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Educational Insights / GeoSafari Phonics Pad

GeoSafari Phonics Pad

Age Range:
3 - 12
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Electronic Game
Learning Skills:
Cognitive Stimulation

The GeoSafari Phonics Pad introduces your little one to letters, letter sounds, words and more through rhymes and songs. The program was developed over a period of four years and covers everything your little one will need to start school ready to read. Your child will delight in pushing pictures on touch-sensitive cards with this phonics instruction program. LED lights and the outer sides of the unit motivate and guide game play. Audio delivered throughout the lesson is designed to teach children proper pronunciation of letters and sounds. This program consists of 128 lessons and more than 100 hours of direct, interactive phonics instruction. A standard 1/4 inch headphone jack is available for silent learning. An AC adapter and headphones are sold separately.

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