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1940?-- 60? Rocking or pull behind St Barnard toy
I have an old mint pull behind or rocking St Barnard toy. I am looking for information on I can send photos If you send me an email address Thanks Steve.
1950's Beany Doll with propeller hat
What is this doll worth today? Can I find a replacement for the broken propeller?
1950s peter pan puzzle
I was given this puzzle early 1950s.I think it was called a diamond puzzle and made up of different colored plastic pieces that lock together to form a diamond.I still have it and wondered do you know anything about it.Thanks
1950s spaceship pedal car
I am looking for one of these. My fiance' got one for Xmas at around 1955, and would love to have another one even if it is in bad shape. Does anyone know where I can find one?
1966 Ideal doll
Trying to find out the name of the vintage doll I picked up today. Backof head marked "1966 Ideal Toy Corp. BT-E-18-479" has some sort of panel in mid back and holes on each ankle and closed mounth. Hope you can help. Thanks k
1969 Snoopy Skediddler and his Sopwith Camel
I had one of these growing upand would love to find one again. Do you have any leads on where I could find one and about how much it would cost? Thanks!
1970's Creative Playthings doll stroller
Is this worth trying to sell or should I just throw it away?
1970s or 60s throw and catch
where could i possibly get the throw and catch toy?
1980 wb wallace berrie & C.O.: stuffed cat pink with collar
I was wondering the name of a stuffed cat I have had for a long time now. The tag says WB Wallace Berrie & company 1980. The cats eyes are sewn not plastic and the feet are made of felt,just for round circles as feet. The cat is light blue with pink felt feet and pink felt ears with a dark read collar. Do you know the name of my cat ? sincerely,Lori
1980s green bear w/ porcelain face
Can you tell me anything--esp. the manufacturer and/or product name--for a big, green bear (my daughter thinks), porcelain face, a tuft of brown hair hanging over face, with a red and white polka-dotted bowtie? Probably 80s vintage. Anything fitting the description which isn't a bear would be of interest, as well (she misremembers, sometimes!). Many thanks!
1991 Disney Dalmatian "Lucky" plush
How do I find this stuffed animal? It was a favorite of my daughter's and I'm trying to replace it. Thanks!
3" tall action figure, red hair, fangs, black cape, scepter
My teacher's brother a year ago tried to order a Shogun Warrior toy for his nephew's birthday. This 3" tall action figure with fangs, red hair, a black cape, and a scepter in his right hand (that could move up and down) arrived in a Shogun Warrior package instead of a Shogun warrior. What type of toy is this? It said it was made in China.
30" "Melody" Doll with record player in back that played small vinyl records.
Have you ever seen it, who made it? I would love to find one today.
a duro satellite bank commemorating lt.col. john h. glenn jr.s triumphant orbit of the earth three times feb. 20 1962 with door and key
this mech. bank is in find cond. do you know what it is worth? and how i could sell it? thanks john
all about toy cars
does a toy car go faster with the weight in the front, middle, or the back?
Alpha Desk of Today's Kids
Dear Dr. toy, We have a 2 year old son and he likes his Alpha Desk very much. Unfortunately, some of the letters and numbers and the 3 math symbols are missing. We were trying to call 1-800-258-toys in order to purchase another set of letters and numbers. But, we cannot reach that Today's Kids company. It seems that Today's Kids does not exist anymore. Do you know which company or store still hold those letters and numbers and math symbols? Please, help us because our son loves the Alpha Desk a lot. He spends most of his time at that desk spelling and doing so many other things. Thanks a lot.
antique toy iron cast stagecoach and 6 horses
wondering the value. The stagecoach has us mail on it. I believe it to be approx. from the 40's or 50's
apple doll?
I have a vinyl doll that has pink yarn for hair a pink and white dress with apron and what appears to be an apple or plum on the bottom of dress. she also has freckles. Ive searched ebay and google, no luck. I thought it was an old strawberry doll. I believe the doll is 80's or 70's. I found no mararkings on the doll. Any ideas? Thanks.
Baby Bozzie Bear
Hello, growing up I had a bear from fao names Bozzie, it was a grey and white bear and he had a longer nose with a black circle... the tag is unreadable but I can make out baby bozzie... do you have any clue who manufavturered him... I would LOVE to get a new one for my kids... myself and my siblings all have one, thought it would be a great tradition to keep up but have no clue as to get my hands on one. If you could help, that would be so great. Thanks much for you time!
Bambi busybox by Mattel
How do I find out the value and year of this item?
barbie like doll from late 70's-early 80's
I am trying to remember the name of a doll that my stepsister had. It was from either the late 70's or early 80's. I do not think it was a barbie (could have been), but it was the size of a barbie. She had blonde curly hair. She was either a cheerleader or a roller skater. She came with several accessories, that were YELLOW. I FONDLY remember a yellow phone and a yellow ice cream soda. I need to know her name. THANKS!
Baseball board game
About 1946 or'47 my Dad bought me a baseball game that had little plastic figures for the 2 teams.The board represents a baseball diamond,with players autographs around the inside border.A small flatside ball would be slid into home plate and a small wooden bat would try to hit the ball.The outfield was marked with different base hits. If you hit a man with the ball it was an out. .Do you have any knowledge of this game? This was purchased in Pittsburg PA.Thank you so much..David..
Battery operated car - gearstick
Hi, I'm trying to recall a toy I played with in the early 80s. It was Battery operated toy car slightly bigger than a matchbox car, and had a gearstick that could be used to shift the car from neutral, to 2wd (speed) and 4wd (terrain). If I recall correctly it also had small working headlights and tail lights. It may have also had interchangeable gearstick knobs. Any ideas on names or manufacturers would be greatly appreciated.
battery operated game - airplane (bomb or parachute drop) onto a rotating turntable
My brother and I had a game in the late 70's where you move a plane back and forth overhead and dropped bombs/parachutes? onto a round turntable below. The round part below had holes in it for the bombs/parchutes to drop into. Can you please tell me the name of the game and manufacturer?
battery operated toy
I have an icecream car that is made out of plastic. The ice cream man voves like a puppet.He rings his bell and blows the horn and calls out "ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM" Look at the cones he sells. They dance too, along with the car!
Battery operated train
I have a New Bright Battery operated Dickensville train set, and I hope you would be able to provide instructions for replacing the Batteries. Thank you.
Battery powered, cable prop driven, circling airplane
Late 50's battery base, pull cord increased battery by battery until all four powered the plane, which had it's prop turned by a cable driven by the battery poweree motor in the base. Who made it, what was its name?
battery-powered ride-on
im still looking for info on a steel bodied cabriolet porsche.its like a hot wheels but older it takes both feet {two pedals} at the same time to make it floor just the little plate for the foot controls.and forward and backward switch.ive had it since 1997
Board Game Commercial
Hello! I appreciate any help you can provide for this question that is stumping myself and all my friends who were children of the 1970's! There was a game which had a very distinct commercial - However, I only have 2 lines I remember: "Your turn, move a lever", and "I'm the sole survivor!" Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide!Sincerely,Jon.
Board game- electronic battleship
the instructions
board game/haunted house
early to mid 1970's haunted house game. This house you put together. you dropped a steel ball from the top of the staircase it fell in one of the four rooms and that's the room you went to. i think you were trying to solve a mystery of some kind.
board game
1960's board game called "Bop" Baseball. Maybe REMCO was the maker. Any info?
board game
i"m looking for instructions for the wonderful world of music
Board Game
Im looking for a toy, I believe it may have been a game the base was like a face with an orange soft nose that you can pull. Don't really remember the concept but it did come in a blue box and the toy itself was blue and orange. Any ideas?
board game
what is the value of an unopened monopoly game dated 1954 "popular edition"? excellent condition. where's the best place to find someone who would appreciate and be interested in buying this item?
Books - Write In - 1970-1980's
Comic book, English learning grammar.- Fun with stories and words-1970-1980'. Sold at 7-11 convenience stores and others. Write in style. It was like a comic book then, fun with nouns,adverbs,verbs et cetera!
In 1989, at a county fair in Midland, MI, I won a brown teddy bear that was wearing nothing but a red bandana. He had plastic eyes with orange eyelids and black eyes. I won him at the duck pond game and he was a second row prize. Any idea how I would find out who manufactured him or where I could find another?
Building blocks
I am trying to find the whie building blocks from the 50's-60's that had clear blocks for windows, red for roofs, and came in a round cylinder, similar to legos, thank you
Buzz Lightyear F22 Raptor ride on toy
The jet will not take a charge and I cannot locate the battery or the fuse to see if I can replace them. The toy is approx 2 years old and the manufacturer no longer supports it. Please help
Buzz Lightyear Parts
.Is there a part for knee joint as our has been broken.How do you change batteries
Cabbage Patch Doll with brown spots all over its face & head
Have you ever seen one of these dolls?I have one but can't find anymore like it.
Cecil-talking plush toy
Do you have any ideas on finding the plush Cecil toy that wrapped aroung the waste and when you pulled the string, it talked? It was made by Mattel in the late 1950's, early 60's. It was from The Beany and Cecil show.
childs ride on wagon toy
I have a old metal child's wagon with the name STORIE on one also has a brake mechanism. Can you provide me with any information about this wagon. Thanks in advance
Chuck the Lizard
Where can I find "Chuck the Lizard" a talking lizard. He is motion and sound sensored. When you speak loudly, he says something and moves his head. All I know is his name is "Chuck the Lizard" on the tag and the only other identifying thing on it is "2001 senario LLC ". If I can find him...I would probably purchass at least 4-5 of them. thanks a lot....Jan
cloth doll
In the mid 50's I was given a rag doll, which I think was possibly from the 30's or 40's. It is a boy. He is awake on one side wearing blue jeans and a red and white striped shirt and sleeping on the other side wearing polka dot pajamas. Do you know anything about this doll?
cloth doll
My daughter had a cloth humpty dumpty doll as a baby (1975). I would love to find another one. It had a stenciled face, stubbie arms and legs, striped body and yarn hair. It was a little like the baby comfy ones but much smaller.
i am looking for an ink-free coloring toy. it consisted of a black, slippery board, and had colors under the black pressable layer. when pressure is applied, the colors appear in whatever form or outlined you have traced. WTF is this thing called, because i really want to find one!
composite fully jointed kewpie type doll
need ID for a composite 12 inch fully jointed kewpie type doll in caveman costume given to great aunt in the early 1950s? by a political running for office in Ca.
When I was a kid in the early 80's, my mom would buy me these dolls I referred to as "Cuddle Bunnies" - I don't know if that was their real name or not. They were very small, about 1-2 inches, probably, and had vinyl heads and cloth bodies. It seems like I remember putting them in a matchbox, but I don't know if they came that way or not, and they may have had a magnet. Can you help me find out what they were called?
daisy doll
Im looking for a doll from the mid seventies, she had a pink cloth body with beans inside and her butt had a hard round piece inside. She was small with blonde hair and her name could possibly be Daisy. Do you know this doll and have you seen it anywhere? Thanks
dandee porcelain dolls
Where can I find more information on Dandee Porcelain Dolls? I purchased several from a thrift store and wondered what their history is. Thanks.
what year was sit and spin frist come out
which toy is named after part of its manufacturing process?
disney minnie mouse stewardess 12" in clear plastic case with stand
I need an approximate age for minnie, I'm guessing 20 years?
disney productions vintage rubber moveable peter pan
can you please tell me about this item what it is how much its worth when was it made
Disney Toy - Train Set
I am looking for the name of a toy that I played with during the mid to late 1980's. This toy was a Disney train set, that included a battery operated train, tracks, amusement park rides, and Disney characters. The train would move along the track, and stop at each ride/attraction... and when the train would stop, the ride would operate (for example, when the train stopped at the ferris wheel, the ferris wheel would rotate). I specifically remember the tracks being yellow, having a ferris wheel and merry-go-round, and having numerous Disney characters, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Donald's nephews, and the 3 Little Pigs.
Disney Toy Box - Snow White & 7 Dwarfs
I have a past-alone toy box with Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs on the long sides. It has a blue metal framing with white pressboard base and sides. I would like to know something about it. We got it used in the early 1980s from a neighbor. Is there a Disney site out there that you would suggest?
dog blankie
Where can I find a dog blankie by russ berrie?
Doll - Bozo - Wind-Up
Hi there, I would like to know if there is a replacement part for a bozo the clown doll wind up musical part.The red nose on the clown is what you wind up and then it places rock a by baby.The musical box right now winds up but doesn,t play after wards.I guess the wind up part is not releasing itself to play the music. I tried soaking it in a rust elliminater with no success.Are there any parts out there to replace the wind up part? THANK YOU MARCEL
Doll - Eugene 1976
I am looking for the clothing or another replica of a doll I have all it has on it is Eugene Doll 1976, it has a cloth body with plastic legs/arms/head. Where would I begin?
Do these dolls have any real value - I have one from my childhood and thought about collecting more
Doll 1940 Superman
I have an original 1940 superman doll. wood jointed in good condition completely intact. what is its' value as I may sell it on E Bay and would like a ball park figure.
Doll from the 80's
I am wondering the name of these dolls I had in the early-mid 80.I am looking for the name of these dolls I had during the early-mid 80's. They were only a few inces tall, all plastic, and their backs were flat. They had clothes that snapped on. They also had these flat boards with different settings that the dolls snapped into. Any ideas on the name?
Doll- Pink body with white polka dots
Back in the early 1970's, I had a doll that I called Emmy or Emily. Her pink body was soft and I believe she had blonde hair. I remember one of her sayings was,"I want another drink of water." I would love to find this doll again, but can't find anything online about the doll. Can someone help?
a troll(or something like it) doll that danced and swung an ax when you played music from the late 80's or early 90's
Hello, Dr. Toy, I'm trying to locate a model of a squeaky monkey doll manufactured by Dakin and Co. in 1975. It's approx 2" plus in height with botton eyes and he's holding a little banana on his left hand. If you can inform me where he may be available, it would be most appreciated. Thank You so much. Sincerely, George
I am seraching for a doll that I had I belive in the early 1980's. What I can remember is that it was in a blanket and only as big as your hand. It moved like a puppet, your middle finger moved the head, your thumb the right hand and your pinky finger moved it's left hand. I think it was sewn into this blanket and I think it had a nylon head for some reason. I grew up in western Canada. Would love to see a picture of this toy. Thanks so much! Becky
I found at an auction, a doll, covered in yellow fur with bunny ears and a hard baby doll face, this is half a doll, bottom half is like a hoop skirt shape with zippered storage area. any info. would help thanks
I had a doll that I believe was named Little Miss Moppet. She was the same style as a strawberry shortcake doll, only she had a case that she fit in that was her skirt. Under her "skirt" was her house. I am also trying to find a Carol doll that reminds me of a strawberry shortcake build, and she came with a baby.
I have a small green hand held doll with a large curl for hair. It awakens and sleeps. It makes noises every 10 seconds and there are games installed. Every so often it makes funny noises and there are a pair of eyes that blink. If you do not respond in a minute or so, it shuts off with a snore. What is it and where can I get more?
MATTEL - DOLL - 1974
what year did the dolls with the rubber band attaching to the neck and also the arms.
Whats the name of those dolls that com in a cloth (poseable) flower?
Dolls 1970s
What was the name of the doll who's head could be turned to change her hair from blonde to brunette?
dolls house made from fabrics looks like a general store in old american times manufactured in 1986 for imaginaction squeezington square.general store.greybridge california
somebody told me it is quite rare
Dolls-small with bean filled body
I had these little dolls in the late 80's or early 90's. They were small (fit in the palm of your hand) with a plastic head (I think each one wore a little bonnet) and a fabric body that was filled with beans. There were a bunch of them and each one had a different pattern fabric. They had swings and other babies things to play with as well I think. I think they might have been called jelly bean babies or something similar, but I might be way off.
donald duck ride on toy
I have an early 1970's Louis Mark Co Inc Donald Duck ride on toy that I am trying to find out how much I could sell for because I do not want to throw it away if it has value. It is in fair workable condition. You press on Donald's hat and it squeaks. it sits about 2 1/2' high with red handles and red wheels. Any help would be appreciated.
Dr Seuss ABC cassette
I'm not sure when it was made,but I received a Dr Seuss cassette in or around 1989-1991 for my sons. Both sides were the ABC book, but they were sung,not read.One side had the beeps on it so you could turn the page,the other was just the song.It was sung by adults making hilarious voices for each letter of the alphabet.I have checked all resources,including ebay and a few Dr Seuss sites. Apparently my sons and I are the only ones on this planet that have ever heard the was a manufactured tape,not a homemade one. Unfortunately,my oldest son recorded over top of it about 10 years ago. He now regrets it.Any idea of where a person might find another copy? I have checked every book site and music site that I have come across,and they all seem to sell that new computer cd and/or the book.One site sold a copy of some children singing it,but the tune and everything was totally different.The copies that I have purchased are all done in the "twinkle,twinkle,little star" theme,or the "normal" ABC theme. None of these are the right one. Would love to find a copy for the grandchildren that should hopefully come into being Ty for your time.Terrie
dr. seuss talking book
I had a dr.seuss book in the 1970's that had a dial on it, a pointer really, kind of like a See and Say pointer. As you read throught the book, you could point the dial or pointer to an arrow on that page. There was a string on the side of the book, and when you pulled the string after pointing the dial, the Seuss character would read the rhyme on that page. I am desperately trying to find this book. I want to find a copy to buy for my own kids.
Dr. Toy Winner - 100 Best Childrens product
I just purchased a It's Robot Electronic kit T-rex that is still shrink wrapped. Made by Bits and Pieces that is no longer in business. I would like to know something about this item to see its value. Can you help me gather information on it. Thanks PEggy in Florida
purple dragon with gold markings its quiet big { i'm sure it limited edition or something?) and the wings click on and off and you pull the tail to make the guy fly. i haven't a clue what its called or where to find it but my brother has kindly let my boy play with it and he has inialated it please help! the seriel number is 13460X3
early 1970's toy jet
I had a diecast metal jet that travelled on wire. I thought it was a Hot Wheels product but cannot find it anywhere. It would have come out about the same time as How Wheels Sizzlers. I recall that the jets were very sleek and futuristic looking
Early late 50's/eary 60's doctor doll
I had a doll in the early sixties that was a doctor doll with molded plastic blond hair. I think it was rather tall if I can recall maybe about 19 inches? I called it my Ben Casey doll, but can not seem to find one online. Any clues to where I could find a picture of him?
Easy Bake Oven
elastic sting toy
My son saw a toy on a cartoon and wants one (I know I had one as a child) but I do not know what it is called. The basic idea of the toy is it has an elastic string inside and when let go of the string the toy itself "falls apart". From what I remember they are usually on a base of some sort and I remember there being different animals maybe even clowns. Have any ideas where I could find one or even what they are called? Thanks, Erin
Electric football men
What is the value Electric Football Men made in the 1980.
Electric monster making oven
In the late 60's I had an electric toy that heated up, you put small plastic block in the oven and as it warmed up the plastic block turned into an alien/monster. The oven had a clear plastic dome so you could watch it grow. You could re-heat the alien and remold it to a plastic block again in the mold press built on the side of the heater. Any idea where I could see a photo of this toy?
Electronic Battleship
I purchased an Electronic Battleship in a green box called advanced Mission and there are no instructions. The box says copyright 2005. The first level is Territorial waters if that helps. Do you know where I can get these.
In the 80's I had this machine with 4 colored buttons and a spiral book taht went with it and you had different scenarios depending on what button you choose. What was it called. I remember I had a sesame street book that went with it
Electronic vtech learning toy
Around 1987-1989 my parents bought me an electroic learning toy, i think it was a vtech but not absolutely sure on that. It was about 10in by 10 in and about 2 inches thick, it took carboard thin plastic inserts with mickey mouse, the chipmunks and other cartoon characters on them. It helped you learn your colors, numbers, alphabet and other basic learning things for ages 2-5 probably. You just pushed on the inserts to select your answers. We sold mine in a yard sale about 10 years ago and now i want one for my daughter i have now, can you help me with the name of this so i can try to find one for her? thanks
Finger-clip dolls
I have a large collection of finger-clip dolls - little characters (some well known and licensed) whose hands are like clips that hold your finger. They are on average 3 inches tall and when you squeeze their backs, the hands open like binder clips. I was wondering what the real name of them was and if there is any market for them. I amassed most of them in the late 70's and have varied characters from smurfs, little orphan annie and donald duck to general figures like dolls dressed for the gym or shopping.
floor train steel w/wood wheels by marx
when did the marx company produce wood wheeled pressed steel floor trains--I have a blue NYC hopper car from a set, and I would like to know when it was produced-thank you
Foto World by Cadaco 1935
Was there a game board and other pieces for Foto World? I have a set of 30 cards in a box but nothing else.
furry fad pet
What was the name of the fad pet that was a piece of fur with a backing on it? When you rubbed/petted it, it would move up/down like it was crawling. Think they were around in late 1960's or early 70's.
German mouselike plastic toy with fur
I bought several plastic toys with fur in various colors in Germany in the early 1970's, which are no longer sold. Some of them looked like mice, others a bit like lions. They are quite small (about 2 inches high) and have strings coming from their heads which some people used to hang them on their car rearview mirrors. Do you know the name of this toy? We called them "fuzzies" but the name is probably German.
Green Martian Doll with Spaceahip car
In the mid-1960's I had a tiny green rubber doll that stood in a domed spaceship vehicle. Do you know what this doll was called and who made it?
Guard-Dog-Like Toy Monster Truck
In the late 80s/early 90s I had a toy monster truck. It was large and had a chain connected to its bed like a leash. When the chain was flicked back one click, the engine would start. A second click would start the truck moving. Pulling back on the chain caused the truck to rear up on its back wheels, open a set of jaws and roar until the pulling was released. I would really like to know the name of this old toy I had. I believe the name started with a "B", but I'm not 100
Hallmark character from the 80's?
I had a memo book that had an embossed picture on the cover of a monkey that said, "Smile, it gives your face something to do". I thought it was a Hallmark character of the 80's but I haven't had any luck figuring it out. I don't think it's Shirt Tales or Get along Gang. It was a raised plastic picture on the cover and you could do rubbings of it to make "etchings". Please help! Thanks so much!
Hand toy
what is the name of the toy that is from like 1970s, that has wried handles and a red mmagnate wheel on it and its spins up and over the wires?
Hard plastic yellow duck with blue wheels
Where can I find a hard plastic yellow toy duck with 4 blue wheels, made in the mid 80's, it stood approx 8-12 inches tall.
Honey Moon Doll
I am trying to find a Dick Tracy Honey Moon Doll - in very good condition. My parents bought one for me when I was born, which was on 9/12/65 - same day as the doll! and it was destroyed in a fire....I have been searching and searching, but can't find one anywhere...
Humpty Dumpty Lamp
What is the value of this lamp. Good Condition, made around 1940's There is a stamp marking on the bottom, can't read very small print.
What are the bust/waist/hip measurements for the Crissy dolls?
Ideal Flying boxcar
Do you know where I can find the vehicles that went with the airplane, besides Ebay? Thanks! Dale
interlocking educational toy
in the 1970's i had a set of interlocking shaped toys circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles in 4 general colors of red,blue green and yellow. they were flat . who makes them.
ITZA football
Were in the 70's and were the best football and other balls for kids, who made them and where can you get them today? Thanks
Jelly Belly Plastic Truck
Do you know where I can find a plastic Jelly Belly promotional truck?
knickerbocker disney princess dolls
i have the complete porcaline disney princess collection by knickerbocker dated 1998 cinderellas certifacate says cinderella but discribes jasmine i am just curious what this set could be worth thank you
Large floppy plush bunny
I would like to replace a gray and cream colored floppy bunny (40") that I purchased as a remaindered item at Costco in MA in 2000. Help!
large inflatable robot on wheels
hello in the early 1980s i had a tall prob. 4 or 5 feet, it rolled on battery operated wheels. it had no true direction. it just went straight. i think it was white and blue in color. my mom thinks it was a generic brand toy. maybe a star wars copy. it would be great if you know the name. thanks
Late 1960's Chicken Lotto Game
Who made the Chicken Lotto Game and are there still any around? I had this game when I was a child, and have never seen one since. Thanks for the help! Laura
Late 60's or 70's doll
Blonde doll with black fish net stockings. Thought her name was Betty Hair Dryer?
Light Up Pyramid Game
in the late 80's a game came out that was a Pyramid that light up but turning it, and you turned it in the right sequence to change all the colours to the same colour
lincoln logs
I own a set of the original Lincoln Logs. Set 2 c approx. 91 pcs. It has the original price of $2.oo on the tin. This set has never been opened. It has a 1 1/2 in. piece of thread that you pull on to unseal it. How do I find out what the set is worth? Can you help?
little hostess buffet
where can I find a little hostess buffet set from 1965?
looking for 2 toys: an orange truck that popped up to reveal guns and a flying dune buggy
the truck was a dually and it popped up and the machine guns popped out from the front of the truck. the driver had a weird outfit complete with strange helmet, if memory serves he was black. the dune buggy also transformed from buggy into some sort of flying thing. the wings folded underneath the body when it was in car mode and when in plane mode the rear wheels were in the very back, as if they were propellers. they were probably from a cartoon series (?), i remember having purchased them in the late 1980s at a local toys r us. any ideas? thanks
looks like a pom pom with feet in the 1980's
what are they called
Please help . I lost my beloved childhood teddy bear and I am trying to replace him . He would be late 60s -early 70s, minature no more than 5 inches high , blond and in a sitting position with his paws joined together . His face is not smily but more sad , stitched black mouth and his face looks like chilterns ' robin' . I do hope you can help. Regards jennifer
Louis Marx "Digger" figure
I recently bought this crazy looking plastic toy figure that says Louis Marx Co. 1964 and also Digger. It is driving a sort of "hotrod". He wears a helmet and has flaming eyes and is bearing sharp jagged teeth. Do you know anything about this figure and if so, is he worth anything?
Luv Buds Doll
Looking for this toy (1.5 inch doll that sits inside a flower that opens when watered) made by Buddy L. in 1982. Is there any way to maybe contact the manufacturer?
Madame Alexader Doll 1993
What is the worth of a mint Madame Alexader Doll 1993? She has red hair, green eyes with number USA 536 on box.
Magnetic Robot:0 Possibly with horse?
I have been trying to find this item for a long time. I noticed someone else on this site has posted a question about the same item I am looking for. This is the quoted text that person posted:"MAGNETIC ROBOT In the 80's I had a robot looking action figure that had magnetic joints...arms, legs, and head all camr off the body with magnetic balls. The fists you could shoot out and you could replace the fists with little missiles you could shoot out as well. Also in the middle of his chest you could shoot out missiles and such. The missiles were red cone shaped and the robot was white. The question is do you know what it was called and where I might be able to find one?" This is the exact toy I am looking for, however I have a bit different memory. I thought it was more mid to late 70's, and I remember there being a black and white version of each robot. And I may be mistaken but I remember there being a horse, where you could take the torso of the robot and place it on the body of the horse, creating a centaur like robot. Thanks.
Mans head that yodels + spits water and laughs while spitting
help find this image
Mattel Projector 1970
I am trying to find the name of a projector by Mattel that took different discs...I rememeber one was filled with blue liquid and bubbles, another was of animated bugs. I have one of the discs and all it says on it is 1970 Mattel U.S.A. Any help would be appreciated!
Metal Doll House with Magnetic Stick
Around the late 60's I had a metal doll house (2 story), and it had the family with magnetics under their feet, with a long, clear/glittery stick that had a magnetic on the end, that controlled the people. It even had open doors inside the house that they family could go through. Do you know where I could find this doll house? Thanks for any help!
Do you know what manufacterer made metal doll house with only ID is letter R in a circle?
mickey mouse toy necklace
I have mickey mouse toy necklace that when you pull down on mickey he flaps his arms and legs and retracks back up the necklace. Can you telll me more about it.
Micro Machines vehicles and action playsets
I want to know where I can find more Micro Machines action playsets such as the Airport/marina, city service, air cargo, aircraft carrier, ect. Is this company no longer producing incredible toys such as this?
Mid 1940's (post-war) toy car by "STEER-O-TOYS" of "CHICAGO, ILL." "PAT NO. 2386745" "OTHER PATENTS PEND."
Any infomation on company &/or products... Have a really cool yellow car made of thick plastic for the body, heavy high polished chromed steel bumpers, steel spring suspended axels, black rubber wheels on white enameled steel rims w/ smooth chrome hub caps... Can't find anything... Please help. Thank you.
mini toy
Around 1980, give or take a year, I recieved 2 mini koala bear toys. They were around 1 inch tall and they came with a "home". One was a telephone and the other a honeypot. The "homes" were about 2 inches high. I have done several searches and haven't been successful. The only marking on the one that remains is Japan. Thanks.
miniature plastic dolls from the late 80's/early 90's
werent they called little or lil mini babies? you would get one i a plastic package. each one was in a different position. they were hard plastic and did not move. arent those called lil mini babies?
Model making TV show
Do you know the name of the early 1990's show (cable)where the host would make models from scratch or kits and give tips on construction.
Monkey playing xylophone (avon) definately party plan mid - late 70's
I am looking for a Battery Operated Monkey that plays tunes such as ten little indians, mary had a little lamb etc on a xylophone when you insert each plastic disc which had teeth. I was born in 77 and would have received this before I was 5 and my sister swears she got it for me at an avon party. I am desperately seeking one. Do you know what the toy is called so we can search for it?
motion lamp like the one in the movie mermaids w/Cher
What do you call the lamp that was in a scene of the movie Mermaids with Cher it would spin around and put images on the wall. I have looked everywhere and no luck. I find night lights that spin, but they do not put images on the wall.
motorized building toys
mid to late 80's i had a building set that was made up of clear plastic balls with connectable ends.some had motors,some had rods with gears,and then one ore two was made for the batteries.they could be put together and you could see everything working on the inside.but i can not remember the name or who made them.any info will be helpful.thank you
Moveable robot
I have a question about a toy probably from the 70's to early 80's. About a foot tall, plastic, moveable joints that could be tightened with little plastic wheels, a bright shiny silver head and white body with some orange and blue stickers down th side. It seemed to be from a movie or show and I think I have some others parts from the line of vehicles/shuttles. Battlestar Galactic type, japanese style.
musical plush horse
desperately looking for a yellowish-orangish musical horse, with moving head that plays what the world needs now is love sweet love. Any musical plush playing this song may have to make due! PLEASE HELP!
Musical Train Set
I am looking for an 80's train set. You put the tracks together, then inserted different colored keys. The train would then play a song based on the keys inserted. Thanks.
Name of fuzzy toy from the 70s.
I had a fuzzy snake like toy with a strip of leather on the bottom. I was told it was called an "AH". Was there ever a toy called an "AH?"
Ninja Turtle Sewer Storage Bin
I have an old Ninja Turtles sewer storage bin that was made by American Toy & Furniture Co with a copyright of 1990. I have been unable to find any information about this product or even this company online. I'm wondering if you know anything about it such as what it's worth or if it's official or anything?
nintendo plastic barrel puzzle
i have a nintendo plastic barrel that you have to line up coloured balls in a row from 1980 what is it ?
not shure
do you remember a product called marble metal?
Old toy air bazooka/cannon
Do you remember a air bazooka from the early 60's that was about 4 feet long, plastic that had a handle on top that cocked the cannon and then you pulled the trigger to shoot out a blast of air for 20-30 feet?
Orange and white stuffed Dino Dinosaur
My husband had a white and orange dinosaur when he was little in the late 70's early 80's. I came across one that said it might be a dream pet or kamar, I need to find out who originally made it.
Orkin craft
I have my fathers toy boat from the 20's or early 30's. It is a orkin Craft made from metal with a wind up clock type motor. It was spray painted by a neighbor kid in the 60's. He went right over the ariginal colr and did a terrible job. I would like to remove this paint and would like to know the proper way to do thi and I would like to know what the ariginal colors were for the trim parts and the seating area. Do you have any contacts for me to talk to? Thank you, Jerry
Outdoor Ride On Toy
What was the name of the outdoor toy that 4 people could sit on pull with their arms and push with their feet and make it go around.
outside toy by whammo wheel-like toy
what is the name of wheel-like toy you threw up in the air, it was made in 1965 by whammo, i think.
Over size Donald Duck
Could you please help me find a very large (at least 36 inches) stuffed Donald Duck? I am looking for a large stuffed Donald Duck and I can't seem to find one. I would like a stuffed Donald Duck to be at least 36 inches tall (or larger) and the largest I have found is about 19 inches.Thanks for any help,Curt
Parachute Dropping Game - 1970's/1980's
When I was younger, my mom and dad bought me this really cool game that had a circular rotating play area that had cone shaped holes in it that I had to try and drop these tiny yellow parachutes that had a weighted bottom to help them drop faster. You had to look through a peep hole from above in order to drop the parachutes into the holes on the play area. Sort of like you were the pilot in an airplane and you had to drop your " guys " (the yellow parachutes) into the " target zones " (cone shaped holes) safely. I cannot for the life of me remember the game but I certainly will appreciate any and all help that you can give me on this! Thank you very much and God bless! Jason.
Pee Wee Herman Doll
Can you repair the voice box in Pee Wee Herman?
Pink Bear/ Mouse Bath Toy
Dear Dr. Toy, I was wondering if you could help me locate a toy I owned as a kid. It was a pink bear or mouse bath toy wearing blue and white overalls. It was specifically for the bath as it came with bath bubbles and was made of material that could get wet and survive. It was not fuzzy. I am guessing it was made between the years 1986 to about 1990. It was distributed in the San Fernando Valley located in California. I called it "smooshy bear". Please help me find my long lost toy. Thank you
Plakie toys humpty dumpty
i still have my humpty dumpty i am 36 years old,i got it the day i was born,i was wondering,i cant find any pictures(good ones)on the internet,can you help,mine has gone through 2 makeovers in 36 years,and he is due another one.thanks Derek
planet of the apes 1960's vintage poppin gun
i'm looking to get a value of the toy but have no idea where to look.
Plastic Boat/Truck
In the early 70's, I had a plastic toy. Speed Boat that slid into an open vehicle with 4 wheels. The boat was the vehicles interior, etc.When boat was removed it was like a empty chassis with 4 wheels. Brand? Picture for reference? Wher I might find it. This toy may have been purchased in the Carolinas near the coast.
Plastic Castle marble run
In The late 60s' early 70s', I had a plastic castle that sat on a hill, all one piece of molded plastic. I think it was purple and was 'scary'. You would put marbles in holes and they would come out different places on the castle or mountain. It seems it had windows and caves you could peek into. I do not remember if it had moving parts. It stood about14" tall with a base width of 12 or so. My brother and I played with it for hours. I have been looking at ebay for years with no luck. Any idea? My Dad bought it in Santa Barbara Cal. Thank you. Cynthia
plastic erector set like
Name of plastic ball toy with eletric motors that would drive wheels, paddles, propellers. Ran off AA batteries that were plugged into motor. It had large yellow floats that you could use to make a floating toy, also had lights that you could wire from different motors. Just need the name.
plastic toy car
I have recently acquired from Canada a green 50 Ford manget car similar to the US issue thru Kelloggs,Cracker Jacks,etc. However ,this is molded in green styrene plastic,verses our issues in acetate. The "magic ring" is also different from ours as it lacks the lightning bolt motif. The windows sills are also cut lower. Any idea on the manufactuer,or the promotion this came from. The US issue is often called an F&F product,but were cast by an unknown molder; but did set the standard for F&F's issues starting in 54.Happy Motoring: Jim.
plastic van or bus with toys or games inside
i am looking for this toy i had when i was younger. it was either a van or a bus and you opened it up and there were games inside. i cant remember what it was called but I think my mom bought it from tv. Back in the late 80's or early 90's please help this is driving me crazy.
I wish I had pictures but all I have is a memory. I got this in the early 70's I would say '73 but I am not sure. It was a mining type set that had one or more dump trucks that followed a track by a hand cranked chain I remember the chain was was somewhat plastic and resembeled the type of chain you would have dog tags hanging from but plastic. There was a scoop that would pick up material like Diamonds or coal and and you could load the trucks and then turn the crank and the trucks would move. I seem to recall it being named some kind of Black Diamond Mine. It was not a large scale playset I would say it wasnt much bigger than a child's school desk top and the trucks may have been slightly larger than match box or hot wheels. I have been searching for this thing for a long time. Please help if you can and thank you in advance.
Playskool - Teddy Bear
A multi color teddy from 1987 to 1990. It has silk fabric on the palms, bottom of its feet, and on the inside of its ear. On its left hand on the thumb it has velcro and on the left side of its mouth it has velcor so it can suck its thumb. I was wondering what the name of this bear is?
playskool gloworm
Do you know the songs that the gloworm plays. I know them all but one?
Plush - Precious Moments Bunny
I am trying to find this bunny for my daughter. It was my most prized possession as a child. It was a precious moments plush bunny, and it wore and plastic locket that I believe read "some bunny loves you". I know that I received the bunny some time between 1985 and 1989. I have looked everywhere and I cannot find one. I was hoping maybe you had some ideas as to where I should look.
Plush Ape - Mr Bim?
stuffed ape, yellow shirt black pants, red suspenders with bells,banana in hand was this mr. bim?
plush monkey
I am looking for a yellow polka dot purple plush monkey. It has long arms and legs, with velcro at the end of each so they can stay together. My daughter won this at an amusement park and loves it. But it is now falling apart. Please help
plush monkey
I bought my daughter a plush monkey from boscovs in around 1987. It was about 15 to 18 inches long had a tail and it was light brown. It was about the size of a newborn baby. It was her constant companion for about 16 years then we lost everything in a house fire. I have been trying to find another one like it for about 10 years. Maybe you can help me.
Plush Snoopy
I am ;ooking for info. on a plush snoopy , pre 1968 it had round plastic eyes and his paws had black paws, his ears may have been lined with gold other then that it looks like the 1968 stuffed dog
I am searching for a replacement of my daghters much loved girraffe. It had a pink body with blue sewn eyes and blue trim on the inner ear and bottom of feet. It also had a yellow and blue criss cross type pattern on the top of feet and mane. Any ideas were i can find one? Thank you
plush toy
I have just acquired a plush toy from prestige toy corp dated 1989 and he is called "doctor Puppy." You wouldn't by chance know where I could go to research the value of this toy?
My 3 year old son had a plush yellow hippo. It has pink at the bottom of it's four feet. We won it from a "claw machine" in roughly October 2004. This was my son's BEST FRIEND and when his dad would deploy it comforts him. We took it to Disneyland and it got lost this year. It has been a couple months but he still asks for it when he needs it the most! PLEASE help me find this stuffed yellow hippo. It had hard brown eyes but a soft little tail and ears that stuck up. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIND HIPPO!
Powder devices
I remeber back in the early 80's, having a yellow duck that had fur on the bottom of it that you brushed on you because powder came out of it. Any ideas on what it was? Have been pondering that question for years. I was born in 76. Thank You for any thoughts on this. Jennie Chamberlain
radio shack toy from about 5 years ago
I am looking for a past radio shack from about 5 years ago. It was a "maze" ball. SOme people call them activity or busy balls. It had plastic bumble bees that slide on rows of red and yellow (or where they white. There were also cloth pieces on the ball. Do you have any idea where I might can get one of these? Thanks
looking for 1984-1985 angel bunny rattle made by mattel can you help me
Return of the Jedi Sleeping Bag
I just found in my attic an original Return of the Jedi sleeping bag which was gently used by one of my sons in the mid-1980's. Could you give me an idea of it's sale value? thank you Joan
I would like to know the value of this bear, made approximately around 1915 to 1918, straw stuffed, with 2 1/2 inch metal wheels with rods that go up the legs, about 12 inches tall up to shoulder. Overall length is 21 inches. Believe it is made of mohair.
Ride on Toy- carousel/seesaw combo possibly called The Whirly Bird?
I am looking to find the correct name of and to hopefully find someone to purchase one of these toys from. I had a metal toy in the 70's with four plastic seats. It looked like two see-saws put together in opposite directions and the riders would push and pull the handlebars in front of each of them to make the toy spin in a circle. There were solid metal ones made before the 1970's as well. I believe they are called Whirly Bird, Whirlygigs or something similar. I hope to find one for purchses for my kids as it was the best toy ever!
In the mid-70's I had one that had a kick starter type lever on the right side that when you kicked it would make deep growling sound like a real one. It was plastic and I believe yellow with black wheels. I can't remember if the kicking motion would propel the toy or you had to push it yourself. I don't know what co. made it or what it was called. I have never seen one since and nobody I know has ever heard of it except my neighbor that got one the same time as me. Thanks.
ride on toy
can a yellow plastic egg shaped (little tikes?) I think it was called a snuggle egg, ride on/in toy be found these days?
ride on toy
Do they still make the whirly bird, or better yet where can i get one.
Ride on Toy
Ride on toy-berchet be fun trike (pink)
We had this toy for my 1st daughter and now my second daughter is old enough to go on it we cant find the parent handle/ pole. Do you know if it is possible to buy a replacement one and where ? Many thanks
Riding toy, NASA yellow , xmas carols
In the mid 80's my kids had a small ride on space shuttle. It was yellow and ran on batteries, It had NASA logos on it (i think) and for some unkown reason it played xmas tunes. Anyone have an idea who made this? thank you, msm
ring from 1930's cereal giveaway
i own a emiglio radio control robot and it does not move in straight forward motion. can you help me contact co. so i can purchase part or get part # so that i can repair it.
rocket launcher?
I have a metal rocket type launcher, looks old, spring loaded, red top, red and white body and blue stripes. the top is red and plastic, red metal fins at bottom,looks like a rocket, and maybe missing something at top or what comes out of it, I guess era around 1950 , any ideas, what it could be or what cost it would sell for.?
Rocking Horse, musical, for crib rail.
What was the name of the yellow and pink (or maybe orange) rocking horse that would sit on the rail of the crib in the 1980's? I believe it rocked and played music. thank you ! msm
I have a round stuffed animal originally purchased in 1979. It had a music box inside it that was removed when it stopped working. It is two toned in color...a peach and a tan. It resembles a bug of some kind. It has nothing attached to it except eyes. I would love to know exactly what it is, what song it played, or how to get another one.
RUBBER FACED CRYING BEAR - ROZEL - 1960 Black and white
Does anyone know what this is worth,or where i can find out?
what where the little rubber figures called from the 80s they where rip offs of wrestlers gi joes and some kung fu guys about 2 inches tall solid rubber not muscle men they where kinda chunky?
Ruby's egg dye
We have some Ruby's egg dye and we are having problems with the red and yellow dyes being very thick and when they are dropped in the water the droplet just "sits" instead of spreading out. Any ideas of what to do or who I can call to ask about it? Thanks for whatever help you can give. This is the only dye we have used for years and I am not sure where I am going to find it again because our supply is getting low. Any help with that would also be appreciated.Thanks Peg.
ruuberband doolls
id like to know what is the name of the dolls that you connectthe arms and legs with a rubber bands
Scary Teddy Bear
Back in the early 90's [I think] there were these teddy bears that you could transform into monster by flipping up little flaps on their muzzles, paws, and foreheads to reveal sharp teeth and claws, and an angry-looking brow. I just want to know what these toys were called, I can't find any information on them, can you help me?
Schilling Talking doll repair question...
I have a Schilling talking doll from @1947 or so...All the parts are there for the talking mechanism, which uses a 2 5/8" record. The governor belt is broken, and I would like to replace it. The existing one looked like a rubber band. How do I replace it, what do I replace it with, where to I find a replacement part, and WHERE does the belt go? (IT was off when I opened the mechanism, so I never got to see where it had been attached.Thanks! Amie
Sekiguchi doll with glass Eyes
I got this Doll in 1980.I wont to know is she worth something.
Sitting Man and the other standing.
I wanna know what kind of toy i have. Its made out of metal, their is one man sitting on chair with his mouth open the other man is standing up in one hand he has an object in his hand and at the tip of the object its red. Their is a button you press and the man who is standing lunges at the man sitting. The man who is sitting falls back. It says no the bottom its made in Tiawan. I wanna know what year is it from, where i bought it from at the swapmeet they said it was from hitler's time. What is it? Would it be worth any thing?
slotless racing track about 1997,98
im looking for a race set that i bought in 97 or 98 it was slotless big oval and to charge the cars you had to get the car to the pit and push on the car to re-charge can you help me find it thank you
Small Fry Doctor Kit Pressman Toy Corp
Can you tell me what date this Small Fry doctor kit was produced? It is in a red plaid cardboard carrying case. Thanks.
CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS made this music box in the 60's. Where can I find one? Thank you, Dr. Toy.
smoking car
I am looking for the name of a toy car that was made in the 80's that actually puffed real smoke out of them when they revved up. They was pretty good size cars all I can remember is that I use to have a yellow one it looked like a muscle car.
Snoopy as The Red Baron
I have an original from 1968 plastic toy of snoopy with the goggles intact, but no scarf, how do I find out how much it is worth?
Snoopy Clock
How much is a 1958 Snoopy clock worth?
Snoopy Flying Toy
Sometime between 1973 and 1976 I had a Snoopy toy. Snoopy is on his dohouse attached to a wire with a disk or pylon of some sort in the middle. Snoopy flys around in a circle and there was some type of controller that allowed the user to make Snoopy go up and down. I think the idea was to have snoopy pick up something or knock something over. I don't remember. I just remember Snoopy attached to the wire and going around in circles. I think Mattel applied for a patent on the toy (I saw something on the web about the patent application). Where can I find more information about this toy.
snoopy race track
In the mid 1970's there was ths race track with snoopy and his gand, i recently saw a similar one in a bby einstein video but it was with penguins, do you remember what was the name of it and where i can find it?
HELLO Back in the late 70's early 80's both my husband and i discoveredthat we had the same battery operated race track with all the peanuts characters and I really need to find out the name so I hopefully can find another one for an anniversary gift. Please can you help me?
sonny coaster wagon
where would find info & photo of a large toy coaster wagon made by dayton toy & specialty co? 1933 is the patent year.
space vehicle?
I think I remember I toy that I had in the early 80's that had three vertical legs that radiated about 120 degrees apart from each other. There was a set of legs on either side of the cockpit/fusilage and when the legs spun, the vehicle could walk. I've no idea what it was,when I was younger I thought it was a Star Wars vehicle called a "moonwalker", but now that I'm older and fairly knowledgeable about Star Wars toys, I know that there was not one in the films. Have you ever heard of this toy?
Spin Welder Blue Plastic toy gun with wires to connect to a 12v. battery
Where can I find another one of it's kind
Star Wars Toys
How much are the star wars happy meal toys still in the plastic worth?
steiff vintage cat, bell in tail
I am looking for a striped cat/tiger from the 1960's possibly early 70's. It is laying flat on it's tummy, probably only 8 inches long, and has a bell inside its tail. I have searched e-bay and google and cannot locate one. Please help! (It has green eyes.)
Stick with Horse Head with 2 wheels
I have a Stick Horse and it has 2 wheels at the bottom of the stick. I bought it a barn action about 20 years ago. I don't know for sure if it is an antique or not or any vaule to it? Do you know anything about it? It's all wooded acept the wheels.
Stretchy Rubber Octopus with eyes that bulge when body is squessed
I got one of the above last summer at a grocery store in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. It is made of multicolored stretch material fits in the hand and has eyes that pop out when you squeeze the body. My small dog loved it to death and I would like to know where I could order more off the Net if possible. I do have a .jpg of the toy If anyone thinks they could help and make a happy puppy. Thank you for your time.
Stuffed Animal Monkey,Chimpanzee
I am looking for a stuffed chimp/monkey that I had in the late 70's-80's. I believe we bought it in Canada - Ontario. It was appox. 8-10 inches and was wearing a white hat/bonnet with blue flowers and also had shorts/diaper type matching and came with a pacifier. I do not know the brand. I would love to find another. Can you provide any help with this? Thanks!
Stuffed Animal- Pink Dog
I need the name of the toy or company. It was from the mid-1950's. It looked like a pink floppy eared hound dog with a black and white hat and a squeaky tail. Thank you.
Stuffed animal. Pink and White in color, also came in Blue and White
We would like to purchase an "Eden" stuffed lamb. There were two versions from 1997-1998. One was Pink and White with a bow. The other was Blue and White with a bow. On the Pink and White stuffed lamb the tag reads as follows- Eden,LLC., N.Y.,N.Y.,U.S.A. Made in China. Reg. No.PA-4 (RC) P/M/30 The stuffed lamb is about 11 inches long. Thanks, Jim
stuffed animal
In the late 70's may ealry to mid 80's, I had a stuffed animal that had a pouch on the back I think and the animal folded into the puch like a ball. I think my sister also had one. They were cute and furry, but I can't remember what they were called and would like to know so that I might be able to find one. What were they called and how or where could I find one?
Stuffed Cat with Veterinary Kit
I'm looking for the name of a stuffed cat or i believe they had a dog available from the late 80's early 90's the anaimal came with a dr. kit and there were places that you could put band-aids on it and a cast for it's arm among other things, i can not remember what they were called or where to find them any help at all would be great thanks!
Stuffed Cat
What is the (brand)name of my vintage stuffed cat from 1950's? I am told it is rabbit fur, it has pink ears and ribbon with little stiff flowers on the ribbon. The eyes are green, it has whiskers and embroidered nose and mouth. Thank you
I am desperately looking for a 5-6 foot caterpillar, sold at Walmart for $15 Valentine's 2004,'05 or '06. He has a black head, with red, purple, pink body, black little feet. My 4 yo nephew didn't care about his & let my 3 yo daughter borrow it a year ago. She fell in love with it, sleeps with it at night - he forgot about it until a few months ago & now it's a huge problem. Whenever he gets mad, he'll take caterpillar and laugh as she sobs & cries til she chokes. We all live together, so it's rough. All the ones I've seen are $100 & not like this one. My daughter & I would be happy with ANY type of big caterpillar but $100 is way out of my range. Do you happen to have any clues where I could the cheap Walmart one, or affordable other type? THANK YOU!
stuffed dog
I have a stuffed dog, looks like a dalmation with a vynal face, big blue eyes, turned up noise,and his toung sticking out, and big black ears. it has a Rushton Star Creations tag onback left leg. what is the year of this animal and is it worth keeping?
Stuffed toy bunny
I purchased a small grey flat stufed bunny around 2000. It looks similar somewaht to the Beanie Babies I guess, but it is not one of them although it does have beads inside I think. It is grey with white paws and a white small tail. It is made more of fabric and doe not have fur. Years ago I saw a larger version of it as a pillow buddy for kids. It has pink ears which stand upright and a face which appears to be embroderied for lack of a better description. The eyes are round with black at the bottom and white at the top...they seem to be embroderied. It has a pink nose stitched on top of white embrodiery w/black whiskers also stitched. There are two stitched teeth which are close together. I have spent years looking for this flat little grey bunny. Have you any idea from this description who may have manufactured it? Please help if you can. I think it was purchased around Easter time years ago at a store named Value City.Sincerely,Lisa.
Circa 1970, I had a toy that was a white bird with a blue cape, that has suction cups on its feet. Can you help me to figure out what it was? It also came with a red cape.
Talking Doll From the 60's
I am trying to find a doll for a friend so this is based on her description. She said the doll was from the early 60's. It was a boy doll with freckles and denim shoes. He had a slingshot in his back pocket. When you removed the slingshot he would say "Put that back!" When you pushed a button on this back he would say other things like "Put me down." Do you have any idea what the name of this doll was?
Talking hotwheels or matchbox gas station from the 60's?
When I was a little boy I had a pull string talking matchbox or hot wheels gas station, does anyone remember this toy? The sides folded up and it had a 2 story configuration and a carrying handle.
Teddy Bear
I found in a thrift shop an old teddy bear with the tag: Bell & Bell toymakers England. The tag has the number 4 on the back. The paper tag is tied around the bears neck on a string- it looks very old. The bear has long light hair (off white with brown). His nose is black leather. The pads of his paws are red leather. I can't find anything about this brand of bear- none on ebay- nothing when I search Bell and Bell toymakers. Ever heard of this bear? He is charming. He is pretty large: close to 24". He had jointed arms and legs. When turned he has a growler noise inside.
teddybear/pajama bag
I was just curious to know more about my pink teddybear/pajama bag from around 1972-1974.I've had him for many years and he still serves his purpose,but I was curious as to what he may be worth now,and who could have possibly made him. His tags(sadly) wore off many years ago. He is approx. 2 feet long from nose to foot,lays flat,has a zipper in his belly,orange and black plastic eyes,he's a very vibrant pink, and I can't find another like him anywhere.I have searched every site possible and have asked many collectors,but none have heard of him.Could he possibly have been an "only child"? I think he was purchased in Canada.I'm not sure of when he was made,but I received him as a gift in the end of 1974.I have tried looking up pajama and nightie bags as well,but have had no luck. I was wondering if you might know of someone that could give me more info. I can send pictures of him to anyone,so that is no problem. Just want to know more about his "family tree". Ty for your time.
THE "Sharps" Carbine-A marx miniature
Hi,my name is Jessica,I would like to know how much a-Marx miniature cap gun called-THE "Sharps" Carbine would be worth today?
Toy Car - 1960s - plastic - crashes and falls apart
Trying to find a product name for a toy car that had a wind-up crank on one front wheel and a sliding frame that held all the body parts together. When the car was put in motion, it would crash into something, the frame would shift and all the parts would fall apart. The car was about 6-8 inches long. Any help here?
toy car dashboard
I am looking for an old toy (1960/1970) that sat over your lap it was like a car dashboard, it had a bright orange horn in the middle and on the side it was a blue shifter
toy car shooter
In the mid 70'2 I had a yellow plastic rifle. There were 4 or 5 cars that slipped into brass collored "bullits" The cars each had a diffrent superhero on them. You would open the chamber and load a car / bullit int the chamber like a real rifle. this would engauge a spring. You then lay on the floor and a red foot like safty would fold under the forarm of the rifle. When you pulled the triger the car would shoot out of the barel and jump a ramp that was included in the set. If I hat to guess at the manufacture I would say Matel. I'm dying to get some info so I can buy one for my son to see what real toys were like! Thanks.
toy car
I am trying to find a toy for my husband. He would have had it in the late 1960's or very early 1970's. He said it was a car that you could make go in different directions by putting blocks in the car that had different shapes carved on them and this metal piece would trace the shape and the car would go forward or backward or left or right, do you know what this toy was called or who made it. Thank you. Carla
Toy football Game
I am trying to find the name and manufacturer of a football game , circa 1970, which had a rollo out mat, a wind up base for the runners and a metal dolly type 4 wheel base for defenders. Players stood approx. 3-5 inches tall.The field mat was about 6 or 8 feet and the goal posts were about 2 ft tall. It may have been a marx toy. Please help.
toy garage 69 70
i modelled this garage and was holding the car ramp and grinnin! am looking for it to buy
toy- named after manafacturing process
What toy was named after part of its manufacturing process?
toy plastic train chest
in late 1970 or early 1980 i bought my son a large plast train toy chest. it was on wheels and it was a molded plastic no lid on top. it was large enough for him to sit in. it was meant to hold all his toys. looking for one like that
Toy stuffed mouse
2" gray mouse with piece corn, paper tag on the bottom with M and a Monkey face also with # 19 West Germany original tag is green & Red.
toy train
I am trying to replace a red toy bullet train that my son lost and is heartbroken over. It is called the "ultraline" and is made by born manufacturing I believe. I can't seem to find it anywhere, though, and the train station where we bought it a year ago has stopped carrying it. Do you have any ideas where I could look? I have searched the internet with no luck. Thanks for any help you can give me! Mary
toy with big wheels
looking for a name of a toy that you sat in and there were two big wheels that had a crank on each wheel that you turned around and around to make you move or spin
I have a Microblastracer and I need to find a remote control & cars to race on the track...any ideas?
trendmasters furry toy with baby in egg
I just picked up a Trendmasters toy that is pink and furry. It talks and has a pouch in front that opens and closes. In the pouch is an egg. Inside the egg is a little furry "thing" like the larger one. It acts similar to a remote in that if you press it, it makes the big thing talk, and open its mouth make the eyes move. Anyone have any idea just what it is called? It is cute and my kids love it.
Trying to restore cardboard of vintage Barbie's New Dream House
I just acquired a cardboard Dream House that is in fairly good condition but a few of the outside walls are severely bowed and need to be flattened. I have tried ironing them using a damp steam cloth but had to stop because it was causing the decorative outer layer to wrinkle. It appears that the cardboard may have gotten damp at some time and then the walls curled and dried into the bowed shape. The bent cardboard seems stiffer than the undamaged cardboard areas. I also have the cardboard furniture that developed some light black mold splatters on the colored cardboard. I tried dusting it off, but it seems to have permanently stained the surface.
Uneeda Baby Doll
I have a Uneeda baby doll from the late 1970's or 1980's. She has a vinyl face and hands and a white plush body and legs. She has blonde hair and sleepy blue eyes. I vaguely remember her coming in a pink dress, but not for sure. The only mark is on the back of her neck that says Uneeda. I am trying to find a replacement of her (the one I have is a wreck!) but I can't seem to find one anywhere, or any Uneeda dolls that are like her. Any advice?
Vintage Elevator and Slide Toy
I think this was a 70s or 80s toy. It was a toy with little plastic people (similar look to fisher price vintage) and they came in blue and green and they had a silver marble at the bottom so they could slide easily. They started by going up a narrow elevator (brown if i recall) about 8" high. The elevator had holes in it so you could see them going up. Once at the top they were picked up by their heads by a Helicopter and they dropped on the other side of the toy to slide down a slide and start again back up the elevator. Do you know the name of this kind of toy or who made it?
vintage night light
I was looking for a vintage "Cow jumped over the moon" nightlight form around 1957?
Vintage Steak n Shake Toy Truck
I have a metal Steak n Shake truck from around 1973. I am trying to find out what it's worth.
vintage toys with boxes
can you please give me some information iv found lots of old toys in very good condition still in the boxes in my nans attic theres a clock work tin horse with ridder that still works and a pelham puppet caby bimbo with the moving mouth a talking cordstring doll i have no idea where to start where is the best place to find info on them?
wagon Sears mid 1970s
Is there a place to buy the small red plastic caps with metal insert that hold the wheels onto the wagon (restoring our son's wagon for his son!)
Walker - doll
Suzie Walker - Alden's catalog doll from early 1950. Brown braids, white eyelet blouse, green and white striped pinafore. Any info on who manufactured doll and is she for sale?
walking up the wall
This toy is from the 50's or 60's. It was rubbery, round, and had suction cups, I think. It walked on walls. Do you know the name?
warner bros. pink wile e coyote figure
its stamped warner bros. 1976 on the back, and r.dakin & co. on the feet, its plastic, pink and is wile e coyote in a hithhiking position... wher may i find the approximate value of such an item? thanks!
WATER WORKS Travel Drawing Board
Where can I buy this product?
what was her name again ?
I have a mattel doll manufactured in mexico 1971 . When she is fed liquid you twist her head her mouth frowns and she cries . Any info on my doll ?
white stuffed rabbit
When I was a small child I had a large white stuffed rabbit with a pink nose. I'm trying to find a duplicate but have been having no luck. I know it was made in or before 1986 and have a photo which I can email.Thanks! Emily.
Wind up Toy Car
We have a red & yellow wind up toy car that has #4 on the hood. Not sure on the construction date, 1920 - 1940?. We have found same type of car with the #6 on the hood. Could you possibly give us some information or point us in the right direction of where we could find out the value of the item?
Winnie the Pooh
Early 70s, I had a toy, think it was an official Pooh, that had a squeaky heart [and a Raggedy Ann that was supposed to have a candy heart, but I never cut her open]. Mainly, I want to find out if i am right and it was a "real" Pooh - did they have squeaky hearts back about that time?
Wooden childrens wagon
I have a wooden wagon with metal wheels, it has markings of 49th state flyer but I have no idea who made this or what year?
woosh pull toy 1970's
I'm looking for a toy I had in th