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Gamewright / Mummy Rummy

Mummy Rummy

Age Range
Card Game
Educational Skills Product

This is a clever game of logic that your older child will enjoy. Players match cards to form images of ancient Egyptian treasures. Dig and sift in search of cards with special powers that can transform the pictures. Antiques can suddenly jump from one player to another. Excitement builds to the very last turn. The player with the most points is the winner of the game. Help your child learn mathematical concepts in a creative way. This game is great for building symbolic logic and the relationship of sets. A descriptive guide of the treasures is included in the game. Learn about the mysteries of ancient Egypt while improving memory and math skills. This game is for two to five players and takes about forty-five minutes to play. It comes complete with forty-five cards, Egyptian treasure guide, rules of play in English, French and Spanish in a practical travel size box.

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