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Bendable Plastic / Wiggle Wonder

Wiggle Wonder

Age Range
Arts & Crafts
Creative Product
Educational Skills Product

This is a shape memory interactive toy that your child will enjoy. It is based on new technology that allows the toy to change from a 3D shape back into a 2D shape when warmed. Each figure is made from a bendable plastic that allow your child to pose it into position. The toy holds its shape until exposed to warmth of warm water or the warmth of sunlight on an 85-degree day on a sidewalk. These creative little toys come in the figures of bees, beetles, butterflies, flowers, people, shapes, spiders, and strips. Clear traceable sheets are also available for your child to make their own shapes. This is a great way for your child to engage in creative playtime with their friends or by themselves. The figures can also be ironed or glued on to paper, plastic or clothing, allowing a pop-up effect.

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