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Palos Verdes, CA (March 29, 2005)—Pal Toys, Inc., award winning creators of Bright Ideas for Mommy & Me and Bright & Beyond parent/child activity card decks, has recently partnered with the Vermont chapter of "Success by Six" (an organization that helps provide children in the US and Canada with "a healthy beginning and success upon entry to school") by donating sample decks to their "Welcome Infant" program.

"Our activity card series begins at the newborn stage because we believe it's never too early to introduce a child to creative, educational play," says Julia Morgan, CEO of Pal Toys, Inc. "So, when we were asked to provide samples of our cards for inclusion in the Welcome Infant' bags given to new parents, we were more than happy to contribute." Other non-profit organizations that have received activity deck donations include The Toy Industry Foundation and American Red Cross, in addition to smaller local charities and hospitals.

While donations of Bright Ideas for Mommy & Me and Bright & Beyond products continue to be an integral part of their mission to help as many children "play and learn" as possible, Pal Toys is targeting yet another avenue to bring the decks to families in need: state agencies. "The California First Five organization has included us in reviews for their state-wide new baby kits and informal caregiver' programs," says Morgan. "Our ultimate goal is to find opportunities like this on a nationwide basis."

As a determined step toward this objective, Pal Toys is participating as an exhibitor in the upcoming "Ninth Annual Birth To Three Institute" convention in Washington, D.C. (June 20-24, 2005). "This is a national conference that is specifically targeted to early head start and child care programs," states Morgan. "We believe it's an excellent opportunity to reach many of the key decision makers from these organizations, introduce them to our products and explain exactly how these decks can have a positive effect on children and families at risk in their communities."

For more information on Pal Toys and the Bright Ideas for Mommy & Me and Bright & Beyond series of activity decks, visit , email , or call 310-528-7369.

Pal Toys, LLC
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Media Contact: Julia Morgan,
CEO Pal Toys, LLC
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