Gamewright / Match of the Penguins™

Match of the Penguins™

Age Range
Card Game

This is a creative card game that your child will enjoy. It is full of colorful confusion that will help young learners gain important skills. Turn over the cards to try to find a pair of penguins with common features. Be the first to shout out a match and collect all the cards. Watch out for multiple matches and sneaky double fish. And if you spot two identical penguins, run- don't waddle- to grab a penguin before they disappear! The player with the most cards wins the game. This fast-playing card game for two to six players has a playing time of about fifteen minutes. Children will engage in a fast-flipping good time that will help them to gain confidence, develop eye-hand coordination, memory skills and foster communication. It comes complete with sixty-four cards, three wood penguin pawns and rules of play.

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