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Saskatchewan Internet News / Pentagonia--the Board Game

Pentagonia--the Board Game

Age Range:
8 - 12
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Board Game
Creative Product
Social Responsibility
Learning Skills:
Cognitive Stimulation

This is a two-player strategy game that is similar to tic-tac-toe. Thinking is the goal as well as the challenge. Your child will delight in this five-sided game board that makes this product a unique learning tool. The game comes with complete instructions and takes about twenty minutes to play. This product has an educational aspect of pattern recognition and learning strategy. It is very easy to learn the basic game, but another to learn the strategies. Players must determine which game piece is best to move when the opportunity arises. There are three ways to win and four phases of play. Repeat a three in a row alignment is the key to winning. The three stages provide for placing the buttons on the board and sliding strategic positions. This is a game that children and adults can enjoy playing together. It is fast paced, stimulating, and challenging, and another winning product from Canada.

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