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LearningCents Bank

Age Range
Creative Product
Educational Skills Product
Socially Responsible

This is an interactive toy that is designed to empower your children to become good consumers, good savers and contributions to the community. Your child can organize money and gift cards in one special place. The bank measures 11" x 5" x 8" and is translucent, so children can see their money grow. The hinged lids enable small hands to reach their money when it's time to withdraw it to spend, take to the bank, or give to others. It comes packaged with a dry-erase pen which can be used for counting and keeping track of money on the three dry-erase lids, as well as alphabet stickers so that kids can personalize their bank with their name. It comes with a brochure for parents with tips on establishing and allocating an allowance and ideas to optimize using the bank with your children.

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