. When the trigger was released, the rifle made a "winding down" noise that was especially cool sounding. The helmut was military looking with a build-in visor/goggle kind of thing that fit over your eyes. There was a weird logo on the helmut that I remember, though not clearly. It was a triangle with what looked like (I think) a spider monkey or something in it. Are these descriptions making sense? I wish I knew the name of the items or manufacturer. I'd like to see a picture of them if I could only pinpoint what they were and who made them. Hope you can help!
battery operated toy
what year did deluxe reading playmobile debut
Beatrix Potter stuffed peter Rabbit
My grandson recieved this toy at his birth. It is becoming very fragile after 10 years. The whole family loves it. where might I get it refurbished?
During the mid to late 1970s, there was a bumble bee ride on toy with wheels for 2-6 year olds. I am looking to find one. Any leads are appreciated.
Big Bird - Giant stuffed animal
I remember my sister had a huge Big Bird stuffed animal about 3 feet tall. I know she had it when she was 3 in 1988, but I'm not sure if it was bought new at the time, but I doubt it was much older than 1985. I have searched practically everywhere (I believe) for this, but all I can find is a tall plush, "pillowy" version, which I know isn't the one she had. Could you help me figure out where I could locate one? Or would you know the brand that made this?
Biker Mice from Mars Stoker
Evening - Can you tell me if the character Stoker was ever produced as a figure ?. My son is "seriously" into Biker Mice from Mars OLD & NEW and 18 + different Mice from different era's but is desperate for Stoker ( not night shift ) Any ideas where I can purchase such a beast if it exists ? Any ideas greaatly received.
black and silver futuristic figures 2 inch tall
I purchased two sets of plastic alien figures for my son and I can't recall where I got them or what they are called. They are approximately 2 inch tall. There is a tm & copyright 2001 on the bottom of one foot, and a made in china on the bottom of the other foot. One set is colored as such: black legs and arms and head, silver torso, face, hands and boots. The other set is gold and black. That figure is almost entirely silver except the tips of his boot/foot is black, his upper arms are black and his head is black. His face is gold. They are in various action poses. One figure seems to be pointing with his left hand. The other figure is slighly bent at the knees and his right hand is making a fist; his left hand is some type of weapon. COuld you help me identify these figures?
black and silver futuristic figures 2 inch tall
I purchased two sets of plastic alien figures for my son and I can't recall where I got them or what they are called. They are approximately 2 inch tall. There is a tm & copyright 2001 on the bottom of one foot, and a made in china on the bottom of the other foot. One set is colored as such: black legs and arms and head, silver torso, face, hands and boots. The other set is gold and black. That figure is almost entirely silver except the tips of his boot/foot is black, his upper arms are black and his head is black. His face is gold. They are in various action poses. One figure seems to be pointing with his left hand. The other figure is slighly bent at the knees and his right hand is making a fist; his left hand is some type of weapon. COuld you help me identify these figures?
Blank plastic tiles
I am looking for an online store that sells blank plastic tiles similar to Rummikub tiles. They need to be blank.
board game - cootie
I have a giant "Cootie" that measures approx. 9" tall, 9 1/2" wide, and 9" long. It is a bank with a cap that opens on the bottom to release the $$$. I'm wondering what year these were made in and how it came packaged. also, was this a promo item only? Many thanks Dr.
Board Game Little Orphan Annie 1930's
Would like to know where to go to find it's value and possible places to sell? Thank You.
Board Game- Mountain
I'm trying to find the name of a board game I played in the early eighties. It consisted of a big mountain that had spots for lava balls (red marbles) that would periodically roll down the paths and knock down players trying to make their way to the top. I thought it was something like Thunder Mountain or Mystery Mountain, but I haven't had any luck searching for these titles. If you know anything about it, I'd be grateful. Thanks!
Board game?
I am looking for a game from the early to mid nineties. It had a carboard arena. the characters were some sort of mutants or monsters divided in to two colors one team was blue the other was green or yellow i think.
Board Game
Hi, I have recently purchased The 1982 MB Electronic Battleship on ebay, but it has no instructions. Could you please tell me where I can find them? Thanks
Board Game
Hi, I have recently purchased The 1982 MB Electronic Battleship on ebay, but it has no instructions. Could you please tell me where I can find them? Thanks
Board Game
Looking for a marble board game from the early 70's where you would spin the marbles and they would land in a round handle catcher and fall. The plastic part of the game was yellow. Please help!
board game
looking for name of game from mid 60s it was a round metal game with holes in it you would spin a nob on top and different colors would show up in holes
board game
what board game involving fish, helps kids w/ speech and language difficulties?
Board Game
What games did Milton Bradly come out with between the 1880s and 1900s?
Board Game
Where or who makes a board game called "Who Knew?'. It is soo much fun!
Board Game
Who was the toy manufacturer and the actual name of the ping pong basketball game that came in a box? It had cardboard backstops with hoops and levers which controlled spring loaded arms located throughout the board. Does anyone still make this game? I had it in the early 80's.
boy doll
looking for name of boy doll-1960 early 70 talked,came with slingshot in back pocket-said "put that back" when removing sling shot out of pocket,,also says"put me down' "let go of my ear".came wearing blue jeans,red and white striped shirt,baseball cap and tennis shoes
Bradley Mickey Mouse watch 1962
what is the value of a 1962 BRADLEY MICKEY MOUSE WATCH
Bratz Diary
instructions for Bratz electronic diary safe
breathing mechanism
SOme dolls now have breathing mechanisms and movement mechanisms where can I get them? Thanks!
Bride doll
She is approx 18 inches tall and come with a stand that she stands on and when you pull back a lever on the stand it moves. She looks like she is gliding down the aisle. There are no markings on the doll. She has a satin gown with a petticoat and veil.
Bright inspirations flutter lamb
i really need another one for my daught, the one with the pull cord and the lords prayer, please help
Build A Person - Individual Pieces
I am looking for a toddler toy that is a "build a person". There are different pieces for the body parts. All the parts are made of hard plastic. The body part is square with holes on each side. You can put the accordin arms with hands in the sides of the body. The leg is one piece with a foot. It is very colorful (red, yellow, blue, etc). The pieces that go in between are purple and they look like a planet (a flat circle with two balls on each side). The only thing written on it is "China". I can email a pic of it if needed. It was purchased about 4 years ago by someone else and they can't remember who made the item. I have done searches on the internet but no luck since I don't know what to call it. Any help would be great!
Building Blocks - Like Legos - Mid 1970's Red Blue White Bricks
Doctor, I am looking for a lego style toy from the Mid 1970's. I received it for Christmas. I still have the blocks that I cherished as a child and am now looking for at least a name to search with. If I remeber they were made by Sears Or Montgomery Wards? They were not Lego brand. Most of the blocks were red, white, blue. I remember a girl and boy on the box....maybe a ferris wheel or merry-go-round made from the bricks in the fore-ground. Let me know if you have any idea what they were called. Thanks, Shane
In the late 80's/early 90's, my brother and I had these building block toys, yellow tubes/sticks with colored clips to hold them together. We would build things with them. I thought the name of them started with an O, but I'm not sure. Do you know what they are called?
Cabbage Patch Doll Handmade
How do I re-attach a cabbage patch's dolls head?
California Raisin figures
Were the "California Raisin" figures distributed by the hamburger chain, Hardees, in the late 1980's?
cap gun holster
i have a red and black Davy Crockett leather holster with a black `leather belt the cap gun is the six shooter type with his name on it and horse head whit plastic grips..can you tell me what year it came out. I think leslie henry company made the gun
Castle Set, Plastic, 1970's
Hi! I am looking for a plastic castle set I had in the mid to late 1970's. It was grey, sat on a base, had a trapdoor inside the floor, figures that rode on horses, about 2 ft. by 2 ft. I think there may have been a dungeon or prison cell on the side of the mountain, but I don't remember that clearly. I loved this castle, and I would love to find one for my kids.Thanks.
can you help me find the cd zoo safari a wonderful childerns cd i heard at a gymboree class
Child of Mine Musical Pink Penguin
Hello - I'm hoping you can tell me where I can find a toy penguin that my daughter received earlier this year. Our dog got a hold of it but I managed to salvage the tag with the following information: Manufacturer's Listed: Prestige Toy Corp., Carters & Child of Mine. Description: Plush pink musical penguin. Between 5-6 inches tall with hot pink, vinyl feet. Style #: 88301
clap activated battery duck
About 1971 this duck was popular. If you claped your hands it would walk and quack. How can I find it, and what is it's name? thank you
Hi I was wondering if maybe you could help me. I am looking for a clear ball toy that is sort of like a maze. It has a little ball on the inside and cups that you have to land the ball in numerical order. I want to say it has a least 15 little cups. I had one in the early 90's, dont know if its older than that or not. I am also not sure who the maker was. Maybe Little Tykes or Playskool? It is maybe a little bit bigger than a hamster ball.
clown doll
i have a clown doll, about 18" cloth body, blue hair white plastic face looks to one side. red nose no upper lip, striped outfit with white cuffs. i got him in 1963? his name to me is Clem. is this his real name and where can i find info about him.
I have a toy clown head pull toy from the 1940's. It is plastic, red, face, yellow mouth, green wheels, yellow hair and blue hat and nose. It is made by the Cinderella Mfg. Co. Jackson MI - I'd like more info and value of this toy?
Collectible Memories Kimberly doll
What would a Collectible Memories Kimberly doll be worth today? She has never been taken out of her box and was made somewhere between 1992 and 1998. She is handmade and handtailored and a limited edition. Her designor is M. Diane. She was made in China for the KMart corp. and has blond hair and and light blue eyes adn is made of bisque porcilain. Please respond as soon as possible if you can. also she has never been taken out of her box. thanks.
Craft/Hobby-The Peanuts Gang figure maker (?)
In the early 70's (70-73) I got this set for Christmas. It had these molds that you poured different colored liquid or gel into. By some sort of heating process it turned to rubber that you could pop out when cool. I was very young when I got this but I remember it fondly, especially the smell. Parents and siblings can't remember either. No luck on Ebay but that's probably because I have no idea what it was called. Thanks for any help. Wesley
creepy crawler
i bought my son creepy crawler for christmas and the directions are lost before we ever had a chance to make them. where can i get a copy?
Curious George Penna Reg NO 18
He was bought from Hamleys a large well known toy store in London England, sometime in the 1970's possible 1976. He is in good condition, I am wondering if he would be of any interest to collectors?
DanDee Stick Horse
I am looking for a DanDee stick horse I purchased at Walmart in approx. 2004. It looks like Trigger and it moves it head up and down and plays the Lone Ranger theme. I have it on my husband's walker and would like to find a replacement.
DanDee stuffed Christmas moose 2007
Where can I purchase another DanDee brand stuffed Christmas moose from 2007?
Could you send me the directions for "Match of the Penguins?"
does anyone still make pucks for rebound game, made by ideal?
I would like information on my 1967 Mickey Mouse pullstring toy?
value of toy truck 1987 campbell's harvest of good food
Demolition Showdown
I am looking for information on this radio control car set. It seems to be from 1979. Wondering if this item is currently worth anything today. Thank you!
diaper bag
where can i order a gingham checked diaper bag in lavender
Diecast dragster
Has anyone produced a 1/64 diecast Don Prudhomme 1974 Rear Engine "Army" Top Fuel rail dragster?
I live in the UK My brother lives in Florida and has a bright nearly 5 girl. Can you give me some help as the family seems loopy about anything Disney and Princesses
Disney Simba 'fluffy' lion.
I am trying to track down a Simba lion baby/cub toy sold by disney stores in early to mid 2005. It is similar to the medium (about 12-14") long toys today but is made of fluffy material not the plush material on newer simbas. The material is similar to the beard material on disney 7 dwarf toys. Any info on where i could get one would be much appreciated. Many Thanks, James.
disney train set?
did disney have a train set (round base with track) between 1960-72 maybe yellow base and i think the train would go around and stop and pickup passengers? thanks steven
Dog - Brown and white circa 1980's?
I'm looking for the company for a dog I received between 1985 and 1988. He is brown with a thick white stripe from his nose to the top of his head and 4 white paws. He sits up and wears a black and red striped shirt. I think he came with overalls but he no longer has them. He is also well loved and is missing his rear tag. I'm looking for a duplicate for my son to love but I have no idea where he came from.
Dog with musicbox in its back.
My Mum bought me a plush dog it looks like mohair and stuffed with straw in 1956, it had a musical box in the back that played three blind mice, I still have the dog but it no longer has the musical box, could you possibly tell me what make it is please quite a few people have thought it wa Stieff but it has no stud in the ear. Hoping you can solve the mystery.Thanks Jean
Doll - Baby First Born in 1970's
Hello, I am searching for a doll that I received in 1971 from my parents. I have a picture of her in her original box and maybe if I knew the maker and could make out what logo it is on the box, I could narrow my search. Could you give me an email address as to where I could send you my picture so you could see a picture of the doll? Any ideas? I would really love your help and advice. Thanks in advance for your wisdom! Here is link to download and see my picture -
Doll - Rocking Chair
On my first christmas in 1971 my grandma gave me a doll and rocking chair. One of my dogs growing up ate the doll but I still have the rocking chair. It is painted to look like a grandma so when you sit in it you are sitting in grandma's lap. The back has a face drawn on it with rosey cheeks, sqaure glasses and a grey bun on top of her head. The dress painted on the chair is blue and white polka-dot dress. Some people have said it is Mrs. Beasley but, in pictures it does not look like her. I am interested in trying to find one of the dolls...could anybody identify whether this is a character from tv or a book and give her a official name. We have always called her grandma chair.
Doll for bed
I was given around 1966 a type of doll/clown that lays on a bed. It is made of pink silk material, my sister had a light green silk. Inside the clown like outfit, it was made of bendable wire so that when laying it on the bed, it looked like it was on its stomach and you could bend the arms and legs up. The face was more of a plastic type doll head and it is wearing a pointed pink hat. The hands look like white felt mittens with white toulle lace around the wrists, the feet look like the same white type felt and again around the ankles is the same white toulle lace. There are not tags on the doll. Any idea who this was made by or if it is worth anything? Barb
doll house kit
I have a kit made by damon company arrow industries inc from 1978 are they still in busness?
doll named "Sue"?
My mother bought me a doll in the early 80's ( i think) from a fingerhut catalog. The doll came with a pink & purple salon chair, and accessories. I can not find any information on a doll named Sue -other than ones called Sweet SUe--I think mine was called-Styling Salon Sue- or Sue styling salon. Would like to at least see a picture of this doll, so I can say "I had that!"
Doll Queestion
Looking for a ugly real skinned like doll I had like in the year 48 to 1950 maybe. It had soft skin......forget what the doll was called tho. Thanks.
Doll that whistles
I had a popular baby doll from the early 1970s that whistled when you pushed in her chest, I want to know who made this doll and was it called "Baby Whistle"? I would love to find it again but nothing has shown up on ebay or other sites. All I remember was it had a yellow rocking chair and a foam body.
In the late 70's early 80's I recieved two dolls,one a Dracula the other a Frankenstein,that came with a pump of some sort that caused them to expand and bust out of there respective cases(coffin for Dracula,cage I believe for Frankenstein).They were about 13" and made of a hard rubber that could be collapsed until pumped.I've tried every heading at ebay and get no results.If you have any answers I would sure appreciate it. Thanks
doll:stuffed rabbit
I found a stuffed rabbit doll in my mother-in-law's garage that she owned as a child in the early 1930s. It has a caramel-colored plush head, ears, and paws, brown velveteen inner ears, embroidered nose and mouth, pink plastic disc eyes, a muslin body stuffed with a stiff stuffing, and measures 17 inces from head to toe, 22 inches including the ears. He wore a clown costume, cream-colored cotton fabric with a red ruffle and matching beret. It was probably purchased in New York City in the late 1920s-early 1930s. Can you tell me anything about what company made such dolls and how much it might be worth today? The rabbit is in excellent condition although the clothing is torn on a sleeve and discolored with age.
I have a Doll made from Jolly Toys 1965 looks like an eskimo has an leather outfit on with furtrimming black hair,yellow eyes ping lip looks like it over top of bottom lip round cheeks eyes look as if there kinda slanted but may look like that because of cheeks
Ideal Toy Corp OTT-14 soft body
In the late 1980's I bought my daughter a blonde baby doll with a pink dr.denton sleeper on, she had a hard face and limbs, but a soft body...any ideas where I could find another one?
Looking for Play All Six Snugglebun doll with furniture by Remco made @ 1966/67 ?
there was a doll set- Star & Tracy and maybe even one more. I think they may have been from a tv show. they were barbie size and were released in 1979/1980. Star had blonde curly hair. Do you know any thing about these dolls?
Value of Hanna Barbera-PRods.Inc. Ideal Toy Corp F.S. 11 1/2
What was the name of parrot dolls with gripping feet ad log, brushable hair sold in the 90's?
what was the name of the doll...cira 1970 something..she was a baby doll with sand in her rear end...that when you sat her down...the sand would tip to one side and she would simulate falling asleep?
Doll-1965-67 Ideal GIGGLES
Two please--Can I fix one to make her giggle again,if so how? If not I want to change heads--how do I remove the head to change,as it is connected to the arms that make the head move for that giggling motion...Thanks!
Doll-flower petal
In the mid to late 90's my daughter had a small doll that was encased in a flower that would open up to reveal the doll you used a key to unlock it do you know the name
Dollhouse Family
In mid 70's I had a Wolverine dollhouse.I'm trying to find the family I had for it.Don't know if they came with it, or who made them. They were a hard, non-bendable, painted plastic.Mom had blonde hair, blue dress, may have been holding a baby. Dad was wearing green shirt brown pants.Lost in fire. Please, any help?
dollhouse people
I'm looking for late 60's early 70's dollhouse figures there hard plastic they dont bend. there is a mom in a blue dress and there is a dad and kids. I'm looking for a set of them that i had when i was a kid they came with a tin dollhouse. Could you tell me the maker of this and where i could find them.
Dollmaker's mark
Which toy or doll company puts a heart with an arrow through it on the back of a barbie-like vintage doll? thank you
Dolls - Disney Story Characters
Over the past 12 years have collected several dolls ie Peter Pan & Wendy, Mulan & her horse, CInderella, etc all barbie dolls. What are they worth? Out of the box, slightly played with in VERY good condition. Thanks
DOLLS-Vintage 1950
I am wondering about toy companies? I have a vintage plastic doll with the capital letter A on her tail bone area. That's it. There are no other markings. I am trying to find out who made her.
Doll-Worlds of Wonder 1987 Julie Doll
Could you please help me with any information on where to purchase additional clothing, cards, books, and even instructions, I have the doll, but instructions, and my daughter has passed away, I want to pass this down to my neice but not sure how to use her to her full capability. Thank you for any information you may have.
drawing set- rotating disc
I am looking for a drawing set from the early 70s. It contained a base with a lid that lifted up. You would put a disc in on paper, shut the lid, trace the holes, then turn the handle and rotate the disc. You would do this 4 times to get your picture. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
I have an old ebrain, but I have a problem. I can't find the software in my house or on the internet. Where can I get it?
Electronic Handheld Game
Looking for the 80's version of the Electronic Qaurterback Handheld Football Game.
Esso plastic stove toy
I have a small (5.5" x 3"x 1 1/8" high) Esso toy stove top in yellow and red. There are two small dials the turn the burns "on" and the red ring of the burner rises. The bottom shows No. 2168 and Made in Hong Kong. Where can I get an idea of its worth? Thanks so much!
fiber optic fish aquarium
do they still make it or do i have to hunt for it.. trend master made it fiber optic fish aquarium... in 2002 i believe,,, my one son has one..and we want to get another
I have a lamp with a light bulb with a mickey mouse figure. I was told it came from the world's fair.
First Toy
Who invented the first toy and when
I had a toy in the 80's that you could put a football in (looked like a plastic cage, had a timer,would throw a regular sized football to you. It was called quarterback something.
Forces of valor U.S. UH-60L Black Hawk
Where can I get replacement rotar blades from ?
Friction, inertia, flywheel based toy truck from 1980's?
I recieved a toy truck in the 1980's that utilized friction (reving on ground) to generate energy to a flywheel. This truck was about 4" long, believed to have a Chevy Blazer plastic body on it with yellow and black stripped decals. It had an articulating four wheel drive friction based drive trane with rubber tires. I cannot find this vehicle anywhere; nor can I find a manufacturer or the name of the toy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Fuzzy Animal Characters
What were those little fuzzy animal characters with sticky feet in the 80's called?
Gabriel Toys
I'm looking for info on how to contact Gabriel Toys, re Critter in the Candy Game, played by my family in the late 70's, early 80's.
Gentle Ben Bear
Where would I find a Gentle Ben Bear that has a pull string to make him talk?
Giant fly with suction cup feet
Who made, in the early 80's, a plastic toy, about the size of an adult hand, of a giant house fly, with suction cup feet, perhaps a purple body with clear wings and a hand cranked winch in it's belly? Thanks!
Giant plastic insects
I'm looking for a set of giant insects ( grasshopper, bee, etc ) that walmart toy section carried about 5-7 years ago they were made in china I know almost nothing else about them
In the late 70s - early 80s there was a company that made molded plastic swords that glowed in the dark and had an ersatz lightsaber sticker on the handle. Do these still exist or are they still manufactured? I believe they also made molded knock-offs of the stormtrooper "style" helmet in white and black. Any idea if those are still manufactured?
Green Stuffed Octupus
Looking for a light green stuffed octupus dog toy bought at Wal-Mart about 2 years ago.
Handheld racecar game
Hi, I'm hoping you would be able to tell me what kind of game I had as a kid in the late 70's and early 80's. It was a super simple racecar game in which the cars went round and round an oval track. The cars were actually little plastic pieces with decals on them (I think) and they were real moving pieces under a plastic screen. It was not digital. I think you had to somehow wind the game up. You would control steering on your car and try to bump off or manuever through the other cars. I think there were a series of these games at the time. It would be great if you knew what these were, cause it's eating me up.Thanks, Kurt
Hanging plastic birds with hinged wings
In the early 70's I had several hanging plastic birds with hinged wings. They came in several colors and they all hung from a long spring. The wings moved when they went up and down. Their eyes were only stickers. Do you have a clue as to where I might find them or their name? I have tried E-Bay. Thanks
Happy Barbi Doll
I recently picked up a baby doll a a local thrift store because it resembled my granddaughter. It is a laughing baby doll, with Happy Barbi written on the hat.As I have never heard of this particular doll before, I am curious as to the manufacter, and the country of origin. It is aproximately 24 inches long, chubby, and dressed in a blue romper with a piggy face on the front. If anyone could help me with this enquiry, I would be very grateful.
hedstrom- spring horse
I have a hedstrom spring horse and it has to be really old someone past it down to my son and i was wondering if it is worth money
Hedstrom spring horse
Where can I get replacement handle covers for my Hedstrom Spring horse? My daughter had something pink on her hands and it stained the white handles...I've tried everything but it looks like it is permanently died pink!
Hi I have a plastic horse with moveable legs and head. Underneath their bellys it says Empire with a E above it and a crown above the E. Carolina Enterprises Inc. 1978 Made in Hong Kong.
horsman doll
I have an old horsman doll with cloth body, rubber arms and legs she has two teeth; I am not sure what her face is made of; her eyes open and close and when you turn her over she says mama; do you have any idea how old this doll is; she is wearing a pink coat over cream colored organdy dress; her clothes are original.
Hotwheel car
Need to find out who invented the Hotwheel carand How many different ones are made.
Ideal Mighty Mo
Does anyone have any information on this toy?
Ideal Toy Company - Fusion puzzle
I have owned the HiQ puzzle Fusion made by the Ideal Toy company for almost 20 years and have NEVER managed to place all of the strangely shaped pieces together in the diamond shape! All of the members of my family see every year at christmas time if we can finally manage to work it out...however we have never been able to. It states on the box that there are over 10,000 possible solutions however we haven;t managed to find 1 in 20 years! Has anyone ever managed to fit all of the pieces together in the diamond?
we need instructions for our electronic battleship game thanks
jack in the box
what is the history of the jack in the box, and why the ambiguity
kenworth model truck
Back in the 80's I built a model truck of a kenworth aerodyne, it was a larger scale, not sure but I think it was 1:16 and I was wondering if you could help me find one that has not been assembeled. I know that it as been discontinued but maybe it is possible to find one. Pls. Help.
Kiddie Car tunes
I lost my directions for this toy where can I get a copy and to buy more tapes for it. Thank you for your time. Mrs. Roman
Knickerbocker Pig
My Godfather gave me a stuffed pig from the Knickerbocker Toy Company in 1955 or 1956. Pink stuffed pig with a vinyl face (kewpieish) My mom said his original store name was Mr. Porkchops. Do you have any info on this toy?
lasor tag toy
I bought a lasor tag set at a yard sale. They seem to work somewhat. They both shoot but only hit the target some times or it takes forever for it to work. Is there a manuel on it. One gun is red and the other is blue. It is a subsidiary of JAKKS PACIFIC INC. There are no other names on it.
Laughing Policeman Toy
They used to have life size models at fun fairs. You put money in a slot and the policeman starting to laugh. Can you purchase toy size laughing poiceman?
light brown dog with dark brown ears
when I was 4 (in 1978) my grandparents gave me a stuffed brown dog for christmas. it was light brown with dark brown ears and stuffed with beans. my sister got one that was very dark brown with white ears. my son took mine to school one day and it was torn in two and thrown away by the teacher. please help me find one.
Little Tikes orange slide
I am looking for the little tikes orange slide from the 80's. It only had 3 steps and was made of hard plastic. you could turn it over and use it for a rocker. It was only about 2 ft high.
looking for an older children's melamine tea set
Disney Princess deluxe cinderella pumpkin carriage container with tea set color blue wheels on the container have blue spirals
Lost 2001 Lion made by commonwealth
How do I go about finding another lion? I can't find just a commonwealth site with just stuffed toys.
Lou Rankin plush toy restoration
Hi Dr. Toy, I'm writing to ask if you know of anyone that can do restoration work on a Lou Rankin plush toy (Jasper the Bear)? Pls. let me know. Tks 'n Rgds, Sohrab
magnetic doll accessories
As a child in the late 80's I had a doll that came with "magic" accessories that were turned on and off by magnets. The doll came with the magnets in wand forms. The only accessory I can significantly remember is a pink plastic bird cage with a gold bird inside of it. When you held up the magnet wand, the bird chirped. Also there may have been a light purple wind up swing with this set.
Manhattan Floppy eared rabbit toy
Where can I find a replacement for my child's rabbit toy? It was a small, cream velour floppy rabbit with long ears, made by (I think) manhattan toys and bought in London in 1997-98. Any suggestions gratefully received!
Manhattan Toy Tippy toes pig
They have discontinued the small tippy toe pig and I really would like one. Where can I begin looking?
marble games
i'm looking for a game or toy i had in the early 1960's. it was made of plastic and had four(i think) stackable pieces. you would start marbles at the top and they would go round and round until they dropped through to the next level. we used to play this for hours. Can you help? each pieces was a different color. Thanks
In the mid to late 1970's, my children had a wonderful wooden marionnette. It was either a beagle or basset hound and was called Bones or Mr. Bones. (We may have given him that name. We are looking for one to bring back into our familuy. Help! Judy
Married couple fold out dollhouse
During the mid-1990s, there were multiple dollhouse sets released, where the cardboard house folded out like a book, and a husband and wife were included in the set. Consumers could purchase multiple couple-and-house sets where the plastic dolls looked different and the houses had different decor. I cannot find this toy, what it's called, or even who manufactured it. As far as I know, it was only made for a few years.
Matchbox Construction Set
I've recently come across some of my late fathers belongings and among them was this Toy manufactured by Louis Marx & Co. It appears to be a prototype since on the actual box it says Pat. Pend. I've searched online at various sites but have yet been unable to determine its true age as there is no date anywhere. The Product is labeled Match Box Construction Set and is the actual size of a match box. Inside the sleeve you slide out a tin case with holes (similar to an erector set) nested inside the main box are several other tin boxes smaller in size, along with wooden dowels and washers. Do you have any inkling as to its age or value or if the product was ever even manufactured? Looking forward to any info you can provide.
Math quiz game
In the mid to late 1970's there was a "flashcard" type game that I believe Matell produced that was shaped like an owl. Do you know the name of this product, and where I can find one?
Mattel crib rocker
I have a mattel crib train rocker from when my son was a baby it is copyrighted 1971 how much is it worth? It is blue and Yellow music still works like new and still rocks
Mattel doll
My mother has a doll and i'm looking for info about her. She is 18.5 inches tall and has a hard plastic body with soft plastic arms and head. She has a pull string and some kind of battery box on her back. ( she takes two d cell batteries). There is a white on/off switch just above this. The markings on her lower back say " c1964 mattel, inc. hawthorn, california made in u.s.a. u.s. patents pending". She has blue eyes (that close when she lays down), blondish red hair, and white shoes ( they are part of her and have weird self leveling soles). She has a white sticker inside the battery box that says "272 s2". If you have any idea who she is, please help me identify her. thank you.
Mattel Snoopy walking toy
I have an aviator Snoopy toy that I believe was called a skedaddler (?). I probably got it in the late 60's. It has a little blue wheel set that fastens in his back and makes his legs & head move when pushed. I'd really love any info I can get on this toy (like its official name) and others of the same type, when they were produced, etc. I always loved this little guy.Thanks!
Mattel-Disney Carry Around Driver
I have this toy with the box but can not seem to find any info about it, specifically when it was produced. It is a little Mickey Mouse laptop dashboard with steering wheel, side mirror, windshield wipers, etc for children over 18 months. I've tried contacting Mattel and they don't know either. The product number on the box is No. 6134. Judging by the box, it looks like it is from the 80's. Do you know a more specific date? Thanks for your time!
mega blocks
I have been searching the net to find-apparently--older mega block linking track. I bought a big bucket of mega blocks at a yard sale about 6 years ago and my son (2) loves the track. Unfortunately there arent very many pieces. Do you have any suggestions on how to find and get more of this track? thanks, Krista
Merry thought Hygienic Toys Black Doll 1920-1930
I have a doll in great condition with the old label. Original owner was a child in the 1920s, received the doll as a gift in the 20s or 30s. Where can I find a value? Thanks!
metal toy
I think that they are still being sold today it is a square shaped metal toy that allows you to press your hand on it and the metal bits move to show shape of a hand. What is this called?
Mickey Mouse Soft Toy
I have the earlist made mickey mouse soft toy, how can i find out how much it is worth?
micky and minnie musical figurine
I am looking for a musical figurine of micky and minnie sitting in a booth at a soda shop sharing a soda. It was purchased at birks approx. 1989.
Micro Machine
I have a Micro Machine that was made in 1991 by Lewis Galoob Toys in China. The vehicle opens on top and the sides stretch out and the minature terrain for Chyeene Mountains appears. What is the approximate value of the toy. Is there any other info availabe for this toy.Thanks.Walter
Microphone-toy- yellow
Help! I grew up in the eighties and right around 1984-1989 I had a yellow Plastic Microphone probably about 6-7 inches long. On its side it had buttons(blue I think). If I remember correctly (no gurantee I do!) you could record/play back and could also play different sound effects/music. It also had a little stand that came out of the underside so you could prop it up on a table.. I have looked on ebay, google etc with no luck. Does anyone remeber this toy's name or anything else about it at all?
Milton Bradley's Jenga
Does the 1995 Throw 'n Go Jenga game by Milton Bradley contain lead based paint?
minature dolls playset-80's-90's. Uses keys to move people and turn on lights.
I'm trying to remember what this set was called. it was a set of a town full of people. You used plastic keys to turn the locks on the buildings. then a liht would turn on I think. Also the keys had magnets on them to make the peole ice skate on a rink. I had this set in the early 90's.
Minnie Mouse 24in doll
I have a Minnie Mouse about 24 inches tall. It was given to me approximately 1958 . It shows a tag of Gund. It is made with cloth, plastic & felt on the ears. It feels like it has another doll inside that is movable. Can you tell me how to clean the plastic on it.
Monkey Named monChiChi
Where can I get a MonChi Chi stuffed monkey from the 80's
Monster "Mr. Potatoehead-ish" Toy from late '60s/early 70's
What was the name of the toy that was like mr. potatoe head but made of green styrofoam and came with monster features to stick into it? I remember the monster on the front of the box was kind of like "Big Daddy Roth" looking in appearance? I got this toy on 2 diffent holidays growing up... knowone else seems to rember it!
moon wagon
We have a round purple wagon "moon wagon" from the 1969-1971 time period. Any idea of it's maker or value? I know that it was bought in California during this time period.
motorized monster
1986 tyco motorized monster 14 inches brown looks like an evil bear.
mountain dollhouse set
hi looking 4 a toy dollhouse i think it was called mountain playhouse, it had 2 small female dolls a triangle shaped house with a jetty or peir and row boat also had some furniture. thanks tania
Musical Lamb
Looking for a white lamb with pink ears. It plays brahms lullaby
Mystery playset
I have been trying to identify a playset I had as I kid in the mid to late 80's It was a Castle/mountain typ set that slip open on a hing like the he-man sets. It was all black, had a couple differant doors, on the top was a large orange plastic "lid" with bubles meant to reseble lava. Inside I am pretty sure there was an elevator. I got it at the same time I got the Voltron Castle of lions. Just hoping you might be able to help.
I have a male doll 14 1/2 inches tall blonde hair, blue eyes, red and white striped shirt, bluejean overalls. On his neck he has a c with circle around it and right above his lil butt crack he has a capitol A. That is all the markings he has. I have searched dennis the mennis and matty mattel and have found nothing. He is pretty old but I do not know how old, nor can i find any info on him. I would like to send you a picture if at all possible seeing as I do not have enough info on him for you to find any info. Please let me know if there if there is anyway I can send you a pic. Thankyou for your time, Kristin.
Old Army Doll (Cork Like)
My Grandfather has a Army Doll that is about 12 inchs High he looks like he is made of cork and is ccovered in plastic his hat is stationery (it is molded to his head) and his clothes are removable his clothes include a Army Jacket, Bibs, Shoes and some belts and his arms and legs are not attached they look like they are held on with some kind of rubber bands that are in the box my gradfather has him in there is no name what so ever on his body or clothes he has got to be pre 1960? I could send you a picture of him if needed We just want to know how old he is and if maybe he is a collectible doll! Thank You
Old Man Doll
A friend of mine purchased what appears to be an antique doll. It is very large - about 2 1/2 to 3 feet - and looks like an elderly man. The face, hands and shoes are porcelain. He is wearing brown coveralls and has a white mustache. The head is about the size of a cantaloupe. Do you have any idea how old it may be or who may have made it?
outdoor riding toy
During the 1960's, my cousins had a "whirly bird" ride on toy. It had 4 seats with a bar for your feet that you pump and a bar for your hands. When you pump, it spins faster and faster. Are these still made? Is there someplace to locate one?
Outdoor toy - Merry Go Round
We had an outdoor toy in the early to mid 70's. We called it the Merry Go Round. It had seats for 4 children on the ends of two cross bars with the seats facing the middle. It was operated by pumping the hand and foot rests in front of each seat, propelling all four seats (and kids) to spin in a circle. One child could ride it alone, but it went faster with four pumping! Several of my friends had one, but I can't find any information about these now--even to confirm that "merry-go-round" is the proper name. Do you know what these were called, who made them, and if anything similar is still made? Thank you.
pedigree made in england monkey
Hi there i have come across a monkey which has the tag on the side saying pedigree made in england on the sid ein blue, i have looked on the internet to try to find out about him and it comes up with the company who made him but all i can see is that they made teddy bears i can't see this monkey that i have? He has what i think is rubber hands and feet and face, he has movable eyes and also has eyelashes. He has a battery operated mechanism in the back, but i cant get that to work, Any help as to his age owuld be helpful and if he is worth any thing? Thanks
Pie Face Hasbro Game 1960's
Is this game of value to your knowledge?
piston cup 500 race track
looking for replacement pieces for piston cup 500 race track-b1 to b2 track piece
Plastic Building Rings
Back in the 1980's, my kids played with a building set made of plastic rings, with long tube-shaped legs. On top of the ring were 4 little knobs where the leg were, and then you could stack these rings on top of each other. I seem to recall them being called Rig A Ma Jigs, or something like that. I remember them when I was growing up in the 70's. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you
plastic building set
I remember having a toy set in the late 1970's that comprised of several (perhaps 30-40) blue and white plastic sqaure panels (corrugated plastic approx 2-3 feet square) and could be connected at the edge with preset holes using plastic nuts and bolts (yellow) to make a tunnel or fort or house, etc. What was this called and is it available anywhere today?
plastic collapsables toy
i am trying to search out the toys that collapse when you push a button on there bottom base and return there stance when you let go of the botton. the are strung to gethere through the inside of the toy which holds them erect until you deploy the button. they are small and hand held. could you help me locate such items?
There was these small plastic dinosaurs around the mid 90s that would change colour on their diaper when wet... Have an idea where to find them today, haven't been able to track one down even though it's not so long ago! Thank you! Amanda
I think it was called Mr. and Mrs. Mousy.
plastic locking building blocks
When I was a child in the late 1950's and early 1960's, I had a set of plastic locking building blocks that were used exclusively for building houses - came with windows, doors, a large plastic base to build on, cardbard to make a roof, and even house plans. They came in a tall cardboard cylinder if I remember correctly. The windows and doors were red plastic, the building base and roof were green, the building blocks were white. The set even had clear plastic locking blocks for windows. Do you have any idea what was the name of this set? Thanks.
plastic maze games
in the 80's possibly early 90's receive a set (maybe of 3) maze games square with metal balls, one had you move the ball around maze without dropping thru holes to the end. another had you manuever through maze & across a bridge they were yellow, red, blue bottoms each with clear plastic to view maze.
Plastic or vinyl clings
I am now 42 years old and I recall a favorite toy that I used to play with during the early to mid 1970's. What I remember is a flat cardboard piece which was coated with a black shiny surface which you could peel and stick colored shapes on. I don't remember if the shapes were doll clothes or not. It was my absolute favorite toy and it kept me busy for hours. I remember the shapes to be colorful. My question is: What is this toy and who made it?
plastic tube cat playhouse
We have a plastic blue tube assemblied cat house and can not find assembly directions we purchased at walmart in the past 16 months
Play town
In the late 1980's early 90's I purchased a toy consisting of several buildings which made up a town. The buildings lit up and there were keys to open doors. I donated it years ago and would love to find it again. I don't know which toymaker made it. Could you help me, please? Thanks so much.
Playmates 1998 action figure doll
I have a bunch of dolls that are 7 inches tall, they twist at the waist , covered with a sparkle paint and have crazy colored hair like blue and , yellow , purple. Some have swarls and polka dot's painted on them. they remind me of fairy with there frilly clothing. they are marked on there back 1997 Pat Pic ? then playmates toys. they also have a small cutout on there back . Can you tell me what doll these are and what set there from ? thank you
Playskool Musical Ice Cream Cart
Hello" Would you have any idea where I can find this toy? I saw one on Ebay but it has some missing pieces. any other ideas? thanks very much!
playskool pipeworks
where can I find the tool for the building set playskool pipeworks made in the mid 1970' grandaughter would very much like to play with our set but we cannot find the tool
Playskool ride on train about 10 years old
How to replace the 6 D batteries? Don't see access to compartment
Playskool Ride on Train
This train which takes 6 D batteries was taken out of storage but just doesent seem to want to work with fresh batteries. Is there a way I can somehow trouble shoot what is wrong with this? Our first child loved riding around on it and its track and now its time for our second child to have fun with it. I hope! Thanks for any help!
Plush - Lion - Circus
On Christmas 1982 my mom purchased a stuffed lion from the Circus world toy store when I was 1 years old. The lion wore cordurory suspenders with a red striped shirt and brown cap. He was very fuzzy and had plastic beady eyes. Do you know what brand of toy this was? 25 years later I still have him, but he is ragged and torn. I would like to find a new one on ebay as a collectible. Could you help me find this sweet lion and let me know what brand of toy he was? I think they sold different types of animals dressed just like him.
I am looking for a plush bunny that when you touch its hands together, its belly lights up. I believe that it says a prayer, "now I lay me..." and also plays a lullaby. I only saw it once, but its either pink or white and has a moon/stars on its belly. My little niece got it for Christmas, and it has broken. She has cried and cried wanting her bunny to work. Can you please tell me where I might be able to find another one? Thank you for your help.
Plush cat with extra tails
In the late 80s early 90s I had a small pink plush cat, I think it was, that had extra lengths of tails that could be attached to make a very long tail. The only thing that comes to mind is kittles. Any ideas? Thanks!
plush doll from a movie
it was a small plush doll, few different ones, one had red hair and a green diaper thing. their hands were connected?
plush monkey
looking for a plush brown monkey that my girlfriend was given at birth (1972) this monkey was brown so not Bim the monkey! she can't remember the colors but says he had red pants, and green suspenders or green pants and red suspenders! she said he's holding a banana which is hard...or that soft squishy plastic like doll material, and his face and feet were the same! he's also wearing white shoes that are platic too with plastic laces! another thing she remembers is that the suspenders and pants weren't actually articles of clothing that he wore. she explained that his arms were brown but where the cothes were it was just that confusing or challenging to describe. I would love to find one for her!?!?
Plush Toy - Prestige Pink Elephant with recorder
My daughter received a wonderful gift but it will need to be replaced. It is a Prestige Baby Pink Elephant Plush toy that has an internal recorder for you to put a message to the child on that they can replay by pressing the elephant's hand. I have looked everywhere but cannot find this.
My sister got a plush platypus in the late 80s early 90s. his name is peter platypus and he had on overalls and a broken arm in a sling and he came with a cassette tape telling his story, how he broke his arm and got rescued. i know there were other animals in the set, i think a kangaroo and a koala. i was wondering if you knew who made them and if i could find them anywhere. i would love to complete the set for her as a surprise. any help would be great. thank you!
poseable Dumbo on a round circus platform
In 1956 I had a plastic toy Dumbo attached to a circus platform. The end od his nose was rubber and had a squeaker. His plastic hat had Timothy mouse inside. The Dumbo figure could be turned on the platform and I can remember the plastic mechanism made a gearlike sound when he was turned. also you could make the head go up and down
pouting porcelain doll
My brother bought a doll for me.She is a toddler sized porcelain doll that has natural blonde hair ponytails w/brown eyes.She is so cute.Look so real.
I have an old doll that when you turn her body around, one side of her face she has a smile, and the other side a frown. On one side of her body her stomach is flat and on the other she is pregnant. Has anyone ever seen this type of doll before? Does any one know if it has any value to collectors?
Prestige Mini Motors Battery-Operated Car
I am trying to find out more info on a child's yellow metal volkswagen battery-operated car that we own. It has a plate on it that says, "Prestige Mini Motors". At one time I was told that only 300 were made in the U.S. and they were used as a promo item for Volkswagen. Any ideas?
Pretty Cut & Grow doll
Are there hair refills still available for this Gabriel doll from the 70's (blond)
does playskool still make puzzles for toddlers (hands-on..not computer!)
Race Cars
My husband talks about a type of race car set he had called Flip track (not positive on that name) have been searching everywhere for some info on it. He had in the mid to late 60's. I believe mattel made it but I'm not sure. PLEASE help
Raggedy Ann
What is the value of Raggedy Ann 1974 Hallmark Miniature playing cards?
Rainbow Foam Paint
Is Rainbow Foam Paint no longer available? I can't find it anywhere. It seems that there may have been some safety issue with it. I've used it for all sorts of projects with kids and adults for 15 years. It's on your website.
red shed animals
Red Wagon (Brand Name is Evans Air Scout)
I cannot find any information of this, could you tell me around what time this was made and what is it worth?
Ride on ATV
who made a ride on ATV sold at tractor Supply around 2005. The toy is blue with red decals
Ride on toy - Jet mobile
I have an old ride on toy, it appears to be made from an old practice bomb. It is red with a decal that says "jet-mobile" on each side. What can you tell me about this toy? Who made them, how many, what is their value? Thanks
Ride On Toy
Have you been able to locate the "Chiquita Banana" ride on toy. I am also interested in finding one as it was my favorite childhood toy. My mom is uncertain who made it though. Can you please help me out with any info you may have. Thanks Much, Sincerly Kris
ride on toy
I am looking for the name of a ride on foot to floor style toy. We called it banana man. It was yellow shaped like a banana, had red yarn hair, black oval eyes, was aprox 30 inches long and 18 inches tall, for a child 18 months to probally 3 years.Thanks Jim.
Ride on Toy
I have a plastic ride on toy horse with springs for the hoofs, it has a tag with the logo of Pogo . I have not been able to find anything like this can anyone give me any information on it. It is quiet old it was purchased at an estate sale.
In the late 1970s, early to mid 1980s, my sister and I used to play on a ride on toy that looked like a (green?) bumble bee? It was big enough for a 5 year old to sit on. I would love to find it an dbuy it. Any thoughts?
Ride on toy
In the late 80's-early 90's my daughter had a red scooter that had a white acrylic stand on area that had music notes on it. I do not remember the manufacturer but sure would like to find one for her, again. It was a simple child engine or power other than foot power.
ride on toy
Information about an antique surry, made in the early 30's, by gym dandy toy co. It has pedals, and is made of wood. Big enough for four kids to ride on. Has a top, made of cloth, with fringe around it. Would appreciate any info. about this toy.
Ride On Toy
It was a ride on toy duck named "Sammy". My cousin had one in to 70's
ride on toy
When I was a child in the 70's I had a plastic riding bunny, a small foot powered tricycle and a red barn and silo that had white buttons you would push down to make the animals appear. I'm having trouble finding these. Can you help
ride on toy
Where can I find wheels for my sons H2 ride on toy made by little tykes?
ride on toy-chiquita banana
do you have any info. on a banana ride on toys made in the late 60's early 70's
ride-on toy
In 1995, we found a ride-on toy (at a garage sale) in the form of a shoe-type rollerskate. It was a favorite and broke and we're trying to find another one. No luck on ebay or amazon. Have you ever seen this? Know hwere we can get one?
rubber doll
When I was young (late 50's),my mother bought small rubber dolls at Woolworth,s in a bin (loose) in the toy section. They came in 2 sizes(the biggest was 2")not painted,had no clothes,no girl or boy parts. Any clue where I cand find these?
rubber face fox
Hello, In the early 60s I was given a rubber faced fox but it was lost. I am trying to track down another. Did Rushton make a rubber faced fox? If not them, would you have any idea who? Thanks.
rushton monkey
I found a rushton monkey in the garbage i have been doing some research on it but i can't find my monkey anywhere it has fur all over it's body,but the only ones that i can find only have fur on the legs arms and head. I wanted to know what year my monkey was made and how much it would be worth. can you tell me? the color is tan.
Rushton Star Creation Elf Doll
I have a Rushton Star Elf Doll. How old is it? What is its value? It needs cleaning and is missing 2 bells on the collar. Should I have it restored?
Russ Berrie Rabbit Alphabet Series
My daughter got a green rabbit produced by Russ Berrie in 1998. This rabbit is from the alphabet series: it has an "R" on its tummy. Who knows where to find a new one for her? She already is through her third rabbit ...
Russ Berrie Stuffed dog
I am searching for a stuffed dog by Russ Berrie. He looks like a Beagle and his tag says Bradley. I got him between 1984-1987. He is large-34" plus has 9" ears. he is brown and white and he was bought at a florist. I am trying to find another one - even a smaller version if neccessary. So far no luck on any website like ebay or vintage toys sites or even just Generic searches for any combination of the words. He is not vintage to me, but for some reason the internet seems to list enything more than 15 years old as vintage-sometimes even antique-I don't quite understand it. Anyway, I can't find anything close to looking like him anywhere by Russ. His tag also says item no. 555(8301)(T69) Pa Reg No 259 Russ Berrie & Co Inc Oakland NJ. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks- Yvette
russ berrie-applause stuffed animal
i looking for a dog that sings louie armstrong "it's a wonderful world " Help
Schoenhut toy piano-1955-1959
How do I find model and value of this little piano which I got for Cristmas way back when-sometime in the mid-fifties-probably about 1955?
Schuco micro racer (Mercedes open wheel race car from around 1957 when I was 5 years old
where might I be able to purchase a replacement wind up key for such and antique toy?
Shape sorting house from Playskool / Berchet 1984
I'm looking for the plastic keys that open the blue and green doors (hexigon & triangle]. This house says on the bottom mfg. by playskool under lic. from Berchet 1984. It hasa a red room with 4 shape sorter chimneys, each a primary color w/ a removable top part. The doors on each side match the colors. The roof is red and has a yellow handle. The main house is white. I see a what might be a toy #: 2407. Where can one get missing parts?
shop with me barbie cash register
looking for replacement cards for toy already have money
Sketcher Doodle
so i'm online reading my blogs and someone mentions "sketcher doodle" as a toy with a larger wheel that has teeth on the inner aspect of it, and other little wheels that you can place inside of the larger that has a hole in it for a pencil and you can make designs on paper. I've had one of