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OOZ & OZ / Mirror-aculous Art Activities

Mirror-aculous Art Activities

Age Range:
6 - 12
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Arts and Crafts
Creative Product
Learning Skills:
Fine Motor

This is an amazing recreation of a Renaissance art form called Anamorphoscopes. Curved mirrors placed on wacky, stretched drawings magically decode the drawings and reflecting them as normal again. Out of squiggles and swirls come delightful ready-to-color optical antics in art, perception and reasoning. In 1550, Renaissance artists were just exploring how to draw in three-dimension. As their movements expanded, Leonardo di Vinci began to experiment with anamorphoscopes in his famous sketchbooks. OOZ & OZ founder Myrna Hoffman was a freelance graphic artist when she saw a tiny anamorphoscope on display at Harvard University. Enchanted, she developed software to morph an image and later developed a learning tool for young art lovers. The Mirror-aculous Art activity kit comes with 32 computer morphed activity pages, two child safe mirror decoders, sixteen non-toxic crayons, easy instructions in English, Spanish and French and a use-anywhere carrying case. This is a fantastically unique product that is a lot of fun and has educational value for the whole family. More designs are available.

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