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Joy Stories / Samantha & Starlight

Samantha & Starlight

Age Range:
4 - 9
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Joy Stories™ is a series of metaphorical bedtime stories and positive messages designed to raise self-esteem in children. Each story features a central animal character that also comes as a soft finger puppet for extra value. Soothing background music contains powerful messages to strengthen confidence building and problem solving. These stories are effective in audio format because the absence of visual material will encourages your child to participate by using their imagination. Bedtime is a great time for Joy Stories™ as it can help your child to reflect and focus their minds on positive thoughts. Samantha and Starlight is the story of a young girl who develops a friendship with a chocolate-brown newborn colt. Samantha's determination and patience with herself and her new friend enables her to achieve her goals. Your child will delight in Samantha and Starlight as they also learn factual information about horses.

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