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My Two Homes

Age Range
3 - 12
Arts & Crafts - Active Toy - Book - Creative Product - Socially Responsible

My Two Homes addresses divorce in a way that is "comprehensive, readable, opens door and minds, offers guidance without preaching, and one can find understanding on every page." Helps to comfort children and informs parents about navigating the reality of two different addresses. It can be read by a child or adult alone, or by family members together. Includes an empowering three-ring "home-to-home" binder for parents and child to assemble in stages, with room for contact information, calendar and schedules, permission forms & school papers, and other ways to organize the details of a child's newly complex schedule. Stories come from parents and children who are experiencing divorce, teachers, a psychiatrist, and other family members. Classic and contemporary poetry, ands-on activities, and ideas for encouraging family communication fill the pages of this sensitively-designed 48-page book.


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