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ThinkFun / Rush Hour®

Rush Hour®

Age Range
Board Game
Educational Skills Product

This is a skill building game that will challenge your child at quick thinking and sequential reasoning. There are forty challenge cards and four levels of play: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. There is only one exit. You must shift the blocking cars and trucks out of your way until the path is cleared to make good your escape. Once you begin to play, you cannot pick up a blocking car or truck. Only sliding is allowed. Start with beginner challenges and move up from there. If you find yourself stuck, you can dump the pieces out of the frame and start over. The vehicles fit in place along grooves. Raised squares restrict vehicle movement to forwards and backwards only. The color-coded card illustrations make game set-up a snap. This unique game comes complete with trucks, cars, playing board, cards, instructions and a practical travel bag.

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