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Scribble Mats! / Scribble Mats! - Alphabet

Scribble Mats! - Alphabet

Age Range:
3 - 6
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Arts and Crafts
Travel Item
Learning Skills:
Tactile Skills

This is a fantastic hands-on activity toy that combines fun with learning. Your little one will learn their A,B,C's as they color and develop their creative nature. This can be a great tool for building imagination and communication skills. Alphabet Scribble Mat is made of durable, washable vinyl that can be colored on and wiped clean over and over again. This is a great product for meal time, restaurants and for on-the-go fun. Your little one will delight in hours of play as they improve dexterity. This alphabet mat comes in a handy storage case complete with non-toxic crayons. Your child adds all the fun. They are better behaved at meal time with this activity close at hand.

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