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RandomLine / Alphabet Uppercase SQUIGGLET

Alphabet Uppercase SQUIGGLE™

Age Range:
3 - 8
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Learning Skills:
Gross Motor

This fun little educational game will help teach your child about the alphabet. It will also help stimulate their creativity and strengthen vocabulary. Players move along a path of letters. For every letter you land on, you must find that letter on the outside edge of the board. Then either trace it or write it from memory on the sketch paper provided. You can also turn your letter tracing into a picture, write a word that begins with that letter or create a drawing that begins with and reinforces that letter. This innovative product is a fun way to introduce your young reader to the fascinating world of letters. Children who are just learning letters and those who already know them will enjoy playing as they improve fine and gross motor skills. This is a fun game for the whole family to enjoy.

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