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What makes a good toy for your child? Find out what your child really wants by encouraging his "Wish List." You know the really hot toy may not be so hot the next day. Then what? I suggest some products that have staying power and something extra. Over the year I have reviewed thousands of products and observed thousands of children at play. I use this experience to select the "100 Best Children's Products" to help you to make your gift selections. Here are some of the "Best Toys" for this year.

Discovery Toys

Explorer Express

2-5 yrs.
A soft, colorful playset with ten different pieces. The two to five year old can create their own activities while developing language and motor skills.


Follow the Lights Keyboard

18 mos. - 5 yrs.
A colorful, easy to use large keyboard to help teach music. This keyboard will grow with the child as will their love of music.


Sesame Street Wooden Railway

3 - 6 yrs.
A complete wooden layout plus some of the favorite characters of the ever popular show will provide long lasting dramatic play.


Puzzle Truck

2 - 8 yrs.

A bright wooden puzzle of basic shapes within the truck are a great value for .

Hands On Toys

Toobers & Zots

3-7 yrs.
Bright colored foam tubes bend with the child's imagination for young builders.


LapTop Smarts

6-10 yrs.
Educational value and many activities for 6 to 10 including math, reading and puzzles.

Today's Kids

Action Strike Bowling

3-6 yrs.
A great way to get exercise and improve coordination for a group of children.

Wild Planet


5 - 10 yrs.
Your young naturalist will enjoy using this combination telescope and microscope to closely examine the great outdoors.


Baby So Beautiful

3-8 yrs.
A great value of a doll that will provide children a chance to nurture and express a lot of affection.

Crescent Cardboard Co.

Sand Expressions

5 - 12 yrs.
Children can learn to express themselves by making something of lasting use like the map of the USA that can be framed.

These are great gifts not only for the holidays, but will give your child the extra benefit year-round of having new gifts that encourage active, educational and creative activities. For specifics on the entire "100 Best Children's Products" please refer to "Dr. Toy's Guide" on the Internet (http://www.drtoy/com/).

Let's play!

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