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Bibliography - Stevanne Auerbach, Ph. D. "Dr. Toy"

Complete Listing of Publications by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy


Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child With a High P. Q. (Play Quotient) Rancho Dominquez CA  Educational Insights 2004. 244 pp. $13.95. ISBN 1-56767-652-9

Dr. Toy's Smart Play Smart Toys  Hanlip Toys, Korea 2006. 256 pp.

Dr. Toy's Smart Play Smart Toys  Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, India 2006. 256 pp. rs 275  ISBN 812073073X

Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child With a High P. Q. (Play Quotient) Happy Family Publisher/Plan for Kids 83/29 Moo 6 Ngamwongwan Rd. Toongsonghong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210 Thailand. 2004. 292 pp. $13.00. ISBN 1-56767-652-9

Juego Inteligente Juguete Apropiado. Essential Minds. Barcelona Spain.2005 ISBN 84- 96260-65-8

Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child With a High P. Q. (Play Quotient). Shanghai, Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House. 2002. 244 pp. $18.00 ISBN 7-80622-440-8 G 67-652-9 (out of print)

Spielerische Intelligenz mit welchem Spielzeug. Beustverlag GmbH, Postfach 140149,  80451 München Germany 2001. 336 pp. Photos and illustrations. (cloth). ISBN 3-89530-066-7 (out of print)

Toys For a Lifetime:Enhancing Childhood Through Play, Universe/Rizzoli Publishing/ FAO Schwarz , 1999.  144 pp.  $25.00; (cloth)50 color photos. ISBN 0- 7893-0355-8.

Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child With a High P. Q. (Play Quotient).New  York. St. Martin's Press. Griffin Edition. 1998. 288 pp. $13.95. ISBN 0-312-18089-6.

Keys to Choosing Child Care. New York:  Barron's Educational Series, 1991. 152 pp.,    $5.95 (paper) ISBN 0-8120-4527-0.

The Toy Chest: A Sourcebook.  New York:  Lyle Stuart, 1986.226 pp.; $19.95 (cloth)ISBN 0-8184-0410-8. $12.95 (paper)ISBN 0-8184-0405-1

The Alphabet Tree [children’s book].  Mt. Desert, Me.:  Windswept House, 1985
59 pp.,  $ 5.95 (paper) ISBN 0-932433-25-4.

Choosing Child Care. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1981. 
116 pp., $12.9S (cloth) ISBN  0- 525- 93217-8. $5.95 (paper) ISBN 0- 525- 93201.

The Whole Child: A Sourcebook for Parents.  New York:  G. P. Putnam and Sons, 1980, IISBN 0-399-12364-4. 256 pp.$22.90 (cloth)$19.95 (paper) Perigee, 1981. ISBN 0-399-50554-7. 1981.

Confronting the Child Care Crisis. Boston: Beacon Press, 1979. 127 pp., $9.95 (cloth)  ISBN 0- 8070- 412.

Child Care: A Comprehensive Guide. 4 Vols.  New York: Human Sciences Press,
1975- 1979.  (cloth)  Vol. I—Rationale for Child Care Services Programs vs Politics.  197S. Foreword- Senator Walter M.  Mondale, Vice President, Ambassador to Japan. $13.95. ISBN-87705-218-2.

            Vol. II—Model Programs and Components. 1976. Foreword—Congressman John Brademas, President N.Y.U. $14.95. ISBN 0-87705-256-5.
            Vol. III— Creative Centers and Homes.1978.Foreword,Edward ZiglerPh.D., Professor Emeritus, Yale University, Dir. OCD. $14.95. ISBN-0-87705-275-1.

            Vol. IV— Special Needs and Services. 1979.  Foreword—Jeanette Watson. Head, Early Childhood, Texas.$15.95. ISBN 0-8775-349-9.

Choosing Child Care. San Francisco, Parents and Child Care Resources. Illustrations by Trina Robbins. 1976.80 pp. $3.00. LC- 7523842.

Parents and Child Care: A Report on Child Care Consumers in San Francisco.: A Study of Parental Expectations for Child Care from a Cross Cultural Perspective. San Francisco, CA:  Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development, 1974. 195 pp. (Reprinted in Dissertation Abstracts Vols. X-XII.  Order from University Microfilms International Dissertations, P. O. Box 1347, 300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor Ml. 48106-1346; 800- 521-3042.


Bottom Line Personal (one million subscribers) written articles on play and products from baby to adults
“Dr. Toy”, weekly column feature for King Features Syndicate, October 1995 to September 2000. Report on the Issues of Play and Products featuring the Best Toys and Children's Products from “Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Product” Awards and other programs—“Best Vacation” and “Best Classic Toys”.

Recent writing on different aspects of play and toys for web sites—Trailblazer, KB Kids, Family Wonder, and etoys,

Various monthly  articles and holiday gift guide features  for Creative Child Magazine.1998-99.

"Smart Play:Toys:Your Child's First LearningTools".ParentGuide. NY. November 1997.

“100 Best Products” Awards- Evaluations written for Dr. Toy’s Guide: A Magazine,  Report on the Internet’s World Wide Web.Plus “Best Vacation Products” "Best Classic Toys" and other features; Dr. Toy’s RX-weekly articles based on the King Features Syndicate.

“How to Choose the Best Products for Children” EdPlay Magazine-Winter 1996.  1-2.

“What Price Success? Pointers on Packaging and Promotion.” Toy Business. February 1995. 12-15.

“Around the World With Dolls: Giving the World a Hug with Multicultural Dolls”  Play Magazine Winter 1995. 33,34,66.

“Selecting the Best Products for School and Home.” Proceedings Families and Schools , A Global Perspective for a Multicultural Society Conference, Oakland, CA,  Oct, 1994.

“Fun and Games. the Right Stuff An Overview of Age-Appropriate Toys.” Long Island Parenting Magazine. August 1994.

“Choosing Toys for Outdoor Play”, Atlanta Parent, April 1994.

 “Tips on Toys” (Special Report).” Whittle Communications, November–December 1993: 42, 44.

“100 Best Product Picks for 1993.”  Early Childhood News, November - December 1993    [full color feature insert].

“Toy Packaging Can Help Guarantee Safety” (Final Word). Toy & Hobby World,
July–August 1993: 62.

“Outdoor Play.” Parents & Kids Magazine.  July 1993: 4.

“Sheen Has Worn Off.” [first person feature in “City Life, City Problems” section] San Francisco Examiner. 25 January 1993.

“100 Best Product Picks for 1992.”  Early Childhood News.  September–October             1992; November–December 1992  (full color feature insert).

‘The Children Are Waiting.” [guest column, editorial page] San Francisco Independent 11 December 1992.

“One Neat City, One Big Joke.” [guest column, editorial page] San Francisco Independent 14 April, 1992.

“How to Choose Toys for Boys and Girls of All Ages for Tricks of the Trade: A Collection of             Experts. (Ed.) Jerry Dunn. Houghton Mifflin, 1991. 37~40.

“Child Care in America is in a Sorry State of Affairs.” [Open Forum, editorial page]  San Francisco Chronicle,  23 July 1992.

“Children Who Kill.”  [guest column, editorial page] San Francisco Examiner 20 May 1991.

“Dangers of War Toys is Kids' Serious Business.” [Open Forum, editorial page] San Francisco Chronicle 29 April 1991.

“Best Toys in the East Bay.” Diablo Magazine December 1990.

“Treasures of Childhood—Toy Collecting.”  Four Seasons Magazine  December 1990:  l0, 100.

“A Place for Play.” Play Magazine, Vol. 1 No.2  November 1990: 9–12.

“Traveling with Children.” Four Seasons Magazine.” March 1990: l0, 32.

Toy Times (Newsletter ) San Francisco International Toy Museum. The Museum: Spring 1990: 4pp. Features included Mayor Dianne Feinstein at opening of the Museum, Dedication of the Museum to the memory of Danny Kaye, special exhibits of dolls from Japan, other special collections and exhibits.

“Toys R For Fun.” Image Magazine,  San Francisco Examiner 20 August 1989: 20-23.

“The Right to Choose.” [guest column, editorial page] San Francisco Chronicle
 6 July 1989.

“Toys that Last.” First Magazine December,1989:  96.

“Joy of Toys.” Family Magazine  (Stateside Edition) November 1989:  20-24, 50.

“Children's Museums in America.”  Working Woman  August 1989.

Toy Times [(Newsletter) San Francisco International Toy ]. The Museum: Spring, 1988, 4 pp.

“Back to Basics: Toys that Have Stood The Test of Time.”  The Children’s News. December 1988: 10.

“Dangers of War Toys.”  War Child Monitor International.  December 1988:  4.

“War Toys Can Harm Your Kids.”  Insight Features  [national distribution]  30 November 1988.

“Choose Good Toys, Not Toy Guns.”   All About Kids (Cincinnati, Ohio) August  1988: 2.

“Toys, Toys, Toys! A Holiday Buying Guide.”  Parenting Magazine November 1987: 74–80, 162–163.

“How to Buy Toys—Even for Children Who Aren't Your Own.”  Working Woman Weekend  Winter 1987:  60.

“Toys That Last.” First Magazine  December 1987:  96.

“City Kids/Suburban Kids—Toys for Everyone.”  Parent Guide [New York] 1987:   6–7.

“Back to Basics.” San Francisco Chronicle, People Section,  20 December 1986.

“What's Hot In Toys and Good for Kids Too.”  Family Circle  December 1986: 62–64,  82–86.

“Guide to Toys for the Holidays and All Year Round.”  North Beach Now (Newspaper) December 1986:  3–4.

“Tips on Buying Toys.”  Parent's Guide  November 1986:  14.

“Weaknesses Still Exists in Quality Toys.”  Playthings Magazine November 1986:  82. 

“NO War Toys!” [The Way We Live section]  Detroit Free Press  23 November              1986:  1, 3.

 “Electronic Toys May Inhibit Child's Imagination.”  [ Small Talk section] Children's Business September 1986:  88.( with Nolan Bushnell).

Series of Features for  Parent’s Press,  Colorado, 1984-1985.

Raising the Whole Child

Fun While Traveling

Gifted Children
Growing up with Play
Helping Your Child Learn.

Keeping in Touch with Our Children

On Child Care
Some Discipline Guidelines

“Helping Your Child at Home–Some Discipline Guidelines.”  Children's Entertainment  Los      Angeles  1984.
Getting Together with Board Games (Booklet). Springfield, Ma.: Milton Bradley Co., November  1983.

Baby Things Catalog. Dakin Co., Dec. 1982. 
            [wrote copy and evaluated products. Endorsement of new products

“Books for the Professional.” Day Care and Early Education Magazine: 1974-1979.
             [ Regular column of reviews of new books for each bi-monthly issue].

“A Brief Look at Day Care–Past and Present.” Staff Employee Council Publication,             University of California, San Francisco, Vol. 2,  No. 2  February 1978.

“Mother's Expectations of Child Care.”  Young Children May 1977:  25-35.

“Day Care: The Forgotten Priority.” National Elementary Principal  Arlington. Va.
            Vol. 55, No. 6, July–August 1976

“From Stepparent to Real Parent.” Parent's Magazine, (N. Y.) Vol. 51,  No. 6,  June 1976

“Choosing Child Care [Excerpt] Parent's Magazine ( NY) Vol. 51, No. 5,  May             1976             [special insert, front cover]

“Child Care Services: Should the Public Provide Them?” Phi Delta Kappa,  Bloomington, Indiana:  Vol.57,  No. 8, April 1976.

“Child Care in The Public Schools: An Interview with Albert Shanker.”  Day Care and Early Education Magazine,  (NY)  Vol. 3,  No. 1,  September–October  1975.

“Child Care in The Workplace” in Humanizing the Workplace, (Ed). Dr. Roy Fairfield.  Buffalo: Prometheus Press, 1974:  215-222.  (Cloth)

“What Mothers Want From Child Care.” Day Care and Early Education  (N. Y
            Vol. 1, No 4,  April 1974.

“Child Care from a Parent's Perspective.” Children's House (Caldwell, N. J.)  Vol. 11, No. 2, Summer 1974.

“Child Care:  A Cruel Hoax.”  The Humanist Magazine  (Buffalo, N. Y.) Vol. 32,             No. 6             December 1972:  19–29.

Child Care in The Workplace Chapter in Humanizing the Workplace, (Ed). Dr. Roy Fairfield (cloth) Prometheus Press, Buffalo, NY., 1974, pp215-222.

What Mothers Want From Child Care. Day Care and Early Education, NY. Vol. 1 No 4, April 1974

Child Care From a Parent's Perspective, Children's House, Caldwell, NJ Vol. 11, No 2, Summer 1974

Child Care A Cruel Hoax The List Magazine, Buffalo, NY. Vol. 32, No. 6 pp. 19- 20, Dec. 1972

“Unmet Needs in Child Care.”  [Perspective] San Francisco Magazine November 1972.
“Federally Sponsored Child Care.” [An in-depth analysis of federal programs]  chapter 6 in Child Care: Who Cares?  Foreign and Domestic Infant and Early Childhood Development             Policies.  (Ed.) Pam Roby.  New York: Basic Books: 172–190.(Cloth)

“The Need for Day Care for the Children of Federal Employees.”  Testimony to the Select Subcommittee on Education and Labor, in Hearings on Child Care, HR 13520, Comprehensive Preschool Education and Child Care Act of 1969, Congressman John Brademas, presiding. U. S. Government Printing Office, 10 pp.

Miscellaneous Writing, Editing and Other Products


Audio Tapes:
            “Tips on Toys.” MaxSound; Seattle: 1989.  [Information on toy selection                             from babies to older children.] $9.95.

            “Tips on Choosing Child Care.”  MaxSound; Seattle: 1992.  [Information                              on how to locate the best child care.)$9.95.

“Art of the Toy”. Feature Presentation at the Minneapolis College of Art–Design
November 1987.

“Getting Together with Board Games”.  [A brochure for parents]  Prepared for  spokesperson             role for the Milton Bradley Company 1984: 8 pp.

The Children Are Waiting.  [Writer and producer] 30 minute original TV documentary for KQED             (Channel 9); April 1974 for “The Week of the Child” Celebration (NAEYC).  Filmed on             location and in the studio.  [Included single parents, high school students, latch key             children, and politics of child care with Senator Milton Marks.]

“Proceedings of Seminars on Physical Education and Recreation for the Mentally Retarded.”  (Ed.)  Spring,1967, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation and Southern Regional Education Board, Washington, D. C.

NVGA Bibliography of Current Occupational Literature. (Ed.)  American Personnel     and Guidance Association, 1963: 120 pp.

Counselor Education:  A Progress Report.  (Ed.)  American Personnel and Guidance             Association, 1962.

News and Views. (Writer/editor).  Branch Newsletter—American Personnel and Guidance Association: 1962–1963.

Career Opportunities in the Peace Corps.  (Writer/editor).Peace Corps  [First booklet about selecting the             program.]  1963

Film Festival Program.  (Coordinator, Evaluator and writer).  The American Personnel and Guidance Association and the American Psychological Association: 1962-1963.

Interviews and Presentations

Please see resume for specific information.
Interviews include national and local publications, magazines, newspapers; books; TV; radio.
Presentations include professional, student and parent groups throughout the US.
For more information, please contact

Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D.
mail: 268 Bush Street
         San Francisco, CA 94104




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