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TekToy - Swing Set & Technology Explorer

Age Range:
6 - 12
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Creative Product
Fantasy Play
Learning Skills:

Tek Toy™ is a fun, toy model swing set that will dramatically introduce your child to technology and science. Structured with hockey pucks, a sports ball and finishing line, it functions to transfer forces of nature and man into motion. It features flexible lollipops and sensors and includes power swinging and rhythmic coasting. Operation involves casually exciting or testing behavior similar to the way a doctor tests your reflexes. You disturb the structure in some way and observe it motion. Moving the pivots slightly in either direction at a natural rate manually powers the swing. Observers may wonder why the lollipops flex while coating in one direction but not in the other. Your child will improve dexterity as they suspend the swing with the elastic band. This forces the swing to both coast and bounce. This is a truly unique, hand-crafted product that will keep your little scientist fascinated during hours of open-ended play.

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