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Zapf Creation / Love me CHOU CHOU


Age Range:
3 - 12
Intro Year:
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This is an interactive doll with many life-like functions. She can kick her feet, say "mama", babble like a baby and suck on her bottle or pacifier, and she has realistic facial movements. Her active functions make mother-care play pattern particularly diverse. If Love me CHOU CHOU starts to cry, it could be that her diaper needs to be changed or that she is hungry and wants to be fed. Your child can use the mommy blanket with the bear on it to soothe their little doll and help her fall asleep. This type of role-play will help sharpen your little one's problem solving skills and communication tools. Watch your child's imagination unfold as they delight in this innovative function doll. Love Me CHOU CHOU is available in Caucasian and ethnic versions.

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