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Developing Hearts Systems / Bonding with Baby® Books

Bonding with Baby® Books

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1 - 12 mos
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Bonding with Baby® is a series of four books that are developmentally geared for the first twelve months of life. These innovative little board books are designed to foster the full development infants need most. Created by child development experts, these books are actively shared between parent and infant to build strong bonds and the social and emotional foundation for school success. The pages are designed without words but with beautiful point and share pictures that will captivate your baby's interest. Each board book is safe and durable, easy for little hands to grasp and sized just right for a diaper bag. The books come with a "Parent's Guide to Book Sharing for a Happy Baby." All proceeds from the sale of these books go directly to supplying the books free to disadvantaged children. Visit to learn more about this unique product.

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