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Dr. Toy's Tips on Putting Toys Together

Before you get frustrated about toy assembly check out the tips from Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach PhD., an expert on toys and children's products. Her website offers a host of toy-related advice.

She offers some assembly tips:

  1. Find out whether assembly is required before you leave the store and be sure all of the pieces are included including the directions. Save your receipts (just in case).
  2. Stick with well-known toy manufacturers. Chances are all the parts will be in the package. They also offer Customer Service. Check the 800 numbers or web sites for more information.
  3. If it's too complicated and you'd rather not take on the challenge, ask the store if it can do the assembly for you and what the charge is.
  4. If you decide to assemble it yourself, make sure to read all the directions carefully and have the right tools ready to handle the job. If you discover missing parts, return the toy.
  5. Try not to be overwhelmed by the project. Try to keep it fun and lighthearted for you and your mate's sake.
  6. Some eggnog or other libations may help with assembly - and marital harmony.
  7. If it's a project your child is old enough to handle, you may consider assembling the toy with him or her. This can be fun and educational. Take your time and make it a fun time.
  8. Make sure you have enought of the appropriate batteries.
  9. Finally, consider selecting a toy that does not require assembly like a puppet or teddy bear

Enjoy the time regardless as it is the season to be jolly after all. Ho Ho Ho!

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