Fiesta Friends / Mommy Teach Me Spanish! "Que Duermas Bien - Sweet Dreams"

Mommy Teach Me Spanish! "Que Duermas Bien - Sweet Dreams"

Age Range
Educational Skills Product
Video Tape

This is a skill-building video that will introduce your child to the Spanish language. Sweet Dream is the second volume in a series of videos that are designed for those whose first language is English. Translation is provided. The children in the video represent the wide array of ethnic backgrounds in our country. Parents and educators will find this video to be an excellent way to give children a basic first introduction to Spanish with easy to relate to vocabulary that ties into every day life. It centers on the home and daily routines of babies and children through age nine. Children will benefit from this video as it helps to stimulate cognitive abilities and math skills. Meet Fuerte the adorable Chihuahua and his amigo Fuego- a chili pepper. Sing along to popular nursery rhymes and count numbers from one to twenty, items in the bedroom, toys and bedtime phrases, simple commands and more. A Jazz composer wrote the theme music and The University of Wisconsin Jazz Band performs the closing theme.

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