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Action figure - Jingle All The Way
In the movie Jingle All The Way Turboman has a sidekick named Booster. is there anywhere to buy Booster? Also was a Booster figure ever created?
Action Figures and Cartoon
I want to find an action figure that had a cartoon in the 80's or early 90's. They were men that had backpacks and/or wrist mount equipment that shot out ribbons and string that they would fly across. The ones with backpacks would have the ribbon come out of the back pack. They flew over lava in the cartoon and always trying to fight the villians. They also had a verticle space ship that seemed to cling to rock face. This was their mother ship. Any ideas.
Activity Game
Do you know of a game that involved stacking shaped barrels befor the time was up? You used a vertical ball drop. The little ball went down a maze in a dropping action as you tried to stack up the shaped barrels before the ball ran into them? At the end you closed a small gate to stop the little ball. I remember this from probably the late 1970's.
Activity/Craft Kit
Approximately 1972-1977, my sister and I had a craft kit made up of small plastic discs, each with four holes in it. Little plastic clips were included to hook the discs together and make things like a purse or a poncho. We made a poncho. I think the discs were mostly yellow and orange, maybe white or red too. What was the kit called, and can I still find one somewhere?
Aircraft Carrier - 1970s
In the mid 70s, I received a toy aircraft carrier for christmas. It was about 3 feet long. It came with two foam F4U Corsairs. You could hook the planes on to the catapult, then using a handle on the deck, taxi and launch the airplane into the air. It flew pretty well; about 30-40 feet. What was this toy called and who made it?
In the mid 1970's, I had a large aircraft carrier (3ft. long). You were able to launch the planes from two different locations (straight ahead & on an angle) just as a real carrier launches it's planes. The planes launched via a large rubber band. Each launch area had a seperate handle to pull back, which relesed the planes. Any help on the toy manufacturer, the name of the carrier or if there are any out there for purchase would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, KA-Michigan.
Airplane - Rubber Band Launched Semisoft Foam
Mattel made a toy plane launcer in the late 70's. Through extensive web research I found the patent (US patent number 4060930). Unfortunatly I can't remember what name this was marketed under. I remember there were all sorts of planes; American, Soviet, etc. madefrom a semisoft foam with hard plastic undercarrige which was the hook for the launcher and wheels for the plane. At one point in addition to the single and double hand held launchers they also had an aircraft carrier type launcher. Scoured ebay with no success but figured a product name might help target my search. Letters to Mattel have had no response.
Alien Action Figure(s)
Around 1970 my brother and I had a couple alien action figures, which I've been trying to track down. Mine was about 4" tall, might have been bendy, and was a martian. My brothers was a little taller (maybe 5 1/2"), and was purple (I think) and had a kind of octopus head on a biped body. There may have been other alien figures in the set. Any idea what these were, who manufactured them? I've been wondering about it for the last 30yrs or so, as I lost mine in the snow in the early 70s.
Alien doll with spaceship from 1960s
where can i find a toy i had that had a small alien (martian lookin and a ship that was pink on the bottom purple on top my mom made me throw it out after she spotted a real one in 1965 round that time plz help me find that toy for my grandkids to see... thank you
antique 1926 steiff clown bear, fully jointed in very good original condition.
seeking help in determining current value
arm-powered ride on toy
About 1978 or 1979, I received a toy that I want to share with my son, but can't recall the name of it. It was a red disc that you sat on just off the floor. It had 2 large black wheels that sat on either side of the rider. (You actually sat between the wheels) They were powered by turning their handles with your hands. You could turn them together and go straight, or just one to go in a perfect circle. Can you help me. I've looked everywhere. Thanks so much for your time and expertise. - Elizabeth
Art toy
There was a sketch toy in the late 70's early 80's that i'm lookig for. You were able to interchange a head, torso, and legs of multiple creatures, heros, and monsters. You would rub a crayon over a plastic template to design your own creature. Do you remember the name of this toy? I found the fashion one for my daughter in a retro toy catalog and am interested in the monster one for my son. Thanks, Mike.
bambi lamp / dolly toy
i just bought a bambi lamp that was made by the dolly toy company. it has thumper on the left side and has bambi and his mother lying down on the right side. in most of the pictures, i see bambi standing with a butterfly on its tail. i only paid a dollar for it, but it doesn't have a shade. do you know where i can get one, and is it worth anything?
Barbie Laptop
Where can I find instructions for the Barbie Think Pink Learning Notebook manufactured by Mattel?
baseball bat
Where do I find Mattel product - Nitro Power Bat with Super String Technology TM 1993 Made in China
Battery Moving Exploding War Ship & submarine with 4 spring loaded torpedo
During late 60's or sometime in 70's - Battleship was battery powered and had a spring like a mouse trap on it and several pieces ontop of it that when you hit the release on the ship side; they spring let go and all the pieces flew in the air. You would target the moving ship with a stationary (had wheels) spring loaded 4 torpedo submarine with 4 push button torpedo release buttons on the rear of the submarine with tiny red globe knobs on top; I simply cant find it though I saw something similar on ebay with a single torpedo by the looks of it. This toy may be from the 50's as I can't recall if it was mine or my older brothers. It sure would be great to find some info on it. I thought it may be called battleship or torpedo or uboat for some reason but I think I have the name wrong.
Battery Operated - "Big Loader"Battery Operated - "Big Loader"
This toy has a chassis that run on a track that has interchangable bodies,(dump truck, front end loader, etc.).It was purchase around 1990. The gear system is worn from use and slips. Can I purchase a replacement chassis? There may be a newer model similar to this one with the same basic chassis.
battery operated radio shack formula 1 computer racer
what year was the radio shack battery operated formula 1 computer racer
bigfoot truck
i had a bigfoot truck when i was small around 1985 or so. i can't find anything on ebay or the internet. it was a ride on like a power wheels but i don't know if power wheels made it or someone else. i would really like to find one my son is an avid monster truck fan and loves power wheels. it used a rechargeable battery and everything. thanks
Bill Dings
I have the original set of Bill Dings when I was a child. I'm 54 now. What are they worth today?
I am wondering what the original cost of the Hasbro BINGO BEAR from 1986 was, and its current value?
Black bisque doll
Looking for doll my mother bought in Chicago,1983.She's named Keisha and was numbered,crying,maybe Judy Turner? Want one for my granddaughter
blonde/purple haired "barbie"
I'm trying to find out who this "Barbie" is. I'm not sure if it's Barbie or a different girl. She has a rubber waist. And the top of her head twists to change the hair from blonde to purple. Please help.
bluebird toy company
I am looking for a set of toys that I believe are from the Bluebird toy company in England. A friend has a set that was purchased at a yard sale. I would guess from the 1980's or 90's. They are tiny, tiny plastic people with flowers and leaves to sleep in. The figures are maybe a half inch tall and are bendable at the waist, maybe even the arms move. I am looking for them for Christmas. Any ideas about how to locate them? Thanks.
Board Game
I have the motor carriage game by Parker Brothers, Salem, Mass.usa from 1899 with all the pices and dice. What could be the value of this game?
When I was a kid my father bought me and my sister a sort of board game, kind f like Mouse Trap, only on a grander scale. It was called The Flying Finnigan....or something alng those lines. I can't really remember if it was a board game or not. I know my sister destroyed it quickly and lost a lot of pieces. Do you have any information on a toy of this type?
board game - mr. bug goes to town
is there any place i can buy this game today?
Board Game- Chinese Checkers
when did the Ranger Steel Products Company make the #650 Pagoda Chinese Checkers?
board game- creepy crawlers
i'm a teacher and someone gave me the creepy crawlers game. i need the 3 cardboard stand-ups and the creepy crawlers card-numbers so the student can play the game. please let me know what i have to do to get them.
Board Game with elephant games pieces
I remember playing a childrens game in the late 60s-early 70s that used little plastic elephant game pieces and I think the person had to accomplish various tasks during the game. I seem to recall some kind of fishing activity, but that is all. I'm trying to remember this game. I seem to recall it being called something like Children's Time, buty I don't know.
Boy Boxing doll with black eye
I am trying to remember the and see where I can find a boy Boxer doll. He had on gloves and boxing trunks and a black eye. This was in the 1960's.
Bradley's Dolls
are these dolls valuable.
Building Blocks
In the early to mid 60's I recieved some plastic building blocks that were designed like regular bricks and you built actual buildings with them complete with windows and doors which were usualy white, the bricks being red measuring probably 1 1/2"L x 1/2 to 3/4"W x 1/4H. I am not sure where my father bought them or a brand name? But they were geared more toward a older child than a tot. They were fantastic and I would love to find a set. Thank You
building toy
In the mid-seventies, I bought my children a set which consisted of cylinders and flat squares-about 2" square-in clear, brightly colored plastic. the pieces were all notched to fit together in endless configurations and the colors were beautiful.Would love to find something like this for my grandchildren, but don't even know what it was called. Sound familiar?
Bumpy Sponge Ball
Late 60's or early 70's there was a bumpy sponge ball that you were supposed to be able roll up and down yours and a friends back standing back to back. The ball was a pinkish purple color toy. Do you know who made this ball and what it was called?
I am looking for a new Fisher Price Puffalump Bunny Rabbit. I am not a fan of ebay so I would like to buy it at a store or online. I tried Target numerous times and no one knows what I am talking about. Can you help me?
cabbage patch doll
what is the cabbage patch doll's name with blue eyes, blonde pigtails, denim clothes with a white stripe with love hearts on it, red shoes, bows in the hair that look like it's come from that white stripe across her denim clothes?
Cabbage Patch doll
I think I was around 4 or 5 (1985 to 1990)when my mom bought me a cabbage patch baby with a bald vinyl head and vinyl arms. It had a soft stomach. It wasn't nothing special but It was my favorite and I would like to give it to get my daughter one as well. I know they have the new cabbage patch babies with the cloth hands and vinyl head but I really want the exact one that I had. I think her/his name was sydney or cindy. Do you know the exact name, or year he/she was made or where I could find one?
Cabbage Patch Newborn
Can I replace the Duncan Garth Cabbage Patch Newborn doll to match his birth certificate that I have from 1988?
Candy Bar Bears (Reese, Milkyway, etc.)
Yes my Husband bought me these Candy Bar bears from Mars Incorp.about 18 to 20 yrs ago. They were made by Heartline and still have the trademark tag attached and price tag still attached. I was wondering if they were worth anything? I emailed Mars incorp. but who ever responsed didn't have any answers nor did they know about the bears from back then. They are stuffed animal bears with a T-shirt of each Candy Bar Mars makes.
where can i find the early 1970 sst rip cord cars? The ones with a center wheel that you pulled the rip cord and then set the car on the floor and i went across the floor.
Car - DHP Blue Box - 1988
I have a chunky type plastic car, dated 1988 DHP Blue Box, that is pink, with blue accents, and it has a long blue "ponytail" coming out of it in front. What is this?
Car - Race Track
Back in the mid 70's i got a racing car christmas present. It was an oval track with banked corners. There was a lap counter which operated by an anntenae which you could place on the car in 1 of 4 places. The car was rechargable by charging station. The charging station had i believe 4 d cell batteries. You pushed the top of what looked like a mini fuel pump and plugged into the car with a small black wire sorta looked like a small rca jack. The cars would just race around the track (not a slot track) and when it got to the lap counter it narrowed to one lane so the antenna would hit the lap counter. Its driving me crazy that i cant remember what it was called and why they dont make it anymore. please help
car - red corvette - 1960's
In the 1960's I received a christmas toy, a large red corvette, it had a wire from the car to the controller. I think it required a 6 volt battery. The control box had a T handle that moved forward, backwards and twisted left and right to drive the car as I followed behind. Do you know what company made this car? What was the name of the toy car? Where I might find one? Thank you for your time. Happy Holidays Duane Winters Wichita Ks.
Car propelled by pull strip
What is the name of the toy cars from the 70's that were powered by pulled a plastic strip with teeth thru the gears and then letting it go? The Evil Kneivel motorcycle was powered in the same way.
Carboard barbie doll house
Santa brought me a Barbie Dream House for Xmas in either 1961, 1962. 1963. It was not the Mattel Dream House in the turquoise box - mine looked a bit different and may have been manufactured by the Ideal Toy Company. The front of it had a door, a bird flying on it and a lamp post with a sign with a house number on it. It had a kitchen with a pink counter, stools, and a bedroom with pink bed and a patio set with grill and lounge chair. Can you tell me where I can purchase one in good condition? Where I can see a photo of one? I have checked on Ebay and only found one without furnishings - and just photos of the outside of the box. Thanks. Linda
What were the toy cars from the late eighties or nineties that you could pull apart and they had popper things on them and you could put bits of other vehicles in between like helicopter blades and mix and match them?
During my childhood (late '70's to mid '80's) my brother and I had a playset where we could mold cars out of tin foil, color them with markers, and then demolish them. I can't remember the exact name or brand of the toy. I've tried to find it on ebay, but no luck. Do you have any clue about this toy?
Carter's cubed plush animal sounds toy!
I would really like to find where I can purchase this toy for my son, I has a total of 5 animals around the cube( dog,cat,bird,fish,sheep)he each make their animal sound. It also has different textures and is bright colored. According to the tag on the toy it may have been manufactured around 2003. I have searched ebay and other sites, but have not had any luck. I hope you can help thanks.
Child Toy
GEETAR (it is a form of a childs guitar)it may have hit the market durning the 1990's - I am in search of one.
Children's sleeping bag Children' sleeping bag advertised on Nickelodeon
I've been trying to find a sleeping bag that was advertised on Nickelodeon a couple of months ago. There are 4 different characters, ie disney princess, Dora and 2 boy themes. I have tried everything I can think of to find them. My neice and granddaughter both want one. I'm hoping you can tell me where to find them or how to order them. Thank you so much for your help!
Childrens video-sold by Avon-Mother Goose
We are looking for a video that our oldest son loved and wore it was Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes that we bought from an Avon Representative. We now have a second child who is 8 months old and would love to have these videos that we gave a way more than a decade ago.
childrens wagon
I have a childrens wagon. It is called a blue grass sst there is an airplane between the words grass and sst please help me find a picture I want to redo it for my grandson for christmas
childs red ring tractor
this tractor was bought in 1954 its in fair condition what is it worth?
Cinderella Talking Vanity
How would I get a replacement key for the talking vanity? Or is there a name and number of a place I can call to get one?
Colored (red for sure) TRANSLUCENT interlocking squares circa: 1973
Hi- I have been searching for years for some colored translucent interlocking square pieces that had slits cut into them on each of the fours sides. They interlocked to make structures and I remember them in red. There may have been other colors. No one knows what I'm talking about. circa: 1973. The closest thing I've found are Octogons by Balt Toys (currently on Ebay as of 11/11/07) but these were square. Thanks so much! April Brown
commonwealth stuffed cat that meows
Hello, I am looking for a stuufed cat (shaped like a bowling pin) that has a sound box that meowed, the tag says commonwelath and i've tried to locate it unsuccesfully. I won it out of one of those claw machines on the boardwalk...any help at all would be great! thank you!Dina C
Connecting plastic blocks
In the early 1960's we used to play with plastic interconnecting yellow and white blocks that included windows. Can you help me identify what company and the name of these blocks? They were similiar to Lego's but I know they weren't Lego's. They usually came in a tub. Thank you.
Construction - Western town sawmill
In the late 70's or early 80's I had a toy that resembled a sawmill. You fed wooden planks into it and it ripped them lengthwise. You then used the planks to construct the surrounding western town. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. Does this sound familiar?
construction toy - blocks
During the mid to late 1970s, I played with a wooden block set that had the same sqaure base (about 1/4 inch) with different incremental lengths (eg. size 1 was a cube, and size 10 and 10 times the length of 1) and different color for each different length. I now have children (7 and 10) of my own, and I've searched unsuccessfully for this on my own. The Kapla blocks are the closest I've seen, but they dont have that math/spatial element. Pls help or refer me to more sources, please!
Convertible plastic doll stroller - 1970s
I had a convertible plastic doll stroller (mainly pink?) in the 1970s. It was a stroller, converted to a rocking chair and I believe one more thing. I believe there was a Baby Alive on the box, but it was not necessarily unique to that line.
Cragston Power Shovel on Deisel Truck (says on box #40111)
Dear Dr. Toy, I have this original Cragston toy I received as a child in excellent condition in the original box, but no matter how hard I search for information on it (ie..value and such) I can't find anything. Could you please help me? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you very much
what was the tune that the "creative playthings" handheld/ handcrank music box played? I think it was a classical piece. and where to I get one?
Custom Cinderella Toy Chest 2005-06
I saw this toy chest for sale on craigslist this week, I did not call in time to purchase it, but would absolutely love to get the same one for my daughter. Problem is, I cannot find one anywhere! The woman told me she purchased it from Toys R Us in either 2005 or 2006. Here is a link to the picture, please if you can find one of these I will be forever grateful!
Davy Crockett Snow Globe
Where do i find out the value of a Davy Crockett Snow Globe made by Driss Co in Chicago Ill, USA.. I have one from my husbands childhood born 1951
disney magic complete lighted miniature village made for sears in 1988
Could you give me a value on this set as I would like to sell mine - complete - but no boxes - excellent condition
Dog - Tomy - 2002
What do you call this black and white, battery operated miniature dog by Tomy? It has markings at the bottom that read "2002 Tomy made in China". I remember it responds to certain word commands for action (i.e "sprocket, bark.") What are those commands? It whimpers when left unattended.
Dog - Vinyl - 1998
Can you tell me about the series of small vinyl dogs that have felt ears and fur tails. I cannot remember what they are called but I do remember that they came in a few different breeds such as a st. bernard, border collie and golden retreiver, and came with blue collars and heart shaped tags, brushes leashes, food bowls and cans of food. Thye sold at Hills Department store in the late 90's for about 5.00. I found a collar from an old one that I sued to have and it says C 1998 M.I.G. and has the name Shery on the tag with a paw print. Thanks.
I am looking for information on a doll marked "Ideal". it is a WW1 doughboy and appears to be wood or some molded composition
Where can I replace a doll that was bought in 1998 - hard doll with soft body , came with a pink outfit and was purchased at zany brainy on the tag it says lissi puppe 96465 neustadt and the pink one piece shirt/pants has a white ruffled collar with pink butterflies and blue flowers
In the early 70's, there was a doll that when you pulled on her pony tail, it would come out of a whole in her head & there was a knob on her back that you could turn and it would make her hair roll back up into the whole. It would create short or long hair.
Im looking for a doll i had once. It was from Mattel Inc. She was made in the year 2002. She has short rooted blonde hair, blue eyes that are not painted on her face, she is concausion, you feed her a bottle and she pees. What is her name and where can i find her?
lokking for 1970 marx ginny bones doll and family do you know where i might find one i have search just about every sight to no avail all that keeps comming up is vogue ginny i don't want vogue can you help me thanks for your time
is there anymore secret talk betsy still?
I had a doll growing up that was purchased sometime between 1075 and 1979. I think she belonged to the Thumbelina family. She had brunette soft hair, opened and closed her eyes, came with a bottle, cried and also said mama as she cried. She had a soft stuffed body with a battery compartment in the back and a vinyl I believe, head, arms and legs. She also wore an ivory long lace satin like gown with a baby bonnet made of the same material. This was my favorite doll as a child and was given away when my mother passed and I was sent to live else where. i would truly love to find her again. Thanks.
what is a monchhichi monkey with blue eyes and rocker worth? the tag has a 1974 date on it. the monkey has a yellow bib. thanks
Doll - Amtoy - 1984
I am looking at some identification for my 1984 Amtoy cloth doll. I got the doll when i was 2. The doll has a telephone keypad on his chest with a velcro telephone attached. Also upon the right leg is a bear attached with a string help on by a strap on his right leg. On the left leg is a pouch that reads cookie. Inside is a brown chocolate cookie held by a string. All attachments have velcro on the back as well as the dolls hands so he can hold the items. Brown yarn hear and wearing a hat that has five different colors saying BLUE, RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, and GREEN any assistance would be greatly appreciated in knowing where this doll came from and possible his name. I always called him My buddy. Tag says Amtoy inc. 1984 New york, New York
Doll - Baby Doll
I am trying to find the name of a baby doll that I had in the late 70's early 80's. It was a blond haired baby wearing a blue knit outfit. I think the head arms and legs were plastic with a soft body. The brand may have been and Italian sounding name.
Doll - Baby Doll
My daughter had a doll in the early eighties. She had blonde hair, material body with a zipper out back for a battery. She said maybe a few other little cries. She had a white dress with light pink eyelet. I would love to find her another one. Could you please help me.
Doll - Baby Doll Late 1980's early 1990's
There is a baby doll i am trying to find from when i was little, late 80's through early 90's, the baby doll would crawl and fall down and start to cry, when it was crawling it would goo and coo. As much as i remember it had blond hair and a stripped outfit on. Thanks, Ty
Doll - Baby Dolls
What is the best, most realistic interactive doll for a 3 and 4 year old?
doll - Baby Lori Doll
I need to find a Baby Lori Doll. I got one in the early 80's.
doll - Barbie Doll 1966 IRISH MAID
Is there a site to tell me what this doll is worth she is in mint condition with a stand and her shoes and earings and everything is attached and origanal no marks or nothing.
doll - Barbie Doll House
what year did Matel made the cardboard Barbie House
Doll - Big Baby
1984, bought a doll, Big Baby Doll,she was good sized, that played various tunes row row row your boat type digital computer music it was made by long time company, i think in the south would love to purchase again thanks for any help
doll - Blonde vinyl doll with pinafore - 1950's
I am looking for a doll like this or at least a body. She had closable eyes, eyelashes, not posible, soft vinyl body, came in a blue and white dress with a white pinafore.
doll - crawls and has a car
In the late 60's/early 70's I had a baby doll that had blonde hair, crawled, and she had a little pink car you could set her in and it looked like she was driving it when she "crawled" in it. She reminds me of baby that a way. It seems like her clothes were pink with yellow
There was a line dolls from roughly the mid-1990's called Crystal Princesses. I had a vast majority of the collection at the time, but as I search for them online, I can only find references to My Little Pony Crystal Princess toys - these are not the same items at all. The dolls which I'm searching for were small (possibly 3 inches tall?), and each came in a sort of snow globe container, with a brush and crown. I would appreciate any help that you can give me in at least tracking down proof of these items somewhere online.
Doll - Dressy Bessy
Where can i find a Dressy Bessy doll? I gave one to my daughter in the early 70's. She still remembers it and would now like to have one for her 15 mothon old daugher.
Doll - Early 1980's
I am looking for a doll that was purchased in the early 1980's. She had a cloth body with a zipper on the back for a battery. She had blond hair, white dress with pink eyelet. She said mama and cried. Her arm and legs were plastic.
Doll - Galoob DOZZZY - 1987
I'm searching to purchase a DOZZZY doll made by galoob. any chance you know where i could find one? been searching for 3 months now.
doll - giggles
Looking for a 1967 Ideal Black Giggles doll
Doll - Ideal Toy Corp 1977
My favorite doll that I have had since I was one says it is a 1977 Ideal Toy Corp doll H-269 or H-289 (it's hard to tell now). She has a soft body that is greenish, there is evidence of velcro on her right hand and flower fabric as her shoes. She is a pull string doll. She has red hair and blue eyes. What is this doll's name? Are there original pictures that I can see what she looked like new? What was said when the string was pulled? What did the velcro do?
Doll -- Little Red Riding Hood
In the early 1950s, my aunt gave me a Little Red Riding Hood doll for Christmas. All I remember about it is that it was "life-size" and beautiful and that I was never allowed to play with it. It burned with our house when I was five or six years old, in about 1955. Would love to know what it was and where I could get another.
Doll - Shirley Temple - 1960
I have a picture of my sister from Christmas 1960 with a 33 inch Shirley Temple doll and my sister's house burnt and I am trying to find a replacement for this Christmas any advise where to look?
I have an old doll from Mattel. Her body says 1975 but her head says 1986. Her face is normal plastic, but her body is silver. She also has purple hair and a yellow outfit. I want to sell her on ebay but I cannot remember what she is called. I have been on ebay and several search engines. Can you help?
doll - velcro
What is the doll that has velcro hands is about 6ins tall and was made out of cloth and had velcro on its hands to connect to her friends
Doll Baby
I'm looking for a doll i had when i was young and i can't remember the name because i renamed her. She was african american, curly hair, a pink cloth body, white dress, did not where any shoes and there was a voice box in her back and would cry and say mama. No one in my family remember the original name so I've been seaching for a little over a year now. Can you please help me. Thank you
Doll black bisque
my mom bought a doll named Keisha probably 1983,small shop in chicago,now closed,Keisha is black,bisque,and crying,tears on face,newborn size,numbered,maybe Judy Turner's?Would like to find one for my granddaughter
Doll- Cabbage Patch Magic Touch
My dog attacked my daughter's cabbage patch and chewed her ear off. She has a vinyl face and the mycpk website doesn't seem to have a way to custom order a replacement or way to repair it. Any ideas on what I should do? This was very precious to my daughter. Thank You!
Doll Head
I am looking for a doll head that I received as a kid. That was around 1978 -1982. I remembering being able to dye the dolls hair with hair color you could wash out. It came with 3 different bottles one balck, brown and red. I am hoping to find another can you tell me the name of the doll head and who made it?
Doll House
I got a dollhouse around 1957 or 1958 from Christmas. The house consisted of 1 room but it had real wall papered walls, curtains, red rug, picture hanging on wall, real wood bed, dresser with mirror and chest, 2 end tables with lamps that lit, real mattress and bedding on the bed. The windows opened and closed. I don't know who the manufacturer was, but I believe my parents purchased it from Montgomery Ward. Anyone know where I can find one of these?
Doll House
How much is a Tin Doll House worth? It is a wolverin toy booneville Arkansas Division Sprang Industries Inc no 805 also have toys furn to go with it
Doll House
I am trying to locate a doll house that I believe was made by Lego. I got it somewhere between 1990 and 1997. It was pink with a green roof. It also had an elevator and white windows that had to be snapped into place. I don't remember much else except the fact that it did not require much assembly. Thanks a lot for any info.
Doll Mattel Talking Sleeper Keeper
I have a little boy talking sleeper keeper from Mattel and I would like to know more about it. Possibly a value on it. Where do I find this information?
Doll night light
I'm looking for a night light I used to have in 1982 or 1983. It was like an old fashioned doll long pink dress with a closed umbrella next to her and a big hat.The old fashioned dresses puffed out on the bottom. I can't seem to find any pictures anywhere to see if it's the right one. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
doll possibly a kiddle from the early 1970's
it was a black vinyl small hat box with a zipper, the lid of it had a clear covering with a minature doll inside...
Doll that cried when pacifier was pullled out
during the early 1990's I had a doll that cried when her pacifier was pulled out she also gooed and drank from a magic milk bottle she had ash blonde hair and was wearing a summer romper that was pink her pacifier was white and the top of her bottle was pink there was a later model of this doll made maybe a year or 2 later that had magic arms that moved up to hold her bottle when it was put in her mouth if anyone could tell me the name of this doll id appreciate it so much as it was a pressent from my father who has now passed on and id dearly love to re-purchase one
i'm looking for the name of a toy around the mid to late 80's, i had a turtle and u put a key in its shell and it opens up with a tiny toy inside;looked like a clump or berries with feet and glasses. i think there were a few different animals to choose from.
Doll, Jolly toy
I had a doll growing up (1950-60) that I called Jolly. She looked like thumbelina but her moving mechanism was a round ball not a flat one. I would really like to find her again. She had darker blonde hair, short and was around 14 inches I think. Can you help?
Doll/Toymaker's Mark
I'm trying to identify the maker of a small, painted bisque, open-mouthed baby doll. It is probably from the 50's or 60's. It is about 3 1/2" long, wearing a white dress with lace trim, a white bonnet and white diaper. The face is beautifully painted with a delicate hand. The hair is painted, not sculpted. The impressed mark on the back of the shoulder area is of a capital "H" in what appears to be a house...simply two sides, a floor and a roof line...the "H" is inside this simple structure. Thanks for any help you can give me on the manufacturer, age and value. (the arms and legs have come off their elastic and I'm trying to decide if it is worth restoring)
I am looking for a doll like the one I got for Christmas in 1977. I believe that it was ordered form the sears roebuck catalog. She had short blonde hair, soft cloth body with vinyl arms, head and legs. She had blue eyes that opened and closed. And, she wore a blue satin dress with a bit of lace or tulle. Can you please help me find the name of this doll? Thank you!
DOLL-Baby So Real that moves
I believe the doll was released in the 90's. she is called baby so real. She has a little pink head band, her lips moved as her eyes scrunched up when she cried. I have googled it and looked on ebay but all i only get the collectable dolls baby so real. I believe the doll i am looking for was found at toy r us. If anyone has any info that would be great.
I have a doll from the 50's or 60's. It is a bride doll in a box from the F & F Doll and Toy Corp, NYC. Do you have any information on the compnay or its dolls?
doll-changes faces
dollhouse - playmobil
where can I get replacement walls/patrs for the playmobil dollhouse #5300?
Doll-Melody I think
In the early to mid 1970's, I had a doll that played music when you pushed her arms, legs and tummy. She came with a music book too. I think her name was Melody, but can't remember for sure. I recently found her and was wanting some info if you can help. Thanks.
doll--plush pink with attached cap
My daughter got her small (8inches?) plush baby doll in 1987 or 1988. The doll had an embroidered face (no nose). She had no visible hair, just a brimmed cap. She looked like she was wearing pink pajamas--arms, legs, body; hands and feet were white--looked more like socks and mittens. She also rattled when she was new. We lost her almost 15 years ago, but have never quit looking for her. I know that the same doll also came in blue. Does anyone anywhere know of a doll like this? (I believe she was also quite inexpensive, so could have been from anywhere and made by anyone.
I am looking for the name of a doll that came out during the early 1990's. She was pregnant and you could remove her stomach where the baby was. She was taller and bigger then a regular barbie doll. Kind of like the doll ANA LA QUINCANERA that came out around the same time. She wore a wedding band which was painted on. Any help would be great.
Hello. I have a doll, named "Rosie/Rosey." The name, was written by the manufacturer on her collar. It has now faded, so I do not know the correct spelling. I was born in 1982, and believe I was given the doll as a present, upon birth. However, it could have been a gift in my early years. The entire doll is pink, comprised of a Styrofoam head, yarn-ish material for hair, a pink dress with small pink and blue polka dots, and a small apron with pink roses embroidered on it. The face, arms and legs are comprised of a thick nylon (I believe) material. Is there any hope in finding the correct name, make, and manufacturer? Thank You.
Dolls - Lullaby (Lovaby?) - 1980s
Hi Team, My girlfriend was recently talking about a doll she had as a child in the 80s. It was called a Lullaby or Lovaby Doll and it had a rocking horse that came with it (apparently purple). I've found one that looks like it, however she tells me there were a few in the series that you could collect with different accessories, which is why I'm not sure it's the one I've found on eBay. Does anyone know what this doll was called and if it is in fact the same one from the 80s? Thanks.
Dolls - Talking - 1960s/1970s
Dr Toy, My wife has collected a couple of "talking" dolls. One is a Deluxe reading from 1963. She ws found with no clothes and is in need of some repair. The other is a clown Marcellino Dondolino by Garbar made in Italy from about the same time. Do you have any information about either of these dolls or could you point me toward some one who knows about these dolls. Many thanks, Dave
domed toy
A dome of acrylic with a base flat of plastic - inside there is a small ball of metal and a spiral ramp in - the goal to make the small ball comes to the top of the ramp.I need to know the name of this toy or somewhere that sell or have some images of this toy... please I need your help!
Dress up items
I am looking for molded plastic wigs from the 60's. They came in a set of 3, blonde, brunette and redhead. They were for children and I am desperated to find them as a gift to my sister. Good childhood memories!
In the mid 70's to 80's I bought my nephew a toy vehicle no more than 12" long. It had people in it that resenbled "Little People". I believe the base of the people (and dog) had different shapes. When the dog was put into the drivers seat, he drove irratically. When the dad was put into the drivers seat, he drover straight. The mother, etc. Do you know the manufacturer and name of this toy? Thank you. Danette
drum set
My grandson is 4 years old. There use to be a drum set that consisted of a large drum with a foot pedal and two smaller drums off the sides with sticks. Does it still exist? M
Do you know where I could find a duck, I believe he is from the Blue Jean Teddy collection, 2001 he is about 7 ins. tall with a stripped hat and front pocket to match?
early 80's star wars
could you tell me what the orginal star wars collection would be worth ships figures etc
educational toy
In the early 1960's, I had an educational computer game, that consisted of stacks and stacks of IBM type punch cards, with questions and answers in many catagories. It came with a gray box that you would place the cards in and it would ask you a question that you would have to answer correctly. We would like to know the name of this toy. thank you....
Either under race track or a chase game
In the seventies their was a cops and robber game, the tracks where blue and it had a freeway look to it and you had to evade the cops by opening and closing off ramps. The game was atleast three tiers. Could please help me with the name of this game and where can I locate one?
electric car track
We had a electric car track in the late 1970's mayby even early 1980's that would light up. Do you have any idea if they still make one like this and what the name of that one was? Thank You
I had a toy when I was a child and for the life of me, I can't remember what it was called or who made it (maybe Mattel or Fisher Price?)! I can remember it was a tanish electronic box with sheets that would fit on top, to change out different games, and these small plastic disks that went into a slot on the side. It would play sounds and you would have to press on the sheets in specific places to play. I know this isn't the world's best description, but it's been 20 years! I know there was a haunted house game, and a game to search for a dog in different colored houses... any ideas, or am I completely out of luck trying to recall a memory from my past? Thanks in advance!
electronic learning game
in the 1990's there was a toy where you inserted different cards with everything from states, flags, animals, etc. and you had to "Find the answer". The game had lights down the sides and depending which card you put in, different names would light up.
electronic tank vechile
hello, when I was a younger boy my dadbought me a tank like vechile that had a keypad on top that youy could put in commands and it would move to the commands
Ely Mello-Tone child's Piano
I have one from 1954 and can't find any info on this piano. Can you help? Thanks
Ertl dolls - Coca-cola dolls
In 1995, I purchased a playground and several little dolls made by Ertl, for my daughter. My niece would like to have her own set, but I can't seem to located them anywhere. Can you tell me if they still make them, and if so, where can I purchase them? Thank you...
Famoplay Peugeot 106 Ride-on rally car
I have this ride-on rally car for my son and it is supposed to have a forward and revesre gears. However, the reverse doesn't work (and never has). Does anyone know if there is a connection that hasn't been put together?
bought a stuffed dog named fetch (2002) before they closed at fao schwartz- my daughter's favorite still want one for my son or if God forbid anything happens to this one- any ideas?
Fire truck
Need to find a toy firetruck, about 1950 about 12" long, metal, windup and the ladder on topj flipped up when the front bumper was hit.
Fisher Price connection set
Can you help me find the name of this toy set? The toys are made by fisher price, I know this because its printed on the wheels. The toy set consists of blue six sided connectors where the grey pieces connect together by. The wheels also connect in the same manner. This set also comes with glow in the dark wheels, black wheels, white connection pieces and grey connection pieces. There is different sizes of straight pieces and piecs that are made for a 45 deg corner. There is blue panes that cover the sides of whatever you build, and there is also orage helicopter blade pieces as well. This toy is as far as I know is from 1980 to 1987.
I have one of these castles in great shape (but no figures) that came out 1995 and was discontinued in 1996, what is its value today?
Fisher Price Star Stage from the mid 1980's
My 25 y/o son was the boy on the box cover of this toy out out by Fisher Price around 1987. I would like to find one in the box for him for his birthday. Any ideas?
Fisher Price Stuffed White Lamb 1980's( For a newborn )
My sisters very first toy was a Fisher Price lamb. My dad bought it for her in 1981. It was small, stuffed, solid, white and had a blue bib. It didn't do anything special, it was just a stuffed animal. She held on to it 25 years and in a recent move, her precious " Lamby" was lost. Our father recently passed away and I am desperately looking for a replacement, in time for Christmas! Please help..Thank You
Flower with doll inside
I'm looking for a toy my sister had in the 1980's. It was a plastic, potted flower, about the size of your hand, that came with a small watering container. When it was watered it would slowly open and reveal a tiny doll. She has the pink rose with the doll with blond hair, but there were different types with different dolls. I've been searching for the name for a very long time.
Flying airplane play set
I cant remeber the name of a play set made in the early 70's or possibly late 60's, it had a mat that was solled out and a mountain that a wire came out of and small electric plane that would fly around the mountain in a circle. Have you any info on this toy?
I am looking for the name/manufactuter of atoy we had in the 70's-80's called I think the "Flying Tiger". Not the airplane of the same name, but this had an orange ball around 6" dia. with a cloth "tail" that you could swing around and let the ball fly, just like a ball and chain. Any ideas where I might find a vintage one of these form my childhood? I have looked everywhere.
flying toy - 1970's
I had a toy in the 70's I think it was called Harry Kanary or something like that. It had a crank that you turned with a coil that went to a center hub, from the hub it went to the airplane. You could do some stunts with it.. but it pretty much went around in circles. Do you know if this is the name of it or not? and who manufactured it? . Thanks
Foam Sword
I am looking for this set of foam swords I had played with in the early-mid 1990's. Each foam sword had a circular piece by the handle which had pieces that could be poked out by the other players sword. I have looked for something like it all over the internet. Do you have any suggestions? or even know what i am talking about?
I am trying to find the age of a fooball match game is and where to get parts for full restoration.
Four-foot Woody Doll
What is the value of my 4-foot Toy Story Woody doll?
frankenstein doll
im looking for the playschool doll of frankenstein, he has an opening jacket and removable heart etc. About 18 to 24 inches, made of solid plastic and sold by Argos in 1993/1994
Frankenstein toy - mid-1990's
My son had a Frankenstein toy circa 1996 - it was a maybe 18" tall - bright orange -plastic Frankenstein where the top of the head opened up with tools inside. You used these tools to do different stuff when you opened his chest. Do you know of this toy?
In 1994 I bought my son a small green frog, wearing denis dungarees with a red checked shirt. About 6" long, it croaked "Old MacDonald;s Farm" when you squeezed it. Bought at Tesco's store, Slough, England, UK. Desperately trying to find one. Have tried ebay for years without success. Any ideas?
Furry toy
What do you call a toy that you could get in the 1970s, that was a furry piece of material with eyes? When you pet it, it would move or squirm.
fuzzy toy that turns into ball
my 6 year old has asked me for a specific toy that i do not know what is. she says it is fuzzy with ears, feet and eyes and can turn into a ball. she also says it can have one baby or twins. do you know what this is? please help.
Fuzzy Wuzzy?
What was the soap animal figures that we played with around 1960's, that after they got wet, they "grew" fur? Thanks, naturelover56
GAME - "buy this word game"
In the early to mid sixties there was a plastic sliding tile game with the letters "buy this word game" spelled out in a 4X4 arrangement. Who made it and is it still available?
Giraffe - wobbly legged, plastic toy
I am looking to find a toy that my mother has had ever since I was a child (born in 1984, but I think she had this before then) that she owned, up until recently when my dad threw it out (she was sooooo upset!). It was a plastic giraffe, no more than 5 or 6 inches high (maybe less) that stood straight up, until you pressed on the little box it was standing on. When you did this, it became flexible almost - like it had wobbly legs or something to that affect. Depending on where/how you pressed on the box it was standing on, you could make the neck move down like it was grazing, or the front two legs to bend, or the entire giraffe could bend to the side, etc. I would love to surprise my mom by finding this toy for her. If you know what it's called or where I could get one I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Dana~
GREEN creepy crawling monster from UK
I saw an ad recently for a toy that was issued around Halloween 2007 from the UK that features a green creepy, crawly monster that moves toward sounds, so it's motion-sensitive and runs on batteries. Its eyes would flash red as well. It was carried either by Walmart or Walgreens. I would like to buy it but can't remember the name. Please help. Thanks.
GRIDLOCK Puzzle from like the 1980's?
Do you know anything about the puzzle type game called Gridlock from the early 80's? It is a tan and green case with green pieces that you fit together on the tan case.. Plus the pieces all fit inside the case. There was like 100 different solutions to the puzzle.. Can you offer any ideas on WHERE this can be found? THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TIME... Sincerely, Anna
Grooming Set
Can you tell me the name (brand name and manufacturer) of a unisex toy grooming set that contains nail clippers? Thanks!
I am looking for info about a guitar that my mom bought for me in the mid 60's it was called THE SWINGING CAT , also @ the same time there was another guitar called the Tiger guitar a set ot drums called the BIG BASH DRUMS and also the Poly chord electric organ all by the same company which i forgot the name ...please help me out I am trying to teach my kids about things we grew up on but right now they think i'm nuts...
Guitar - red,plastic musical guitar
In the early to mid-80's, I had a red plastic toy guitar that had colorful tabs on the arm of the guitar that had all different, classic children songs like Old MacDonald, Mary Had a Little Lamb, On Top of Old Smokey, etc. You would push one of the colorful tabs on the arm, and then pretend to play the guitar and the song would play. It was great! Any idea on who made this guitar and/or any pictures?
Gund Stuffed Poodle
In cleaning my parent's attic, I found an old favorite stuffed animal..tag says J. Swedlin Inc., 360 Suydam St. Brooklyn. Poodle has plastic face and feet, and on bottom of feet, stamp says (650 foot, Gund, 11-1966) Is this dog valuable and can you still find them.
gyro top toy
Looking for a toy from early to mid 80's...(?)I believe there were two in the larger, they were primary red and blue with a yellow ripcord. You fed the cord into the gear, pulled and let the top go; I think the point was to balance one top on the other; there may have been three, of decreasing size. There was no deck for the tops, these were not beyblades. You just set the base down, and tried to rip, spin and stack the tops. THese were not small toys; they were of considerable size. I don't remember the mechanism by which the tops launched, but you fed and pulled cord, and tops launched. The spinning points were metal, and somewhat large in diameter. The box was relatively large; similar to a paper quart of milk, but with a flat folding flap top. The actual tops were like two concentric circles with gear teeth sandwiched between, where you fed the rip cord...not like a traditional top. HELP! You are much appreciated! Thank you, Kathryn
hamster cages
im looking for the living world habitrail cages ad accesories from the early 1970,s,this was the original kind with the yellow tubes and the cages with the metal covers with the word "living world" embossed on them
handheld light
I am looking for the name of a handheld toy - sort of like a flashlight. It has a large clear bubble/globe at the top with lights inside. Upon push of a button, it lights up and whirls.
Radio Shack, in the late 70's to the early 80's, sold a yellow hard hat with a rotating red light fastened on top. Does anyone know what this toy was called? Do they still exist? Any information at all would be helpful. Thank you.
Heart Pumping Male Action Figure
When I was a child in the middle 70's. I had a action figure the when you pressed on his back you could watch blood pump through his chest. I think he had white hair and red pants. Don't remember what his name was could youplease help?
helicopter - astronaut toy - 1960's
I would like to find the toy helicopter I had as a small kid, sometime from 1966 to 1969. It was white with a big plastic windshield(not a whole bubble) and had three astronauts molded in silver plastic in the cockpit. It had two blades, triangular in cross-section, and a red light at the tip of one blade, blue or green on the other.It ran on batteries (don't know what size) and would move forward and turn the blades and light the lights on them.I think I remember it said NASA on the side of it. Can you help me find it? Thx, Don.
helicopter toy
I am looking for a toy helicoper of the 70's that has a base and flys around on a metal rod with front, back, up and down controls. What is the name of it and WHERE CAN I FIND ONE!
have there been any helmet recalls?
history of merrythought hygenic ride on toy wanted
i have recently purchased a merrythought hygenic mohair bear? pushtoy, it has four wheels and the original paint is blue and red. it looks like a bear but could be a dog, he originally had eyes but sadly they are no more. could anyone please advise me what year these toys were made and the general value of this toy. thank you
Holly Hobbie easy bake oven
Do you know where I can find replacement stickers for the holly hobbie easy bake oven? It's a toy item that was availabe in the mid to late 1970's.
HoverLites Helicopter
I need parts for the Hover Lites radio controlled Helicopter, where can I order them. I need the rear tail rotor blade. Also I can not get the helicopter to stop spinning counterclockwise even after adjusting the potentiometer.
We have been buying Ghostbusters Action figures on e-Bay and some are really gross and dirty, esp. the StayPuff Man. What is the best way to clean these w/o harming the figures?
Ideal book banks 1964
Dr Toy, would you know how many types of plastic book banks were produced by Ideal toys in 1964, I have been collecting some from my childhood, they depicted cartoon characters, I have Mickey Mouse, Peter Potamus and Flintstones and have also seen Magilla Gorilla.
imaginarium train table
i lost the instructions on how to put the train together on the imaginarium train table
Imaginarium train table
I need a track assembly diagram for the Imaginarium sound city 115 piece train table set from toys r us
imaginarium train table set
Where can I get instructions for this train table set for track assembly?
Interlocking shape manipulatives
I am trying to find a toy with multicolored flat shapes (such as a red square or blue circle) that have slots on them so that a child can build structures by fitting them together on the slots. They have a logo with a child in a cowboy hat twirling a laso. We can't find this brand anywhere. Thank you for any help you can offer.
J. Fred Muggs
I think I have a J. Fred Muggs stuffed chimp, but would like to verify and find out possible value. Red felt feet, rubber face and hands, beige cloth body with dark brown horizontal stripes, brown hair sewn on. Thanks!
Japanese Action Figure
My 7 year old nephew saw an action figure in a Japanese toy store that looked like a power ranger with rainbow colors on it (all colors). Do you have any idea what this might be? Thank you
In the late '60's early '70's I received a model set which contained interchangeable parts for making jet planes. That is, the wings, tails and nosecones were interchangable. As I recall the parts were blue and gray, maybe a few dozen pieces in all. Any idea the name of the toy, a picture, manufacturer? Thanks!
jumping toy
I had a toy in the mid to late 60's like the lemon twist but it was called something else. You put your foot through a plastic ring, it went around your ankle and you jumped over a string with a ball on it. What was it called?
In 1993 i received a doll from jc penny's the box says: copyright 1991 eugene doll and novelty co. and the doll is called "Just Born" - my doll means very much to me and she's about to fall apart - is there a website specifically on my "Just Born" doll, I would like to buy another one. (PLEASE HELP ME!)
Kapla Planks Vs. keva Planks
I have noticed there is a big price difference between Kapla and Keva planks. I saw the Kapla featured here. Are they really better than the Keva planks? What makes them different? Are there pro's and con's of one vs. the others? I am wanting to buy them for my son for Christmas, and being the toy junkie that I am, I would like to make an informed decision. Many Thanks, Jennifer
Is there a Kipper plush toy in existence?
Kitty Keyboard
How can i get a new instruction booklet for the Battat Kitty Keyboard?
Kmart Christmas bears
What year did kmart start selling their Christmas beara?
Knickerbocker toys - baby Santa - 1955
what is the value of my 1955 baby santa doll made by knickerbocker toy co.?
Ladybug Pull Toy, Wood, 1940's
My mom had a wooden ladybug pull toy on metal wheels when she was a young child in the mid 1940's. She thinks it was probably made between 1938 and 1944. She had kept it in a box to keep forever as it was a sentimental item. However, during her teenage years, her boy crazy gave all of my mom's old toys (the few she had) away to a neighbor girl to get in good with her older brother. My mom did not know this until years later and is still sad not to have that ladybug. I was wondering if there is any way to find out what it was so I can start looking for it. Thanks, Laural.
lamb figurine
I have a lamb that appears to be made out of chalk, or something similiar. My grandmother used to lull me to sleep with this. It glows in the dark after exposure under a lamp. Any idea what it is, the origination and the value? Thanks so much.
Large Toy Submarine mid 1960's
I have been looking for a large motorized submarine that I received in mid 1960's that was probably 3 feet long or so, had a clear removable top sections to see inside. I thought is was made by IDEAL? CAn you help me?
I have a stuffed lassie all stitching hand sewn, was great grandmothers of 94, apparently only 40 made, cant find any information on it.
Learning Keyboard
I'm looking for a keyboard I had about 15-20 years ago.. It had an LED / light above every key of the keyboard.. It would teach you how to play the song by lighting up the LED above the key whilst playing the tune... Then you could play it yourself and when done it would rate you by lighting up the LED's in a row (low to high) to grade you. It was rather small and I think either white or creamish in color. Thanks!
In the late 60s, I received a three-sided educational toy for Christmas. One side was a chalkboard, one was a magnetic board, the other side was possibly a pegboard. The 'box' was hollow and had holes on either end,and possibly a handle. I thought it was made my Preskool or Fisher-Price but haven't been able to find anything. Does anyone recall this toy? Thank you!
how many different ways can 6 legos fit together?
light board- using cellophane tape
In the early 70's I rember playing with a light box with a plastic or glass screen, and you stuck tape to it. Every piece refracted a certain color and overlapped would even be different than the others. It was some sort of prism effect, but I haven't seen anything like it since. A light bright is always a substitution, but it was so simple and cool. Please tell me you've heard of such a thing and know where to get one. Thank you.
Light sensitive plush bear - 80s
I had a bear-like small plush toy in the mid-80's. It had light brown fur and a blue cape. It was nearly round about the size of a basketball with a place for a 9volt battery in the back. When you turned the lights on or off it would make a little beeping noise and the LED eyes and nose would blink. It would sort of remind someone of an Ewok, possibly. I've since given my toys away and no one in the family can remember what it was called.
Lion Pull String Infant Toy
We are looking for a replacement for a Lion Pull String Infant toy. We aren't sure of the manufacture. However, it's a little lion you hang in a crib and pull on the tail and it plays a lulla-bye. It looks a little like the Russ baby lion pull string toy. But it's not the same. Can you help us identify the lion pull string toy and locate a replacement?
Little Red Riding Hood Doll "Show Me Tell Me"
I ran across a doll from 1970. It is called a "show me tell me doll". I think it is made by Renti-Toi or Renti-Loi I'm not sure. The tag says copyright A. Gibson 1970. I have not been able to locate anything like it on Ebay or anywhere else. It is little red riding hood and the you flip up her dress to reveal half the wolf and half the g-ma. Thanks for your time! -Nathan E. (IN)
Little Tykes Alphabet Desk made around 1994
I am trying to find replacement tiles for this desk. I have tried E-bay, but no luck as they want me to purchase entire desk. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Living Baby Tender Love
Can you help or tell me where to find a Living Baby Tender Love Doll? I had this as a young girl and would like to have it again....
Looking for a name of a doll
When I was a child approx. 1977 - 1978 I received a doll like a barbie but approximately 18" - 20" that had blond hair and black hair any you could turn her scalp to change her look. What is this doll called? I believe she wore a white pant outfit.
lou the lamb by manhattan baby
Help where can i find one? My daughter (acutally me) recieved one during my babyshower in 2003. and then got another one after it was learned that it was her fav. someone stole it from her at a amusement park when we were there. please help me i am desperate.
lowly worm
where can I find a talking lowly worm?
Machine ball factory
My son saw the "machine ball factory" on a Baby Einstein DVD , where can I purchase this item?
Magic Bottle Baby
I want to know where can I find another Magic Bottle baby? The doll was made in 1990 by Tyco. Can you help me find another one?
I am trying to find a jewelry box that I adored as a child in the early 70's. It was white with 2 drawers on each side of a recessed mirrored platform. In it was a magnetized ballerina that slid along the mirror once the music box was activated with a crank key mechanism. I have only been able to find the spinning ballerina type of box on the internet. Any ideas?
Marble board game
I am l ooking for a game that was out late 50s & early 60s It was a plastic mountian and u you used the marbles to move up the mountian ridge and sometimes you would nit a area that would cause your marble to go back. It is not the king of the hill game.Thanks Richard
marble drop wheel maze
mid to late 1960s-a translucent green or purple plastic wheel shaped maze stood would drop a marble in the top and it would fall down in a maze till it came out the bottom.had a handle on the side to help turn the maze inside to make the marble drop faster--please help in identifying!
Marble maze lever toy
During the early to mid-1970's I visited a kid's house and they had a toy I loved. It was a clear, plastic rectangle shape with four or five compartments. Each compartment had levers or slides that would move the marbles through the various four/five chambers or compartments of equal size that the marbles could travel through. Any idea on what this thing was called? I'd love to find it again. I only played with it once and still have fond memories of it nearly 30 years later.
how tall is this?
Marvel the Mustang circa 1968
Where would I find a replacement brown saddle?
MaryKay toy Diesel Truck
I would like to know the Value
Mattel Doll - Tippee Toes
18" doll that walked holding hands, rode tricycle, kicked feet when reclined, wore pink tights
mechanical car
i am lookin for a mechanical converible car that had a boy driving and a girl sitting next to him they were dressed in 50's clothing. His arms moved making the steering wheel move back and forth. The car would move then it would stop after about half a minute or so and the girl would turn around and take a picture with a camara she was holding, the camera had a flash. The car was red, it might have been a cadilac, not sure. I bought it at Bambergers, now Macy's, back in the early 80's. It was a repro.
mechanical toy
I have a Walt Disney TOMORROWLAND Space Carnival made by Wen Mac could you tell me how much it could be worth? It is a Ferris wheel/and rocket ride that has three different set-ups. It has to be from the 1960's. It is in mint condition in the original box. Thank you for any information you can find out about this toy. I have tried numerous other web-sites and noone can give me any information.
Merribel Get Well Doll
I am looking for a Merribel get well doll from the 50's, is that the proper spelling for this doll?
metal bouncing horse on wheels
have purchased an old metal riding horse that bounces, and when the child bounces on it, it would move the horse... am trying to figure the correct name and year of this toy..
Metal Ski Toy
Heard friend talking about a favorite toy from childhood would be around 1960s. She described a metal toy mountain that had a little skiier that you could send down the hill over and over. I'd like to find this for her.
Metal Toy Ovens
I have one of the first toy ovens made by Empire, The Metal Ware Corp in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Can you tell me what year this was actually made? Also where they were usually purchased at? I believe these were in the Midwest like Indiana. It heats up to 450 degrees. Thank You.
Metal wind up Toy Boat
The 'Princess Pat' was a wind up metal cabin cruiser produced by J. Chein & Co. It was named for me by my grandfather, Sam Hoffman, then President of J.Chein & Co.(Burlington, NJ), and was launched in 1956. I'm looking for one of these approximately 5" long, brightly lithographed toy cabin cruisers,in good condition. If you know of a vintage toy dealer(s)who sells J.Chein & Co. products, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thousands of these little boats once bobbed and cruised in the bathtubs of Baby Boomers. But now they seem scarce, and I'm having a difficult time finding'my'boat, a lost, but I hope recoverable, piece of my childhood. Thanks for any help.
mickey blue eyes monkey
who makes the monkey in the movie mickey blue eyes that says "i have opposable thumbs
Mickey Mouse Block Set ... Gas/Service Station
I have a set of lego "like" blocks with a mickey mouse figurine ... I recall that the pieces would assemble to become some sort of gas or service station. I was hoping someone could identify the maker or find the instructions on it as I can not find anything about it on the web. Thank you!
Mickey Mouse Security Blanket Puppet
I received a Mickey Mouse security blanket puppet when I was very young, between 1988 and 1992. The blanket has the letters of the alphabet on it and each leter is in a three dimensional looking box of different colours. The blanket then has mickeys head on it and a bow tie. The head has a place to put your hand in it and so to the arms so it can be used as a puppet. Then blanket then hids the hand. I have been looking for a new mickey exactly the same as this one to have as a keep sake. Can you help me locate it? Or let me know who it is amde by? Thank you in advance. Ryan
Military Airplane
When I was a child in the 1960's I had a toy airplane that was metal and around 15 inches long. It used a D battery and when you turned it on it had a propellor that turned very fast. it had three buttons on it. One would shoot machine guns with noise and lights, One would drop the plastic bomb that was under the fuselage and one would lower or raise the landing gear. This was a great toy and I completely wore it out. I would like to know the name of the toy and who made it. It would be a neat memory to buy if I could find one.Thanks
Mortimer Snerd Walker
Have you ever seen a Mortimer Snerd Tin Walker by Marx wearing BLACK shoes?
Mr. turtle pool
Im looking for a Mr. turtle pool. It came out in the early 80's. Can i get one now? And do you know where?
Mrs. Santa Claus life-sized doll
I am looking for a life-sized Mrs. Santa Clause sold by Santa's Best store in the late '90's. I have the Santa Clause and would love to find her.
Looking for name/manufacturer of Electronic Hard Plastic Musical Yellow Chicken that used to hang in my daughter's crib and with a push of the button playing like 20 continuous electronic songs - from around 1983
nerf sword
need refills for nerf sword purchased in the 1980's
Novelty-magic slate
I don't know the name of the item I am trying to find, but here is my description. It works a little like a magic slate in that you can draw on it and then "erase" the image, but it is a plastic pouch that when you press with s stylus the liquid inside moves and displays different colors. Or you can press it and get different colors. I think I have seen them in the past 20 years, but I'm not sure. Hope you can help me!
Number (n)ine 9th anniversary mickey mouse
I am after a toy which was only sold out of a store in Japan. I am able to find it on websites, but only in Japanese. I want to question if there is any pre-set service that connects American and Japanese sales?
Ohio Art Snow Shovel
I recently purchased a 32 1/2" Ohio Art Snow Shovel, decorated with a Snowman holding a broom with a Christmas Tree on each side, red wooden handle with metal hand grip. The Ohio Art logo reads; The World's Best Toys - Ohio Art - Bryan. Ohio. U.S.A.
old doll with bisque head and hands
I have inherited a doll with bisque head and hands, cloth body and feet. She has glass eyes that don't move, the only mark on her is an S with some type of design around it. could you tell me if she is worth anything or where she would originate from?
old felt troll doll or gnome unknown
i have aquired this old felt troll doll he is not plastic he is made completely of felt , and straw insides i'm unable to find out anything about this toy it is large around 20 inches tall do you have any ideas thanks.
Old Handheld game by Tiger Electronics. Think Tank
Do you know where we can find the instruction to an old handheld game by Tiger Electronics. The game was called, Think Tank and appears to be like Mastermind.
old tin dump trucks
Could you please help me find a out where I can see pictures of old antique or collectible toy tin dump trucks. I would like to find out what antique / vintage truck I have and approx. year of it.
OOpsie Daisy Doll
Do you have any African American Oopsie Daisy doll?
orginal toy
This has been altered from a space toy made by Mattel in 1985. Name the toy or what toy line it was from (Orbots, Thundercats, etc..). . Again, it's being used with Major Matt Mason and has been altered, but what is the origin of the 'base unit' with tracks on the bottom..? Thanks much! David B.
Outdoor game
The game includes a multi-sided, multi-colored ball and several different colored bands. I think you toss the ball and the color that is on top, that person picks the ball up and beans the others. There is a new version of this game called "twister dodgeball". But this isn't it though. We used to play it back in the early 90's. Thanks
Outdoor TWIRLY BIRD (merry go round that you push with feet and pull with arms to make it go
Who manufactured this? What happened--why can't I find one now? Any information to help track it down would be helpful. Thanks so much for your time!
parachute material toy
I am looking for a stuffed animal that I recieved in 1987. It looks like a Puffalump but instead if the signature stamp on the foot its on the hand. The marking is embrodied and blue and yellow. The aniaml looks like a elephant/pig. The ears are like an elephant the nose is more like a pigs snount than a trunk. I do have pictures is that would help identify. I can not make out the symbol on the hand of the animal.
Part for a Playmobil toy
I recently found a circa 1980 Playmospace Space Ship for my grandson but it is missing one red door. Is there somewhere I can find vintage spare parts? Thanks so much, Debbie Moore
party favor
I recently purchased a number of construction toys called "Mekanix" from a dollar store in Canada. We will be celebrating my son's birthday soon and I was going to give them out as a party favor. I am now concerned about whether or not they may have lead and wonder how I can go about figuring this out? On the back of the package it says "dollarama H4P 1M2 China/Chine". There is another number on the front of the toy "08-0804403". Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.
Pedigree 30 inch Melody Walking Doll
I am trying to find out how easy it is to find / buy a Pedigree doll dressed in the origianl clothing. I had a new one given to me around 1969 or 1970. She was dressed as a bride and in a large pink box. Are they expensive and / difficult to find - or are there lots of them around? Thank you.
Pink Panther record player
Coliet toy of watervliet Mich made this record player and I don't know how old it is or how much it is worth. I can't even find the company online can you help
i had a plane made out of polystyrene you flew it like a kite and its wings spun round can you remember its name
Plaster of Paris Monster Making Kit
Do you have a Plaster of Paris Monster Making Kit?
Plastic building blocks called "Toggles"
As a kid in the early 1970's, after my erection set disappeared and before my Lego collection got started, I had a toy called Toggles. These were small plastic boxes with some sides hinged, some sides with a male connector protrusion, and some with the matching hole for connection. Have you heard of these and found any pictures on the net of sets or know the company that made them?
Plastic cowboys and indians
In the late 60's early 70's I had a collection of cowboys and indians which had interchangeable parts. They were American not the British Swoppets. Any idea what they were called or who made them? They were about 3inches high.
plastic dachsund with moveable alphabet blocks in center
sometime between 1959 and 1965, 1961-63 most probably, i was given a dog with alphabet blocks shaping it's middle. They would rotate to form words - i've never seen this on ebay, or anywhere since that time in my childhood. any ideas or information regarding this rare breed? I was under 6 years so GUESSING it was approximately 12 -14 inches long...
Plastic Elephant nesting toy
I am looking for a toy that I played with in the 60's It was an elephant that came apart and in side was a rhinocerous inside the rino was a buffalo and inside that was I believe a bear and then a fox and i dont remember if there was another. This toy was already old when I played with it we kept it at my grandmothers. The elephant was yellow and the rhino was a pinkish color the buffalo was blue green
Plastic Frog
I had a plastic green frog with yellow butterfly wings in the late 80's. Any idea what it is or where I can find it again?
Plastic Rocking Horse
I have a tan plastic rocking horse called "Jingles". It says on the side 1964 CBS TOYS. I would like to find out what it might be worth since CBS TOYS no longer exists. Thank you
plastic small figures
I saw an advert on cable the other day (earlier on Nov 2007) it was for small figures (couple in inches) which could be taken apart and the bits put back onto other figures (ie mix and match) I thought they were called swapits or swapers. I have not seen it again since. My son would love these, but where do they come from and what are they really called? Any clues?