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Science Wiz Company / Newton's Wizard™

Newton's Wizard™

Age Range:
6 - 12
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Creative Product
Outdoor Play
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This project book is hands-on adventures through Newton's laws of motion. Your little scientist will delight in these carefully crafted set that will provide them with a lot of learning and fun. Learn how to perform magic tricks with inertia, float a hover puck on a cushion of air, zoom a jet car, build a spring meter and spin and circle with centripetal forces. Each project in this kit has been developed very carefully by Penny Norman who has a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in Biophysics. She has refined science instruction in a way that makes it enjoyable and practical for parents and teachers. She has received many awards for her projects. Newton's Wizard™ has a scale to measure mass and all of the components your child will need including a stopwatch, stoppers and inflation needle. Other sets include Electro Whiz Electricity, Chemistry Whiz-solids, liquids, gases, Electro Whiz Magnetism. Each set comes with instruction booklets and materials.

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