Pywacket / Keesdrow


Age Range
Board Game
Educational Skills Product

This is a very high quality "word find" game that you and your older child will enjoy playing together. Players compete for high score by identifying words within a maze of letters and scoring points based on the letters you use. As you identify words, insert a colored peg in the hole of each letter used to form the word. Adjoining letters may be up, down, left, right or diagonal. The letters must be joined in sequence, and may be used more than once within the same word. Letters have varying point values. There are two primary strategies in playing this game and there are two primary ways to end the game. It consists of a game board, sixty-four 1 1/2" wooden double-sided tiles (each contains four letters, numbers and holes), 300 colored pegs, plastic case for the pegs, a bag to store the wood tiles, two-minute sand timer, score pad and instructions on how to play. This is an easy game to learn for two to six players. This toy is fun and educational for home and school.

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