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Product Recalls – Know Your Responsibility

As ASTRA Members, we believe anyone who distributes toys to children has a responsibility to ensure those products do no harm.  ASTRA encourages all its members to be vigilant in their individual efforts to uphold that commitment to our children. 

Consumers all over the country are alarmed by the recent rash of toy recalls questioning whether they can be confident any toy produced over seas is safe for their children. There are and will be exceptions, but the vast majority of toys we sell are proven safe. It is up to every ASTRA member to assure consumers we take this issue very seriously and are doing everything we can to keep our children safe.   ASTRA members share this commitment to protecting children from any harm, especially through the use of the toy products we produce and distribute by knowing how to respond before (if that situation were to occur), during and after a product is recalled.  

ASTRA commits to take a more active role in delivering information to our members about their individual responsibilities for product recall.  We will work closely with the TIA to distribute information to manufacturers about their responsibilities to ensure their products are produced safely and where they can find help to test their products before distribution.  In addition, we are working closely with a local Illinois organization, Kids In Danger and the CPSC, to provide retailers with up to the minute recall information and instructions for their stores. 

Additionally, ASTRA will contact all our manufacturer members to provide documentation on their safety practices and procedures.


For manufacturers and importers, a toy safety program is essential in any operating plan.  At this time of heighten consumer awareness about toy safety, we recommend all ASTRA manufacturers display safety and testing results on their website home pages.  In addition, send by mail or fax, paper copies of testing results to retailers to give them a document they can display in their stores or refer to when consumers question the safety of the products on their shelves.     

In addition, we strongly encourage all manufacturers to know your responsibilities in the areas of product testing and safety compliance before distributing products to retailers.  The TIA has a wealth of information and educational seminars, testing resources and visual aides to help you with your particular production issues.  Find information about standards, product testing and more at the

Retailers and Sales Representatives:

Illinois is the only state that mandates manufacturers and retailers notify the public in a recall situation and outlines guidelines for brick and mortar, Internet and resellers of children's products.  Following the established Illinois guidelines for product recall ensures you are doing everything you can to remove dangerous products from the hands of children.

A Message from Kids In Danger:

"Kids In Danger appreciates the efforts ASTRA members make to provide safe quality toys for their customers. The recent spate of recalls involving lead

makes us all worry.   Retailers often find themselves in the same boat as consumers -- learning of a recall through the media. Kids In Danger will work with ASTRA to get information to you as soon as possible about recalls and other product safety issues and welcome your role in encouraging manufacturers to do stringent testing for lead and other hazards before products reach your store shelves," says Nancy A. Cowles, Executive Director, Kids In Danger.  to find out how you can register for Kids In Danger Recall Alerts.  Kids In Danger is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children by improving children's product safety.  Learn more at .

Consumer Product Safety Commission

You can find more information about product safety at the .


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