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Catavia Kids / Black Box CD-ROM

Black Box CD-ROM

Age Range:
6 - 12
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Travel Item
Learning Skills:
Cognitive Stimulation

This is an educational computer program that will help teach your child about various aspects of aviation. It depicts the adventures of the Catavia Kids (four boys and girls) at Aviation Summer Kamp. This program covers aerodynamics, piloting, airplane physics and procedures, the components of planes and engines, different airplane types, air traffic school and the significance of different weather conditions. The program also teaches travel skills such as how to navigate an airport, how to read signs and screens, how and what to pack and what to expect when they fly. Engage in fun puzzles, songs, games and stories with the Catavia Kids. Your child's imagination and curiosity will unfold with this unique program that needs no installation. Black Box can run on Mac or PC and comes in English and Spanish.

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