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EDC Publishing / Seas & Oceans Board Game Kid Kit

Seas & Oceans Board Game Kid Kit

Age Range:
6 - 12
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Board Game
Card Game
Learning Skills:

This fun little fold-out board game comes in a creative kit that will help your child learn about seas and oceans. Playing the game will provide your young learner with an opportunity to practice their reading and listening skills. The kit comes with the book "Seas and Oceans - Facts & Lists" and thirty cards with up to five questions from the book on each card. The object of the game is to correctly answer questions about the seas and oceans of our world. Most cards contain more than one question and some cards have a bonus question as well. A player may attempt to answer all of the questions on a card, even the bonus, and move their marker around the board one space for each correct answer. Have a piece of paper and pencil ready because some questions require you to write or draw your answers. The first player to reach the Starfish wins the game. There is an alternative way to play this game for advanced players which gives this product extra value. This kit can also be used in the classroom as a study tool and comes with creative ideas at using this game to make learning fun.

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