School-Rite / Manuscript Uppercase Handwriting Instruction Guide

Manuscript Uppercase Handwriting Instruction Guide

Age Range
Educational Skills Product

A practical and useful learning tool designed for beginning handwriting development. The one-inch letters are on an 8 1/2" x 11" template. Ruled lines illustrate correct letter proportion, spacing ad placement. A sample word is included, showing how letters can be combined to make words. Children will develop confidence while practicing forming the contour of each letter so that they feel the shape of the letter. The left-to-right sequence builds perceptual skills for reading readiness further enhancing literacy development. Molded of pliable plastic, these guides will assist with coordinating hand and eye movement, allowing for proper pencil slant and forcing the hand to lift where normal lift occurs in the handwriting sequence. It includes sample letters for identification, numbered stroke sequence and arrows showing proper brush stroke direction. This is a great product for children with special needs.

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