Smart Play Smart Toy Index
      for preschoolers, 113
      viewing, restricting, 164-65
      and violence, 230-31

video games, learning from, 23
View-Master for preschoolers, 115
violence and play, 230-31
visually impaired children, 195. See also special

      for preschoolers, 115
      for toddlers (two to three years old), 82
washable books, 55
washing toys, 54
Web site: Dr. Toy's Guide, 14, 214, 239-40
wish list, 15
      board games, 15
      construction toys, 15
Smart Play Smart Toy Index
      puppets, 15
wood pieces
      suggested toy that build skills, 185
wooden beads
      for toddlers (two to three years old), 83
wooden blocks. See construction toys
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