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action figure - Evil Manta from Little Mermaid
Is there an action figure of the Evil Manta from Little Mermaid?
Action Figure: 6-7 inch Cheerleader Red top, Blue mini skirt Blonde Pigtails
I'm trying to find reference to this toy, we originally posted for my neice in 1997 at a local Toys R Us. The toy line had similar plastic figures of a realistic nature (Doctors, mailmen, police officers, etc). Figures arms and legs could move but did not have bendable joins. I would like to find the company brand in an attempt to track down one of these figures. My neice just made the cheerleading squad, today, and this would be a fun little gift to commemorate her making the squad.Thank You in advance.
Activity Toy - Footsie
What company made this toy and are they still around
Adaptive parts for tricyle
Greetings, I am trying to locate adaptive parts for a trike for my grand daughter. She has CP and need foot and hand traps. Could you by any chance help me find them. Thanks so much. Debby.
African Hunting Safari game
In the 1960's I had a game with African animals that popped out of the bushes and a hunter had to 'shoot' them before they retreated back into the bushes, tabletop game, can't remember who the maker was, any ideas?
Arts and Crafts Toy- Mouse Pens
My husband and I remember these pens that were in the shape of a mouse. They fit in the palm of your hand and had a tail. My husband thinks the tail was leather. The head of the mouse was the cap and the pens were like six or seven different colors. I would love to know there name and who made them!
Balls- Different colors and faces on each
I have been looking for these "ball" toys forever! I remember buying some when I was young; late 1980's-early 1990's. They were golf-ball sized rubber balls. Each one was a solid, bright color with a different character face on each. You could put them on "bodies", in cars, buildings(?), etc. The only other thing I can tell you is that they are not Blurp Balls (which I ran into a lot when searching). Those are scary! The ones that I am looking for are funny/ happy.If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
Bandai Pokemon Candy Dispenser
Where can I obtain refill candy?
how to clean the green off a barbie doll?
Barbie doll
I have a Barbie doll that I received in 1964. She is in very good conditioned; the only thing she is missing is a shoe. She is still in the original box. What would her value be today?
Barbie Doll -- 1966
I am trying to identify a barbie doll and determine if she has any monetary value. Here is her description: Her lower back is stamped with "1966 Mattel, Inc." and "Made in China" She has a hole in her upper back with three white pull cords coming out of it. Each pull cord has a pink, plastic multi-faceted bead attached to the end. She pull strings are attached through her body to a pony tail on the top of her head. The pony tail is separated into three strands. Each strand has four rubberbands around it with a bead at the bottom which matches the beads on the pull cords coming out of her back. She is Caucasian with blond hair and blue eyes. Her lips are tinted pink (like she is wearing lipstick) She has non-removable pink post earrings. In the section which would be covered by underwear, she is embossed with a subtle "B" and floral pattern. Can you tell me anything about her? Thanks so much!
barbie mini mart playset
year 2002, unopened, should I treat this as a limited or special edition collectible item or should I give it to the kids. THANX
barbie walkie talkie twin phones
where can i find intructions how to operate the phones
bath toy - 1980's
hi, i really want to know the name of a bath toy i had as a child in the 80's. it was a soft toy-an animal of some sort i think & it changed colour once in the water-i loved it! but they were banned as they had some kind of fungus which resulted in tiny fish hatching out into the bath water!! a not so pleasant memory!!
Batman action figure
in the late 80's to early 90's there was a batman toy that had a pull string that came out of his waist and he would zip back up it. what was it called?
Batman Bat Wings snow sled
I have a triangle sled(yellow)w/label of batman bat wings by Blazon 1966 w/blue handles It is very good condition w/surface rust(top and bottom) Do you have any info on it and how much is it worth? Perry.
Battery operated clown
I have a Clancy the Clown from the early 1960s that is in pristine condition. What would the value be today? Thank you.
Battery Operated Toy Airplane
I have a Flying Tiger line Swing Tail Airplane made circa 1965 It is battery operated and the tail opens and cargo is released from the bearm of the plane. Is there a source for determining the current collector value besides eBay where there were no current or completed sales listed?
Battery Operated Toy Garbage Truck
I have a 1970's Child Guidance Toy Garbage Truck. I have been refurbishing it all week. At this point I am trying to get the scoop to function - I know the motor and lights work as I have hot wired a battery to them but can't get it to operate thru the switch. I think I need a new switch. Below are links to some photos of what I am looking for - any idea where I can pick up one of these toggles? / /
Battery Powered Toy Repair
I have a couple of battery powered schaper stomper trucks that need repair. Where can I find information on these toys and how to repair them?
Beanie Boy Doll
I have a Mattel Beanie Boy Doll in perfect condition with the original box. How much is it worth?
I am lookin gfor a new Bedtime Bubba bear. Where can I find one?
The footrest is broken on my daughter's Berchet Bubblejet. Where can I get a replacement part?
bicycle accessory - 1970's
Hello. Lovely site! what I'm looking for is a toy from the mid 70's ish. It was a plastic handlebar shape that stuck out of a box. You'd mount this on a bike, and rotating the handlebar would yield a motor sound like a motorcycle. The sound was mechanical - there were no batteries involved. I can't remember for the life of me what's it's called, and I haven't gotten even close in my searches of Google or Ebay. thanks for any help!
Blue Plastic Duck with Duck CAll from 1960's
I am looking for a toy I had as a kid, (mid 1960's) that was apporx 12 inches tall, a blue duck , hard plastic on wheels that came with a duck call, and you could call the duck over to you with the call. I can't find one anywhere.
board game
I have a TANDY SEA BATTLE game and was wondering if anyone has instructions for it.Its about 15years old and is battery operated.
board game
I found this board game in an old house we bought fifty years ago and forgot about it till we came across it the other day no one has seen anything like it.This game is in a leather bound case on the side cover like a book it says on top the word GOAL in the middle it says VOL 531 and on the bottom it is hard to see but looks like E S LOWE. When you open it up the board measures 4 3/8" square in the middle is a gold colored diamond with the letter L in it. then there is a little cardboard tray that pulls out with a variety of red and tan pegs and three each of yellow and blue barrel shaped pegs. Do you have any idea what this game is or worth? Thank You Jack
Board game - box with hand holes
Do you recall a game from possibly the early 60's (I was born in 1962) that had a square box with hand holes and you had to reach in and identify the object in the box? I can almost see the packaging and I think it was a major manufacturer at the time.
board game - shuffle board - 1970s
played like shuffle board, had a hot wheels track that you slide pucks down on to stepped scoring surface. Could you please tell us the name of this game.
BOARD GAME or GAME in a book or cereal box
Do you know the name of a game that has a spinner divided into quadrants ABC and 2 squares with an = sign between them in one quandrant, 123 and a large circle and a tiny cirlce in the opposite quadrant, 2 circles with an "x" in them in a quandrant and 2 arrows pointing in the opposite direction in another quandrant. There is a "Club House" at the finish line with a giraffe sticking his head out of the club house window. There is a worm reading a book and on top of the clubhouse and a few other animals scattered about. i would appreciate your help.
Board Game or Puzzle
In the early to mid 1970's I had a game that I thought was called Candy Land or maybe Candy Lane. You would roll a die and move a marker to collect puzzle pieces. The completed puzzle formed a gingerbread house. I think there could be 4 or 6 players. The first person to complete their puzzle won the game. Any ideas? Please help.
Bozo the clown doll
Hi I have a bozo the clown doll with a red nose that winds up and plays rock a by baby.You wind it up by winding the nose, but the musical box inside does not work anymore.I took it apart but it was all rusted and broken on the wind up part.The clown was made around 1976 and was wondering if there is a replacement part where I can get a new wind up part for it that the nose will screw on to it? THANKS MARCEL
Brillo Blocks
where can you buy Brillo Blocks? My son has a few pieces (maybe 16, but cant really build anything with so few. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Can Prix - Racing Cars on a Soda Can
I am looking for contact details for a company called Highlight Creations. They produced toys that resembled a soda can in the late 90's - one had magnetic racing cars that ran around the outside of can and made racing car sounds; the other had magnetic planes that did the same thing and made take off of and landing sounds. Michael.
Cant remember name of toy
I was hoping to find an old toy on ebay that I had as a kid. There were two "characters" a monster and either a robot or a man with basically a flashlight on his head. The monster had what looked like a reflector on his head. When you used the flashlight on the robots (mans( head and pointed it at the monster he would fall over. Do you remember this.. it would have been in the 70's or early 80's. Thanks Mark
Car - Car track - 1970's
I have been searching for some time to find what I remember being a multi colored battery car type race track that had flags along the coures. It also had the car part with a geared pole that made it climb the track at points
carousel horse
I have a carousel horse which has Blazon Inc 1965 on it. It has a few crackes and I think the original paint. How can I figure out what it is worth?
Carry case play set
My sister had a vinyl covered barnyard playset back in the late 60's /early 70's,It was a barn that opened up by folding down the roof thereby creating a barnyard. There was also a silo with a yellow top.The whole thing folded into a sort of suitcase with a handle. Do you knoww the name or where I can look for one . I think she would love to have one again. Thank you, Rick
Cars on and off the track
In the mid to late 1980's there were a couple of toys I really want to know about. One toy was simply a truck that operated off of a single AA battery, you could interchange the bodies of the trucks and you had a choice of hard rubber tires or softer foam tires. What happened to these trucks and where can I find them now? The second toy was a car that could be operated either by a single or multiple AA batteries and ran on a cylindrical yellow plastic tubing which was held together by small plastic plugs or red plastic junctions where you could intersect the track. I would really like to find both of these. Thanks for any help you can give.
cascade marble game
1970 marble game. Marbles fell down a chute and you had to put them in holes that match a pattern card. It was timed, if you didnt do it fast enough the marbles fell out. Do you know the name of this game? My sister and I are going crazy trying to remember.
Casper teddy playing Brahms lullaby
In the late 1970s/early 1980s, I had a Casper teddy which had a wind-up key attached to the back and when wound up it played Brahm's Lullaby. Where could I find one nowadays? It was a soft toy less than one foot high and it wore a little blue cap.
Charlie Chalks doll
When we were kids,I would guess middle to late 1960's or early to middle 1970's my sister got a charlie chalks doll, I have tried to google every way I could but no record of one anywhere. For some reason I am thinking it had something to do with Vitamins. Maybe they were charlie chalks vitamins and we ordered the doll with boxtops or something. it was one of those stuffed dolls. all material no plastic head or anything. can you find anything on this? the only thing I come up with on the internet is some charlie chalk video in the UK. thats not it. thanks
children's story book
I am trying to locate a book my son read in the early 1990's about a transparent, multi-colored dinosaur. Neither one of us can remember the name of the book. Please help us. Thank You
child's 3 wheeler 2 large back tires 1 small front seat moves up and down as pressure bar is operated by feet. no pedals circa 1948
can you identify I have one.
Child's model garden kit - late 1960's early 1970's
A friend is looking for a child's model garden kit that her mother played with in the late 60's. You could buy greenhouses, sheds and paths to add to the set. Do you have any idea who made this kit and if it would still be possible to obtain one? Many thanks.
Childs Television with filmstrips
When I was a young kid (mid to early 70's) I had a television set that came with small 45 speed records and a filmstrip. You inserted the filmstrip, started the record player and it would tell the particular story. I remember the television itself being red. The filmstrips being about 5-8" long and about 1" wide. I'm not sure if I received it new, so it may have been hand me down. But I loved it. Who made it and what was it called?
During the mid to late 80's there was a doll that I had that kind of giggled and if I remember his cheeks lit up, I was thinking his name was "Chuckles" but can not find him ANYWHERE. I remember he kept breaking and my mom wouldn't buy another.. I know they had them in many colors and I believe they had fuzzy hair.. can you help??? Any ideas? Im so wanting this toy. THANKS SO MUCH
Classic 80's spelling toy
Hi! I'm looking for a device I remember having as a kid (80's) that was blue and had a black LCD with green characters, I think. It had a keyboard on it, and it would Speak a word to you, which you would have to type out correctly to win. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called (for some reason the name "Tiger" springs to mind) and I've seen a device called a Coleco Talking Teacher that looks like what I'm thinking of, but not quite. Please help!
classification of toys
How would you classify toys found in a childs room today?
Clear plastic animals
As a child I used to have a large collection of clear plastic animals...they had some colors on them but were transparent. You would purchase a set of three of the same with one larger than the others. They were very inexpensive, dimestore type toys. Does anyone know what they are called...I cannot find any reference to them on the internet.
looking for a toy from mid-70's. they were bright yellow plastic cups that you strapped on your feet like stilts to make you you know what they were called?
Clown- Riding on a string
I'm looking for information on how to make this toy work. It is a Clown on a unicycle with two weights on either side, he balances on the string, and when the string is mechanically raised and lowered he rides back and forth...I have the clown and I have the string...but I am unable to find the motor or aparatus that is used to raise and lower the string.
coleco hand held baseball and foot ball electronic games
mid 1970's hand held games from a deceased family member i' like an approx appraisal
Construction Toy - 1970's
Hi Doc,I am looking for the name and pictures of a toy from the seventies. It was made of clear colored plastic square & rectangular pieces that slotted together. It came in primary colors. I can email you a sketch if you want one. Thanks for your help. Michael
COW - Plush stuffed toy cow
Looking for a stuffed black and white cow with a brown mouth appears to be smiling. It has large round googly looking eyes. Long thin arms and legs which give the appearance of the toy to be about a 10-12 inches long. The body is about the size of baseball. I have looked and looked all over the net, to no avail. I have a pic it you need it. You are my last hope. I do not know the manufacturer. Would have been made in the last 10 tens.
Crank Driven, two-person, car race toy mid to late 1970's. This tabletop toy looked more like a roller coaster that a racetrack. The main drive mechanism was two hand held cranks, (one for each racer). The cars were place at the bottom of a steep incline, where each car sat on a lift (or hook, Not sure). Each player holds a crank (sort of like a fishing reel but tethered to the toy with a cable) Whoever could turn their crank the fastest, got their car to the top first and then gravity took over and the cars would roll down separate tracks ending in front of the lift to race again. I played this game for hours on end. Then (poof!) one day it was gone.
do you know of it? and what it may be called? and who made it?
Crazy buggy battery operated red clown car with stunt track
In the mid to late 1970's I had a red colored clown car toy I think was called "Crazy Buggy" I believe the car ran on one D battery. The track was made of plastic and allowed the car to go up like a rollercoaster and spin end over end all the way down.The car also went up on two wheels on part of the track. The car was designed to interact with the track and do stunts. Could you please tell me who was the manufacturer of this toy and what it was named?
Da Grunt, sound activated
Unity Creation, Inc - history of Da Grunt toy
Dado Cubes
we are a kids selective store in hong kong, really like Dado Cubes, want to bring it to hong kong and want to know how to contact them?
DAKIN giraffe
I am looking for a dakin giraffe we bought in 2006 it is a cream colored body light green ankle,peach hooves he item number i belive was 45954 i want to find one to buy for my son the one he has is getting old and he loves that giraffe so much
dakin giraffe
My sone has a white dakin giraffe that has light green ankles,peack colored hooves,and approx 11 inches has anyone seen one of these or knows where to find one it was purchased in 2006
Deputy Dawg
Where can I find a deputy dawg stuffed animal. My mothers father passed away a month ago and she was telling me about one time he took her to a flea market and bought her a deputy dawg stuffed animal, and how much she loved it and wished she had another one. So if you have any suggestions on how to find one please email me.. Thanks, Beth
Disney Castle
I'm 21 years old, and as a child (late 80's early 90's) I had a Disney Castle. I can remember it having different blocks with all different Disney characters on them. I can't remember if you had to insert them somewhere, but I remember it making "magical" noises and it had Jimminy Crickett somewhere on it. You would put the blocks away in the back of the castle. I would really like to igure out what this toy was, I'd like to purchase one for my children someday. Hope you can help!
Sometime in the early to mid 1990's, my mum bought me a really neat kit toy, and there were even refill packs. What you did was put the "rocks" into the special shaker with water and the "rock" coating would dissolve off of the plastic faceted "gems" and then you could leave them be or snap them into silver painted plastic jewelry setting and then snap a ring backing or for a necklace. They even had different colors and shapes of stones and some kits had very intricate setting pieces, but you could change the stones out as much as you wanted. I cannot remember the name of it or even who made it, to save my life! It was one of my favorite toys. I even remember that the rocks tasted bitter cause well.
Dog - "Ugly" Blue Stuffed Dog circa late 1980's / early 1990's
I am looking for a blue dog that has rotating eyes, grinning teeth, a long, posable tongue, and a nose the "honks". I believe it was between 12-18". It was released around 1990. Does anyone remember this toy? And if so, where can I find a new one? I lost my old one, and would love to have another.
Dog - talking - Mattel - 1986
I have recently dug up a stuffed dog I had as a child, but haven't been able to come up with any information on its name, etc. The tag lists Mattel as the maker and the year 1986. Its maybe 20" tall, body is a tan color with darker brown ears, and has a voice box located in its head. It has sensors located on its back, tail, ears, and paws, and a small pink plastic heart on the left side of its chest. I remember that it would burp as say excuse me if you pat it on the back, would say ouch if you squeezed its ears or tail, and would say "Aww.. I love you too" when you hugged it. Any idea of what he's called?
wondering what is the name and type of doll I have made by horsman,inc. doll is 27" tall, oragne/redish hair, green soft fussy body, orange and yellow vinyl dress with matching boots and headband, green eyes with the lashes and eyes close and when layed down,freckles with mouth smiling showing teeth. it was received for Christmas late 60's early 70's.
I am thinking about purchasing a baby Crissy doll(24inch)from 1973. She has been stored in her original box (brand new). Her vinyl arms and legs have turned a strange darker color. Is there anything toxic going on here? Would this be bad for a kid to play with? Or is there anyone else you know that might be able to help me with these questions? Thank you.
Was there a crying and crawling doll made by Irwin Toy from China called Oopsa Daisy
Iam looking for a doll I had in the late 40's or early 50's. She had a cloth body and hard face, arms and legs . She had 2or 4 teeth showing. Had yellow pigtails, and wore a pink see through dress and bonnet. She had open-shut eyes, and would make a crying sound when laid on her back. Thats all I know about her. Iam sure she wasn't expensive. Hope you can help. Thanks, Barbara
Ihave a doll size of a Barbie but she has Blonde painted on hair, and her head for ams and bottom of her legs are rubber her chest is rubber to with very good detail she has black painted on shoes and a black velvet dress on she look a lot like Marilyn Monroe. What is this doll's name and is she an Antique she looks very old but kept up very well.
I received a doll in the early 1960's that is 29" tall, soft rubber,stuffed with something soft. She has short,curly golden hair, pretty made-up face, painted finger nails. She came with high-heel shoes, pearl earrings and necklace, mink stole and dressed in a long dress of satin with a net overlay. The only markings on her are an "L" on her lower back and "MAN" stamped on her head. Any Ideas what she is or what she is worth? Thank you.
I had a cinderella doll in the 60s that came with two changable heads, she was between 15 to 18 inches tall with one rags dress and one ball gown can you tell me who made her. thank you for your time
I am looking for a doll I had in the 1970's that was about 20" tall, had a soft pink flannel body and wore a bonnet the same color that could not be removed. The top of her head was flat so she could balance on her head. I've searched E bay, but without a name for her, I've had no luck.
Where can I purchase the Juliet doll from Girlhood Journey series?
How can I order Girlhood Journey Doll Juliet? What is the price?
Doll - Baby - Newborn Tender Love - 1972
A few days ago I received a 1972 Newborn Tender Love Doll (girl) that I purchased off of Ebay. The sellers ad stated that the dolls hair was in great condition and that all the hair plugs were good except two in the back but were not noticeable. Well, the doll is almost completely bald on the top and crown of her head. You can see all of her scalp and the holes for the hair plugs. I had one of these dolls when I was young and I don't remember the hair being this thin on top. It's thicker on the sides and back. Some of the hair plugs have just a few hairs but some have a lot. I believe this doll is missing a lot of hair. I've seen other dolls like it with thicker hair. I know it was supposed to be thinner and wispy but not balding. Can you tell me how this dolls hair is supposed to be? The doll also had ink marks and a musty smell. Another misrepresentation by the seller.
Doll - Barbie - Malaysia
How can I buy an original barbie doll from Malaysia ?Is threr any Barbie Store or toy store to buy?
Doll - Bobbing head Topo Gigio mouse
I bought a Topo Gigio bobbing head mouse doll between 1969 - 1975. It's I'm guessing about 6 - 7 inches high. What might it be worth today? Thank you very much for your help.
Doll - Cabbage Patch Kid
Do you know if there are many German and Hispanic Cabbage Patch Kids? I have one of each.
Doll - Clown Face
22-24" Clown Face doll polka dot hat with bell on top, one polka dot leg, one red leg and blue arm & upper body with plastic face, blue eyes, red nose & blue streak on top of forehead. What information can you give me about this doll? Has been in my house for many years but, I do not have any information on this doll at all.
DOLL - Ideal - 1950's
IDEAL doll with with moveable eyes and cries. The body of this doll is hard plastic, but the face is a softer plastic or rubber compound that has become 'sticky' to the touch over time. Any suggestions on how to fix or remove the stickiness?
doll- fairy
i owned a small fairy doll in the mid to late eighties. her bottom would light up when you pressed on her head. just wondering if you have any ideas what they were called.
Doll- Flatsie
What company made this toy?
doll from the late 60's early 70s
im tryin to find my old doll, red hair, freckles, vinyl head, soft body, i believe it was fanny farkles and i cant find her anywhere?? help me???????
doll house or house building kit
I am looking for the name of a dollhouse in the 70s or 80s, possible by better homes and gardens. it was a modern dollhouse, or kit, that included furniture
Doll House.
I have a 1963 IDEAL TOY CORP. Cardboard Doll House./ Did furniture come with it? Please help me out.
Dolls Boys or Girls Named After Each Letter of the Alphabet
This last Christmas season, 2007, one of the morning news programs had great new gift ideas for kids. They has these really cute dolls that were both boys and girls. Each doll was named A through Z. They were soft, washable. You could also purchase clothes for them. I do not remember seeing them in the stores at all. Can you please tell me if you know what these are called.
Donald Duck toy from early '50s
Can you tell me the approximate worth: Original tag on doll.... Donald Duck Copyright Walt Disney Prod. Gund Mfg.Co.1 Swedlin Inc.Licensee 200 5th Ave N.Y.C. 10 N.Y. (Other side of tag: Gund Sani-Foam Foam Rubber Stuffed Reg. Trade Mark#601240 J.Swedlin Inc. Thanks
Dr. Suess doll
I have a cat in the hat doll from the '70's. He has a cloth body, and a plastic head/face. He has a pull string and says phrases like, "does your mother know I'm here?", and, "I'm a tricky cat!" I have never seen one like it before, can you give me some information/value on this piece? In pretty good shape, no tears/holes-a little dirty on body. Thanks!
Drawing toy
In the late 70's, possibly early 80's, there was a toy that allowed one to draw different monsters. There were 3 parts, head, body, and legs. For each part there were 7 or 8 plastic molds. You would make up the desired combination for their monster, and place them in this holder. You would place a piece of paper over it and take the supplied purple crayon and rub it on the paper. The image of your monster would come through. Do you know what this was called?
early 60's helicopter
Between 1958 and 1965 I had a battery operated toy helicopter with twin rotors. It rolled on the floor,had a working winch, and came with army men,and a jeep. A friend at work says he had the same helicopter.Does this ring a bell at all? Thanks
Electric Barbie Jeep
I am looking for a Pink Barbie Jeep, Model was made early 1990 or late 1980. Can you direct to me where I might find that item
Electronic neonate.
Hi! I am curious if I can still order the electronic neonate. I also have a few questions about it. first, Is there an on/off switch? Second is it weighted? Third if i can't order it from you, where can I get one? Write soon thanks! I tried to dial the phone number it it wasn't correct.
electronic toy gun on a belt.
this was a blue sort of colour gun with a yellow or orange light at the tip, it came on a belt that was the same meterial as a car seatbelt and had lots of sound effects on it. the gun got its power from a coiled black wire that atached to the sound effect part. it was an 80's toy,
electronic walking pig toy
am looking for a walking pig toy which comes in several colors to use in a pig race. Saw them at a fundraiser and have looked all over. Can u help? Thanx
elephant teddy rattle
1975 minimum age, has no label, big bottom with bell/rattle in what age and make etc is he?
escalade ext
i lost the remote to the truck i need a radio control system for it help where do i find one
Feeley Meeley game
My sisters and I had a game called feeley meeley in the mid 60's. I have looked everywhere for information on this game. Does anyone have any information about this game or know where I might find one?
FIGURES - 1980's NFL mascot
I am looking to find out more information about the above figures. According to someone who had a few of them placed in a large ebay auction, the figures are made of rubbery plastic and have 1983 Hong Kong on the bottom of them. Please help me so that I can find some. Thanks. Coleen
I have an Ashley Belle figurine na Angel with hair with the number NE6402 made in China Do you know what it is worth
First Edition Ertl 3588
What is the value of the First Edition 3588 Ertl toy tractor, my mother is thinking of selling this. Thanks, Glen
Fisher Price Vintage Toy Decals
Are vintage toys typically worth more with the original stickers (bubbly or in bad shape)? or is it worth it to restore the stickers myself by scanning, image manipulating, and then reprinting stickers? Any ideas? Thanks.
fleeps? 1970's plastic house
i had a game in the early '70's that had flat little characters -pink and green maybe, and you put them in a chimney in a sort of flat little plastic house and they slid down and came out one or the other side. i can't find mention of them anywhere!
Foam bat toy with a handle
My husband had a toy in the late 60's early 70's called the Battaco(sp). I am not sure of the spelling. There were two bat like toys with handles on them that he and his brother use to whack each other with. Where can I find this toy?
Foam glider planes
Hello, trying to find information on toy glider airplanes (approx 8 to 10 inches long) available in the late 60' or early 70's. They were made of some sort of thin foam, and you put them together by sliding the flat wings through the flat body. Each plane was a different crazy character, I think they may have been called "Funny Flyers"? Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Folding Toy - 2 by 4 kind of cube
Its in my head let me try to convey the image. My favourite childhood toy consists of 4 by 2 segments of plastic, joined together at both ends which u can keep folding and it becomes a flat piece then a cube when constant folding occurs. At this stage the whole thing can be separated into 2 pieces. When one is folded it creates a star. When the 2nd is folded it is a hollow cube. The star can fit back inside perfectly. Does this make sense? Iv spent hours looking at rubiks sites and If I remember correctly the toy came out at roughly the same time. Does anybody know the name of this toy. Its driving me nuts. I could draw a diagram if need be?
FP Little People modern character
Hello - I have a question perhaps you could help me with regarding Fisher Price Little People (newer line, mid 90s to present): My daughter has collected all of the characters featured in the Little People video series except for one, the circus ringmaster. The only ringmaster figures I can find listed anywhere are Eddie and Michael versions, but the actual ringmaster character is completely different - and very common - in the videos. I find it hard to believe that Fisher Price would manufacture ALL of their movie characters except for one. Can you shed any light on the subject? Thank you!
G.I. Joe Doll 1963
I would like to know how much a 1963 hand painted G.I. Joe Dolls with accessories and wooden box is worth.
game - Throw up? - 1980s
In the late 70s or early 80s I had a motorized game where you fed cardboard food into the mouth of the game and once it hit a certain point, the toy would then throw up the food. I always called the game "Throw Up" but I don't think that was the official name and don't know who made the toy. I have searched the internet to try and find it and have been unsuccessful. Have you ever heard of such a game and do you know what the official name of it was?
game from the 80's
some time in the 80's i had a game where you put together plastic tubes, wrapped them around your body, then put a ball or marble in one end then twisted around to try and get the ball to the other end. i think it also had a timer
Garden game
garden game for 2 people in the eighties. both hold 2 handles connected to 2 thin ropes. in the middle is a plastic ball. idea is to pull strings apart and send the ball shooting down the rope at the other person. What is it called??
gas guzzler water car
where can i find this 1980's toy gas guzzler, car or truck made by ideal?
Girlss q950's trading cards.
when i was a girl there were a variety of trading cards (featuring animals, princesses etc) I think they sold them in candyshops.I keeps searching for them online to get names, info. no luck
Grandpa Bear
My parents gave my daughter a talking bear back in the 80's. He wore square shaped glasses. She loved this bear with all her heart. It was her favorite toy. It was stolen and I have been looking for one for several years now and I can't find one. I know she is getting close to 30 now but she still talks about her bear. I would love to find another one and surprise her with him. If anyone could help me out I would so appreciate it. She is wonderful person, great mom to her son, and takes great care of me since her father died almost 10 years ago. She really deserve a wonderful surprise like getting another bear.
Green Monster
In the early to mid 1970s, I received a "green monster" from a relative. It has no label, so it could have been made by a craftsperson/amateur. I don't know what it's called. It's made of green plastic strips wrapped around a wire, and bent to look like a head with two "hands" (four fingers each). It has one blood-shot eye on each side of its head.
Guide Whip Racer by Mattel
I have a Guide-whip racer by mattel in the box the peices are all there all though the box is ripped at the top but in good shape it is a 1963 toy called V-RROOM! REAL MOTOR RACER how much is this worth and how do I find a buyer for it?
I can't find my Gund bear anywhere on the internet. He's tan, has leather paws and soles a pink triangular nose and is about 6 to 7 inches tall. He was made in 1985 and made in Korea. He's made of polyester fibers and on the tag it also says EDISON.N.J.LIC.PA3. And he looks like the older version of teddy bears.
Gund rabbits
Brown rabbit with muttonchops--Gund 1988. Any idea what name might be?
Gund Stuffed Dog
HELP!!! Where could I possibly find a stuffed dog from 1997? We gave my baby girl "Lockett", as a newborn and she has slept with him nightly for 9 years. After a few close calls in the past we may have lost Lockett at Disney. We have got to find one to make the world right again. I'm not sure of the Gund name but it was a small light bown dog with dark brown ears with a brown collar. He is in the sitting position about 8" tall with very short almost curly hair. We purchased him at Parisians in Birmingham Al. Any info as to where I might find one would be great.Thank you for your time.
Guy the stuffed Ghost
Is there anywhere I can find an original Guy Ghost that were sold at Hallmark stores in the late 90's and early 2000-2001 .He's white with an orange heart on his chest and made no sound,just stuffed ,my eight year old daughter had it since she was born and just recently lost him and is devastated .Please help,Thanks Jennifer
I need to replace the seats on my gym Dandy teeter totter. How do I get the company address?
Hand held marble maze obstacle
This game was around when my husband was younger in the early 70's and I remember playing it when I was little in the 80's. Where could we possibly find this game? I have checked alot of different places.
HandHeld Toy Piano
It was a small toy that used numbers on the buttons which were doh re mi, and doh =1 rey =2 and so on. It was sold in the early 80's in Toys R us. It came in either blue or yellow covers with it, and you could play songs like, Twinkle Little star, London Bridge, jingle bells, and many others and it came with a menu with the notes so u can read the notes on it and play the songs.
Hasbro kick start gym 05723
where can I find information to repair?
heart house
I`m trying to find a carry along pink heart shape doll house? I had one back in 1979. I have no idea the brand or name. Having a hard time finding one. It opened up to be somewhat of a doll house.
hippos water
do u have any hippo toys that can go in water
caterpillar dump truck kit.plastic its a glue kit you glue pieces together.its all plastic no (die cast)where can i get oe 1/20th scale
Horse Model - FAO Schwartz - 1960's
In the mid 1960's I had a model horse from FAO Schwartz that "walked". It was about the size of the traditional Breyer model horses of that time. It was a hollow hard plastic with a push button on the horses's back. The horse's legs were jointed at the shoulder and hip. When the button was pushed the horse would "walk". I would like to know the manufacturer and any suggestions on dealers that may have this toy. Thank you. MJP
Horseman doll
I have a Horesman doll. I think the year stamped on her neck is 1961. The model number seems to be cb 16. I would like to buy a wig for her. Any ideas on where to find one? Thanks
HOTWHEELS Garage from the 1980's
I had a hotwheels garage when i was a kid that was self-contained in a hard case that you unfolded to open and there was a leg(kickstand) that folded out of the bottom to support it while unfolded. do you know what this was called or how i could try to find one. i loved it and think that my son, who loves hotwheels would really enjoy it. thanks
I have a GLOBE RACER metal toy wagon which I got when I was about seven years old in l937 (I'm now Ride on toy
I have a Globe Racer metal toy wagon which i got when I was about seven years old in 1937. (i'm now 80.) It is green with GLOBE RACER printed in yellow on the sides, and metal wheels with rubber tires, It was made by Globe Manufacturing in Wisconsin, as I remember. now out of business. I can remember riding it around the block in Riverside Illinois (suburb of Chicago). I called it the Green Diamond after one of the crack passenger trains of the times. Now in the San Francisco Bay area, my grandsons have taken control. I also have a green Hiller gasoline toy model race car which was made, according to carton it came in, on California Street in San Francisco. Would like to be in contact with those who have personal interest in these two toys, I do not want to sell them!!!
interactive steering wheel for toddlers
During the holidays (2007) I was receiving many mail order catalogs. They were thrown out and now I can't find a toy I am looking for. It was an interactive steering wheel with seat and something shown on the tv screen to appear like driving. It was around $50 and was for ages 2 and up. Do you know where I might find this? and fast - My newphes birthday is in a week. Thanks so much.
Juke box toy
When I was little, in the late 70's early 80's I had a favorite toy. It was a red juke boy shaped toy that when you pushed the black buttons it would play the music to a children's song. Each buttons had two or three different songs it would play depending on if you pushed the button up or down. One song was "Pop Goes the Weasel". I would just like to know the name of the toy and where I could find one to buy?
Kenner family tree house and tots
coudl you please tell me the value of a boxed family tree house with all accesories in perfect working order thank you
kitchen set - Dream Kitchen - MINI toy - 1960's
When I was young I had a whole MINI kitchen set called the Dream Kitchen. The tiny sink actually ran water...the oven had a turkey in came with little tiny foods and food boxes and dishes...I loved it...Would love to try to buy one!
Knickerbocker plush
Did Knickerbocker in the late 1950's -early 1960's make a Snagglepuss plush figure to go along with Yogi, Boo Boo, Huckleberry, etc...? My husband collects the gang and we have never seen a Knickerbocker Snagglepuss - many thanks
Late 70's or early 80's ride on battery operated police motorcycle with working lights
Where could I find one of these?
Late 80's to early 90's Learn to Dress Clown Doll
In the early 90's I had a learn to dress clown doll that taught how to tie shoes, zip zippers, button, and maybe others. The doll had a human looking face with red yarn hair, hair was probably one to one and a half inches long. The face was a soft plastic that only was the front part of the face. I've looked everywhere... (ebay, amazon, google, yahoo, etc) I remember this doll was my best friend, I even named him Parkacookoo.. If anyone has come acrossed one please let me know! Thanks!
lego - lego races - 2001
looking to purchase 2001 lego racers, 4566, 4567, 4569, ande 4572. For a child with severe autism. can not find them anywhere!! please help thanks
Lewis Galoob doll
I have a 1991 Patent Pending doll by Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. which is hard plastic body with joints in shoulders, neck, hips, wrist, & elbows. Body twists, white molded panties, pink molded shoes, blue painted eyes with sparkle in center. I cannot seem to find out about her. Can you help me?
Light Up Owl
Back in the early 1980's I had an Owl that when you pressed on his head his wings would open and his eyes would light up. Do you have a picture of this or do you know where I can find the name of this toy?
Lindstrom's Little Miss sewing machine (1930's t0 1940's)
Do you know anything about this toy and what it might be worth?
Little House on the Prairie Toy Dishes
What is the value of a mint in box set? Is this a rare item?
Looney Tunes Soccer Bugs Bunney Stuffed Animal 6 ft. tall with tags
It is my daughters stuffed animal that her dad got her years back and I didn't know if it was worth anything or if I would just waist my time trying to sell it for her Should she just keep it for several more years or not? Thanks, J
I am looking for a replacement for a lovie/blankie purchased in 2005. It was a small infant blankie/lovie, with blue satin on one side and yellow plush on the other, shaped like a duck, made by Manhattan Toy. I haven't found it online. I can post/send a picture of it if that would help. My son asks for it all the time - I left it in a cab in New York this past January. It would mean so much to him and to me if we could find a replacement.
Magnet Set with Stamped Tin Figures
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, there was an inexpensive magnet set, sold typically in 5-and-10-cent stores, with two magnets: one in a horseshoe shape and the other a bar or a circle, painted in primary colors. In the set were figures stamped in tin or other sheet metal: a horse and rider and a clown. There was probably a third figure, which I don't remember. All pieces in the set were probably no larger than 2 inches tall or wide. Do you know of an antique toy or other toy dealer that may have this set? Thank you.
Magnetic board toy
I was a child in the late 80's early 90's and I always played with a toy that looked like the head of a man and had magnetic shavings that you used a pen to drag around for hair. I am just wondering what the name of this toy is called as I would like to find one for the daycare that I work at.
mail order dolls from 1960's
I have 11 dolls that were mail ordered through Dolly Madison or another company like that (mom can't remember). We were never allowed to play with them and all but four are in their original shipping box from Box #11 Ft. Lee, NJ. They are Snow White, Goose Girl, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Mary and Lamb,Bo Peep, Princess in boxes and a Dutch Girl, German Girl, Bride and Witch without boxes. They have shoes that are just painted on, necks that move on rubberbands and eyes that close when they lay down. Do you know what these are? Thank you - Shelly
matchbox carousel horses
Would you be able to tell me the colours of these three horses? Made by Matchbox in the 1980's. Dawnlight, Moonlight, Morning Glow. Any help would be appreciated,thank you.
Mattel Puppy Patter Pillow
All I can remember about this toy is that it said "You'd cry too if you were painted blue" Yet it still haunts me to this day. I really need one of these to sleep with again even though I am 43. Why do I keep thinking about this dog toy? If someone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't feel I'll ever be complete again without it - how freakin' sad it that? Please help me..........
Mermaid Balancing Toy
My dad ALWAYS talks about a naughty toy his grandfather had when my father was a young boy. He describes it as a topless mermaid caught on a fisherman's line. The mermaid hangs off a ledge and the weight of the mermaid balances the fisherman on the ledge. Do you know this toy? Make? Model? Where can I find one?!
mermaid crank toy
looking for a mermaid toy, plastic with a crank coming out of the base that when turned caused her to dance.Plastic case with "water" painted painted on t he back of the container. Thanks for any help
Mickey Mouse Doll with Blond Hair
I have a Gund Rubber Mickey Mouse that is about 4 inches tall from the 1960's. He has long blond hair that is rooted and looks like it was made this way originally. Do you have any information on this doll?
Mickey Mouse Rock 'n' Roll toy
I have a Mickey Mouse Rock 'n' Roll toy, when you speak in to the microphone it changes your voice to sound like Mickey Mouse (raises the pitch of your voice). The bottom is stamped with Tomy. The back has Walt Disney Company and Made in Japan on it. Mickey is made of plastic and is approx 10" tall. I am trying to find out the age of the item, I wonder if you could please help. Thank you.
Mini Movie Camera
Can you advise the name of the Micky Mouse Mini Movie Camera that when wound up showed Mickey Donald etc. in a Haunted house. It's from the 70's I believe. I'm trying to find one for my son...
mini plastic car with roller ball
We recently unearthed a toy car. It is made of plastic aprox one inch long and three quaters of an inch high. It has a roller ball(marble) in the center of the car sort of like what you would find on the bottom of a computer mouse. However the car does have wheels. What can you tell me about this toy. Was it a prize of sort like you would get in a cereal box. Or sold seperatly? The house where the toy was found was built in the 1970's
Miniture Bear Family
What is the name of the miniture fuzzy not fur bear family that live in the forest? they had a little house. 1970 or 1980s
Miss Piggy Muppet in the Box - FIX?
My daughter, age 2, just dug out a toy from my wife's childhood, it is a mid 1980's Miss Piggy Jack-in-the-box. The problem is that, besides it being pretty dirty, the music no longer plays when cranked, nor does Miss Piggy pop out anymore. Everything else is in good condition, the spring and the paper label, with minimal cleaning, I can get this thing looking new, but I would also like it to work like new, any suggestions.The only seam I can find on the toy is around the bottom rim, I don't want to pry at it and break the toy, is there a way to take it apart and get to the inside to fix the crank part?
Model Car - Non RC Motorized Car
What was the name of the Motorized Cars from the early-mid 90s. They were not radio control. Most toy stories carried them, you would just add the frame and stickers that came with them. The track was sold seperately and their was even a TV show where kids (and adults) would race them that was on fox I believe.
Model Horse
I have a set of 3 horses (black, brown, white) purchased around 1970-1973 from FAO Schwartz. They are covered in felt and have horse hair for the mane and tail. They came with saddle and bridle and were about $100 back then. Any idea what they were called or if they are collectible today? Thanks
monster making kit-70s-80s
i'm looking for the name of a monster making kit(busts of drac, frank, etc.) from the late 70s to early 80s. you mixed the ingredients and ceramic type heads came out. any idea what i'm talking about?
When I was little my grandmother bought me Montgomery the Monkey. It was a puppet doll, that said things like "Which is bigger? A grape or an ape?" and had a creepy laugh. It was a "full" monkey, had a tail, arms, etc. You could stick your hand through his neck and make his mouth move. When you squeezed his mouth you would activate the buttons to make him talk. I cannot find anything on this toy, and I just want to know more about it. Where did it come from? Who manufactured it? All I know is that my grandma is pretty sure she bought it at Target. His voice box is going out and I want to know if there is a way to preserve him as well. ANY information on him is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
mother goose talking toy
i am trying to locate a mother goose talking toy to purchase
Musical Press Plush Toy Heart
I am trying to find out what song this heart used to play as it no longer works. I used to listen to it every night to fall asleep as I was a child, I've replaced the batteries and I still can't get it to work. The tag says "Filled with all new material Polyester clippings, REG. NO. PA638 MASS T421M OHIO45726 MAINE 575 COPYRIGHT MTY International, Made in taiwan" I can provide a picture if needed.
musical toy
in the late 70's/early 80's I had a purple hippo that had piano keys on it's back kind of
musical toy - xylophone - 1930's
i just purchased a toy from canada on ebay. they stated it is from the 1930's a xylophone playing vinyl faced toy looks good. after i got it i got an email from some stating it is only 20 yrs old. i paid over $200 for the toy and wanted to know what you thought. the email stated it is from china and i can't find any info out. the person stes she got it from her grandmothers estate and she purchased it from a store in 200 she has the recipt that has 1930 toy written on the back please help me monica
Musical Truck
Is the Playschool Musical Ice Cream Truck available anywhere?
Name of Game?
in the mid seventies ther was this educational game with white square tile ou had to work out the answers to a puzzle - then flip it over and see if the pattern matched - if it did you got it right. Came in a thin grey plastic box thig - there were two sizes - anyone know what this was called?
Nice cycle, Tyke taxi, year, unknown, Tiawnese made//Tricycle with passenger seat behind rider
Need parts, 10 inch Dia. drive wheel with pedals bearings, etc., and seat
Octagon-shaped layered board game
In the mid-70's my sisters and I had a favorite game. The board was an octagon shape, with different layers that would be removed as you played. Play was similar to Trouble or Headache. Each layer had holes in different places and at some point you wanted your pieces to be within those holes as the layer was removed. We would love to know the name of this game to see if we could find it! Thanks, Ambia
old doll
A doll, looks like a male, similar to clown, dangling arms and legs, square bottom all material, face painted on,maybe late 1800's. Any ideas
old metal wagon
i would like to know about a wagon with removeABLE SIDE PANNELS,
I am trying to find information about two Minnie Mouse plastic drinking bottle which are 9" height with removable heads and a straw holder. They look old. I am trying to find out the age and the history.
old monkey
can you tell me how old my monkey is the label reads " a quality TONY TOY british made, and can you tell me if it is valuable? thanks brett
old pal rocking horse
I have an old metal rocking horse. This is not an ordinary horse though, because as you rock the legs move and actually walks forward as you rock. The head is made of plastic and it attaches to a metal post that goes into the body. The body has the shape similar to a mailbox. There are 4 legs that each have a square foot that is rounded on the bottom. It has a symbol on the side that looks like >H. I was wondering if you had any ideas about this item. Like who made it? How old is it? Is it worth anything? If you need I can take a picture and send it to you. Thanks in advance for any info you can give.
Old Sci-Fi Cast metal Robot marked "BREV."
I can forward pictures. It is 5" tall. Swivel Legs that connect high inside the body with w pin through the shoulders. Large unproportionate feet. Pig nose. goggle like round eyes. And a meter guage on his chest. Torso is solid and skkirtlike. Who is this? Who made it?
old spiral raceway set
Hi I am looking for my husband, when he was little ( 1970's) he had an Raceway set it had a small raceway made of plastic which was gravity fed,with 2 cars,blue and red,with steel marbles in them and raced down a spiral raceway,would you know of it? I would really appreciate ANY help. Thanks so much!
What is the early 80's toy that you sit down on, on a large bicycle looking seat... you put your feet in front of you on a set of handle bars and you have to sway side to side to get momentum so you can roll forward?
Old Walkie Talkies
We were going through my grandmother's attic and found some old walkie talkies from my dad's childhood.(Approx. late 50's into 60's) They are made by Gabriel Industries and read Commando Walkie Talkie GI-025. They have an antenna about 3 ft. long and amazingly still work just fine. I was wondering if these items had any sort of value or if there was a place I could find out. Ebay was no help
Old, primitive wooden toy - Old man with "growing" beard.
Can you please help me identify this toy? He has what appears to be some kind of broom material for a "beard" and a lever in his back that I'm guessing is attached to the beard (it's stuck and I don't want to force it). He has a hat on, painted body (mostly brown) and face and as mentioned in the title, looks rather primitive. I do have pictures. Thanks!
original micro machines?
I found the following query in the archives here from 05/06...i am trying to identify these cars too, and tried to contact the original poster, but apparently the email address is no longer valid...i'd appreciate any information anyone can give me on these cars! thanks :D
In the 1970's my dad had a toy parachute made with two plastic or rubber like cups that you put together and it had an ajustable air hole that when it equalized it would pop open and a parachute would come out. Do you know the name of this toy...Thanks Tate
parts replacement
I need a replacement battery cover and the original bow tie that matches the bonnet for my talking mother goose that was purchased in 1986. Can these items be replaced, and what is the cost?
peanuts gang
I am looking for a mid-1970's mattel peanuts and snoopy thing maker
Pedal Tractor - BMC Medal Tractor with cart
Where might I find out what year my tractor is and what it is worth?
Phonics interactive button sound book
I ma looking for a good phonics interactive push a button sound book for my son to review letter sound phonetically. Kindly suggest one that does not have too much of background sounds when to play & start it.
plastic models that were glued and operated like the games "mousetrap", "crazy clock" and "fishbait"
do you happen to know that name of these models and the company that made them?
Plastic Tucan Bird (large)
Approx. 1967 I recvd a gift it was a large plastic Tucan bird that talked. It was mostly blue, with a red & yellow beak. White eyes. I called him my verdie verdie bird..not sure why. I have an old picture which I could scan if needed. Wondering if you know anything about this sort of toy. Real name and manufacturer. Would love to get my hands on him again.
play kitchen
i had a toy kitchen roughly around 1981-81 the stove warm up and the faucet had working water trying to find it wnad the name please help me
Playmates Cricket Doll - 1980's
Crickets eyes won't move and her mouth barely does. Batteries have been changed, but still no luck. Her tape player still works great. Any idea on who might repair this doll?
Plush - Lamb - Gund - 1992
One of my first (and still my favorite) toys from my childhood was my Gund lamb named Wolcott (although I call him Lambie). My little brother was recently born, and I really want to give him a Lambie of his own. I've tried everything, but I just can't find any of these for sale. If anyone could help, I'd be forever grateful!
plush panda - jelly cat
My 9 year old son has lost his treasured panda it was given to him in 2001/2002 it was a jelly cat panda about approx 4 ins high - we have numerous photos - velvety plush fabric and was bought from Paul Smith shop in London. - I can't believe there was only 1 made in the whole world - have trauled ebay. - Pleeeese help.
plush talking rat
I'm looking for aMattel(?) fuschia or purple talking rat; I think his name was Rudy. He was about 8-9" tall, with a pull string to talk. The only phrase I can remember him saying is :Gimme some cheese please". My brother bought one for me for Christmas in the late 1960's for Christmas, and I would love to find another. There might have been 2 or 3 different animals in a series, I can't remember, bit I do remember him. I can't find one anywhere. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.
Plush Teddy Bear
I received a plush teddy bear from my father in 1982. He has a baby blue shirt sewn onto him and centered at the bottom of the shirt reads "Prayer Bear". His eyes are closed (fabric) and his hands are velcroed. I have had this bear for 16 years. My father died when I was 10. This is the only thing that I have to remember him by. I would like to get another one, if possible, to have for my own children. Thank you so much!
plush toy
I have looked everywhere and I can not seem to find a rita plush toy from oliver and company. I found one on ebay but it had just closed. Any help is appreciated
Plush Toy - Dog
When I was 4 years old my aunt gave me a stuffed animal and I have it to this day. I am 27 years old now and I'm looking for information regarding the manufacturer or company or any information regarding the dog. Is there a means for which I can send you pictures of the doll I received back in 1984? Email perhaps?
plush toy stuffed cow
Looking for a stuffed black and white cow with a brown mouth appears to be smiling. It has large round googly looking eyes. Long thin arms and legs which give the appearance of the toy to be about a 10-12 inches long. The body is about the size of baseball. I have looked and looked all over the net, to no avail. I have a pic it you need it. You are my last hope. I do not know the manufacturer. Hope you can help...Chad
Police car & Fire Chief Car from late 80s ..85 onwards atleast Clear bonnet doors open when lights are pressed
Hi there, I do actually have the police car with NO tyres and my cousin has the fire chief one. problem is I want to buy the pair new. off ebay or SECOND HAND. Now they were about 20 CM long representing a 4 door saloon from the 80s 1986-89 mabye even the early 90s but I dont think so. Mine is in storage a few thousand kilometers away so I cant just make it appear to read the bottom. The police car was Navy blue and the fire Chief car was exactly the same except RED. the Bonnet was Clear/See through and you could see a model of a silver enging wobble side to side when you pushed it and it must have been fiction driven. It was all plasitc with silver looking alloy styled wheels and tyres whioch were nice and smoothe. The two lights on top (red and blue) were small and square and actually represented buttons if you pushed one of the lights a door would open I cant remember what if anything the other light did. SOOO there you go any more details just let me know. They would have been boyught here in South AUSTRALIA but Iam sure were made from all around the world. ANY LUCK there and I cant wait to hear from you. I do have an abosloute incredible collection of TOYS and indeed various LAYOUTS of Hornby model railways Slot cars Model airports you name it and I never grew up so anywho. I also had a police car from the same era that was a bit longer representing a USA styled police car fromt he 80s it was white with a blue bonnet blue boot/trunk and when you push it it made the lights flash or come on. Again must have been bought here in Australia. look forward to anything you may find. I have goooogled and EBAYED for hours and hours and days and days and Iam at my tether. hope to hear from you soon.Josef.
Polly Pocket 1994
Where can i find the "polly pocket birthday party travel game" made in 1994?
I just bought a Porcelain Doll for my daughter's collection that is still in the original box which has: "Collection de Poupees" 1977 Sankyo - C-365(230365)-008 Made In Japan" written on it. It also winds up and plays a song. I have been researching it but cannot find any specific information on it, or if it is of any value. Dee
Precious Metals
I have a precious metal maker where can I find the refill kits for it?? It is the best thing in the world to me and a great toy... if you can please let me know!! thank you.
Pregnant? 18" doll
Can you identify and place a value on an unusual vintage doll donated to our mission resale shop? She appears to be pregnant, is key wound, wheels on feet, white shoes, jointed shoulders and legs, sleepy eyes, composition material. We have been unable to find any identifying marks or dates unless they are to be found somewhere inside the doll where we are hesitant to investigate.
There was a big lion puppet, it wore a denim jacket and it looked like a regular stuffed animal. HE has puffy hair and has a tail. I believe they sold it between the late 80's and early 90's. Do you know the name of the company or the toy itself. I need one of those puppets.
R. Dakin Beagle Puppet
1970's Beagle Puppet. I am lloking for any info on it. It has a PA REG No. 118, Made in Korea. I still have the puppet, but would like to find out more about him. "Freckles" is my most pride posession. I call him Freckles but not sure of his real name. He is brown and white. There is no year on it. My father bought him for me at a "Fluff N' Stuff" kiosk at Neshaminy Mall in PA.
Race Cars That Changed Direction
In the late 1980's or early 1990's our children had a toy that was a "tower" approximately 18 inches tall. It had some race cars with it that were one color on the top, and another color on the bottom, so whichever side was up, the car was right side up. As you placed a car in the tower it would start downwards in a back and forth pattern and as it reached the side of the tower it would flip over and change directions. You could watch the cars as they rolled downwards. It kept repeating this pattern, going from side to side and changing directions until the car reached the bottom where it came out and rolled across the floor. It was made of plastic and had three or four cars with it. We would love to find another one for our grandkids but don't know what brand it was or what it was called. Any ideas? Thanks, Phil
radio controlled two function dinosaur
I have a NEW in box Radio Controlled Two Function Dinosaur from Radio Shack. What is the value or how do I find the value? I can't seem to find it. Cat No. 60-4042 The instructions have a 1990 copyright
Rare Bendy figure from the3 70's...
Greetings..i have a rare 70's bendy figure..a football player with red shirt, white pants, silver & white helmet..stands aprox. 4-5" in height...Wasa wondering where I could find more to this collection? I used to own a boxing bendy figure too to this same collection..a bald boxer with brown gloves i think? I looked on the back of the figure & it was different says Brabo after a Circle with an R by it, also on his leg beside another registered R circle has Imperial Toy? I having a problem finding ANY info on these cool bendy toys from my childhood back in the 1970's? Any help would be great..thanks
Recommendation for Active Toys - Cheeky Chick by Okiedog
I have an 18 month old son who enjoys active play. I saw that you recommended the Cheeky Chick toy by Okiedog (Best Toy for 2007). In light of your recommendation, I went on Okiedog's website to order when I discovered that they had a new toy called the "Fropper." I just wanted to know if you have reviewed this toy. If so, how does it compare to the "Cheeky Chick." Also, please advise whether you would recommend it over the "Cheeky Chick" based on my son's age. Both are priced the same. Thanks for all of your help.
Dear Dr. Toy, I am looking for a toy/book that may have been in production during the late 1960's or the early 1970's. I remember playing with a book/toy that when the cover was opened, inside was a type of dial. My memory has it as a telephone type dial. Anyhow, you were to spin this dial and a story would play out loud. If you spun the dial slowly, the story would sound distorted and slow. I think the "book" was like the main "player" and if I remember correctly there may have been separate little discs or something of the sort that you placed within the player in order to tell different stories which again, required your dialing motion to play. Did this thing exist? I swear it did. It is one of my clearest memories as a child. I had to have been about 3-4 years old. (born 1967) I have searched and searched and cant seem to find anything. Am I crazy?
I had a Good Humor ride on ice cream truck in the early 1970's? Have you seen any of these for sale, I haven't seen any on ebay? I am not even sure if i am searching it correctly or who the manufacturer was? Thank you so much.
Ride On Toy
In the mid to late 70's I had a six wheeled ride on toy that you would "pedal and steer" with the handles by braking in the opposite direction. I believe it was a light yellow color with black plastic wheels. It had a seat for one and 2 square holes 1'x1' (knock outs) on the bottom to get your feet caught in... Do you know what this vehicle was? Thanks, Jason
ride on toy
Can you tell me the name of the ride on toy that looked like the 1970's ride on inch worm. i am looking for the name of the one that looked like a cricket or grasshopper.
Ride on toy
In the late 70's/early 80's I had a yellow, plastic horse called "Buttercup". She was hollow and her front legs were one piece and so were the back and they swung in and out as you kind of rocked back and forth. The legs swinging in and out caused you to travel across the ground just by rocking... any ideas? I recall "Tyco" or something on here, but I don't totally trust my memory.
ride on toy
In the mid 70's I remember an orange riding toy I had and I think it was called "Ozzy", if I remember correctly it sorta resembled the green inchworm. I can't find anything on this toy. Any info would be nice.
Ride on toy
How do I find a replacement key for a Toyhouse Hammer Jeep bought in 2005 from JCPenney Model 90407R-G?
ride on toy and play kitchen
I have been looking for a picture of a brown and yelloe play kitchen set and i remeber having and ice cream or popsicle toy that i was able to ride in i was born in 76 so i am going to say 78/81
Ride on toy- General Lee
i'm looking for a battery powered, ride on General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard for my son. I can't seem to find anything. Do they even produce them? Hope you can point me in the right direction. Thanks!
Rite Spot Plastic Product Glendale CA. wind-up race car red and cream,
Is it worth anyting?
robot toy
can you remember the name of the robot toy from the 90's that had a tape player in its stomach? it was grey and possibly made by tomy
Robot/Skeleton/Terminator Plastic Toy Glove
I am looking for any information on toy from possibly the late 80's to 90s. Its a plastic robot type glove and you pull little grips in the glove to control the fingers. Any information on the toy or where I could buy it would be appreciated.
Royalty Greyhound Dog
In early 1960's in Louisville Kentuck @ Indian trail Shopping Center,a Woolworth store or Grants had a greyhound dog one day sitting on a throne with a cape and tiara. The children got a pic of the dog for visiting. The dog was in the back part of the store. I remember the excitement of seeing this dog but dont remember why? DOes anyone remember this and what was the dog advertising or was she an animal star? really need to know so everyone quits thinking I have lost my mnie.
RUBBER toothless old mans face or old woman, novelty toy
In the fities they used to sell a rubber tothless old man andalos an old woman that you slipped over your thumb and forefinger as a sort of puppet. I think it was for sale on pages of comic boks and at novelty stores. What was it called?
Any ideas on where I could buy a Rushton rubber faced whale plush?
sand toy
I am looking for a sandcastle building set that comes w/figures there is a princess and knight set,an army set and a construction set that come w/ molds and 3-D figures they come in a clear plastic bag my neice and nephew got them 2 years ago from a friend. I can't find them anywhere. Please help!
Sand Toy
sand rectangle In the late 1970s or early 1980s my dad had a plastic or plexiglass rectangle (about the size of a piece of paper - 8.5"x11"). Inside, it was filled 3/4 with differing shades of blue sand. Any idea on the name of this toy or where I could find them now? Thanks so much!! Please help,Andi.
Santa Fe Western Holster Set
I recently acquired an Gabriel Santa Fe Western Holster Set which is still sealed in the box (never opened). Do you know where I can locate more information on this product and the value? I know Gabriel Toys was sold in 1969 and the purchasing company is now a division of Mattel. But that is about it.
Scented Blue Doll in a dome
I'm looking for a small doll in a plastic dome. She had blue hair and was scented. It could be from overseas during the Vietnam War? I lost her is a fire. Please let me know if you know the name or where to find her. Thank you.
Scented Dolls
Back in teh 60's, when i was around 6, I remember having these little dolls that came in a plastic, heart-shaped holder, and they were scented. I had them on my dresser in the heart shapped "bottle" and didn't want to open them often, as teh scent would belost in time. Do you remember the names of these tiny little scented dolls that lived in the plastic heart/bottle??? It's driving me crazy!Thanks so much,Lorri.
schuco f1 ferrari wind-up clock-work c. 1954
hi and thank you for this. do you know where we can find this toy car? we had 2 in 1960... they were manufactured in germany in the american zone... the wheels came off and were red on one side and blue on the other... thank you :)
Sesame Street Ernie in teal pajamas with yellow collar
I am trying to replace a stuffed toy my son lost. it is about 10 inches high, a Sesame Street Ernie wearing teal pajamas that cover his whole body except his head and hands. This was a hand me down, probably originally purchased in the early 90's.
Skippy Fiber Optic Bunny from Avon
I am trying to find out what type of adaptor I need for this bunny, it has two small prongs on it , and where do I buy it. Thanks, christina.
Skwish Classic by Manhattan Baby
Love this toy but is it safe for a baby to chew on a painted wooden toy"
I'm trying to identify a doll from the mid 1970s, which had a very small plastic body and a huge plastic head, with either blonde or plastic hair. The head was on a long string, which when pulled, would recoil back into the body and the doll would speak: one stock phrase I remember was " I think I'm losing my head over you". Did anyone else come across this rather bizarre doll in the 70s and does anyone know what it was called? Cheers.
Small doll and house
I was born in 1975 and somewhere between 78 and 81, I recieved a doll for christmas. She was pretty small, maybe 4 inches tall...estimated, and she had a large detachable skirt that was extremely long for her size.. She came with a round plastic base type house that was split into three different rooms by three walls and each was a different room with furniture. In the middle of the house (and where the walls) met was a small tube-like hole that the doll would sit in and the skirt would cover the entire house. It looked like the doll was standing in this big dress. When you took her out, you would take of the skirt and play with her in the house. But I think as a little girl, the skirt made her special. I wish I could figure out the name and find one...I have considered trying to make on... Thanks.
small pink dog on black stand and when you push on the bottom the small dog lays down. It is like there are puppet strings inside the little dog and it just moves every way. There is patent pending and the letters T,M which are stacked on top of each other on the bottom of the toy
How old is this toy which was given to my daughter 20 years ago by an elderly person.
small plush or rubber duck
I'm looking for a very small plush or rubber duck. One that could fit into the palm of your hand easily. Can you please help me to find one?
Snap Together
I am trying to find a toy that consisted of the skeleton of a dinosaur and a couple of caveman figurines. The bones could be taken apart and reassembled to create other things; i.e. a hut for the cavemen. Do you have any idea what this toy is called?
Snoopy Carnival Prize Doll
How do I find one? Im looking for one type in particular. NO success on ebay,etc.He was made of thin cotton, red pants,black vinyl ears, stuffed with styrofoam beads, was a carnival prize during early 70's.
snoopy-snake stuffed animal
Born in 1971 and when I was a child I swear I had stuffed animal that had a large snoopy head and face but its body was long and looked like a snake. Snoopy-snake I called it. It was probably 5 ft long and it's body was probably 6 inches thick. My family remembers it but no one else believes that it existed since it is such a weird idea. Any help?
Snow White Doll
I found a snowwhite doll with blue stone-sapphire eyes I can't seem to find any more like it and wonder is it any value
soft doll
I am trying to find a humpty dumpty doll. I vaguely remember it being egg shaped with arms and legs coming off of it aproxiamately 8-12 inches tall, not including arms and legs. It was a soft doll, that wore a blue jacket, I think. I also think it might have been a "learn to dress me doll" with buttons, tyeing laces, etc. It was probably from 1973-1978 era. Do you remember such a doll as well? And do you know where I can find one for a gift? Thank you for your assistance.
space fidget
I tried the link that was listed for the space fidget and the link is not working is there a store on the web that sells these I have been looking for these for several years now and need to by 10 of them thanks G
space fidget
I tried the link that was listed for the space fidget and the link is not working is there a store on the web that sells these I have been looking for these for several years now and need to by 10 of them thanks G
Spare parts
Where can I buy spare missles and radar wheel for Green Hornet Corgi aka Black Beauty? ( not sure last question went through)
sports toy
I would like to find out about a throwing toy I have from the 1990's. It is Nerf-like foam and says Vortex on the side. I have searched the internet looking to buy another one - but only come up with the Nerf or Koosh Vortex football. The toy I have resembles this football, as it has the same type of tail; however intead of a football it looks more like an airplane engine (it is barrel shaped). The dogs chewed the one we have and I would appreciate any help finding another one to replace it! Thank you for any information.Lynnette.
starting lineup and action figure bubble
why do the bubbles that encase the figures turn yellow after time
steering-wheel toy
I recently saw on the Internet when I was looking for traffic signs and now cannot locate the following toy: a steering wheel attached to a long (child's length)rod or pole and a wheel. There might be a sound component (wheelie?) Please help. Thanks.
In 2004, I bought some stickers that say they are of "the world of richard scary". I am trying to find where they are sold, maybe an online site, but have not been able to find a link yet. Can anyone help me find them?
Strip type cap guns
Dr. Toy - I am looking for any information on strip type toy guns I had back in the mid to late 80's. These guns were produced after real firearms. The had both handguns and rifles. The cool thing was when they shot the gun it cut the one cap from the strip and discharged it like a spent shell casing. You would remove the magazine and load another strip in them. Thanks for your help.
Stuff bear alarm clock
Hi, during the early 90's I was given a stuffed bear that was also an alarm clock. It's alarm stated "wake up, wake up, give me a hug." It had on a pajama suit that was bluish (I believe pin stripes) with a night cap on as well. Do you know where this is? For some reason as a child I decided I didn't want to keep the gift and took it back to the store, and now strangely almost 15 years later I regret it.
Stuffed an