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Parenting Press / What About Me? Twelve Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention

What About Me? Twelve Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention

Age Range
Socially Responsible

This is a delightful book that will help teach your child cooperation, social-emotional competence and early ready skills. It is a gentle story about a little boy who feels ignored but learns that being helpful and kind rewards him with loving attention from his parents. Children need to learn how to identify their feelings and find ways to cope. This story will give options for dealing with feelings of jealousy, being left out and sharing. It will teach your child appropriate ways to ask for attention. This book will help your child to feel capable because it offers choices rather than rules. The story was inspired by author Eileen Kennedy-Moore's own family, with four children born within eight years, and illustrator Mits Katayama's memories of his three children.

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