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Dr. Toy: Parent/Child Travel Play

Traveling with children can be very hectic. Often children can feel unimportant when the focus is on your activities or in the rush to keep on schedule. When traveling with children there are many times when the whole family will have quiet time to fill. waiting at airports, taking breaks from activities, evenings in your motel/hotel or around the campfire can are good times to focus on your children. Place some games that parents and children can play together in your child's travel bag. Here are some excellent selections:

Dr. Toyz

Mind Twister

8-12 yrs.
Easy to use and take along on your child's next trip this colorful, all-in -one round game uses numbers and color coded patterns. Mind Twister is based on an ancient Chinese number study. Five different games include Clock Wise-Same Color, Nine Across, Connect 8, Connect Same, and Around the World. It will challenge child and parent alike. Directions are included. A puzzler everyone will enjoy trying to solve.

U.S.Games Systems


4-12 yrs
A popular, fun and memory building game based on building patterns that can be played with up to 5 people. The 42 Cards each have different color patterns. Players have to work them into building larger and better patterns while blocking their opponents. This is a challenging, thoughtful game for the whole family.

U.S.Games Systems

Duo Card Game

7-12 yrs.
In this game the goal is to rid yourself of all the cards and reduce your score to zero. Each card contains a number, color and a symbol. Players have to match top cards against the discard pile. A challenge is the game helps child to concentrate and remember information. This is a popular game and great for travel.

Let's play!

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