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Thumbprint Adventures / "Imagine If." Ingredients for Creating Your Own Stories

"Imagine If." Ingredients for Creating Your Own Stories

Age Range:
3 - 8
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Imagine If. is a uniquely engaging approach to storytelling that will encourage your child to think and listen while using their imagination. The open-ended nature of this product makes it appropriate for children of all ages and abilities. Your child will enjoy flipping through the 75 original illustrations [25 story characters, 25 things and 25 places] as select new picture combinations to create their own story. Colorful pictures offer a chance at open-ended discussion. This is a perfect product for day care, bedtime, car rides or class circles. Individual pictures can be used to develop vocabulary, memory and concentrations skills while enriching your child's confidence and self esteem. There are unlimited opportunities for creating personal stories and bringing new adventures to life. Imagine If.has been used with second language learners and in different languages (such as French, Spanish and American Sign Language). You and your child will enjoy using the unique Thumbprint Adventures program.

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