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Dr. Toy: Teaching Toys

Play sometimes looks messy and is noisy, but this is how children discover knowledge.Children learn in many ways. Play is how they learn best and remember more. Their experiences today, form the basis for their actions tomorrow. Toys help children to have fun and learn more. Parents need to understand and support their child's play. It takes time to play.

Put together a "Creative Learning Box. "Add inexpensive recycled items to expand your child's imagination and skills. Use art supplies, assorted paper, magazines, safe paste, safety scissors, milk cartons, egg crates, film canisters, etc. Learning happens in many ways and in many different places. An example: put a small amount of sand in one film canister, a few beans in another. Have your child close their eyes and listen to the difference when you shake it. A great way to encourage critical listening.

It is hard to stop a child learning when they are really interested in what they are doing., Toys are a great source of fun. Choosing the right ones greatly enhance your child's learning while they play. The toys Dr. Toy selects have many excellent qualities. Safety and the added value of learning are foremost in my selections. Some toys are designed specifically for learning. Here are some examples of the best teaching toys.

Living and Learning

Eureka! I'm An Inventor

8-12 yrs.
Learning projects with all the ingredients needed to make a burglar alarm, racing car, fan and much more. A well -illustrated, 16 page booklet provides all the directions a young inventor needs to learn how to make lots of useful items, plus it includes "Famous Inventor's".

Straight Edge

Hieroglyphic Encoder

8-12 yrs
1-800-READMAT / 1-800-732-3628
Study the language of ancient Egypt by using both sides of this innovative placemat. Child can write and create secret messages with a wet erase marker. Newest of other unique educational placemats offered by this company to enhance mealtime.

University Games

Game of Knowledge

10-12 yrs
Innovative games abound at this company, and this new one is no exception. This game offers a journey of discovery containing 1,500 questions about history, nature, science, media, fame and more. Great for the whole family to play together to provide learning while you make your own vacation trip.

Let's Play!

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