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Al Snow with Head still in box
Around how much is it worth today?
alphabet wooden blocks in a wood box
Found a set of wooden blocks in a second hand store. They say made in china schylling Ipswich Ma 01938 48 wooden blocks in wooden box with a sliding lid. I am concerned that they have lead paint. The bar code is 0 19649 20192 1
Amazing Amy
Thh\\is doll does everything and gets annoying with its cries the trouble is our daughter lost the carrot spoon.This is the first ones that came out and would like to have the full set so the grand children know how there mother was.Thanks
animated toy
it was a toyu that was out a few years ago i thought i was called booba but its not...its fuzzy and its head would move up and down and it had bumps on its would move its head aand say "booba"
anniversary gift
found in 1932, miniture mouth organ made I gold with IDEAL on it!!!
antique toy with small ball and nets with two wooden handles
Can you tell me what this toy/game would have been called? The picture shows two children holding nets with a wooden handle on each side. Evidently the ball was tossed from and caught in these nets. The children are in vintage clohing, probably 1910 era. Thanks for your help.
atlanta novelty santa doll
I have a vinyl coated santa doll with a small round metal label that says Atlanta Novelty Company. We believe it is from the 1940's. Will you tell me what this is worth?
Baby Ernie stuffed doll
My son had baby ernie back in 1991 Ernie wore a striped romper and had a tiny tuft of hair. Our dog destroyed it and I am looking to replace it. Cost is not an issue but I can't find it on any toy sites, I bought it at JC Penney. can someone help me make his high school graduation memorable?
baby squeak toy
I'm trying to find a baby rattle. It is a round yellow ball with a face on in black. It is on a green textured stick and has green ears on the ball. When you shake it from side to side it makes a funny squeaky noise. Do you have any idea where I can find one?
Barbarian 3 3/4 1982-83 figures
i'm seeking the name/brand of some barbarian 3 3/4inch toys from roughly 1982. I have a wizard in red cloth with a blue hat, 2 "demon" looking guys; one blue w/horned helmet, the other red w/horned helmet. a 2-head black/red dragon fitting one figure, a "hero" with a bare-chest and silver helm w/curved horns, and a tan guy with a wolf's head. i'll send pics as soon as i find them. thanks!
Barbie - Talking
I'm looking for a tiny, maybe, 1/4 inch by 1/3 inch battery for a 1990's talking barbie. Can you tell me where I can get one?
barbie and ken song...1960's
song "busy buzz" where is this available
barbie doll sized house from the 1990's with furniture
Hi there,I received a barbie doll house, possibly sold through sears in the 1990's, it contained carboard slats, for the rooms, and "balcony", and plastic supports for the actual house, with a complete set of furniture, including a vanity, and stools, kitchen table and chairs(all pink and white with stickers), pink plastic couches and chairs, white bookshelf and desk-table, with stickers, no beds, and an attic with cardboard roof, and all cardboard flooring panels. I would love to replace this item as mine is very worn out from tons of love and use, and is missing a few bits and pieces. if you could locate it, with a price and picture as soon as possible for shipment to oshawa ontario canada, I would be very greatful!!!!thankyou,Tammy.
Barbie Pink vw Beetle
Hi, i hope you can help. I am a univercity student and need to find out the production costs of the Barbie Pink vw beetle as part of my latest assignment. I have e-mailed mantel and have yet had no reply. Any Ideas?
Is there a Barbie doll that has arms that make a crackling sound when bent? I have a friend from Colubia South America that had one when she was small say between 20 and 30 years ago as an estimate but may be newer.
battery operated toy plane, (capital airlines) 4 props and lights (Mars Toys, China not sure how old it is.
where can I find out about my toy airplane
I have this old Blue Mercedes 560 SEI TURBO Power Wheels type car that I used to drive around as a kid. I has a "Prestige Mini Motors" Emblem on the back. Two Red pedals. The floor is open and it takes a 6v Rechargeable battery. There is a forward/reverse switch along with a red push button and a two prong plug in the front. I've searched all over the internet trying to find something out about this car and I've found nothing! I can't find even a post about this car. Is it really rare? Are they one of a kind type things? I'm kinda guessing they're pretty rare since I haven't found anything about it! In any case I guess I'd like to know where to get parts because its missing a gear from the gearbox and the steering wheel is really loose and cracked. I'd really like to restore this thing with original pieces but if they're unavailable I guess I'll have to improvise a little something to get it to work. Thanks for help! Matt.
Beach Toy with Buckets
I am looking for a toy/game that you take to the beach. I am looking for my boos, who's son had one about 10 years ago. It is a series of buckets attached with different tubes and you can move around and reconfigure to set up a system that you then pour water into and watch it run through. There are wheels and other such gadgets attached to it. Any ideas?
bendable toy
It's wearing black clothes( made of rubber) and teeth are showing. It's made completely of rubber. And it was a man. If you have any idea of what this is please tell me!
Betty Bedtime Doll
I would like to know more about the Betty Bedtime Doll and her bed. I have that I received in 1946. I would appreciate any information. Thanks
Bicentennial Holly Hobbie Rag doll
Hi, I have recently found a Holly Hobbie rag doll that I had as a child that I am interested to find out if you think it will have any value ? Its not in mint condition..and I'm not sure if I should post it on Ebay. The doll I believe- is from 1978. Thanks for any advice in advance
I had a red (I think) bird with "stopper" feet and a pull string. You pull the string and stick him to the wall. He would then jump up the wall and ceiling? Do you know anything about this toy?
Bisque/Porcelain Doll
She is about 17" tall with brown (real human) hair, closed mouth, blue eyes that open and shut, with the white bisque color. She is wearing a green velvet and lace dress with matching hat. The breast/head plate on the back says "JOL 1" or J0L 1". There are no other visible markings. Her joints move at the knees and elbows. I have a pictures if needed. I have been told that it was made in Taiwan in the 1960's or 1970's. According to this marking do you know what company manufactured this doll? Thank you for any info you may have.
board game - introduced 1977. Called Obsession. Marx Mego Toys.
Do you have it and might I buy it to play again?
board game
worth of Cootie game 1949 missing one antenna fair condition.
I recently saw the Nestle Juicy Juice Mother's Day Commercial (2008) and noticed a sequence in which a mom is taking a doll from the family dog. It is a brunette doll with yarn pigtails and a light purple dress. I have searched all over the internet and cannot seem to find it. Any information that could lead me to this doll would be great as I am looking for something just like it to give my daughter for her upcoming birthday. Thank you for all your help.
Bugs - assemble bugs - 1960's
Just like Mr. Potato Head, their was a bug that we put arms and legs on the body, it was like an alien bug that was in pastel colors, what was the name of this toy?
I'm looking for some plastic building blocks I used to have as a child. All I remember is that the blocks were interlocking and each one had 4 pegs. There were only 4 colors in the can (red, blue, yellow, green). I had this block between the years of 1978-1980. The top of the blocks were very thin and they had an opening on the top. Just imagine a tiny table with a whole in the center. If anyone could provide me with any information on where to find these blocks I would be so happy. Thanks Carolyn
cabbage patch kids 1978 - 1982
How much are they worth today?
Can I still get this machine gun?
My son has a machine gun that has TootsieToy on one of the handles. When purchased the gun around his birthday in 2000. It has a battery clip and when you press the trigger, lights would flash in the front, the barrel would turn and you'd hear the machine gun sounds. He's lost the battery clip and we were hoping to find a replacement gun since he loves this one so much.Thanks,Carla. PS - I can send pictures if that would help.
Cardboard Child-sized Submarine
I am looking for a cardboard playhouse of sorts...I used to see it advetised at the back of comic books. It was made out of cardboard, and when assembled looked like a submarine. A child could climb inside it and use it as a playhouse or fort or just place to call their own. I have no idea what company made this, or if it even exists anymore...but I would love to find one if it is still out there somewhere! Can you help me find out who to contact about this?
Carter's Just One Year Musical Butterfly - battery operated or music box?
is the Carter's Just One Year Musical Butterfly a musicbox toy or does it have batteries?
China or porcelain dolls
I have 2 small identical babys wrapped in small pink wool blankets with their arms poking through the blankets. They have no clothes on, just these blankets also in the box are 2 more blankets but no dolls. The arms and legs move with some kind of hook and string gaget. How old are they and what are they called.
How much is a working chubble with original box and tag/directions that works great...from animal fair 1985 in very good condition?
Clear plastic dollhouse with small plastic figures c. 1970
Hi! I'm looking for a dollhouse I had when I was very young, about 1970. It was made of clear hard plastic, walls that I believe snapped together, and had very small figures, about 1/2" high, possibly with colors on them. Thanks very much! Nancy
Cloth Baby Doll
I am looking for a Cloth Baby doll with "baby" written on the bib, I had a blue one growing up, and my cousin had pink. I would love to find her again.
coaster wagon
I have a greyhound metal coaster wagon worn on inside & out, lettering shows.Can't find any info on these .What is the value thanks scott
COMMONWEALTH brand 1993 cream colored stuffed mouse
I am desperately looking to replace my 2 year old daughter's security toy which is on the brink of completely falling apart. He is a 1993 Commonwealth brand stuffed mouse about 20". I have found on ebay he has a grey couterpart...but I need the cream colored mouse because I don't think my daughter will accept anything that isn't EXACTLY like the original. Please help! I am on a desperate search!!
Cracker Jack toys
Do you know anything about The Common Sense Novelty Company in Chicago--established 1909?
Cyborg Action Figure
I own a cyborg action figure. it is aproximately 12 inches tall. It has blue hands, feet, shins,chest, and face. Its legs, arns and back are white. I am wondering what telivision series it originates from, it appears to be from the 1980's.
Dangerous minimalist ride - on circa 1970
I had some flashbacks of trying to ride a toy that was basically two red pedals linked to four wheels in such a way that if you stand on the pedals and move your feet just right, the thing lunges forward unpredictably and forcefully. It should have been called Neck-Breaker. What was it really called?
I have noticed many people are looking for the Dareplane. I have a page that sells Dareplane parts and pieces that people woule be interested in. Go to:
Disney Omnidroid
Do you know where I might be able to find Disney's The Incredibes Omnidroid Electronic Playset?
Dol - drowsy beans - 1962
I need to know how to replace the rubber band inside her to make her work again pull the string and she's suppose to talk but she doesn't and i want to fix her thank you
Doll - Corolle, les poupees Catherine Refabert, Melisande(2618)purchased 1986
What is the value?
Doll - girl flower - 1990's
I used to play with these dolls (in the mid 1990's) that would be inside a closed plastic flower. When you put a key in the flower and turned it, the petals would come down and a little doll would come out of the flower. Do you remember what those toys were called? Thanks!
Doll - Girlhood Journeys
Can I still get a "marie" doll from Girlhood Journeys?
Doll - Make - up and Hair Do
I am looking for the name of a "doll" that a friend of mine had in the late 1970's to early 1980's. It was just a large doll's head and you were able to put on her make-up and do her hair anyway you wanted. I am looking for the name of this, because I always wanted one as a child and now that I have a daughter I would like to buy one for her on ebay or some other site.Thank you so much,Rachel.
Doll - Playmates - Disney - 15 inch
Help? We have had this male doll for years and have no idea who he is. I think he looks like James Bond. He is dressed in a black tux style suit, red striped tie, brown hair. His arms move but not his legs. On one foot is stamped Disney. On the other. Can you hep identify him? Thanks, Joan is "PlAYMATES TOYS INC.
Doll - Water Globe Fairy doll
I had a couple dolls in the early 90's - they were small fairies and they cam in a dome like a water-globe, but I can't remember their names for the life of me. They were just a couple inches tall. Thanks!
Doll - Wind up
I have a wind-up doll that i got in late 1970 or early 1980 that winds up in the back holds a baby and rocks it.The dolls head moves back and forth ant the eyes close. I was wondering if it is valuable or if they still make them? It has a pink lacy dress.
Doll suzie push up?
I am looking for a doll from around 1965. aprox. 5-6" tall she raised her hands when you pushed on her chest. She was originally bought from a Reed's drug store in BAlto. MD. Do I have the right name?
Doll tongue moves
I'm looking for a doll from the early 1980's. She was battery operated and her tongue moved in and out. She had an ice cream cone and a sucker. Her name was something like Lolly licks a lolly-pop. Can you help me find her? I've searched the internet (Ebay included) with no results.
do you know the value of a doll called Tatters?
I am looking for a doll from the late 1960's, possibly early 1970's. It came with a small ball that it would catch if you threw it to her. I thought her name was something like "Baby Catch a Ball" but I'm having a hard time finding anything. It may have been a hard plastic type of doll. I remember being sick in the hospital and my father going to "Two Guys" in Jersey City, NJ to find it. I would appreciate any help you can give me in either the name or where I can find it. Thank you!
i am looking for a doll i had as a child. would have been late 80s to early 90s. she was probably 2-3ft tall. had short blond hair pink overalls with a white t-shirt. she talked an had a big vocab. one of her sayings was "turn me over"
I am looking for a doll that I had when i was a little girl. It was made in the late 80's early 90's. I remember her having her hair up in a ponytail made of plastic. You could crank her arm and her hair would shrink into the ponytail. If you moved the other arm it would " magically " grow. What is this doll called?
I bought a doll the head is soft and on the back of head reads L.G.T.I. 1990 but the body is hard plastic and reads1991Levis Galoob toys. Inc. She is 15inches tall and has a place for 3 batteries. Has painted panties and pink shoes. She also has a choker necklace white painted on with pink hearts. Would you know who she is and what she is suppose to do?Her head is soft plastic blue eyes and curly blond hair reminds me of Baby face doll arm bend at joint but not legs.
I had and still have a doll in the late 60s or early 70s that rode a tricycle and horsie. I think her hame is Sally Tippy Toes. Do you know her value?
I have a baby doll that is from the 1990's. She has a cloth body, and is wearing a pink jumpsuit with lace trimming. Her head, hands, and feet are all hard plastic. She has wide blue eyes, and a slightly open mouth. She used to have a voice box that responded to a rattle. I have been looking for the name of this doll. Can you please tell me what is the name?
I have a hard plastic dollwith a triangle on her neck and hip joint screws,i need any and all info
I have a Sweet Sue doll from the 1950's from my childhood and I still have the box, but the box isn't the best condition, but the doll is in perfect condition. Can you tell me how much she is worth.
Im looking for a childhood doll that was sold during the 1980's. I dont know the name of the doll, but i do know that she had short blond hair, and she would hold on to a stroller and walk behind it on her tip toes. This doll meant the world to me and was destroyed in a fire, any information you have would be apprieciated.
I'm looking for one of my favorite dolls. I got her about 1973-75. She had blonde hair. I believe her outfit was a pastel color. She had music notes on her arms and legs because when they were squeezed they made music. I don't know her name or what company made her.
Doll-eegee co.
I would like any information on a anatomically correct boy doll made by the Eegee Co. He has Eegee Co 12 EES PE marked on the back of his head and #12 NB on his back. His hair is molded brown and has blue painted eyes.
doll-plush musical gingerbread man
I am trying to find the toy that my daughter had 32-35 years ago. It was a gingerbread man plush doll with a music box inside. She called him "gingerbread teddy". He was purchased at a wonderful toy store in Greenwich Village NYC near 6th ave. Please see if you can find any info-I want to give her one for her 40th birthday next Jan. Sarah
DOLLS - HASBRO - 1960s - 1970s
The dolls have plastic 9" bodies, rubber like heads and legs. Girl dolls have real eyelashes. One is brunette with an open smile so as to see painted teeth. Blue eyes. Other girl has red hair with a closed smile , green eyes. Boy has painted on hair and painted eyelashes. :Blue eyes. On the backsides of each of them is Hasbro Hong Kong U.S. pat & pending They twist at the waist. The knees bend with a click. There is a tiny screw in the middle of the lower part of their stomach area. My question is: Do they have a name, are they a series. I have looked on ebay and could not find them and in looking thru Hasbro's sites could not find them. Thank you for any help you can give. bb
Help. I have snow white and the seven dwarfs by Ideal. BUT my dopey is the ventriloquist dopey, while the other dwarfs are smaller My snow White has no cloth she's all compos. She has Shirley Temple by Ideal on the back of her neck. I've been told that it isn't a complete set and that brings down the price. Funny, I've seen many other sets and there hasn't been one exactly like mine. All the other dwarfs are a bit different and none of the small dopeys would go with my set at all. I know my mother got these as a set in the 30's. She got them all together as a set. I just can't seem to find the real answer as to my set. Can you tell me anything about my set? Thanks Doc! Linda
They where dolls like Barbie but were made of hard clear pink,blue,green and yellow plastic but I can not remember what they were called! It is driving me crazy! PLEASE HELP!
doll-turbo man
can doll be purchased?
Dr. Phineas the Frog
Looking for Dr. Phineas the Frog stuffed animal/pics - circa 1981
Eden musical, snoring bear w/ red bandana around its neck
This particular bear was given to my daughter almost 12 years ago (when she was born), and unfortunately, it stopped snoring and playing music quite some time ago. I've been desperately trying to find another like it, but I have had no luck whatsoever. She still sleeps with it, although she's almost a teen, and I would love to be able to find another just like it that is in working condition. Would you happen to know if Eden still makes this particular bear?
E-Groovz Drum Set
We received these drums from a friend and we don't have any instructions for them. We don't know how it works. Can you help me with that. We need a set of instructions or something that tells us how it works. Thanks
electric jewlery maker
I had a toy that made jewlery like a mold and after you put the goop/stuff in and cooked it you could put sequins on them and pins on the back to make jewlery, if you know the name I would appreciate knowing what it was called. thx
Electronics - Geo Safari Laptop
I was given a GeoSafari Laptop for my son who is 7 but there are no directions can anyone send me a copy or know where I can get them? thanks
Elephant Toy Box
I had an elephant toy box when I was about 14 months old it was plastic with polka dots and it had a large lid that came off, it was around 1978, I was wondering if you could tell me who made the toy box and is it possible to still get one?
embroidery machine
i have aquired a sewing/embroidery machine made by irwin but have no instruction book, do you have copies.could you give me more info on this item. it makes a sort of pile fabric jennie
F - 14 Jolly Rogers Tomcat
I used to have a to jet with working wings and a joystick that clicked into the back. It made two different sound effect depending one which side of the big red button you pushed. I still own it but it's not within my grasp so I can't figure out who makes it. I'm just curious how much value it has now. It also came with a Jolly Rogers arm patch which I don't know what happened to. What is the name of this thing? Its been bugging me for years.
Where can if find the oil-filled, hand held toy of the 70's that would change colors as you rubbed your finger across it?
Fighter jet
In the late 80s early 90s there were toy fighter jets that had a nalde that could detach from the back. they were maybe 12-14inches in total length with the detachable handle in the rear resembling a control stick of an actual fighter and containing the buttons that would produces the sounds. Please help
Figures - Cowboy/Western - 1970's-1980's
There was a set of large articulated western figures. I remember one was a caucasian with a beard, one was a mexican with a poncho and one was an african american with bald head. They had removable clothes, guns and horses.
Figurines, Gumby and Pokey
My Aunt has a set of Gumby and Pokey figurines. They are from 1" to 1 1/4" tall and have China on the back of them. The odd thing is that the colors of the characters are revesed. Gumby is the color of Pokey and Pokey is the color of Gumby. I have no idea of the age of these, only that she bought them at a yard sale several years ago. Was wondereing if you had ever heard of this and if you had any information.
Finding Bridget?
My daughter lost her favorite plush doll - she's now 4 (my daughter) but it was special to her. The name on the tag was Bridget but I don't know the brand - she was a baby with a onesie one and had no rattle, crinkle or anything in her. I have been looking at Gund or Carters but I don't see her. I have a picture but am not sure if there is a way to send it? Any help? Are there any common brands of plush baby dolls I can try (she was born in 2004, so the doll is a bit old but not TOO old!). Can you help me find Bridget? Thanks!
Fisher Price Security Blanket
I am looking for the Fisher Price pink rabbit security blanket. This product was form the late 70s and early 80s.
fisherprice 1964 music box
how much is a 1964 fisherprice music box worth. its it preatty good shape still plays,only missing the handle. it plays hey diddle diddle
Flip Wilson / Honey Doll
This doll w/ a pull string, is in the original box. It unforunately doesn't work. I would like to sell & need an idea of value. Thank You
four crawling bugs by animate toy
i cannot find anything on these tin friction driven bugs. one is a lady bug, mexican beetle, cucumber bug, and two potatoe bugs. they are in the original box. they appear to be old. can you help me? thank you, grace
Furry Worm/Catapiller
1960's, a furry wormlike toy, if you rub it it would look as though it was inching its way up.
Hi. I'm trying to find an old Flintstones gas station from the late 80's, maybe 1990. It has two levels with a ramp connecting the two floors, and a large gas pump. My best friend is 24 and it looks like she's about 5-6 in this picture. I would love to find this for her as her grandmother who is very ill purchased it for her as a birthday present. Thanks for all your help.
When I was younger I used to have a toy that I would like to find again to purchase but I don't know what it is called or where to find it. It was a hand boiler toy. It was shaped like an hour glass, no loops or curves; and had a basic face painted on the top. Inside it contained red liquid. When you held the toy in the palm of your hand the liquid would rise and boil to the top of the hour-glass. I have found other hand-boilers but nothing like this. Please help! Thank you!
Horse racing
my dad bought us a horse racing game in 70's oval shape track with felt green fabric floor the horses were diecast make sounds about 4ft lenght 3ft wide not sure if it was battery or electric do you have any idea?
I have 2 Beatrix Potter toys. They are on a stick that moves them up and down in a plastic container. These are from 1984.
What are these?
Identity of Black Vinyl or Rubber Walking Doll from 1960s Made in USA
I am trying to identify my doll that was given to me in the 1960s. It is a black vinyl or rubber 36" tall doll.Her light brown eyes close when laid down,her arms and legs articulate for her to walk. My Great Aunt who lived in the los angeles area during this time, gave her to me for Easter one year. She paid $25 for her. I was born in 1956 and when this doll was given to me I was the same height as the doll and was afraid of her. I also had never seen a pretty black doll like this. I lived in the Sacramento area. The doll has her original black rubber shoes that have 36T Made in the USA on the bottom of both heels. The top of the shoe is stamped with a bow and the strap has eyelet holes acroos the top edges. There are some very very faint markings on the back of her neck below the hairline. All I can make out is a 1 B 4 or is could be 18 4, 1 D 4. The other markings below have disappeared over the years. I have never taken off head head to look for markings beneath the necck line as some have suggested to me. I am afraid I wouldn't be able to get it back on . She has pinkish red lip stick, slightly blushed cheeks, more of a european shaped nose, top eyeslashes, but bottom eyelashes are drawn on, and very thin arched eyebrows. She had long curly black hair.
Imaginarium train table
How can I get replacement parts or instructions for this item?
Indy race car from the mid to late 60's
My Dad had an orange(4 D-cell)battery powered Indy car about 16" long. It had a tab on the side you tied a string to and when you pulled it, it would turn the car. I'm not having any luck finding one. Who made it and what was it called?
Infant baby doll with closed eyes from late 1970's early 1980's
I am searching for a doll I had as a child in either the mid 70's early 80;s. She had brunette hair, eyes that were painted shut and wore yellow pajamas that had a " butt flap" with velcro that opened to reveal her soft vinyl bottom, her face and hands were also this soft vinyl, however her body was plush. I loved this dolly and would love to find out her name or who made her so I can replace her. Bless you for your help! Take care- Heather
insect toys - 1980's
There were a set of toys in the mid-80s that were small plastic insects. I am 99
Jingle Pup and Snuggle Buddies
Please help me find "Jingle Pup"(Christmas of 1988) and "Snuggle Buddies"(1990 stuffed gray mouse w/slippers and was used as a pajama bag) I can't read the tag. And I can't find anyone that knows what I'm describing. The Jingle Pup was made by Commonwealth toys and sold in Caldors in Mass. But te Snuggle Buddies Mouse was sold in Mass. but I don't know what store or by what company. I would be extremely greatful if you could help me.
Jointed wooden Pinocchio
I found an old wooden body Pinocchio toy; with some kind of composite head, made by Ideal Toy Co. It seems to be really old with Des. by Walt Disney stamped on the front of the belly.
kaybee plush lion
My friend had a plush lion that she got at a KayBee store about 10 years ago and just recently lost it. I'm trying to track a look-a-like down for her. It's a light brown lion with a dark brown mane. It also appears to have a hunched back. I have looked everywhere on the net and no luck.. Any ideas?
i found a kidsway magic melody eletronic keyboard,but the legs are missind.does anyone know where i can get replacements?
Kids Drawing Pad
During the 1960s and 1970s, at least, I remember a plastic drawing pad that had a single sheet of translucent plastic covering a soft, black, plastic pad. A plastic writing implement would be used to write/draw on the top plastic sheet, and if that sheet was separated from the black pad, the writing/drawing would be erased. Do you recall that name of that drawing pad?
kung fu fighting toy
there was a toy in the 90's i believe that had a red ninja and a guy with some green hair. you would put them on a handle like thing and twist the handly like crazy. the toyd had a button on their chest and if that button was hit by the other toy, then the first toy would fly off the handle. can you tell me the name of this toy?
Lambie Pie
My son, now 28, had a stuffed toy called Lambie Pie. Unfortunately he went missing some years ago when we moved house and he's never forgotten him! Does anyone know where I can get hold of one please?
Large Plastic Dog
We have our hard plastic dog from the early l950's. He is light tan in color with the impression of curly hair in the plastic, about 12" long and 10" high. He has a very round head and a red rubber nose that squeeked. His ears are leather-type and large and floppy. His legs are jointed so that they move. I know the dog had a specific name and we cannot remember what it is. Does anyone remember this particular dog?
leapfrog little touch pad in baby blue color
hi. i'm being offered to buy a little touch pad in light baby blue color, is this the real thing? i mean, i usually see only dark blue or pink ones in toy stores. i don't know who else to ask...thanks.
Lincoln toy motor grader
Whats the best way to determine the value of my toy Lincoln motor grader?
Looking for Nala and Simba Hand Puppets
Around the late 1990's (when the The Lion King first came out, 1994 I think exactly), the Disney Store was selling, no smaller than 7inch, hand puppets of Nala and Simba. I have them already (I got mine from Macy's), but they have gotten old and raggged with time. I've been trying to find replacements, but with no luck. If you cannot recommend a store to me, can you recommend a doll doctor to restore them?
Louis Marx Fighting Bears Game
What is the name of this game? It is made of plastic, and I believe it was from the early 70's. There are two bears on a log holding sticks with a ball on the end, the object being to knock your opponent down. It has holes for pegs to keep score. I am wondering if someone might know the name of this game?
Lowly the Worm
I am looking for a stuffed animal of Lowly the Worm. Do you know where I can find one?
Makit - Bakit refill baking crystals
I am desperately looking for makit bakit refill baking crystals to buy in bulk I need to find 8oz.bags or larger in differant colors. I have been ordering through Guildcraft but they do not carry all of the colors I need. Are there any other scorces that you know of or do you know the company's that make the baking crystals? Thanks for any help you can give.
matchbox pegboard
hi i had a toy as a kid that was a plastic board with holes in it. on one side was a beach scene and on the other was a farm scene. it came with all sorts of scenery pieces and pegs and a little hammer and you would peg the pictures on to make scenes. it was made by matchbox in 1981 but i don't know what it was called. i still have the board pit the pieces are gone and i would love to find some replacements for my kids. please can you help?
Mattel 1972 Dareplane stunter - Parts & Pieces
I have parts to the Dareplane for sale. Go to:
McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
Dr. Toy do you know of anyone who buys toys dated from 1989-2003. I am looking for interested buyers at this time. Also, is there somewhere I can check out which ones of these toys are worth selling and which I should simply give away? Thanks!
Metal men that were tops, and battled
I used to have these toys when i was a kid. They sold all different men that were about an inch big they were tops and the bottom was metal but theird bodys were plastic, they came with a plastic spinner. You twist them in a spinner then hold them over the ring and click the button they spin out of the spinner and bang into each other. The first one to fly out of the ring or stop spinning lost.
Metal Vespa-type pedal car
I bought at auction a vintage mint green and blue vespa looking pedal car. It has the notations "wild bears" on the seat and body, as well as "my sweet companion" and "young, happy horse" is another sticker. Has a horn on the handle bar. It pedals on 3 tires. Thanks for any provenance you might have -- I could always email a picture! Susan
I have a Mickey Mouse squeak doll dated 1968 Zagreb, aquiered in Belgrade with blue dungarees with yellow spots and a yellow shirt and both hands in pockets, and was wondering if you had any information on it. Thanks in anticipation.
Mickey Mouse and friends carnival playset
I was wanting to know if you could tell me where to find a carnival playset like one I used to have when I was a child. I'd say mid to late 80's. The toy was a plastic carnival rides playset that included mickey mouse and friends (maybe minnie, pluto, donald duck...etc.) and they fit on these carnival rides. I don't remember what company made it, but was curious if there was one available anywhere. Thank you
Hi all! When i was younger i had a Mickey Mouse toddler doll with a plastic head, white gloves, soft body, red undershirt and blue overalls. I have a photo and a section of it is in there but my mother gave it away when i was little. I have done some research and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get one or someone who has one? I would be willing to pay to purchase one. Obviously, i cannot have the same one i had when i was younger but it would be nice to have a replacement one. It was a toddler toy and was given away in 1995 or 1996. Thanks.
In the early 1970s I had what appeared to be an original Micro Machine. It was made by ideal toy co. Hong Kong,1971. The interesting feature of this tiny car is that it came attached to a round base with a clear dome on top which doubled as a magnifier bubble. It is very detailed and appears to be made better than the later micro machines that became popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Do you recall what these tiny cars were called and the history of them. I believe Ideal later merged with Galoob (maker of the later micro machines) did they not? Thanks for your time.
mighty mouse toy phone
I am looking for a mighty mouse toy phone that I received around 1980. I am pretty sure it was made by mattel. Do you know where we can find this item? Thanks,Jaime.
military toy
My dad was in the military as a military police or guard 1952-1957. at some point he aquired a minature soldier that would go into a small box that was open in front as if he were on guard in his guard shack, which was white and the soldier was blue It was magnetic as you could take it out and rub it against the bottom and he wouldnt go in, then you rub more to get it to stay magnetically in. I havent seen one since I played with it when I was a child and I unfortunately lost it. Really want to find my dad another one. He was stationed in Maine much of the time. Thanks Connie
mini doll in toy tulip flower pot
My sister had a toy tulip flower pot when we were children. When you pressed a button, the tulip would open and inside was a little mini doll that lived in the tulip. I cannot remember the name of the toy, since she received it in the 80's. I would like to search ebay to see if they have it but I need a name in order to search for it. Would you possibly know what toy this was? I would appreciate your help. Thank you!
Mold and Paint
I need the instructions for how to mix the mold for the disney princess mold and paint your own picture frame.
monster - stretch - 1980's
What was the name of the toy green monster that you could stretch until it broke apart. Then supposibly you could put it back together..but it never worked. He came with a volcano of slime that you pumped up the tonge and it made a cage holding the Monster rise up out of the swamp. I believe all the monsters were different colors. They felt like a weird rubber. What is was the name of this toy? ...its driving me nuts
Mr. Wish Pillow bought at JC Penney 1959-1961
Do you have any information on this item. I had one and loved it. Somehow it was lost.
need help finding info about this toy from aprox. 1985 or so
hello,im searching for infos on this stuffed animal? shown in the picture below (follow link) all i know is that it was given to my sister in the 80's and that it is from the states (USA)... somehow i think to remember that it was a character in a cartoon we used to watch on AFN (Military TV Oversees) but not sure bout that hope to find some info here on this page.
Neon Alligator/Crocodile With Zipper Mouth
I am looking for a Neon Alligator/Crocodile With Zipper Mouth that I received about 1992. It had random Neon Coloring but the main color was Neon Green. I remember that when you opened the mouth of the toy with the Zipper its insides could be pulled out like it was Throwing up. I remember it being a Nylon Type Material. It was Stuffed, And If I am not mistaken (I was 11 years old then) It was about 2 feet long.
Nerf Fencing
I've found 1 set on ebay but I need another, any suggestions?
nurse doll
I am looking for a nurse doll holding a baby in each arm. She was dressed in a white uniform and hat and was probably about 24 inches: taller than a Barbie or Tammie and bigger. She came in a hanging plastic bag and was probably relatively inexpensive and from a TGandY or similar store. I would love to find one of these. My grandmother always sent my sister and me one when she sent a package to any of the other kids in our family. It would be so neat to find one to share today.
Old cheap looking Barbie and Ken look alikes made in Hong Kong, When?
I bought a look alike Barbie and Ken from an antique store. They look extremely cheap being very light plastic with heavy seams and plastic hair with Barbie's plastic pony tail jointed so that it can move around. I doubt and almost sure they are not Mattel but the bathing suits (Ken red with white stripe and her's is orange and white striped shorts like with head scarf to match. Made in Hong Kong, do you have any idea when these dolls might have been made and how were they sold or marketed. They look like they could be cheap 11 1/2" manequins for Barbie and Ken.
Old toy pull along train
I am try to find out when this was made. Small 18.5cm long x 7 cm wide x 11cm high made of some sort of plastic has 6 wheels the front ones are able to be moved around similar to a wooden trolley the bar that operates the front wheels is made of metal. No makers name but on the side of the train it says Lttle chu chu
Pee Wee Herman Doll
Does anyone have any info on the large (48" high) Pee Wee Herman doll made by "Carousel by Guy, a division of Animal Fair" in the late 1980s? Thank you.
peg board - for holding items
In the 60's, I had a pink elephant shaped peg board with S hooks that held itmes. I've tried ebaying and googling the information and just come up with displays or board games. Thank you in advance for your help. terri
Pillow People
Back in the 90's there was a Pillow People collection,I really need the Punky Pillow character.Where can I find it/him???
Pillow/Stuffed Animal
I am trying to recall the name/find pictures of my favorite toy as a child. This would have been between 1988-1991. I had two of these, a bear and a tiger, as I recall. They were large, semi-flat stuffed animals that could be used as body pillows for toddlers. I recall them having velcro-shut battery packs on their backs. I think perhaps small spots on their faces lit up when you pressed their noses. Any ideas?
Plastic bear made by applause
I found a toy bear cleaning out my garage today. it has a microphone and two slots on the top and bottom it also has a peg leg and a hat
Plastic cow with rubber udder and movable head and tail
While yard saling we found a plastic cow that has a rubber udder and movable head and tail. It has a bladder that we thing at one point in time held milk. There are no markings on it but we cannot find anything about it. Do you have any idea who made it?
plastic duck call
i am looking to purchase a large number of cheap pastic duck calls/horns that I can resell at a riverside duckie race in our town this summer. any suggestions on where i can find a quack quacker, horn - or duckie call? thanks - hope you can help. kind regards.
plastic jointed animals
when I was young sometime in the late 60's early 70's I would buy small soft plastic animals that were jointed. We also had some larger ones of a lion, carnival horse, camel and ostrich. Do you know what I am talking about and who made/makes them. I loved them so much and would like to be able to find them again for my children. Can you email me at my email addy that I listed for you above?
Plastic Plane
I have a plastic ariplane that is blue with a yellow cokpit. It also has a blue handle underneath with a yellow trigger, that when pressed opens the cokpit. Do you have any idea what this toy is?
plastic truck
I have a plastic fuel delivery truck. It is 4 1/2 inches long and red in color. It is marked Slik Toy, Lansing Co. 9705. Is it rare/valuable? Most of the Slik Toys I've seen are metal.
Play Laboratory from the mid 90's
When I was a kid we had received a game (probably mid 90's) of a fake Laboratory or chemistry set. We dont know the name of it but you could pour potions and stuff and drink them. They would fizz up and it was pretty neat. I was wanting to find it on the web to try and get the vintage game but I cant seem to find the name of it. It was Dr. somethings Laboratory or something like that. If there is any one that knows the answer to this please email me I need some help I just cant go forever and not know the name of it. Everytime I search for play Chem sets or something like that it comes up with Monster Lab and thats not what it was. You didnt make monsters, but you made potions. I need help!
playhouse - powder puff sweetheart - 1981
I have been searching for this toy everywhere-to no avail! I finally found the name of it. Was a heart shaped pink miniature house that you could carry along. Had rooms inside and an elevator. Fully furnished with a small car and playground set. I`m trying to find out what company made it.
Playmobil castle set #3666
Hi,I lost the assembly instructions for the Playmobil castle #3666. How can I get a copy of the manual? Thank you, Dave.
PLAYSKOOL Ride On (GIRAFFE?) Wood Toy 1966
is it an antique of any collector value? an be walked behind or rode on.
I have an old Playskool wooden train that has no wheels-the 4 cars are different colors and hook together with a wood connector. PLASKOOL is painted in yellow letters on the engine. Please help me identify? THANKS
Plush - Frog - Sears - 1960's
Hello, and thanks to you for the help you give to people seeking important parts of their childhoods. My name is Chris, and I am seeking a plush toy frog called "Croaker" that was featured in the Sears wish book (or, much less likely), JC Penny's catalog circa 1965. I have done my best to locate this important piece of my childhood, without success. If you have access to the Sears catalogs of that era, and/or can provide any information about the catalog year, page number, manufacturer or a photo or illustration, I would greatly and sincerely appreciate it. Thank you again. Sincerely, Chris
Plush - Homer Simpson - 4ft / 48" tall
Hello! I have been going craaazy looking for a 4ft tall homer simpson plush for my boyfriend. He has aaalways wanted one of those, but they are really hard to fin were I live. I live in Panama and they dont sell that size here. I have been searching the web so that I could buy it online and I havent been very succesful. I finally found one on ebay, and I was so excited! But it turns out that although I have an adress in Miami, they wont accept an international credit card number. To make a long story a little less long, I am desperate for any help u may give me. Thanks so much for your time!
Plush Animals - Injured - 1980's-1990's
I'm trying to find or find out the name of a Stuffed Animal toy from either the late 80's or the early 90's. There was a dog, cat and I think a rabbit. They came with a vet kit and a cast on their arm and places you could put bandaids on them among other things. I don't know what they were called maybe vet pets or hospital pets I'm not sure if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
Plush Dog
My 2 year old son has a dandee dog called Sam which he loves dearly. This dog was part of the puppy precious collection. I am trying to find another new one to put away for later years. I have searched unsucessfully and was wondering if you could help me? Regards, Lynda
plush puppy w/light up eyes
I am looking for a stuffed puppy that my daughter had in the early 90'S. I believe it was called puppy peepers. I can not find anything about it anywhere on the web. She is gradulating this month, and I would like to find one for her, as a gift.
Pluto/Goofy - Action Dog - 1950s
I am trying to identify and find a childhood toy from the early 50's. It was a pluto/goofy looking dog that had spring loaded front legs. It has a feeding bowl with a suction bottom and "tacky" food. You put the dogs face in the bowl and waited anxiously for it to release. Once it released the dog would flip in the air due to the spring. The anticipation was similar to a jack in the box. This was purchased at a airport gift shop in Cleveland. Seemed to be a simple toy that I enjoyed as a child. Would appreciate any help in identifying it/determing where I might find one.
preschool toy
I am trying to remember the name of a car that I son had you sit the baby behind the toy and they played like they were driving, if you or anyone can help I would appreciate it it was around 1981-1984 it was blue and it had real sounds like a car.
I've had this puffalump since I was a young girl and cannot seem to find the name or type of animal it is. She is pastel pink with brown eyes, she has a pink flower on her ear with a green flower on it. Her ears are round, simular to the bear ears but does not have a large snout as most puffalumps do. She has a round stitched on nose and a small smile, both stitched in pink. She is wearing a pink dress with a laced collar and there is a bow pattern on the dress. she has white on the bottom of her hind paws but not the hands. I've been lookin for another one like it, and cannot find one anywhere. Can you help?
Pull string musical toy
Hello, where could I get a replacement part for the pull string musical box in my daughters musical stuffed toy?
Pull toy - 1960's Watermelon, plastic, moving eyes and "wings"
Have you any knowledge of such a toy?
puppy patter pillow
I'm looking for the mattel puppy patter pillow from the 1960's. How can I find a working one??
push toy
I'm looking for a toy ice cream truck that can be pushed, opens up and has toy ice cream products to pretend to sell. I remember seeing one as a kid late 70's, early 80's
Puzzle- interlocking colorful flower shaped discs with slots
Do you know what these were called? We played with this set of interlocking primary color flower shaped discs that had slots on 4 sides in the 1975-1980 time frame. You could build things out of these sets of interlocking pieces. I remember they were in a drawstring bag. It wasn't a big set. Maybe 30 pieces. Nicole
rainbow bright and annie
i have a reinbow bright doll(i believe to be a 1983) and a 3in hard annie doll wearing a red and white dress(not sure of the year) how much are they worth?
Reading Mansion - Great Wave Software
Is this software still available -- specifically Reading Mansion?
I have been told that toy balloons were sold in the early 1900's by the dozen in the Montgomery Ward catalog and were described as red balloons with trumpet ends. I suspect they were manufactured in Belgium and wonder if they were the balloons used by early balloon entertainers such as Wally Boag? I'm a balloon artist and after 20 years am very interested in duplicating for nostalgia sake the early designs. Thanks, Nancy a/k/a
Ride on toy - 1980s
I had a toy when i was a kid late 80's you sat on a big seat and the handle bars moved back and forth to make you go. i would love to find one for my kids. thanks for any help anyone can give me.
I have a Today's Kids Ride-On Rocking Horse. I'm looking for some replacement rubber straps because the ones on the toy now are worn-out creating a safety hazzard. Do you know where I can find these? I've found them on ebay, but they always sell for more than $50 and that seems a little excessive to me. Thanks!
ride on toy from 1960's
my sister had a go-cart that had two handles that were vertical to the cart that you moved back and forth to make it go and you steered it with your feet. do your know where i can get one or what it was called?
I bought a ride on spring operated horse. The bottom portion is metal and the horse itself is made of a rubber substance. When i bought it the person i bought it from said he played with it when he was a child in the 1940s how much would it be worth?
Ride on Toy Tractor with pedals
1948 McCormick Farmall toy tractor, used, is this worth anything?
ride on toy
I had a round ride on toy in the early to mid 1970s it had a yellow round base with a swivel wheel underneath and 2 really big wheels (red) on the side that had a handle to hold. It was powered by your arms and you could do them independently so you could either go straight, curve or go in circles. It was the best toy I ever had and I want to find out the name and if anyone still makes it so I can get it for my kids. Do you know the name of it or what company made it? Thanks! Lisa
ride on toy
I have a ride on toy that I got at a yard sale.. My guess is that it is from the fifties. It has an elongated seat, raised handle bars and two peddals. The seat is labeled Oakland Engineering, Inc. Billy Boy. I would appreciate any information you can give me about it. It is all metal except for the rubber on the pedals. Thank you.
Ride On Toy
I purchased a "Buddy L" ride on toy by Good Year. It say "Survival Patrol 4 X 4" on the side of it. I would like to purchase a battery but don't know the size. Could you help me? I can't fine any information on this.Thank you for your help.
trying to find somebody that can fix a KidzTrax Ride On Fire Engine. Battery is fully charged but it sounds like there may be a short somewhere. Located in Mass. but willing to travel. THANKS!
I have a rocket man that is stamped disney on his foot with movable arms all msdr of rubber the problem is it has the hands are the same for left and right is this the way the come.Thanks
rockstar games
what is rockstar games email?
Who was the maker of the light up memory game Simon? And is it still being sold anywhere?
Skippy Trading Cards
I have some Skippy cards, they have Skippy and a friend with a saying and then a Title or something at the bottom, neither one matches, they are numbered and have a designed back.
small Winnie the Pooh disc player
I purchased a small toy in 1968 that was about 3"x6" and played little Winnie the Pooh colored discs. What was the toy and can I still find it?
snoopy doll w/suitcase, clothes, chair, etc.
the suitcase says 1965 on and the clothes say 1958. All in great condition, what is this worth?
Soapy Poodle
During the late 80's or early 90s i had this toy that i remember being a poodle. It was some form of a dog, but i distinctly remember a poodle. You would bring it into the tub and i remember it's poodle fuzz looked like soap suds and if you squeezed it more soap would come out.
soft plush animals
I am seeking information and am interested in purchasing a soft stuffed animal called a lambydoodle or moosydoodle. They came in two sizes, and were handmade. Purchased originally at a toy store in Martha's Vineyard about 20 years ago, I have the large lamb. Has anyone heard of them? Lamb/or moose faced, with short, stout body, long arms and legs. Have also looked on ebay. Has any one heard of these cuddlsome creatures?
software for toy company
We are a new toy company preparing for a reintroduction of a very successful toy. Do you know if there are any recommended software programs out there for toy companies that allow for flow charts, product development, product information, etc., that are toy company specific? I really appreciate your assistance.
Space Figit
I am looking for a space figit to purchase. Can I still find these anywhere? Miles Kimball, no longer sells them.
I've been looking for a set of bendable figures from probably the very, very early 1970s. They featured a bendable figure from each of the 9 planets. Mars had a little green man with a bulbous head and two antennae. Venus guy had wings. Pluto guy had an orange dome in his chest. Jupiter guy was big, thick, and scaley. Neptune guy was, I think, water-based. You get the idea. I remember them very vividly and have never been able to find them. Any idea what I'm talking about, what they're called, and whether they still exist somewhere? I'd love to find them and, if nothing else, see photos of them. Thanks very much. Jim
Sparkle Spirograph
Does anyone know how much a 1992 sparkle spirograph cost?
spring horse
where can i order new mane & tail hair
spring horses
my hedstrom spring has no mane or tail can you tell me where I can get replacement parts
squeeze toy
I love my 7 3/4" standing black rabbit squeeze toy that is marked on bottom; The National Pairpoint Co. Can you please tell me of it's history and worth? Thank you!
stained glass kit
im trying to figure out the name of a toy that i had in the late 80's-early 90's it was a kit where you could make your own stained glass. it came with an oven that you bake it in after sorting the pieces of colored glass where you want them.
steiff dog 1985
i have a steiff dog, ive had it since 1985, im looking for information and a valuation
string trolly toy
mid 1980's a toy that glides on a string attached to a fixed object at one end and the operator pulls and adjust other end to make trolley glide back and forth Object was to use hook on bottom of trolley to catch balls fashioned to be catchable, balls were placed on floor or ground. I thought it was called the string thing but that name is being used for a new electric toy. Thanks Gene
Stuff animal
i had gotten a stuff animal in 1989, 1990 or 1991 and i wanted to try to find it again but can't remember the name of the animal or who made it. It was either a dog or a rabbit that was small to medium size soft but no fur on it i think it was plush. It had a pink body long ears that were yellow I think was pink or puple in side of them,purple arms and purple feet with no tail on it.His mouth was round and puffy like and was yellow i remember it could go in to the water there was a bunch of others made but different colors
stuff purple Dog
I got an stuff dog i think it was in 1990 or 1991 and i can't remember what it was called i would love to find out so i could get another one like it. It had a pink body, yellow ears with pink inside and purple arms that was flat with no cotton in them and purple feet that did have cotton in them. He was plush i think and could go in to the water he also had a yellow month that was kind of round it also had cotton in it too. No tail.
Stuffed Animal
Around 1962 I got a stuffed wolf with a rubber or plastic face. It was redish in color and was standing about 1 1/2 feet tall. Do you know who made it and what it's name might have been?
stuffed animal
I'm looking for a giraffe we bought at hallmark almot 3 years ago it's yellow with blue spots,feet and mane green inside the ears and green top horns. I want a new one for sentimental reasons later, our son has had it since he was 4 weeks old and she is getting wore out
Stuffed Monkey with Boxing Gloves
My husband is looking to buy his mother the stuffed monkey she had when she was little. I'm guessing it was made some time between 1965 and 1975. It was a stuffed monkey wearing boxing gloves. One glove said "sock it" the other one said "to me." We would LOVE to buy this for her for her birthday, as it was her favorite toy as a little girl. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
stuffed rabbits
I am interested in identifying/pricing two stuffed (with straw) rabbits that were my mother's when she was a child in the 1930's. I believe they are Peter Rabbit and his mother. "Peter" is 12 in. tall with white fur, lop ears lined with pink plush material; he is wearing a short blue felt jacket (white flower on lapel), a white shirt and yellow felt pants with black cloth shoes. Mother is about 22 in. tall, same material as Peter but with upstanding ears, a long flowered dress and long white pantaloons, with pink cloth shoes. Both rabbits' eyes are red pupils set in clear plastic.
Stuffed Toy (potatoe shape)
I cant remember the name of my fav child hood stuffed animal. I had him between 1984 and 1990's. He was potatoe shaped with blue overalls on orange sneakers , had a pocket on his overals button like eyes and yarn for hair. Do you know the stuffed animal i am talking about?
stuffed toy elefant
found a old animals of destintion by knickerbocker toy company, with a thorns switzherland music wind up, what year and is it worth any value? appreciate any information.
I used to have this super man doll when I was younger it had velcro on his hand and feet and a peice on his belt I was wondering where if i can still buy one and what year was it made?
Surprise Toy Packs - 1980s
I am trying to find out the name of an item from the 1980s. It is a bag of packs of surprise/mystery toys. There were little trinkets and toys inside. My friends and I would purchase some at the store and open the packets and play with the contents, share and divide the toys and trinkets. I have searched on ebay and online but can't find them anywhere.
suzy homemaker young girl oven ,washing machine ,ironing board and iron
i have checked just about everysite I can think of so I am hopeing you can help. it was out in the late 1960's or early 1970's Iwould like to know the name of the company that made the and what site Icould go into to see them again.
talking box
A electronic box from the 80s, a voice in a box that vibrated and said excuse me, can someone let me out of here
Talking Bunny made at Easter time by Trendsetters
I am looking everywhere for this bunny made in 1999, I only pull it out at Easter UNTIl my new grandson has fallen in love with it. It is a very simply shaggy type bunny with felt feet I have a turquoise color one. When you press his tummy he has sayings "Easter" "Jellybeans" "bunny". I am looking anywhere to find another one if not more of this item. Thanks for your help!!
Tea Bunnies
When were tea bunnies made and by who.
The Playmates Star Trek Classic Phaser#1618
I am looking for that particular phaser to upgrade to a working optical laser prop,this model will have several phillips head bolts on the left side of the unit so that it can be disasembled for modification if available please call @ 415-378-2022 or email thx.
thumbsucking monkey
I'm looking for a plush toy from my past. It was black and white monkey (maybe a gorilla) that could either suck it's thumb or "eat" a banana from the other hand. Any ideas? Thanks.
Thumb-sucking panda bean bag
I have tried lots of so-called experts and no-one seems to know anything about a toy dating from the early 80's, perhaps the late 70's. It is a bean bag, small panda perhaps 6 inches tall and it has a hard plastic face and an open mouth and you can stick its hard plastic thumbs into its mouth, one at a time. I think the toes were plastic as well. Do you know of any toy like this? Many many thanks for any help you can offer me. Glenn Ford
Tinker Toys
Where can I find the extra large, plastic tinker toys. Ex. one of the connecting pieces was around 3ft. long. and the connecting peices were grey. My kids used to make forts out of them in the 80's.
Today's Kids Zebra ride on toy
I bought a Today's Kids zebra ride on toy at a garage sale and would like to find out where to order replacement parts. The phone number on the toy itself isn't accurate. Do you know if they are still in business? Thanks, Cindy
toddler tape player (sesame street)
I had a sesame tape player for my toddler in 1994. It had the tape controls "locked" so only adults could set it. The toddler only had to press a green button to turn on the music or pink button to turn it off. When the cassette was over (or if no cassette had been inserted) it played "Sunny Days" or "People in Your Neighborhood". Which company made it? Are there still any toddler friendly tape players being sold today?
I have a yellow tonka toy chest from the early 80's. I can't find it anywhere online, do you know what this would be worth? I saw a similar question on your 2007 FEB listing about a tonka toy chest. Seems pretty rare.
Tootsie the Talking Tooth
Could you please tell me where I can purchase a "Tootsie the Talking Tooth" toy that gives 6 different dental hygiene tips for kids?
Tops - wind up/rev up spinner tops
I am trying to find out the name, or the maker of the spinner top toys we had as kids in the 1980s. They had a round top, and then you revved it up to spin. I think they also had a connector piece so you could stack them on top of each other. Thank you in advance for your help.
Toy - Hologram
I am looking for a 1985-1988 toy that had a holgram of fire on its chest.
toy - musical snail
I am looking for a toy that I got as a birthday present around 1972 or early 1970's. It was a lime-green hard plastic snail with a circular, upright shell. The head portion pulled away from the body, with a long yellow strip of pliable plastic printed like a measuring tape connecting them. The head portion remained stable while the body portion rolled forward, slowly winding the yellow measuring tape inside of it until the two sections met again. As it moved, it played music (I don't remember what), while the rainbow-colored sides of the shell turned inside a clear plastic cover. Any idea who made it or what it was called? I have looked on e-bay and haven't seen any sign of it. I have it in pictures of my birthday in the early 70's.
Toy car 1960's
Im looking for a model car from the 60's, if I recall it is blue, the back lifts to open and the passengers are a man in a tuxedo and a woman in a dress. 1:24 scale. I dont recall who made it.
toy car
a toy car from the 80's called flex, when going over rough ground the tires would expand. it was battery powered
Toy Cars
How do you get the marks off the painted walls from toy cars being rolled down the walls?
toy chest - pink hippo - 1970's
I was given a pink hippo toy chest for my 1st birthday in 1973. It stood approximately 3' tall & was approximately 4' in diameter. My niece is turning 1 years old & I would love to find the same toy chest for her. Any information would be helpful. The chest was purchased in the New York area.
toy commercial - 1970s
did a commercial for a toy in the early 70's, you pulled strings on both sides and a disc spun in the middle and lit up. i thought it was called astro lite, but i cant find it!
Toy gorilla
This toy would have been made in the late 70s or very early 80s. It was a plastic toy gorilla around 8 inched tall with a dial on its back that moved its arms. It came with a catapult of sorts that shot a net to "capture" the gorilla. I can't remember what this thing was called or who made it and have spent a lot of time searching on the Interet for it to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
toy truck
I had a black and tan bronco with a male driver in the 70s the wheels came off the vehicle by twisting a center piece. The man looked like an explorer. I think the vehicle also had gas cans that were detachable. I lost it in a fire and miss it to this day. The man i think was dressed in tan clothes but he was made from hard plastic.
Toy truck
I'm looking for a toy truck/cb radio from the tv series SWAT? It was a blue toy truck which contained a working CB radio inside. Thanks in advance for your help with this search. - Louis
Toy truck
My Mom found an old toy truck at a yardsale and i was wondering if you can help me get any info on it how much it is worth it said on in Mars Toys from New York and i am not really sure on the year you can tell it its really on its made on metal and the colors are a little faded if you can help me it would be great thanks Kirstie
toy wagon circa 1950
found a "mercury" wagon in the 70's. Can't find any info re value/manufacturer etc. Can you please provide history/info?
toy wagon parts
I want to make toy wagon's, where can i buy parts.
Toy-Fur strip that was a fad from the 1960's. Came in different colors.
Please can you help us? There was a "toy" we had that often was worn on the shoulder. When you stroked it it would move. It was approximately 8 to 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. There was suede on the underneath and fluffy 'real' fur on the top with a set of google eyes. If my memory serves me -- I think they were called Moon Doggies.
toys in the future
what do you think toys would be like in the future?
Travel Activity Game?
A few months ago I saw the ladies on the view touting their favorite picks for toys... Whoopie Goldberg showed a toy that was like a finding game - a tube filled with objects and a filler material. The tube would tell the child what to look for and then the child rotates it and looks until he/she finds said object. Have you any idea where I can get one or what it is???
truck - marx - 1950s
1950's Marx Coca Cola Plastic Toy Truck with crates of coke with solid black wheels.How much is it worth? I have pictures I can send to you. Thanks!
truck-dan the van
Where can I find the old toy truck, dan the van?
Tykes A Division of Carter's blue puppy
In 2003 I rec'd a bath gift set for my son. Included was a hoodie towel with a puppy, puppy puppet wash cloth, other wash cloths and the most important was a small (6 inches long) blue puppy with TYKES a division of carter's RASHTI & RASHTI on the tag. He has nearly worn this dog away & we need to replace it! I have searched the internet for months with no results! Any help would be appreciated!!!
unkown action figure
i am trying to find a figure from the late 80s maybe early 90s. it was made from a mold similar to that of the marvel secret wars collection. i found info on it a while ago, but have since lost it. this particular figure was a generic toy, that had a set of four figures. all were different colors and came with motorcycles. the one i remember as a child was predominantly red and white with three black marks on his chest in a triangular position. if you can help me find info on this it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
I have an 11" Karen Kain ballerina doll, still in (crumpled) box. ANY INFORMATION WOULD BE APPRECIATED
I'm thinking of the name of the toy way back in the early 1990's that consisted of a vehicle (like a car or a helicopter), a black credit-card like mount, and a ripcord. The black credit-card like part could contain the vehicle (it was thick), and the ripcord. To play with it, one would remove the vehicle (from the front), mount it at the back, then pull on the ripcord to make the vehicle move.Please please please, what was the name of this toy again?
My father, born in 1942, received a stuffed bulldog as a small child. He kept it for years but it was burned in our house fire many years ago. It had a dark brown floppy body with a brown vinyl/rubber molded face (with the typical bulldog snear). it had a bell sewn inside one ear. it would mean so much to me and my father to find one of these or at least find out some information. thank you for any help! tina
Vintage toy soldiers with M.I. marking
I have some toy soldiers with the marking of M.I. 1986 and them and D with a number. What can you tell me about this collection?
wagon - 1970's - yellow
I'm looking to find a sticker for my daughters little yellow wagon says JUNIOR X7 Thanks
i have a wagon that i would like some info on its green,has white removable sides,back brakes,plastic hubcaps,and ss kobra on the nose. thank you
Wake Me Willy alary clock
My little sister had a Wake Me Willy alarm clock several years ago when she was a kid. It was so "her" that it came to represent her personality in our family. We lost my sister to a car accident a couple years ago at age 19 and I would give anything to have one of the Wake Me Willy alarm clocks to bring some good memories and smiles to my family. Do you know where I can get one? Thanks!
Walking Dog on a Stiff Leash
I used to see these at State Fairs, circa '60's and '70's. Its a little cardboard (?) dog with moveable legs, and when you push it ahead of you with the stiff leash, he appears to walk. Would love to find one or several for a special event!
whirly bird
in the 70's there was a sit and spin ride that 4 people sat on and pumped the handle back and forth, and it spun around, where can i get or find one
Whittle Toy
Do you know a vintage toy where you had to whittle away at the toy to get the toy inside? My friend wanted it for Christmas as a kid and never did get it. Please help me find the name of this toy and maybe I can surprise her with it!
Willy Water Bug
I am trying to find a Willy Water bug sprinkler that i used to play with in the 80's? I am having trouble finding one in stores or online?
windup toy carousel
approx 1955 Yellow/pink large plastic beads, created the animals and "poles"Is it still in existence somewhere Thank you
Yellow Plastic Doll House
Hi Dr. Toy, When I was a child I received a doll house as a gift. It was in the later part of the 1980's. It was yellow and plastic, wasn't very big and the back folded down to reveal the inside of the house. It came with furniture in every room and I absolutely loved it. I also saw it as a pink houe and on the television show Full House. I was wondering if I could still get one somewhere. Now that I am older and married I would like to find one for my children. Thank you, Krista
zorr styrofoam flying eagle from 1970s
in the 1970s i had a styrofoam eagle figure that could be flown such as a kite where can i get one today?
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