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Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys - 1999

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Dr. Toy always talks about the value of Classic Toys. They have lasted over time and continue to prove their value to children's play experiences. Classic Toys provide durability and fun. They have style and have qualities that make them all time favorites. These toys are often used by adults as well as children as Yo Yo's, kites, Hula Hoops, Chess and Checkers. You may even find that a train enthusiast began as a boy setting up a layout for his first Lionel train. Or the avid doll collector started learning more about dolls when given a special one from her grandmother. Children are influenced by these early experiences and will grow to enjoy lifetime hobbies if given the opportunity.

Encourage your child to learn more by visiting your public library and seeking resources about toys, trains and dolls. Help them to learn to care for these assets so that they understand they are special and must be treated well.

Remember to look for Classic Toys throughout the year at your favorite specialty store. Here are some great ones that Dr. Toy recommends this year. These are wonderful products to introduce to your child when they best fit their age and readiness.

Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys - 1999 (alphabetized by manufacturer)
Company Item Type(s) Ages Price Phone
Company Item Type(s) Ages Price Phone
Rollercoaster   18 mos-4 $39.95 800-999-9599
Classic Figure 8 Set ty ts es 3-5 $39.95 888-274-6869
Egg-Cart ty birth-5 $25.00 888-274-6869
Marshall Brodien Cards no 8-12 $3.99 800-621-5426
American Indian Pottery ty ac es 8-12 $11.99 800-584-5487
Deluxe Treacherous Tower ty co 4-up-8 $39.99 800-638-1470
Design Science Toys SOMA co es cp 7-12 $12.95 Out of Business
Giant Pegboard ty co es cp 19 mos-5 $12.98 800-426-4777
Mosaic Mysteries ty es cp pz 8-12 $14.98 800-426-4777
Time Traveler Series bo 8-11 $6.95 800-475-4522
First 1000 Words Series bo 2-12 $12.95 800-475-4522
Original Supermaze ty es 3-5 $50.00 800-661-4142
Sea-Monkeys ty ho es no 6-12 $7.00 800-995-9290
First Keys ty cp tr 3-12 mos. $1.49 800-533-6708
Pat the Bunny bo 6-24 mos $7.99 888-732-3263
The Poky Little Puppy bo 3-5 $12.29 888-732-3263
Candyland bg 3-6 $7.00 212-453-2142
Cootie bg 3-7 $7.00 212-453-2142
Scrabble bg 8-12 $10.99 212-453-2142
Twister bg op 6-12 $15.00 212-453-2142
Bathtub Set ty do 1-12 mos $15.80 518-273-0726
Maxi Mega Bloks System co es 1-5 $39.99 800-465-6342
Pleasant Company "Molly" Doll ty bo do es no cp 7-12 $82.00 800-845-0005
Tim Flying Bird ts 6-12 $10.00 800-767-8697
Tootsietoy Wood Builders cr es co 1-1/2-5 $20.00 800-944-8697
Tangle ty pz ts es no cp 3-12 $12.00 415-777-3808
ABC Blocks ty co es 1-1/2-5 $30.00 888-774-2046
Froebel Gifts 2-6 ty co es cp 3-12 $130.00 888-774-2046
Barnyard Jumble ty pz es cp 3-12 $12.95 888-774-2046

Key to Item Types:
AC - Arts & Crafts AE - Active Toy AP - Activity Product AT - Audio Tape
BG - Board Game BO - Book CD - CD CE - Entertainment
CG - Card Game CM - CD-ROM CO - Construction Toy CP - Creative Product
CR - Computer Related CS - Costume DH - Dollhouse DO - Doll
DV - DVD EG - Electronic Game EL - Electronic Product EQ - Equipment
ES - Educational Skills FP - Fantasy Play GE - Game GN- Green Product
HO - Hobby ML - Musical MM - Multimedia NO - Novelty
OP - Outdoor Play OT - Other PL - Plush Toy PT - Pool Toy
PU - Puppet PZ - Puzzle RS - Rubber Stamp SC - Science
SR - Socially Responsible ST - Stamps SW - Software TR - Travel Item
TS - Transportation TY - Toy UN - Unique Product VG - Video Game
VT - Video Tape

Classic Toys Remain Popular Today!
Barbie Blocks Bubble Pipes Candy Land Checkers
Chess Cootie Dollhouses Erector Set Etch a Sketch
Frisbee G.I Joe Gyroscopes Hula Hoop Jacks and Ball
Jump Ropes Kaleidoscopes Kites LEGO MagnaDoodle
Marbles Monopoly Mr. Potato Head Play Doh Radio Flyers
Slinky Tops Yo Yos

What is your favorite classic toy? Nominate your favorite for the next "Classic Hit Parade!"

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