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Baby Road Trip / Baby Road Trip Beach

Baby Road Trip Beach

Educational Skills
Video Tape
Age Range:
6 mos - 4
Year Released:

This perfect-for-summertime video takes children on a trip to the beach with real life sunshine and surf images of children at play. With unusual toys and Road Trip Ryan as the host it is a perfect summertime treat. The musical themes (reggae, island and surf) will prove to be a stimulating and fun adventure. The quality is excellent and will be sure to capture your child's interest. It is amusing, entertaining and educational. The video focuses on counting and word associations.

Part of the proceeds of this video will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The video was created by Laura Kronen and has won the 20th Annual Elly Award for Excellence. Other videos in this series include: Baby Road Trip Jungle and Baby Road Trip Circus.

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