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Discovery Toys Place & Trace

Discovery Toys

Place & Trace

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Creative Product

This is a delightful puzzle first introduced in 1984. It is great for language development, creativity and problem solving skills. It can be used also as a lotto game for object identification, naming, color and category sorting. There are four different shapes on each of the sheets. It can be used as a cookie cutter, mold or color matching toy. Each puzzle and shape is unique. Player can group the themes of dinosaurs, animals and transportation together which gives a chance for them to role-play as well.

Discovery Toys was born in 1978 when Lane Nemeth searched for high-quality educational toys. She created Discovery Toys out of her garage in Martinez, California. She trained educational consultants to sell the product in their friend's homes. The company has flexibility and allows 25,000 educational consultants to sell the products. The 200 products in the line include toys, books, games and software. You can learn more about this company by visiting their website:

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